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Then she slightly raised her head, carefully examining Marina's pussy and sharply dug her lips into it, from which Marina was already shaking. Nika began to lick the clitoris, caress the lips, put 2 fingers inside Marina and frenziedly sucked her clitoris even more. Marina's orgasm was not long in coming. She grabbed Nika by the head and squeezed into herself with such force that Nika almost suffocated.

I thought to me I'm just amazed at the number of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, but each is. Beautiful in its own way. And the men.

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Afraid. - Borya was surprised. - Yes, afraid. And they want to get away from here. Because of you.

Answer. I waited, this time dragged on so painfully, it seemed that everything was over, I wanted to believe in it, but I understood that all these were just my illusions. All the worst was probably ahead, and as soon as I realized this, my body began to shrink, my back was bent, my arms covered my chest, why, I didn't want that, they did it themselves, I felt scared, very scared.

- Do not be afraid, - in this empty room his quiet voice sounded like through a ru-pore, I shuddered, if I had hair like.

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Her clitoris was already aroused and I continued to tease him with licking and rotating movements of my tongue, playing with it. Sometimes I pulled myself away from him to get inside. But then he always returned back to her pearl. But this time it was different. Continuing to caress the clitoris, this time I Good time to everyone !!!.

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Andrei tried to unbutton Lera's jacket, but she stopped. Dont Dyush. There is no time. Come on like this.

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But now. it didn't matter anymore. I just wanted to have fun, to get the maximum amount of it.

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