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33 Mountain Tattoo Ideas for Every Style

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Armband Tattoo

Mountains make for beautiful armband tattoos, as you can easily extend the scene to wrap around seamlessly. Light detailing also helps keep the design from feeling overwhelming, both in general and as an armband.

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Mt. Fuji Tattoo

If you have an attachment to a specific mountain, why not get it tattooed? Mt. Fuji is a popular choice, as it’s often depicted with a red sun, making for a visually interesting design that pops.

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Geometric Tattoo

Mountains are essentially triangles, so they fit well into abstract or geometric designs. Here, there are no curved lines, and the points of the mountains add height to the tattoo.

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Nature Scene Tattoo

If you’re deeply connected to nature, mountains most likely represent something to you, whether it be goals, hard work, or stubbornness. For this reason, they make a great addition to a nature scene and help to add dimension.

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Contained Tattoo

Although mountain tattoos tend to lack a bottom and just fade into the negative space of skin, they also look great contained within a specific space. Here, the trees act as a base for the scene, while a thick top line encases it to create a portrait of nature.

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Space Tattoo

While mountains are often depicted as an earthly element, the juxtaposition against something more up-in-the-air, like space, makes a statement. In this piece, the mountains seem to ground the design, despite being surrounded by stars and planets.

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Softened Tattoo

If the geometric element of mountains isn’t really for you, they’re easy to soften by opting for curved lines and minimal detailing. The number of lines is up to you, but for an even simpler design, use one line to create a few mountains rather than just one.

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Playful Tattoo

Mountain tattoos don’t have to have to be serious—if you want something a bit more playful, go for it. Detailing like thick shadows and doodle-like elements add whimsy to the design.

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Vibrant Tattoo

Mountains are a good design choice because they can be adapted into a number of styles. Here, the artist opted for vibrant colors and an enclosed tattoo, giving it an illustrated look.

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Delicate Tattoo

Although mountains are known for their massive size and resolution, they can still be worked into a delicate design. If that’s your aim, go for a smaller tat in a more personal space, like the wrist.

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Forest Tattoo

Tattoos featuring mountains will also often include forests. Not only are they seen together in nature, but their symbolism also complements each other. While a forest represents the journey and exploration, a mountain symbolizes attaining a goal and standing resolute.

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Tip of Mountain Tattoo

Rather than thinking about mountains as a whole entity, opt for a tattoo featuring just the tops to focus it on the sky, rather than the natural mass. The tips of the mountains in this tattoo point up toward the star detailing, making it even more so the focal point.

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Dotwork Tattoo

For a fun, customized look, forgo typical linework for a more visually interesting style. This piece of ink uses all dotwork, giving the tattoo a sort of hand-drawn look.

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Mountain and Wave Tattoo

Play up the innate natural element of your mountains by placing them next to another natural wonder, like the ocean. While the lines in this tattoo are whimsical, the shading and water detailing roots it in reality.

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Maximalist Tattoo

If you’re not much of a minimalist, don’t be afraid to play with a number of elements in your mountain tattoo. While the mountain is clearly the focal point, each part of the design has its own look without overwhelming the piece.

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Realistic Tattoo

For those looking for a more realistic mountain design, going with light shading and fine lines will make it feel like a scene in the distance. Add some white for dimension, as it gives it a sense of light and dark.

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Personalized Tattoo

One of the most fun things about tattoos is that you can customize them however you want. This design, for example, features a bucket full of mountains. While that’s not realistically possible, the imagery makes for a fantastic tattoo.

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Lines Tattoo

From far away, mountain ranges just look like lines. This makes them a great design choice for fans of abstract and minimal tattoos. Here, many lines in varying colors add visual impact while still conveying the image of mountains.

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Side Tattoo

The side of the rib cage is a solid placement idea for a mountain tattoo, as the rigidity of the vertical design contrasts nicely with the curve of the body.

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Triangle Tattoo

Because mountains are just natural triangles, there are infinite ways to personalize them to your style. Playing with line thicknesses, contrasting shapes, and element sizes are great ways to create your perfect tattoo.

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Nature Landscape Tattoo

Mountains are such a well-known symbol for nature as a whole that they fit perfectly into any nature-focused landscape. Try adding elements like the ocean and the sun to round out the scene.

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Vivid Tattoo

Although in real life mountains tend to be stuck with a neutral, earthy color palette, your tattoo can be as vivid as you’d like! Adding a variety of colors but keeping the actual base design simple will allow you to be playful with the ink without worry.

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Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you want to feature more than one focal point but want to keep your tattoo well-spaced, mountains are a good choice because of the amount of negative space they hold. Here, even with the shading, the mountain highlights the lotus flower rather than overpowering it.

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Whimsical Tattoo

Mountains don’t have to be serious. If you prefer a super whimsical, illustrated design, opt for fun colors, simple shapes, and one consistent line thickness to counteract the rigidity of the mountain’s image.

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Matching Tattoos

Mountains make great matching tattoos, as they represent solid relationship traits like consistency, reliability, and eternity. Keep the tattoos simple to further enhance those elements, or opt for a different style for each person for a unique touch.

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Boxed-In Tattoo

For fans of enclosed tattoos (those that are boxed in by borders), mountains look great against triangles—rather than squares—because they play up the shape of the natural element. Go for an upside-down triangle to up the contrast and make the mountains feel even taller.

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Background Mountains Tattoo

Mountains don't have to be the focal point of your design. Even though they’re large you can relegate them to the background of a soft nature scene, like this one.

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Climbing Tattoo

If your love of mountains comes from your affinity for climbing them, why not make that passion the tattoo, rather than nature itself? Use other climbing designs like a carabiner or an actual climber to further illustrate your devotion.

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Illustrated Tattoo

For those who can’t choose between a realistic tattoo and something a bit more whimsical, why not choose both? Illustrating the mountains themselves in a slightly realistic style keeps them grounded, while the vibrant lines above the range add a bit of fun.

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Adventure Tattoo

For many people, mountains are a symbol of wandering and adventure. If you’re one of those people, mountains make a great addition to a travel-oriented tattoo, like this one.

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Specific Mountains Tattoo

If there’s a specific mountain range that means something to you, or a specific location with a mountainous landscape, a tattoo memorializing it means you’ll always carry it with you. Add small, important-to-you details like a rainbow flag for a personalized touch.

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Negative Space Tattoo

For a fun subversion of mighty mountains, incorporate them into a negative space design. Instead of taking over the tattoo, they act as a detail to highlight the overall piece of ink.

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Colorful Tattoo

Although mountains are known for blending into the landscape, don't let that stop you from getting a tattoo that stands out! Go for lots of colors, specifically light ones, if you want a whimsical design.


30+ Best Mandala Tattoos Ideas: For Both Men And Women

Mandala tattoos are some of the prettiest and most-creative designs for men and women. If you are an artsy person, you will also appreciate the beauty behind this design. Mandalas can also symbolize and stand for many different things. If you wish to know a bit more and you’re also on the lookout for some of the prettiest designs, keep on reading! We have a lot to offer.

What Does A Mandala Mean?

Mandala is a word that has a deeper meaning in the Sanskrit circle. It is a spiritual symbol that represents the entire universe, and it is quite popular and common in Hindu and Buddhist religions. This circle will show that everything is connected in the universe, and it is never-ending. The mandala also represents your personal journey and the path that you can take. It is a customizable tattoo that can mean different things to different people.

Who Should Get Mandala Tattoos?

Mandala tattoos will look great on men and women. You should get it tattooed if you are someone who prefers mystical shapes, signs, letters, as well as circle tattoos. This tattoo will represent your personal growth, the never-ending circle of life, as well as your unique personality. It is up to you to decorate it and place wherever you want, and however you want.

Top 10 Mandala Tattoo Sleeve Options

1. Mandala Tattoo Sleeve Design Black Ink

Mandala Tattoo Sleeve Design Black Ink

If you want a sleeve tattoo, why not go for this one? It is decorated with loads of different flowers that represent new beginnings and growth, as well as a bright future. It is an amazing sleeve that will take you around 5 hours to get.

2. Mandala Tattoo For Men Precise Design

Mandala Tattoo For Men Precise Design

Your tattoo artist should have experience with doing Mandalas and small yet detailed symbols. This design, in particular, looks great because of its blend of colors. It has a bit of red and black + the ink looks so fresh and realistic, perfect for perfectionists!

3. Tribal Inspired Mandala Tattoo Sleeve

Tribal Inspired Mandala Tattoo Sleeve

Tribal tattoos will look great on guys who love to work out. This design is quite masculine and gorgeous + it has a slight tribal vibe along with its Mandala prints. You will love this ink design if you are someone who is into noticeable pieces + tattoos that stand out.

4. Gorgeous Flower Inspired Mandala Tattoo

Gorgeous Flower Inspired Mandala Tattoo

Flowers can look beautiful and masculine on men as well. This forearm piece will look great once connected into a full sleeve. Heads up however, since this design can take 4-5 hours to complete.

Fun fact: Did you know that Mandalas represent an ideal form of the Universe? It is presented as a large circle which is our universe, and it is often referred to as Mount Meru (a five peaked mountain).

5. Mandala Tattoo Arm Red & Black Design

Mandala Tattoo Arm Red & Black Design

If you are a fan of color, you can spice up your sleeve design! This gorgeous Mandala sleeve has some black and red ink, as well as asymmetrical shapes which will look lovely if you like mysterious tattoos. This one shows off your strong and powerful side, and it also emphasizes your love for tribal elements.

6. Mandala Tattoo Sleeve Colorful Design

Mandala Tattoo Sleeve Colorful Design

If you are into hippie elements, go with this Mandala sleeve tattoo! It is a colorful Mandala that tells that you are a strong individual who believes in his or her own rules + you love to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while!

7. Precise And Gorgeous Black Mandala Sleeve Tattoo

Precise And Gorgeous Black Mandala Sleeve Tattoo

This artsy Mandala sleeve design looks gorgeous and well-done. Make sure that you find an amazing tattoo artist before you book your appointment, and go with someone who knows how to do sleeve designs precisely. This ink design will take 6-7 hours to complete.

8. Mandala Sleeve Tattoo With Heart Tribal Ink

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo With Heart Tribal Ink

If you are a fan of tribal ink and Mandalas at the same time – why not get the best of both worlds? This tattoo looks well-done + is very catchy once paired with this heart ink. It will tell that you are a fierce individual, as well as someone who loves to stand out in the middle of the crowd.

9. Detailed Sleeve Tattoo With Mandala Prints

Detailed Sleeve Tattoo With Mandala Prints

Not everyone is into large and noticeable ink, however, where do you stand on this topic? If you prefer dramatic tattoos, you will love this Mandala sleeve! It can be worn by men and women + you will love it if you are someone who loves to show off your arms or shoulders when working out, or when out the house.

10. Black Mandala Sleeve Artwork For Men

Black Mandala Sleeve Artwork For Men

Last sleeve design that you might like is this one. It is inspired by the leaves, and it also has some soothing elements. It looks quite peaceful, and it is a precise Mandala that will show off your inner patience and true beauty.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Mayans used a Tzolk’in wheel as a calendar? This wheel was a lot similar to the mandala design!

Top 10 Unique Mandala Tattoo Designs

1. Mandala Tattoo Arm Design Lion Inspired

Mandala Tattoo Arm Design Lion Inspired

Are you a fan of animals? If so, why not go for this lion inspired Mandala tattoo? It is a smaller forearm design which will take 3-4 hours of your time to get. It is nicely dotted as well as symmetrical – is this your cup of tea?

2. Mandala Tattoo Hand Design Black Ink

Mandala Tattoo Hand Design Black Ink

This is a beautiful Mandala that shows your inner beauty, as well as your will to grow and stay patient. A lot of women love to get flowers tattoos, but this design is appropriate for guys as well!

3. Mandala Tattoo Knee Design

Mandala Tattoo Knee Design

Heads up since knee tattoos are a bit painful to get. The truth is, there is a lot of bone around this area, which may irritate your skin. The final product is well worth it tho, and you will love it!

4. Mandala Tattoo For Men Chest Piece

Mandala Tattoo For Men Chest Piece

Chest tattoos are a gorgeous piece that men will love, especially if they are into hardcore workouts. This design is decorated with different sized Mandalas + it looks scary and mysterious at the same time.

5. Mandala Tattoo Neck Design

Mandala Tattoo Neck Design

Not everyone is comfortable or brave enough to get a neck tattoo. However, are you one of them? A lot of guys love to seek attention with this placement. This Mandala will seek looks + it will make you look superior wherever you go!

Fun fact: Quite often, Mandalas were talked about and referenced in Psychology! Carl Jung who was a Swiss psychiatrist incorporated mandalas in some of his research. In conclusion, he believed that these circles represented personal growth or change.

6. Mandala Tattoo Thigh Design Lion Print

Mandala Tattoo Thigh Design Lion Print

There is a lion in every one of us! Do you believe in this? If so, why not include it to your tattoo design? You can go for a regular lion on one half, and a Mandala inspired one on the other. This tattoo will show your inner strength, as well as love toward animals.

7. Mandala Tattoo Elephant Design Over Leg

Mandala Tattoo Elephant Design Over Leg

Elephants are cute animals that symbolize strength, patience, as well as courage. You will like this Mandala tattoo over your leg or your thighs, especially if you are into larger pieces. This tattoo may take you 6+ hours to get.

8. Simple Mandala Tattoo Over Forearm

Simple Mandala Tattoo Over Forearm

Smaller tattoos and simpler Mandalas look playful and unique at the same time. This design is a bit painful to get since it is placed over your forearm. However, if you want something that is easy to show off, you will enjoy this tattoo.

Fun fact: Mandalas are also sued for establishing a sacred space, and they are an addition to the trance induction.

9. Mandala Tattoo For Men Calf Design

Mandala Tattoo For Men Calf Design

Calf tattoos are beautiful in their own way. Once decorated with this Mandala symbol, your calves will look even bigger and more prominent! If you are a fan of the gym and you love to show off your legs, this is a definite must for you!

10. Mandala Tattoo Elephant For Men Wrist Design

Mandala Tattoo Elephant For Men Wrist Design

Elephants on your forearm will let others know that you are a friendly and chatty person to be around with. Tattoo this design on your left arm if you’re right-handed, and show off unique and symmetrical Mandalas everywhere you go!

Top 10 Mandala Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Mandala Tattoo Neck Design For Women

Mandala Tattoo Neck Design For Women

Neck tattoos are a bit painful, but they look so well-done! This one represents a warrior that is inside every woman. It is a time-consuming piece, but it looks scary and powerful once completed!

2. Mandala Leg Tattoo Female Ink

Mandala Leg Tattoo Female Ink

If you have time to spare and you’re into larger pieces, this large leg and thigh tattoo will grab your attention! The design is playful, unique, as well as practical for most women. It is a beautiful Mandala, perfect for those who love flowers as well.

3. Mandala Tattoo Thigh Placement For Women

Mandala Tattoo Thigh Placement For Women

If you go to the gym quite often and you feel like you’re confident, embrace that with a lion tattoo! This Mandala is all about showing power and respect towards people that are around you + showing them that you’re confident and ready to fight, always.

4. Mandala Tattoo Under Breast

Mandala Tattoo Under Breast

Under boob tattoos look beautiful and feminine, but they are a bit painful to get. This design is so precise and unique + you will enjoy it since it shows your mysterious side at the same time.

5. Mandala Tattoo Neck Placement With Gorgeous Flowers

Mandala Tattoo Neck Placement With Gorgeous Flowers

Upper back and neck tattoos are gorgeous, as well as feminine. This Mandala represents your inner beauty, and it also shows flowers and leaves that will symbolize your youth. Every piece is drawn with such precision, it is perfect for women who love detailed work!

6. Simple Mandala Tattoo Ankle Placement

Simple Mandala Tattoo Ankle Placement

Ankle tattoos may be a bit uncomfortable and painful to get. You will like this design if you are into smaller tattoos, and if you want to place your Mandala somewhere hidden where others won’t have the access to 24/7.

Fun fact: Do you know that the basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point?

7. Mandala Tattoo Back Design For Women

Mandala Tattoo Back Design For Women

Your tattoo artist should have experience in doing tribal and large symbols. This Mandala looks amazing over the entire top and middle portion + it will suit every woman, no matter her age. If you like precision and dramatic pieces, this is the perfect Mandala for you!

8. Japanese Mandala Tattoo

Japanese Mandala Tattoo

Combine Japanese artwork with Mandalas and enjoy this flawless end result! This colorful tattoo will look amazing over your entire leg + you will love it if you are into real-life-like tattoos. Heads up however, since it will take you several attempts to get this design sorted out.

9. Mandala Tattoo Wrist Placement Flower Print

Mandala Tattoo Wrist Placement Flower Print

Wrist tattoos are for women who want something quick and easy, as well as not as painful to tattoo. This full-circle Mandala around the wrist symbolizes your life, its path, as well as the fact that everything will once come to end.

Which Tattoo Is Your Favorite?

So, which one Mandala tattoo is your favorite? Let us know if you plan on getting a tattoo sometimes soon, and also let us know which design out of these top 30 is your go-to! We know that everyone will find something that suits their personal style.

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Need some help choosing an amazing mandala tattoo design? Read on to see our compilation of amazing ideas!

mandala tattoo on back of arm

Mandala designs are highly intricate works of art and tend to be seen as spiritual in nature.

They largely resemble complex floral designs, but are usually symmetrical and contained within a circular shape.

Popular among both men and women, mandala themed tattoos can be fully unique – especially if you can find an artist specializing in designing mandalas.

mandala tattoo on back

Meaning of mandala tattoos

‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’. Just like a circle, the mandala represents wholeness, first and foremost.

Other associations with the circle include eternity, balance, and perfection – the last one particularly because the distance from the circle’s center to any point in its outline is the same.

mandala tattoo on arm

Mandalas are present in a number of religions, such as:

  • Hinduism – Hinduism associates the mandala with focus. For this reason, it usually appears in a prominent place inside a room used for prayer or meditation.
  • Christianity – Christianity uses a simplified form of the mandala in rose windows of churches. These tend to represent important events from the religion.
  • Buddhism – Buddhists use the mandala in meditation and religious rituals, and consider it to be a symbol of balance in the body and mind. The mandala also symbolizes the relationship of human life to infinity and has a place in the ancient Buddhist meditation practice known as Anuttarayoga Tantra.

mandala tattoo on elbow

Mandala tattoo placement

Circular Mandala tattoos are best suited to be done on the back or the chest. The reason behind this view is that these areas offer a flat surface – preventing the circular shape from becoming distorted.

mandala tattoo on upper arm

Tattooing a mandala on a curved area such as the shoulder or forearm could result in a ‘stretched’ look and could cause the circle to lose its shape.

Other larger areas to consider for a medium to large tattoo of this style are the stomach, ribs, chest, or thigh.

mandala tattoo on shoulder

Because mandalas make for very intricate designs, it can be difficult to scale them down to a smaller tattoo suitable for other areas.

Consult your chosen tattoo artist on the sizing and placement to make sure that your design will fit well in the area where you want to have it tattooed.

mandala tattoo on upper leg

Popular design options

Not only is there a huge variety of existing mandala designs to consider, but you could also find an artist who would design a custom mandala for you – making your tattoo completely unique.

In the meantime, consider the following options:

  • Floraldesigns – mandalas are similar to flowers due to their circular shape. Both are built by keeping a circle in the center and extending the design outwards. A floral mandala tattoo can also bring together the symbolic meaning of both mandalas and flowers, resulting in notions of balance, eternity, and femininity. Since mandalas can also signify the creation of a new idea, an association can be made with the blossoming of a flower.

mandala tattoo on middle of back

  • Tribal designs – many tribal tattoo designs include some similarities to the mandala. This is because the Native American and other tribal cultures considered the circle to be an important symbolic element of rituals and ceremonies. Circles were also used by these cultures in designing jewelry pieces and weaving patterned fabric. Hence, mandalas can be neatly featured in tribal tattoo designs. For more inspiration on this style, check out Maori tattoo designs.

mandala tattoo on back

Mandalas can also be combined with other symbols. Circular elements, such as the moon or the sun, are particularly well-suited for this.

It’s common to see both color and all-black mandalas, and both options can look awesome if they are well designed.

As mandala based tattoos are very detailed and ‘busy’, you may want to consider using color sparingly in order to prevent the tattoo from becoming confusing or losing its definition.

Mandala thigh design by Sasha Masiuk

Final words

Mandala designs can carry deep spiritual connotations and can look absolutely stunning when done well.

It’s important to choose the right tattoo artist for this type of design, due to the level of detail involved.

Ideally, try to opt for an artist who specializes in mandalas or at least has some experience in this kind of work.

Purple and teal dotwork design by Stylish Skin Mandala owl piece on forearm by Kristi WallsMandala design by Pac CutriColorful mandala flower by Gustavo PaterninaMandala crescent moon by Alex BawnMandala arm piece by Flo NuttallMandala elephant by Kristi WallsBlackwork mandala back piece by Kristi WallsShaded mandala design by Kristi WallsWatercolor mandala designSeparated mandala design by Salome Trujillo Mandala hamsa hand by Flo NuttallColorful geometric back pieceMandala piece on forearm by Lauren TDotwork mandala design by Paranoir InkBack shoulder mandala tat by Resul OdabasMandala cuff by Kristi WallsGeometric dotwork design by Saskia VineyMandala sunflower by Kristi WallsBack shoulder piece by Kristi WallsBack neck mandala work by Jai CheongMandala thigh piece by El Daniel AdvarpLarge dotwork mandala flower on back by HelsinkiBeautiful mandala flower on wrist by Isaiah NegreteElegant mandala flower by Sasha MasiukMandala flower on back by Victims of InkWatercolor mandala flower on thigh by Nastia StrizhMandala forearm work by NoaDetailed mandala flower by Kristi WallsMandala rose design by El Daniel AdvarpWorks in progress by Sasha MasiukIntricate mandala cuff by Flo NuttallMandala flower on palm by HelsinkiColorful mandala flower on elbow by MicoSoft mandala flower on forearm by Nyoman Buch PermanaWatercolor mandala flower by JanellaSymmetrical mandala design by Chaim MachlevOrnamental arm piece by Flo NuttallDynamic mandala flower by Kristi WallsLittle lotus flower by MarjorianneMandala wrist piece by JilguerOrnamental mandala design by Diogo RochaMandala flower by Sara ReichardtContrasting mandala flower by Balazs BercsenyiPurple, blue, and pink mandala flower by Raul WescheMandala cat design by Sergey AnuchinDotwork mandala flower by Glen HernandezMandala shoulder cap by Roma SeverovMandala back piece by Caron-MarieWatercolor shoulder piece by Octavius ColeMandala floral design by Tiago OliveiraMandala flower on thigh by Poppy SeggerHalf a mandala flower by Sol ArtBack arm piece by Sasha MasiukMandala flower on back by Alex Bawn


Mountains To Mandala: THIS is the best tattoo for you as per your zodiac sign

One always thinks through before getting inked. Tattoos are something that are permanently etched on your skin for the rest of your life. Getting a tattoo is a special moment and everybody wants it to be perfect.

Tattoos and zodiacs have a special connection. An individual’s tattoo can reveal a lot about their personality. If you are excited to get inked soon but can’t decide what to get, then here is the list of tattoo ideas based on your zodiac signs that will help you for an ink match made in heaven.

Aries are peppy, adventurous and have a strong sense of direction. Therefore, a tattoo with arrows or shooting stars is ideal for them.


Taurus are humble, grounded people and are ruled by the planet of love- Venus. Therefore, a tattoo with leaves, roses or other floral symbols is ideal for them.


Gemini are energetic, chirpy and of dual sided nature. Therefore, a ying-yang, branches and wings tattoos are perfect for them.

Cancer are stable and peace lovers. Therefore, an anchor or heartbeat tattoo is ideal for them.


Leo are strong, dominating and born leaders. Therefore, a lion or crown tattoo is ideal for them as it depicts boldness.

Virgos are disciplined and perfectionist. Therefore, a detailed geometric or minimalist tattoo is a perfect match for them.

Libras are uber intelligent and loving. Therefore, a tattoo with cursive quote or aesthetic animals are ideal for them.

Scorpios are super mysterious. Therefore, a rose or phoenix tattoo is best for them.

Sagittarius is extremely adventurous. Therefore, a tattoo of latitude coordinates, globe, map or mountains is perfect for them.

Capricorns are super serious and most grounded. Therefore, minimalistic one-word motivational or classic shapes are best suited to them.

Aquarius is unique. Therefore, a tattoo of mandala art or small quotes is unique and apt for them.

Pisces are cool-minded and creative personalities. Therefore, a tattoo with waves or butterfly is ideal for them.


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Mandala tattoo mountain

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50+ Excellent Ornamental Mandala Tattoo Design

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