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Storage baskets

Keep your home organised with beautiful storage baskets

Smart storage solutions is a necessity in every home, and storage baskets can act not only as great storage solutions, but as stylish interior details as well! in our extensive range of storage solutions you will find lots of elegant storage baskets and boxes, that you can use to keep your home organised!

Which are the most popular storage baskets?

Whether you are looking for leather storage baskets for your firewood, smaller bamboo boxes for the kitchen storage, or perhaps something entirely different, you will find all the storage baskets you need in our wonderful assortment. Here you will find popular storage basket designs from renowned brands such as Ørskov, House Doctor and Rice.

Top 3 storage baskets

  1. Restore storage basket by Muuto
  2. Pear storage basket by Ferm Living
  3. Korbo Classic 80 by Korbo

Storage baskets of different materials

Our assortment of storage storage solutions includes storage baskets made through various techniques and materials. Here you will find wicker baskets, baskets made from seaweed, metal baskets. In our assortment we even have baskets made from recycled materials such as the muuto restore basket, with a beautiful design for the environmentally conscious home decorators.

Accessories & organise with storage baskets

Storage baskets makes it easy to keep your stuff organized, whether for towels in the bathroom, toys and accessories for the children's room or for various items in the living room. But in addition to making your home more organised, they are also great decoration for all rooms of the house. Rattan, seaweed and wicker storage baskets work well as beautiful accents with a touch of nature to them, while a metal or perhaps a paper storage basket can add a modern touch to your living room.

How to choose the right storage baskets:

Whether for hats and gloves in the hallways or perhaps for kitchen accessories, storage baskets are versatile and practical storage elements that can be used in any number of ways. Consider the following things before getting your next storage baskets:

  • In which room do you need a storage basket?
  • What will you store in the storage basket?
  • What type of storage basket would fit my interior?

With these questions in mind, making the right decision should be easier. The ideal storage basket for your home is one whose look matches the aesthetic of your home, while being bade of a material suitable for the intended purpose of the storage basket. For storing  firewood by the fireplace, it is better to pick a storage basket of a non-flammable material, and in the bathroom, a water resistant material might be ideal.


Large Grey Plastic Storage Basket

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No more nappies, tubes and bottles lying around: with this Little Dutch storage basket the changing table stays tidy and organised! The Little Dutch storage basket is beautifully finished and offers a place to store all the products you need daily to take care of your baby. With the cool leather label and the beautiful print, it is a remarkable accessory in every nursery. Also available in a larger size.

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Product dimensions 15x15x15
Material 70% cotton/30% polyester
Inner fabric/filling strengthened with interfacing
Label Oeko-Tex
Color Grey
Collection Pure
Packaging contents 1 Storage basket
Machine washable Yes
Washing instructions Wash at 30 °C; iron at low temperature; do not dry clean; do not bleach; not suitable for tumble dryer

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Storage Baskets

Storage Baskets

Woven baskets have been used to store things for thousands of years, so it’s fair to say that it’s a successful concept. What Dunelm brings to these vessels is a renewed sense of style, utility and beauty – plus lots and lots of choice. If you’ve got a picture of a storage basket in your mind, there’s a good chance we have got exactly what you’re thinking of, probably in a variety of sizes so you can get a theme going.

Choose your basket material

What do you want your storage basket to be made of? The instinctive answer would usually be some kind of wicker, the classic technique for basket making. But even within that category, you’ve got plenty of options. A smart seagrass weave is a hard-wearing one, which allows for neater edges. There’s also rush, a darker, coffee-coloured material that’s tough and pretty. You can go for a tight weave or a loose weave, smartly finished or with an artisanal twist, and with accessories, lining or other features. As you can see, there isn’t a single definition for the wicker basket – it can be one of many styles.

Fancy something a little different, though? The basket world doesn’t stop at wicker – we’ve got baskets in a range of materials to match your domestic decor. As you’d expect, metal baskets are hard wearing, but did you know they can also be so pretty? Because wire and stamped metal can be extremely fine and still strong, you can have delicate lattices and intricate patterns, perfect for a Moroccan style basket.

And don’t be put off by plastic baskets – they can be functional and inexpensive, but they can also look great in the home, thanks to the use of good quality plastic – and we stock lots of recycled products, so you’re doing your bit for the environment, too. Also check out our ranges of fabric baskets for a real homely feel. The soft finish lends the baskets a touch of luxury, and they’re perfect in bedrooms and living rooms where there’s a softer edge. Wood baskets or bamboo baskets give you something a little harder without sacrificing the rustic charm of the basket, but they are no less attractive.

… or pick a style

If you prefer to choose your style of basket over the material, you can easily arrange the page so it only shows your favourite. So if you want a plain basket , simply filter out the other styles and you can choose your ideal one. If you like your basket geometric , you’re spoilt for choice, and if you want to go for a traditional woven basket , look no further. They’re all beautiful and high quality, so you can’t go wrong.


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