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Tractor is a self-propelled power machine used to pull and drive working machinery to complete various mobile operations. It can also be used for fixed operation. It is composed of engine, transmission, walking, steering, hydraulic suspension, power output, electrical instrument, driving control and traction system or device.

The engine power of the tractor is transmitted from the transmission system to the driving wheel to make the tractor run. In real life, rubber belt is commonly used as the medium of power transmission. According to the function and use, it can be divided into agricultural, industrial and special purpose tractors; according to the structure type, it can be divided into wheeled, crawler, boat tractor and self-propelled chassis.

30 Perfect Tractor Tattoos to Inspire You

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Looking for heartfelt ideas for memorial tattoos? This list should give you plenty of body art inspiration. Memorial tattoo designs can range in style from the simple to the complex, from the monochrome to the vibrantly colored. The unique memorial tattoos highlighted on this list represent just a small sampling of all the artistic possibilities a professional tattoo artist can offer the ink enthusiast looking to commemorate a loved one.

Ideas for memorial tattoos are nearly endless. Maybe you're looking to make a quieter body art statement on a discreet area. Cute memorial tattoos like quotes, poems, and small keys, inked with delicate lines and softer colors, might be just what you're looking for. This style of tattoo is a popular choice for spots like the insides of the arms or the shoulder blades. Or maybe impact is what you're going for. This list features cool memorial tattoos like American flags for a fallen military friend and firefighter house numbers tattooed across the arms and inked across the legs. Still other ink-lovers have chosen to display banner-wrapped anchors, dog paw prints, and beaded rosaries on their bodies.

What do you think are the most unique memorial tattoo ideas? Vote up the raddest memorial tattoo designs, and be sure to share what you think in the comment section.


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60 Farming Tattoos For Men &#; Agriculture Design Ideas

Farmers are the unsung heroes of the world, and have been since time immemorial.

We feast on the fruits of their labor and depend on them to sustain us throughout the seasons, but seldom give them their just due. An agricultural tattoo not only honors the farmer, but the ancient, sacred skill that often determines life or death.

Whether you wish to pay homage to the farmers in your life, or want to let the world know you are among the agricultural elite, there are many tattoo styles and topics to choose from. Tried and time-tested equipment, including the instantly recognizable John Deer tractor, as well as the many harvests, are just the beginning; the real question is: what about farming appeals to you? What aspects of the art of farming and agriculture reflect similar aspects in yourself?

Every man&#;s trade and rewards of pride are unique to him, and your tattoo should evoke a similar sentiment. From billowing wheat grains across your shoulders to a tall grain silo that rises along your bicep, a farming tattoo lets the world know you value hard work, and sharing what you sow with the world.

1. Forearm Farming Tattoos

Guys Tattoo Farming

Badass Guys Farming Themed Tattoos

Mens Farming Tattoo

Gentleman With Farming Tattoo

Incredible Farming Tattoos For Men

Male With Farming Tattoos

Excellent Guys Farming Tattoos

Farming Tattoo For Guys

2. Back Farming Tattoos

Farming Tattoos For Men

Mens Tattoo Designs Farming Themed

Male Tattoo Ideas Farming Themed

Male Farming Themed Tattoo Inspiration

Amazing Mens Farming Tattoo Designs

3. Arm Farming Tattoos

Male Farming Themed Tattoos

Guy With Farming Tattoo

Guys Farming Tattoos

Farming Themed Tattoo Ideas

Farming Male Tattoos

Cool Farming Tattoos For Men

Impressive Male Farming Tattoo Designs

Farming Themed Tattoo Ideas For Men

Farming Themed Tattoo Design Inspiration

Farming Mens Tattoos

Creative Farming Tattoos For Guys

Guys Farming Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Farming Ideas For Guys

Mens Farming Tattoo Designs

4. Wrist Farming Tattoos

Farming Guys Tattoo Designs

5. Leg Farming Tattoos

Tattoo Farming Designs For Men

Mens Tattoos Farming

Man With Farming Tattoo Design

Stylish Mens Farming Tattoos

Farming Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

6. Side Farming Tattoos

Manly Farming Tattoos For Males

Farming Tattoo Designs On Men

7. Calf Farming Tattoos

Mens Cool Farming Tattoos

Tattoo Designs Farming

Farming Tattoo For Men

8. Chest Farming Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas Farming

Sweet Mens Farming Tattoo Ideas

Farming Tattoo On Man

Farming Tattoo Inspiration For Men

9. Sleeve Farming Tattoos

Good Farming Tattoo Designs For Men

Shoulder Farming Tattoos

Unique Farming Tattoos For Men

Awesome Farming Tattoos For Men

Bicep Farming Tattoos

Masculine Farming Tattoos For Men

Farming Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

More Wave Tattoo Ideas

Farming Tattoos For Gentlemen

Farming Tattoo Designs For Men

Farming Tattoo Ideas For Men

Guys Cool Farming Tattoo Ideas


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Tattoo small tractor

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