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Corbin Motorcycle Seats and Accessories for
Kawasaki Drifter

Click the seat to Begin! An Accordion Menu will open that lets you choose materials for each panel of the seat. HOT TIP: The accordion will open to the appropriate menu item based on where you click on the seat, try it!

Current Selection is noted in each of the accordion&#;s title bars while the associated color swatch will be highlighted gold. Once you click on a swatch, the menu will automatically close and the seat will update to show your selection. Click the seat again to re-open the menu and change more.

Multiple Views Look in the upper-right corner of the screen for icons to change the camera view&#; Don&#;t worry, your selections will remain in place for all available seat views. Check all views to assure you&#;ve got everything (don&#;t forget you can choose a color for the Corbin logo too!)

SAVE Menu   Here&#;s where you will find a variety of handy options to manage your designs:

Click on this Plus icon to save the current design for future reference. Save as many designs as you wish so you can easily go back and compare favorites.

Click on the Camera icon to save a picture of your design to your computer as a jpeg image. Tip: The configurator sizes to your screen so make sure you maximize your browser for largest picture size.

Use the handy Printer icon to send a copy of the page to your printer of course. You&#;ll be presented with a printer dialog box that let&#;s you choose printer and options.

Add To Cart. Click on this icon and all current selections will be passed along to the shopping cart for ordering. This will include the seat part number and full descriptions as shown.

SHARE Menu   Want to show your friends what you&#;ve been up to or give your Significant Other a not-so-subtle hint for Christmas? Click here and you can pass it around via: Email, Facebook, Google Plus, Stumbleupon and of course Pinterest. We&#;ll have the Santa icon added later in the season.

What&#;s the Price? The price of the saddle was shown on the product page that brought you here. There is No Extra Charge for customizing your seat with the leathers and materials shown here!

Accessories This configurator will add ONLY the saddle and cover design to your shopping cart. Go back to the product page to add backrests and other accessory items to your order.

Materials Sadly, materials come and go. Sometimes our suppliers can&#;t get them anymore, sometimes they are discontinued because they don&#;t hold up to long term use. The configurator always shows what is currently available.

Stitch Patterns Very few seats have more than one stitch pattern available (excepting Hollywood Solo models). So you can change the color of the stitching, but you cannot change the pattern. The specific webpage shows the correct stitch pattern while the configurator will show a generic stitch pattern that may not be correct for your seat.

Assembly stitch Color chosen for the decorative stitching does NOT effect the thread color for the assembly stitching. In those places we automatically use the most appropriate thread color for subdued looks.

IMPORTANT: This is strictly a visualization tool!
Please understand that every seat model is different with patterns and options varying from seat to seat. These digital models (configurators) represent the concept of how your seat will be made, but not exactly how it will appear when finished. Always refer to the images of the saddle specific to your motorcycle on the appropriate product page.

We have done our best to assure the colors and materials appear on screen accurately, but all computer monitors are different and your personal settings will make a big difference. When trying to match colors to your paint or if you have concerns, please contact us for material samples. We will be happy to supply these at no charge.

You&#;re order will be reviewed for accuracy by one of our technical representatives once it is received. Changes may be recommended and/or required.



Corbin Canyon Dual-Sport Saddle for Kawasaki Versys-X

If you’ve been a motorcyclist for even the shortest time, you’ve probably heard of Corbin. The California-based, custom motorcycle seat manufacturer is well known for handcrafting some of the finest saddles money can buy. Since , Corbin has been using proprietary, purpose-built materials and a patented manufacturing process. That’s a lot of “Ps” but we’ve got one more for you—price. Because each seat is made to order, the cost of these saddles can sometimes be double or even triple that of its competitors. While price is usually only an issue in the absence of value, ADVMoto sought to see if Corbin is twice, or thrice as good as other options.

We contacted Corbin and had a Canyon Dual-Sport Saddle made for our project Versys-X . The little Kawi performs admirably as a small-displacement adventure touring motorcycle, but the one thing that holds it back is the stock seat. You won’t even need a test ride to feel the discomfort. Throwing a leg over one in the showroom is enough to give you an uncomfortable first impression.

Corbin Versys X 1



Corbin currently offers more seat applications across more brands than any other seat maker, and we’re always surprised to see how quickly they come out with options for the latest motorcycles. Another reason a Corbin seat can cost more is the sheer number of options you get when placing a custom order. The seating and side panels are customizable among different colors and materials. In fact, there are over 70 options for the seating colors/materials alone. Add colored piping and diamond stitching for a truly custom look.

Our Canyon Dual-Sport Saddle came pre-assembled and clicked onto our Versys-X just as quickly and easily as the stock seat. There is a notable difference in weight, the Corbin being the heavier of the two, mainly because of its thick, high-density Comfort Cell Foam. The Fibertech Base Pan feels more robust than the Kawi’s as well. You won’t feel the weight difference while riding.

Corbin Versys X 2

It’s easy to see that Corbin pays close attention to detail. There isn’t one thread fraying, odd bump, stretch mark, uneven edge or air pocket. The tolerances are tight! It’s the kind of quality you’d expect from a seat in a high-end sports car. Both rider and passenger seats are bolstered, and wider than the stock seat. I found that Corbin’s shape helps to take pressure off my tailbone, something I really appreciate since I’ve got a bad back. Since the seat is wider than stock, I was concerned that it would push my legs outward while standing up, but Corbin did a great job keeping it slim up front.

Our saddle came with a detachable passenger backrest, and while it may look a bit odd on an adventure bike, your passenger will absolutely love it. Corbin seats do require some time to break in, but even out of the box, this seat is exponentially better than the stocker. And it gets even more comfortable as you rack up the miles. The heavy foam soaks up small hits from potholes, where the stock seat would send jarring impacts straight up your spine.

I’ve tried most of the popular saddle options on the market on various bikes throughout the years, but the Corbin seat for the Versys-X is hands-down the most comfortable seat I’ve tested, not to mention an excellent addition to our project bike. Is the bang worth the buck? You bet your butt it is! And if ours came with Corbin’s heated option, I might not ever get off the thing. MSRP: Starting at $



▲ Top-shelf quality▼ About 5 lb. heavier
▲ Way more comfortable than stock
▲ Bolstered shape takes pressure off the tailbone
▲ Lots of customization options 
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Are Corbin Seats Worth The Money?

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