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Does Sprouts Have Delivery? (Yes, Here’s How It Works)

Sprouts Farmer’s Market delivery makes it possible to bring the farmers’ market to your home without you leaving the comfort of your couch. Their website makes it incredibly easy to create an account and place your delivery order in a matter of minutes. 

Sprouts orders are delivered through Instacart. You can place orders online using both Sprouts and Instacart websites or apps. Orders over $35 are charged a $3.99 delivery fee. $7.99 delivery fee applies to orders below $35. There is also a $10 minimum for Sprouts delivery orders.

If you create an Instacart account and sign up for their Express Membership, you will unlock many other benefits, including free delivery!

How Does Sprouts Delivery Work?

Sprouts orders are delivered through Instacart, and you can have your groceries delivered in as little as an hour. But, first, you need to make an account on Sprouts Farmers Market or Instacart.

Then, using either website or the app, you can place your order and simply wait for the delivery to arrive via an Instacart shopper! 

The delivery process is simple. Once the order is placed, you have to ensure that you are home for the delivery. Alternatively, you can choose the contactless delivery and ask for your order to be left at your door.

You have the options of one-hour delivery, two-hour delivery, or you can choose a time that works best for you. You can even schedule the delivery days in advance. 

If something comes up and you aren’t going to be home in time for delivery, Sprouts asks you to try one of two things. First, try asking a neighbor or friend if they will be available. If they are, add a note to your order so that the delivery driver is aware of the situation.

Otherwise, you can add a note to leave the groceries in a particular area. Although, this isn’t recommended if you’re going to be away from home for a long time and ordering perishable items.

Make sure to also include any other instructions with your order, such as codes if you’re living in a gated community!

How Much Does Sprouts Delivery Cost?

All Sprouts delivery orders over $35 are charged a delivery fee of $3.99. Orders below $35 are charged $7.99 for delivery, but the order has to be at least $10 before delivery is even an option. Some are subject to additional fees, like a one-hour delivery fee, but this differs by state, location, and order. 

Below is a complete list of all potential fees for delivery orders, courtesy of Instacart: 

  • Service Fee
  • Alcohol Service Fee
  • Long-Distance Service Fee
  • Bottle Deposit and Bag Fee
  • Heavy Fee

All these fees are subject to change according to location, what you purchased, and how many things you purchased. 

However, those with an Instacart Express Membership can reap the benefits of free deliveries with discounted service fees for all orders over $35. You even get the first two months of the membership free with a Mastercard! 

How To Order From Sprouts Online

You can order Sprouts online from their website or the app. Click the “Order Now” button underneath “Home Delivery on the website. It will take you to the ordering screen where you place your order. During checking out, you will be asked to sign into or create a Sprouts account. Then, the order is delivered via Instacart. 

If you decide to use the Sprouts app, the process is relatively similar. You can also place the order via the Instacart website or the app. When you use the Instacart website, the process takes a few more steps. 

Here’s how to order Sprouts online via the Instacart website: 

  1. Go to the Instacart website
  2. Enter your address in the toolbar at the top of the screen
  3. Click the delivery option
  4. Then, find the Sprouts store in the list of store options
  5. You’ll then create your order and add the items to your shopping cart
  6. During checkout, you’ll be asked to sign in or create an account
  7. If there are any delivery notes, add those in during checkout 
  8. Pick a delivery time
  9. A personal shopper will pick the order 
  10. The same or another personal shopper will deliver the order as instructed

Can You Use Coupons With Sprouts Delivery?

Digital coupons are accepted with Sprouts’ delivery. However, you can only use digital coupons offered via the Sprouts app. No third-party coupons are accepted. In addition, there are certain restrictions and coupon limits that all customers must follow. Coupons can only be redeemed once unless otherwise stated. 

Some Sprouts digital coupons have an “Unlimited” redeemability but will be noticeably marked in the coupon offer image. 

Sprouts former employee and Denver, CO native Tyler Bailey states that Sprouts reserves the right to accept, refuse, and limit the use of any coupon. So, it is best if you brush up on the Sprouts coupon policy before ordering. 

Here are a few interesting coupon pointers to remember: 

  • You can use coupons found on the Sprouts’ Facebook and Sprouts emails
  • You can use a coupon even on items with Sprouts BOGO promotion 
  • The customer is still responsible for full retail tax on the discounted item
  • Coupons are never multiplied – meaning you can’t double or triple the value

Can You Link Your Instacart Account to Sprouts?

If you have an Instacart Express Membership, you can easily link it to your Sprouts account. You’ll just go to your profile page and click “Import Account Info” to link the two accounts together.

Not only will you receive free delivery on orders of $35 or more, but you’ll also be given the option to save your address and credit card information for future use.

You can even see your order history to check for mistakes or order similar items on your next delivery. 

Instacart Express Membership is $9.99 per month ($99 per year). Instacart also claims that the average shopper saves $7 per order, which essentially pays for the membership itself.

Does Sprouts Take EBT for Delivery?

Sprouts accepts EBT for in-store purchases but does not accept EBT for delivery. They do not accept WIC as a form of payment either. However, they accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for online orders.

Whether you shop in-store or choose pickup or delivery, Sprouts, unfortunately, will not accept WIC. 

Here are a few of the payment methods that Sprouts accepts: 

Payment MethodAccepted
Debit cardsin-store and online
Credit cardsin-store and online
EBT cardsin-store
Sprouts Gift Cardsin-store
Apple Payin-store and online
Google Payin-store and online
Samsung Payin-store and online

Do You Tip Sprouts Delivery?

Tipping Sprouts delivery is optional but highly encouraged to show your appreciation. 100% of the tip goes to your Instacart shopper that delivers the order. The recommended tip amount is 15-20% of your order total.

Sprouts shopper and delivery driver Kate Plainfield lives in busy New York City and encourages customers to tip their delivery drivers as much as 25 to 30%. After all, they are at least equivalent to restaurant hospitality, which usually yields a 20% tip. 

To tip your delivery driver, you can add the tip during your order checkout before the delivery is completed. You can also choose to add the tip afterward by following the link given via SMS feedback. 


Sprouts delivery is not only possible, but it’s extremely convenient and comes with many perks when you link your Sprouts account to an Instacart Express account. You can start enjoying the benefits of grocery delivery today with just a few easy steps! 

If you’re interested in finding out more grocery shopping tips, check out the related articles below.

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What’s On This Page

  • Delivery Programs Accepting Food Stamps
  • How to Increase Food Stamps
  • Food Banks and Food Co-ops
  • Stores That Shop For You / Pick Up
  • Adding a Shopper
  • Shopping Assistance for People with Disabilities
  • Transportation
  • More Help

SNAP Delivery

Welcome. Below is a guide to grocery delivery for people who are disabled, homebound, quarantining, or unable to get to the store. Food Stamps are also called “SNAP” or “EBT.” In California it’s called “CalFresh”.

For anyone who is homebound or sheltering in place: Read All of Today’s Updatesor join our Facebook Page. Please comment below to share updates or to let us know if any of the links on this page stop working.

Delivery Programs Accepting Food Stamps

🌷 Amazon in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming– Select areas only. Not the entire state. More areas coming soon. If you receive Medicaid, food stamps, or TANF, you can also sign up for discounted amazon prime.

🌷Shoprite in MD, NJ, NY, DE, PA, CT –  Select locations only. Not the entire state. In other states: You can shop online and pick up in store at all ShopRite locations.

🌷Fresh Market in WI – Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area.

🌷Wright’s Market in AL – Alabama. Specific locations not known. Please comment below if you learn more.

🌷Fresh Direct in NY – Bronx, NY

🌷Safeway & Albertsons in AZ – Arizona only. For people with disabilities only.  “If you are a person with a disability who uses EBT benefits and needs to use Safeway’s home grocery delivery service because of disability, please call 1-877-505-4040 or email us at: [email protected]

🌷Walmart in Various States – Although the website states that Walmart is pickup only (no home delivery), some readers report that their local walmart stores are able to accept EBT for delivery. Contact your local store.

🧡 Kroger is expanding to accept SNAP for curbside pickup at locations throughout the US. Order groceries online, then drive by your local Kroger (or ask a friend to go for you). Keep checking back as locations are expanding.

🌷USDA Purchasing Pilot – Coming to More States – Online grocery ordering is coming soon. Not clear if it will be for home delivery or pick up only (may depend on area). Stay tuned.

🌷 Schwann’s in Most States – Schwann’s accept food stamps and offers delivery. However, readers are reporting that many Schwann’s stores have stopped accepting food stamps for deliveries. Stay tuned.

🌷Imperfect Foods in 32 States – Does not accept food stamps but…. does give a 33% discount to people who are on food stamps. Also, sells groovy imperfect food! Which areas are covered? Where they deliver. Sign up for the reduced price: Apply here to join the program

🌷 Some meals-on-wheels programs will now accept food stamps! These programs provide cooked meals for people who are homebound. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Call them even if you are young. Many aging agencies also serve younger people with disabilities.

🌷 See below for list of stores that shop for you and let you pick up at the curb.

🌷 For people with disabilities, see below for services that provide shopping and assistance in the home.

Ordering Tips

🧡 Can’t get a delivery slot on Amazon or somewhere else? Reader’s tip: Start as early as possible in the day. Put everything in your cart ready to check out. Come back every 30 minutes and try to check out. Eventually a slot will open. The minute it opens, grab it, even if it is not for today.

🧡 Amazon is not letting new customers order groceries in some areas. You may get a message that says “invitation only.” There is no way to actually get an invitation, this is just a fancy way of saying “waiting list.” If you have a friend who is already a customer for Amazon grocery delivery, you could try seeing if the system will allow that person to place orders to your house.

🧡 Reader’s Tip: If you live in a state where Amazon accepts food stamps, but are having trouble using your EBT card on the Amazon site, try switching from “Amazon Fresh” and use “Amazon Pantry” instead.

Running Out of Food? 

🌷 Medicaid: If you are in a disability home aide program, some states are expanding to offer home delivered meals. Check with your caseworker, or learn more about changes in your state: Changes to Medicaid Home Care in the Time of Corona

🧡 Many states are raising the amount of food stamps everyone gets for 1-2 months. You do not need to do anything special to apply for this. If you are already on food stamps, it will happen automatically.

🌷 If you’d like learn more about the rules and policies that affect how much food stamps a person will get: How to Get Enough Food Stamps to Actually Eat

🌷  Places that deliver but do not accept food stamps: How to Shop Without Leaving the House

🧡 Many states are expanding their SNAP food stamps programs to offer more food stamps to more people or to remove work requirements. If you were not eligible for food stamps before, you might look into applying now.

🧡 Some states are changing their food stamps regulations to bring everyone up to maximum benefits. So a person who gets $1 in food stamps will now get $200.

🧡 Are food stamps increasing in your state? State by state foodstamps tracker.

🧡 If you are live with other people and you are on food stamps (or applying) it’s a good idea to make sure you know the rules for household composition and that you are following them. It can make a very big difference in the amount of benefits you receive. How to SNAP: Household Rules

Stores That Shop For You

Some stores will allow you to place your order online. They will do the shopping for you and have your groceries ready at the register (or sometimes they will bring them to the car). You can also shop online and then send a friend to do the pickup for you.

Tips from Reader:

🌷Reader’s report they have done this successfully at many different stores, including: Giant Eagle, Shoprite, Harris Teeter, and Walmart

🌷When you order online, if there is no option to pay with food stamps, select “pay at store” or “pay in cash” or “pay at pick up.”

🌷 You may need to enter a credit card, and they can place a hold on the card without actually charging it.

🌷 When you get to the store, pay with EBT. Some places can even bring the EBT reader out to the car if you are unable to go in.

🌷 You may want to contact your local store first to make sure this will go smoothly.

🌷 Some readers have also had success by calling or writing small, local stores and explaining their situation.

Adding a Shopper

🌷 If you have a friend, family member, or disability aide who shops for you, you can request to have this person added as an authorized shopper on your food stamps card so they can shop on your behalf.

🌷 If your helper does not use your card regularly, but is doing this on a short term or occasional basis, some states do not require that you get permission, and they will just allow someone to shop for you when needed.

Food Banks and Food Co-ops

🧡 Reader’s report that some food banks are adding delivery services. Food banks offer free groceries to people in need. Find a Food Bank in Your Area

🧡 Many food co-ops are creating special hours where elderly and immune-compromised members can shop without crowds and stress. Food Co-ops offer healthy foods and wonderful communities. Many accept food stamps: Find a Food Co-op in Your Area.

Shopping Assistance for People with Disabilities

🌷 If you are unable to care for yourself, you can apply for a disability home aide program.

🌷 If you do not have severe care needs, and just need help with shopping and chores, some areas offer this. Not available everywhere: How to Get a Caregiver.

🌷 If you are currently in a Medicaid program that sends an aide through an agency, and the agency does not allow shopping or driving, one solution is to switch to a self-directed care program so you can select an aide who is allowed to shop.


🌷  In many areas, paratransit programs will provide door-to-door transportation to take you to the store. Some will carry your groceries to your house for you.

🌷 More transportation ideas: Transportation for Spoonies

More Help

🌷 SNAP programs are expanding in many areas. If you know of more programs in your area, please comment below. Come follow our Facebook page for updates: Facebook Page: Love & Discounts in the Time of Coronavirus

🌷 Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Call them even if you are young. Ask them if they know of any assistance for: transportation to grocery stores, home aides who can shop for you, local volunteer programs that help people who are low-income or disabled, any other ideas for groceries.

🌷 You might also be interested in Pill packpharmacy delivery and Zenni glasses delivery. (super cheap!)

Remember ME

This blog was created by people with ME/CFS (Sometimes called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”).

Being homebound is nothing new to us. Many of us have been homebound or bedridden for five, or ten, or twenty years.

There is now a great deal of support, understanding, and help available to people staying home during Coronavirus, but none of this was available to us all these years, and when Coronavirus is over, it may go away again.

As you go about your day, please take a moment to think about your homebound friends. You may be able to go back out someday, but we may never be able to.



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Does Sprouts Accept EBT? Everything About Sprouts Farmers Market EBT

Does Sprouts Accept EBT? Everything About Sprouts Farmers Market EBT.

Doees Sprouts Accept EBT? Everyone who is approved for a food stamp would love to know where to use their EBT Card. If you have an EBT card and you want to know if Sprouts Farmers Market accepts it, please read on to get detailed information.

Does Sprouts Accept EBT?


About Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.operates a chain of retail grocery stores. The Company offers meats, cheese, dairy products, bakery, beer and wine, bulk foods, vitamins, and supplements. Sprouts Farmers Market serves customers throughout the United States.

What is the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)?

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows a recipient to authorize the transfer of their government benefits from a federal account to a retailer account to pay for products received. EBT is used in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam since June 2004.

What’s the EBT Card?

  • EBT = electronic benefits transfer.
  • EBT card. This is a card that looks and works like a debit or credit card. However, this card is loaded with food stamps and/or cash benefits. You can use it at stores that accept EBT.

Do Sprouts Accept EBT?

Sprouts Farmers Market accepts EBT cards at all of its stores. Note that Sprouts Farmers Market only accepts EBT for in-store purchases, not online or catering orders.

Where can’t I use my EBT Card?

You cannot use your EBT Card at the following locations:

  • Casinos
  • Poker Rooms
  • Card Rooms
  • Smoke & Cannabis Shops
  • Adult Entertainment Businesses
  • Nightclubs/Saloons/Taverns
  • Tattoo & Piercing Shops
  • Spa/Massage Salons
  • Bingo Halls
  • Bail Bonds
  • Racetracks
  • Gun/Ammo Stores
  • Cruise Ships
  • Psychic Readers

Foods and Products Not Eligible for Purchase with the EBT Card

Foods and Products Not Eligible for Purchase with the EBT Card

  • Hot foods from deli/foods eaten in store
  • Vitamins or medication
  • Pet food
  • Paper or cleaning products
  • Alcohol/tobacco products.

For a full list of approved food items, see the Food Stamps Eligible Food List here.

How to Use EBT at Sprouts Farmers Market

EBT works like a standard debit card would; just swipe it through the card reader and enter your pin to pay for your groceries. However, if you don’t have enough funds on your EBT card to cover your entire purchase, swipe your EBT card first. You can then complete your purchase with a second form of payment, such as cash, debit, or credit.

Do Sprouts Accept WIC?

Sprouts Farmers Market does not accept WIC — a program similar to SNAP, but available only to women, infants, and children.

WIC benefits are valid on a particular list of foods, such as fortified bread and baby formula from specific brands. Because of these additional restrictions, Sprouts Farmers Market is unable to accept WIC at its stores, customer service representatives told us.

Sprouts Accepts

  • Cash
  • Debit and credit cards (Sprouts also accepts mobile payments from the above through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay)
  • EBT cards
  • Sprouts gift cards

Return Policy

  • Credit or EBT: A refund will be made to your credit card or EBT card. Receipt and original card required.
  • Check kept for a deposit (manual check), Gift Card, or No receipt: A gift card will be issued.
  • Cash/Debit/Electronic Checks: A refund will be made in cash. Receipt reflecting the form of payment as cash, debit, or electronic check required.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

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