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25 DIY Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas To Give Your Bathroom Farmhouse Charm

I recently began thinking of ways to redecorate my bathroom. I really want that rustic farmhouse look throughout my house and the bathroom is no exception. I wondered though, how in the world do you add farmhouse charm to such a small room? My bathrooms aren’t huge by any means so it seems difficult to redecorate them in true farmhouse style. So, I started looking and would you believe that I found 25 gorgeous DIY rustic bathroom decor ideas? You could make any one of these and instantly upgrade your bathroom in true farmhouse style.

25 DIY Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas To Give Your Bathroom Farmhouse CharmI do love that farmhouse look and try to incorporate it as much as I can into my décor. Have you seen these 25 shiplap décor and furniture ideas? They will definitely add some farmhouse charm to your home and they are super easy. These bathroom décor ideas are super easy, too and you can do most of these in under an hour. They are definitely going to increase the rustic factor in your bathroom. From shower curtains that are inspired by Anthropologie’s farmhouse collection to the most adorable toilet paper roll holder made from old metal pipes, I promise that you are going to love each and every one of these rustic bathroom décor ideas.

If you are trying to turn your home into a farmhouse inspired home, these are the perfect DIY bathroom décor projects for you. Whether you want something simple for the wall or you want to go all out rustic with all of your bathroom décor, you will find a project in here that you love. And if you are trying to turn your entire home into a farmhouse, you must take a look at these 55 farmhouse furniture and décor ideas. There is something here for every room in the house!

1. Anthropologie Inspired DIY Ruffled Shower Curtain

Anthropologie Inspired DIY Ruffled Shower CurtainI love Anthropologie products but unfortunately I don’t love the price tags. I also love great Anthropologie knockoffs, which is what this DIY ruffled shower curtain is. You can buy this one at Anthro for about $ or you can make it yourself for just a small fraction of that – just $5 to be exact! This is a pretty easy to sew ruffled shower curtain that will instantly give your bathroom a bit of rustic charm.

Tutorial/Source: seekatesew

2. Upcycled Sewing Drawer Flower Display Box

Upcycled Sewing Drawer Flower Display BoxI love this antique sewing drawer that has been repurposed into a gorgeous rustic flower box for the bathroom. You can sit this right on the back of the toilet or on a shelf. It’s really easy to DIY and gives the bathroom such lovely farmhouse charm. You just need an old sewing drawer – or any old wooden box if you don’t have a sewing drawer on hand – and then you just fill it with mason jar vases.

Tutorial/Source: oldewindmillfarm

3. Whimsical Rustic Wooden Bubble Bath Sign

Whimsical Rustic Wooden Bubble Bath SignThis rustic wooden sign is super easy to make. You just need a piece of wood, some white paint for distressing, and some rope for hanging. You can add a burlap flower to give it an even more gorgeous rustic look. You can easily make this one in just an hour or so, or just check out the one that I found on Esty for under $


4. Rustic DIY Built In Magazine Rack

Rustic DIY Built In Magazine RackYou need magazines in the bathroom, right? Why not store them in this lovely DIY rustic looking magazine rack. You build this right onto the wall so you don’t need any additional space for it and it holds so many magazines and books! This is such a simple build and you can make it from wood that you have left over from other projects if you happen to have any on hand.

Tutorial/Source: fourgenerationsoneroof

5. DIY Bathroom Wall Art

DIY Bathroom Wall ArtIt just takes a little something to turn your bathroom from boring to farmhouse spectacular. You can do it easily with this DIY bathroom wall art that you make using the string art method. Some old boards or planks are perfect for the backdrop and you can distress them beforehand it give them an even more rustic look. Then just choose your design and string art your way to beautiful rustic bathroom décor.

Tutorial/Source: pinspirationmommy

6. Upcycled Bed Frame Towel Bar

Upcycled Bed Frame Towel BarAn old wooden bed frame is perfect for adding a rustic farmhouse touch to the bathroom. You can make this upcycled bed frame towel bar in about an hour or so and it is a great shelf to hang above the bathtub. It holds your towels and so much more! Use the shelf to hold extra bathtub essentials or plants, whatever you want. And, it hangs right on the wall so you don’t have to worry about needing extra space. What a great way to upcycle an old bed frame!

Tutorial/Source: littlevintagenest

7. Rustic Wood And Rope Hanging Shelf

Rustic Wood And Rope Hanging ShelfOld wood and a rope hanger give this gorgeous shelf a wonderfully rustic quality. This is a simple DIY project if you want to make it yourself. Just build a shelf from reclaimed wood and then add a thick rope to the top for hanging. I love this for storing extra rolls of toilet paper or even makeup and other essentials. I got the idea from this one on Etsy, and it’s under $


8. DIY Braided T-Shirt Rug

DIY Braided T-Shirt RugMy grandparents had these great braided rugs in their old farmhouse – in the kitchen and in the bathroom. If you love the look of vintage braided rugs, you can make your own by repurposing a few old t-shirts. Who knew that there were so many wonderful upcycling projects for old t-shirts? This one is super easy and if you don’t happen to have a few t-shirts that you can use, you can find them at any thrift store for under a dollar each.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

9. DIY Chevron Burlap Bathroom Sign

DIY Chevron Burlap Bathroom SignThis DIY chevron burlap bathroom sign is really cheap to make and pretty easy, too. You need a strip of plywood, some burlap and some white paint to make this one. You will also want some wooden letters, which you can get at the Dollar Store or at any craft store. You could do “Wash” or anything else that you wanted as far as the lettering goes. This is a great rustic looking sign that will take you about an hour or so to finish.

Tutorial/Source: shantychic

Distressed Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Distressed Mason Jar Bathroom StorageClean up clutter and give your bathroom a farmhouse look at the same time with these distressed mason jar containers. It is so easy to distress a mason jar. You just paint them white, or a light blue or gray, and then use sandpaper to distress them. These are perfect for holding any number of bathroom essentials and really do have a gorgeous rustic look. Take a look at this set that I found on Etsy for inspiration, or you can grab these for just $30 for a set of six.


DIY Faux Floating Shelves

DIY Faux Floating ShelvesYou can never have too many shelves in the bathroom, right? These DIY faux floating shelves have a wonderfully rustic quality thanks to the wood that is used. You can do these with reclaimed wood, barnwood or even distressed wood to give them a great farmhouse look and they are super easy to make and to hang on the walls. Then, use them to display your farmhouse décor or any number of bathroom essentials.

Tutorial/Source: mommysuite

DIY Bathroom Towel Ladder

DIY Bathroom Towel LadderI love this DIY ladder that holds your towels in the bathroom! It is super easy to make, too and it is perfect for getting that farmhouse look in the bathroom. You can hang this on the wall or just stand it up in the corner or behind your bathroom door. The ladder itself only takes about an hour or so to make and you could even decorate it with burlap or raffia to give it even more of a rustic look.

Tutorial/Source: lovegrowswild

DIY Barnwood Bathroom Valance

DIY Barnwood Bathroom ValanceThis DIY bathroom valance is made from repurposed barnwood and it is simply gorgeous. You could do this over a traditional bathtub as well as a clawfoot tub and it’s a pretty easy valance to make. Once you have the valance complete, add some lace curtains to really get a farmhouse look. You can even use reclaimed wood for this one so it won’t cost you anything.

Tutorial/Source: cedarhillfarmhouse

Farmhouse Inspired Whitewashed Mirror

Farmhouse Inspired Whitewashed MirrorA whitewashed mirror above your bathroom sink is an excellent way to add some farmhouse style and charm. This is a really simple project and you can even build the mirror yourself from reclaimed wood or old barnwood and then whitewash it. I found this one on Etsy and it’s just $75 and you have several size choices and your choice of hanging brackets. If you prefer to DIY it, it’s a pretty easy project.


DIY Mason Jar Storage With Knobs

DIY Mason Jar Storage With KnobsThis DIY mason jar storage system is all you need to keep your bathroom organized, and it is perfect for adding a little farmhouse style, too. You make lids for your mason jars, complete with knobs so that you can easily lift the lids to get to the contents. The entire thing is nestled in a rustic looking wooden box that you can keep on a shelf or right there on the back of the toilet. I really love rustic mason jar decorating projects!

Tutorial/Source: lizmarieblog

Repurposed Pipe Towel Rack

Repurposed Pipe Towel RackThis towel rack that you make from repurposed pipes has such a wonderfully rustic look. This is a pretty simple DIY towel rack to build and you just don’t get more rustic than some old pipes. This is a great project to try if you have some old metal pipes laying around or if you are planning on a replumbing job. Or, check with local contractors who may have some old pipes from houses that they are remodeling.

Tutorial/Source: thecountrychiccottage

Easy DIY Plank Towel Hanger

Easy DIY Plank Towel HangerA plank of wood and some vintage hooks are all you need to create this lovely rustic DIY towel hanger. You just have to attach some sort of hangers to the board so that you can hang your towels. Old drawer knobs or doorknobs would work wonderfully, too. You can just use whatever you have on hand and the older and rustier the better for getting that rustic farmhouse look.

Tutorial/Source: myfabulesslife

Simple Rustic Mason Jar Sconce

Simple Rustic Mason Jar SconceAdd a gorgeous farmhouse inspired DIY mason jar sconce to the bathroom – or add two if you have the space. These are so easy to make and you can DIY them completely from repurposed materials so they won’t cost you anything as long as you have a plank of wood and an old jar. You can use metal clamps to hold the jars or think outside the box and use leather strips or even heavy twine to keep your sconces in place.


DIY Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Rustic Toilet Paper HolderHow adorable is this rustic toilet paper holder? You make this with some old metal pipe and it only takes a few minutes to have it finished. The entire project will cost you less than $10 and that’s if you have to purchase all of the materials. If you happen to have some old metal pipe on hand, you won’t spend that much on it and you can have it done completely in about five minutes or so.

Tutorial/Source: mountainmodernlife

DIY Wooden Bathroom Signs

DIY Wooden Bathroom SignsThese little wooden signs are really cute and they will certainly help you to achieve that rustic farmhouse look. You could even distress these just a bit to make them look even more rustic. You can use whatever wording you want with these, but I love the chosen, “Wash, Flush, Floss and Brush” of these. They’re super quick and easy to make and work really well even in smaller bathrooms. DIY wood signs will definitely add that rustic farmhouse touch.

Tutorial/Source: themodernnestblog

Tall Rustic Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Tall Rustic Mirrored Medicine CabinetYou really can never have too much storage in the bathroom, which is one reason that I love this tall mirrored storage cabinet. Another reason is that it has such a lovely rustic look and it is super easy to build. You can do this with reclaimed wood if you have any on hand and it will look even more rustic. When you’re finished, you have multiple shelves for storing bathroom essentials and the front of the cabinet gives you a full length mirror!

Tutorial/Source: shantychic

Five Minute Rustic Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Five Minute Rustic Mason Jar Toothbrush HolderIn just about five minutes or less, you can DIY this great rustic toothbrush holder from an old mason jar. You could do this with a plain jar or paint it white and distress it a bit for a really nice farmhouse look. Just a small piece of wired chicken net keeps your toothbrushes perfectly organized and separated. This one really is quick and easy to make.

Tutorial/Source: thecountrychiccottage

Repurposed Door Knob Towel Hanger

Repurposed Door Knob Towel HangerYou can find these great door knob decorating items at department stores or you could actually build this repurposed door knob towel hanger yourself from scratch. You just need a decorative door knob and a piece of decorative wood to make this one. Check out your local thrift stores to see if they have some of this lovely décor on hand. Then you just distress it and turn it into a fabulous farmhouse towel hanger.

Tutorial/Source: thehouseofsmiths

DIY Window Box Bathroom Storage

DIY Window Box Bathroom StorageBasket style window boxes are perfect for adding some extra storage in the bathroom and they have such a nice farmhouse appeal. They’re also super easy to hang on the walls in your bathroom and they give you additional storage without taking up too much space so they are perfect for smaller bathrooms. You can find these baskets at most department stores or repurpose a few outdoor planting baskets. Or you can use DIY window box planters for this one, too.

Tutorial/Source: ourfifthhouse

Rustic Wooden Box Towel Storage

Rustic Wooden Box Towel StorageAn old wooden box is perfect for adding that farmhouse touch to the bathroom and it’s a great way to get some additional storage space for towels. You can use any box of any size, depending on how much space you have available, and they fit perfectly on shelves or on the back of the toilet. Or, you could even mount them on the wall. I found this gorgeous rustic wooden box on Etsy for under $35 or you could repurpose any wooden box that you have on hand.



Rustic bathroom: 43 Gorgeous ideas to get inspired

The rustic decor is able to transform an environment and make it super cozy and full of personality, and the bathroom being a space we use to relax in a good bath it is important to think of a decoration that transforms this environment into a beautiful and well cozy, and for that the rustic bathroom is an excellent choice.

And to help you who are looking for ideas for decorating rustic bathrooms we have brought you several tips on how to decorate this space in a practical and timeless way so that your rustic bathroom is the way you always dreamed.

Amazing Rustic DIY wall decor ideas to add charm to your home

There are many ways to decorate rustic bathrooms, some of which even mix other styles, such as the modern rustic bathroom, for example. Because of this, the first thing you need to think about when designing a rustic bathroom design is what your expectations and needs are for that environment.

But it’s important to remember that some small details can help transform rustic bathrooms without having to undergo major renovations like choosing wall coverings, some small decorative details, rustic bathroom furniture like a cabinet or even a small bench, in short, the possibilities are diverse and what really matters is choosing the right items to make the decoration of rustic bathrooms more welcoming.

To choose rustic bathroom coverings you must first observe the size of this environment. If it is a small rustic bathroom the most advisable is to invest in light tiles without great details and leave the touch more rural due to the rustic bathroom furniture.

But if you feel the need for that rustic touch on the bathroom walls you can choose to leave a single wall made of exposed brick or even with a wood-like finish. In addition, you also have the option of using stonesas a coating for rustic bathrooms, but in this case, it will be necessary to do a major renovation.

And an important tip, if you think of a modern rustic bathroom decor the burnt cement also works super well for this space. And in addition to the walls, it can also be used as a floor and give a super cozy air to the decorated space.

The rustic bathroom furniture is nothing more than those cabinets, like the bathroom cabinet made of wood, however, you must pay close attention to the rustic bathroom cabinet, as it needs to have a more “coarse” finish to bring that country touch to the bathroom.

40 DIY Bathroom furniture made of pallets, boards and crates: interesting solutions almost for nothing

Also, remember that the bathroom is a very damp environment, so use paint or marine varnish to protect the rustic bathroom cabinet making the piece last for many more years.

If it is a bigger bathroom in addition to the traditional rustic bathroom cabinet where the sink and countertop are located, you can invest in other rustic bathroom furniture such as a wooden bench that will support items such as towels, hygiene products, or even when you are getting ready.

Lighting is capable of transforming an environment, so it is essential to think of a good lighting project to decorate your rustic bathroom. Here the tip is to choose lamps or chandeliers that have a rustic design to decorate the room.

Wooden light fixtures, for example, are great choices to match the rustic bathroom counter cabinet and create direct lighting on the countertop, for indirect lighting that catches the entire bathroom it is interesting to use iron chandeliers or even made in natural fibers. It will look super charming.

As we mentioned earlier, some details will make all the difference in the decor of your rustic bathroom, so in addition to the furniture, chandelier, and lamps it is interesting to use elements made of iron, clay, ceramics, and of course wood to decorate this environment.

Wonderful ideas for decorating your bathroom in shabby chic style

The rustic bathroom mirror is one of the main decorative details of this space, after all, every self-respecting bathroom has at least one mirror, right? The rustic bathroom mirror can be made with both raw wood and iron frames, here it is important to pay attention to the finish of the piece and observe if the rustic bathroom mirror will “talk” with the other elements of the space such as cabinets and the tub rustic bathroom.

In addition to the mirror, you can also invest in potted plants, frames with wooden frames, and use niches and shelves with a French hand that help compose the decor and keep the space better organized.

for more optical inspiration you can check the following images








































Images via: Pinterest

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  2. Brown farmhouse curtains
  3. Ac 140 gunship

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

There&#;s a lot that falls under the category rustic. Some use the word as an insult, other as a compliment. Rustic décor usually draws inspiration from either French-country or simple farmhouses. It uses a lot of wood and brick, and it has a cozy, homey feeling.

Nowadays, rustic usually also means there is a lot of repurposing, upcycling and DIY involved. Reclaimed woods and restored pieces are commonly used to create this unique atmosphere, and modern touches are paired with more traditional pieces to create something that reflects the best of both worlds.

Here are some gorgeously rustic bathroom ideas for you to admire and take inspiration from.

Stylish Small Bathroom With Brick Wall

Stylish Small Bathroom With Brick Wall

Brick and white are quintessential rustic, and they really work in the bathroom environment, as you can see here. Little touches of wood and big, panel windows complete the prairie look. Via decoholic.

Rustic Bathroom With Wire Towel Basket Over The Toilet

Rustic Bathroom With Wire Towel Basket Over The Toilet.

Rustic Mirror With Frame Built Out Of Old Ammo Boxes

Rustic Mirror With Frame Built Out Of Old Ammo Boxes.

This little rustic bathroom is a DIY dream, if not particularly beautiful. The mirror frame made out of ammo boxes is definitely original and it really fits the setting. source.

Rustic Bathroom With Awesome Details

Rustic Bathroom With Awesome Details.

This is a perfect of example of a bathroom that doesn&#;t need to be big or luxurious to be classy and elegant. Little touches like the vanity and mirror, as well as the patterned floor, bring this little rustic dream to life. .

Rustic Wood Valance And Tub Caddy For Bathroom

Rustic Wood Valance And Tub Caddy For Bathroom.


This Vintage Buffet-Turned-Vanity Adds Style To Your Bathroom

This Vintage Buffet-Turned-Vanity Add Style To Your Bathroom.


This Hanging Shelves Feel Perfect In Your Bathroom

This Hanging Shelves Feel Perfect In Your Bathroom.

Hanging shelves have a truly organic and rustic look, and they help conserve space, so they are a great choice for your bathroom, especially if you happen to have a small one..

Glass Shower For Rustic Bathroom

Glass Shower For Rustic Bathroom.

Whoever said the delight of a glass shower wouldn&#;t work in a rustic bathroom clearly didn&#;t see this one. In fact, not only does it not disrupt the atmosphere created by the walls and floors, but it complements them in its simplicity. source.

Vintage Rustic Bathroom

Vintage Rustic Bathroom.

Vintage and rustic really go well together, and this is a great example of how vintage pieces can create the rustic atmosphere without being overly obvious.

Easy DIY Floating Shelves For Rustic Bathroom

Easy DIY Floating Shelves For Rustic Bathroom.

These floating shelves are simple, but gorgeously effective, and they not only look great in the bathroom, but they also provide easily accessible storage while saving and enhancing the available space. source.

Old Galvanized Wash Tub For Bathroom

Old Galvanized Wash Tub For Bathroom.

Vintage Chic Bathroom with DIY Plank Wall and Open Shelving

Vintage Chic Bathroom with DIY Plank Wall and Open Shelving

Get the tutorial via decoist.

Ladder Towel Rack And Woven Baskets

The ladder towel rack and the woven baskets give this beautiful bathroom a rustic feel.

This bathroom is a little prairie dream, and the little accents like the woven baskets, torch lamps, vanity mirror and ladder towel rack only add to the rustic appeal of the setting. source.

DIY Wood Valance

DIY Wood Valance.


DIY Weathered Wood Plank Wall

DIY Weathered Wood Plank Wall.

This wooden DIY wall is not only beautiful, but also really unique. It looks beautiful in a bathroom setting, but you could also easily see it in other environments. source.

Simple Fresh Rustic Bathroom With Brick Floor, Shiplap Walls, Farm Sink And Wood Ceiling

Simple Fresh Rustic Bathroom With Brick Floor, Shiplap Walls, Farm Sink And Wood Ceiling

Rustic can also be simple and really well done – that is the lesson to be taken from this project. There are several elements of interest here, but the wood ceiling is undoubtedly the star of the show. source.

Rustic Chic Bathroom

Rustic Chic Bathroom.

This bathroom is so chic you almost miss the rustic elements. However, it is things like the ladder on the wall and the standalone bath that give this room its unique charm. source.

Farmhouse Bathroom With Chandelier Over Tub

Farmhouse Bathroom With Chandelier Over Tub.

It doesn&#;t have to be that way, but farmhouse is the true form of rustic style. This one is big and spacious, but it retains all of the essential rustic touches, with the added charm of the vintage chandelier, which lights up the bath in a very unique and special way. source.

Rustic Batroom with Faux Stone Wall

Rustic Batroom Faux Stone Wall

This bathroom is truly rustic, and the faux stone wall is the perfect setting for this decoration of dark and somber hues. source.

Rustic Pendant Lamps and the Uniquely Shaped Mirror

Rustic Pendant Lamps and the Uniquely Shaped Mirror.

This rustic bathroom decor is all about the little touches. The unusually shaped mirror is certainly the center piece, and rightfully so, but it is beautifully framed by the pendant lights and brought to life by the simple, neutral furniture underneath. source.

Fantastic French Rustic Bathroom

Fantastic French Rustic Bathroom.


Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Countertop

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Countertop.

This bathroom countertop is really simple but effective. The reclaimed wood looks great in here, and it is a great choice because it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Repurposed Rustic Style Bathroom Vanity

Repurposed Rustic Style Bathroom Vanity.

The bathroom vanity has likely lived many lives, but it has also found a true home in this rustic bathroom setting, where it looks truly great.

Awesome Bathroom With Rustic Accents

Awesome Bathroom With Rustic Accents.

Wooden framed mirrors, pictures and a solid, classic counter – this is what you think of when you hear the words &#;rustic bathroom&#;, and it looks just beautiful. source.

Antique Window Mirror

Antique Window Mirror.

Rustic powder room with wooden washstand made of reclaimed oak, shiplap walls and brass sconces. source.

Calm &#; Relaxing Bathroom

Calm &#; Relaxing Bathroom.


Rustic Industrial Bathroom

Rustic Industrial Bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom With Vintage Mirror

Rustic Bathroom With Vintage Mirror

This vintage mirror adds a much needed touch of shabby chic to this otherwise simple and rustic bathroom – and it works very nicely too. source.

Romantic Rustic Bathroom

Romantic Rustic Bathroom.

Romantic is yet another interpretation of rustic and it looks lovely here, as it adds a slight touch of trendy shabby chic decor. source.

DIY Rustic Mason Jar Rack Used As Makeup Organizers

DIY Rustic Mason Jar Rack Used As Makeup Organizers.

Using mason jars as make up organizers isn&#;t a new idea, but it is definitely a good one for a girly girl who wants to have her beauty bits displayed and easy to access in a rustic bathroom setting. source.

DIY Rustic Faux Floating Shelves

DIY Rustic Faux Floating Shelves.


Easy DIY Storage Ladder

Easy DIY Storage Ladder

This storage ladder is a really original idea that adds a fun and rustic touch to the bathroom using repurposed materials – and it really works. Get the tutorial via cleanandscentsible.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

If you&#;ve never thought of toilet paper holders as interesting, this one might change your mind. Aside from being unique, it also has the added benefit of the shelf, which allows you to set anything you need to put down when you go to the toilet. Get the tutorial via diyshowoff.

Tiny Rustic Bathroom Organization

Tiny Rustic Bathroom Organization.

This bathroom organization is beautifully rustic and vintage, and it looks great among the light and airy walls with its distressed charm. source.

Rustic And Romantic French Bathroom

Rustic And Romantic French Bathroom

French country is always great inspiration, and that is what you see here. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling, in particular, is a really beautiful touch. source.

Vintage Rustic Bathroom With Claw Foot Bathtub

Vintage Rustic Bathroom With Claw Foot Bathtub


Rustic bathroom with Sewing Drawer Turned Flower Seeds Sign

Rustic bathroom with Sewing Drawer Turned Flower Seeds Sign.


Rustic Bathroom With DIY Plank Ceiling

Rustic Bathroom With DIY Plank Ceiling

Get the tutorial via funkyjunkinteriors.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom.

This farmhouse bathroom looks beautiful with its wooden accents, which break up the light and elegant decor without disrupting it or looking out of place. source.

Modern Rustic Bathroom Design

Modern Rustic Bathroom Design

This bathroom truly shows that rustic can also be modern as the two styles meet seamlessly. The wooden counter and woven baskets look beautiful against the mostly bare walls, and the exposed sinks give it a really unique twist. source.

Rustic Bathroom Design With Wooden Floor

Rustic Bathroom Design With Wooden Floor


Barn Wood Flooring And Ceiling, Exposed Brick Wall, Round Bathtub In A Great Rustic Bathroom

 Barn Wood Flooring And Ceiling, Exposed Brick Wall, Round Bathtub In A Great Rustic Bathroom

The bathroom is a rustic dream with its wooden ceilings and floors, complemented by the exposed brick wall. The round bath in the middle of the room adds a unique and somewhat modern touch. source.

Rustic Bathroom With Wood Shelving, White Subway Tile, Mosaic Floor Tile And Glass Shower Tub

Rustic Bathroom With Wood Shelving, White Subway Tile, Mosaic Floor Tile And Glass Shower Tub


Luxury Rustic Bathroom

Luxury Rustic Bathroom.

This bathroom is pure rustic luxury with the metallic tub and ornate chandelier. The exposed brick walls add a little bit more of that cozy cabin atmosphere which makes this room so beautiful. source.

Small Rustic Bathroom Decoration

Small Rustic Bathroom Decoration

Via jillianharris.

Rustic Bathrooms With Stone Walls And Wooden Wall Mounted Vanity

Rustic Bathrooms With Stone Walls And Wooden Wall Mounted Vanity

This may almost be a little too much with the stone wall, which makes a big statement in its own right, and the wooden vanity. However, they work nicely together in this rustic setting.

Barnwood Bathroom Decor

Barnwood Bathroom Decor

This bathroom is truly rustic and unique, and it takes you back in time with the barnwood decor and the big window above the standalone bath. source.

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40 Rustic DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

On the opposite of a dull and boring bathroom, a well-decorated is what you enter with a smile and it always helps create a happy lighter mood of you. So, say bye to your bathroom boringness by updating your bathrooms and you will love these 40 rustic DIY farmhouse bathroom decor ideas that will help you transform your bathroom into a happy bathing space without investing a lot of money from your pockets. Accomplish your bathroom renovation mission with these chic and innovative DIY farmhouse bathroom decor ideas that will are sure to be heart-touching and creative ones and will fit every budget for sure.

This farmhouse bathroom decor ideas will show you how you can build your own beautiful bathroom upgrades that will bring a great functional and decorative character of your bathroom. From making impactful bathroom organizers to beautiful bathroom curtains, you are going to learn to make all at home that will help to create a dazzling visual of your bathroom.

Rustic DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

DIY rustic bathroom decor ideas to give your bathroom farmhouse charm:

Simply declutter your bathroom and this will be the very first thing to make your bathroom beautiful as messy collections of things will definitely break the style of your bathroom. So, make inexpensive organizers like the recycled Mason jar toothbrush holders and wall mounted Mason jar and wood bathroom accessory organizers to organize your bathroom concerns beautifully. Add ample storage space to your bathroom by installing smart wall mounted cabinets to your bathroom. Also, make the lovely farmhouse bathroom decor out of the Mason jars like the decorative vases and also the functional items like a soap dispenser. You may also love these best DIY bathroom projects for your next decoration and upgrades.

Next, remodel your bathroom look by ruffled or color block self-sewn shower curtains and also make use of wooden squares, nail and yarn to make bathroom nail art signs, will add a lot to your farmhouse bathroom decor. Create an impressive appeal of your bathroom entrance by adding a coiled t-shirt bathmat and also add the decorative mirrors and towel racks in your bathroom for instant transformation of your bathroom. See the entire list to check out all the DIY farmhouse bathroom decor ideas and click the attached links to grab full project details and tutorials.

1. DIY Mason Jar Bath Organizer

DIY Mason Jar Bath Organizer

Overcome your bathroom storage issues in a style using this affordable storage hack based on recycled items. Simple mount the repurposed Mason jars on a wood plank using hose clamps and build a gorgeous Mason jar bath organizer. Also, put the cut flowers in the jars for amazing farmhouse bathroom decor. Details here thediyplaybook

2. Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Make Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Repurpose the recycled Mason jars for making gorgeous bathroom organizers. Grab a Mason jar lid, hollow out its lid and cover it up with wire netting and then start using it as a toothbrush holder in your bathroom, can also be mount on the wall. Details here thecountrychic

3. Rustic Shower Curtains

Pretty DIY Color block Shower Curtain

Pay attention to small details in your bathroom to bring a new decorative sensation to your bathroom. Have you ever thought to update your farmhouse bathroom decor using the decorative curtains? Bring tons of colors to your bath using this color-block shower curtain, you can also update old curtains into color-block shower curtains. Details here

4. Rustic Country Shower Curtains with Pleated Ruffle Accents

DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain with Pleated Ruffle Accents

Decorative curtains can do a lot while redecorating your bathroom. Opt for these ruffled pleated curtains, will be the real accents in your bathroom and are quite easy to make. Simply add ruffles and pleats in the current bathroom curtains and get them updated for bigger decor statements. Full how-to guides here addicted2decorating

5. Marbled Paper Art Using Nail Polish

Easy DIY Marbled Paper Art Using Nail Polish

Spruce up your bathroom also with an amazing marbled effect, can easily be incorporated to your bathroom using this hack. Marbleize the paper using nail polish and then frame them up for making gorgeous wall art frames for your bathroom walls. Complete how-to tutorial here madincrafts

6. How To Make Shower Curtain

How To Make Shower Curtain

Using sharpies, sewing machines, needle-thread, and various other things, you can simply add some enchanting design patterns on the current bathroom curtains, will be the next most bizarre decor in your bath. A terrific way to bring your favorite art and shapes in the bathroom. Complete how-to tutorial here designlovefest

7. Sew Ruffles Anthro Shower Curtains

Make Ruffles Anthro Shower Curtainr

Are you inspired by Anthro inspired living? Then do bring a touch of it to your bathroom. Opt for this Anthro shower curtain made only by sewing ruffles in a normal white curtain, will be a blissful addition to any bathroom interior. Full sewing tutorial here seekatesew

8. Rustic Bathroom Wall Art

Easy To Make Bathroom Wall Art

Add great finishing touches to your bathroom also using these exclusive wall art frames, made to inspire. Just trace your favorite art or shape on a wooden board, add nails to outlines of your art and next weave the nails using yarn of choice making 3D art on the wooden boards. How-to tutorial here hometalk

9. DIY Braided T-shirt Rug for Bathroom

DIY Braided T shirt Rug for Bathroom

Dress up your bathroom in a new look using this enticing bathroom rug. Using your smart imaginations you can quickly whip up this t-shirt rug for free. Just take your t-shirts into yarn and next braid the yarn together making a colorful rope that you can coil to make this round impressive bathroom rug. Tutorial here instructables

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Make Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

The Mason jars can be the ideal candidates for the cheap yet stylish organization of your bathroom. Paint them for a distressed white appeal and next start using them as an accessory holder in your bathroom. Add also cut flowers in them to get cool bath vases out of them and turn them also into soap dispensers. How-to tutorial here masonjarcra

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf and Bathroom Accessories

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Shelf and Bathroom Accessories

Bring both modern and farmhouse style touch to your bathroom along with an amazing functional behavior using this toilet paper holder shelf. A smartly made choco bathroom shelf that holds a toilet paper organizer underneath. It will be a significant addition to any bathroom. How-to instructions here diyshowoff

Build Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

Make Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet 1

A well cleaned and well-organized bathroom always looks beautiful, so boost the decors of your garden by getting a bathroom decluttered. Install this bathroom cabinet to your bathroom wall, having a sliding barn door that brings too much focal stimulation to it. Here is how to make it shanty 2 chic

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign

Easy DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign 1

Fancy up your bathroom also with an interesting industrial touch that will come from these industrial farmhouse bathroom shelves, will hold the things carefully but for a prominent display. Use metal pipes with ending caps and floor flanges to install shelf hooks, then put flat wooden shelving levels on them. How-to tutorial here cherishedbliss

DIY Bath Time Photos and Canvas Prints

DIY Bath Time Photos and Canvas Prints

Print out your favorite photos to fit to a canvas frame and then add a decorative border using masking tape and paint. This will make you get with super adorable and good looking bath time photo frames, will boost the visual of your bathroom considerably. Full how-to tutorial and visual guides here thecrazycraft

Bathroom Storage Ladder

How To Make Bathroom Storage Ladder

Update your bathroom storage by making new more functional organizers at home just like this bathroom storage ladder. You can also build this storage ladder with wooden shelves or tray in place of rungs for more amazing results. A cool bathroom decor project, will not cost you big. How-to guides here cleanandscen

DIY Rope Towel Holder

Easy DIY Rope Towel Holder

Feature rope in your bathroom decorations to bring a fantastic nautical touch of decor in your bathroom. You can quickly do so by making this gorgeous DIY towel holder with rope that is all about to hang a heavy duty rope length on the wall using some gorgeous brackets or plates. Details here grecodesign

DIY Frame A Mirror with Clips

DIY Frame A Mirror with Clips

Decorate your bathroom by adding a decorative frame all around the bathroom mirror. Here you need wood trim, liquid nail adhesive and measuring tape and paint to duplicate this fantastic farmhouse style bathroom mirror, will be the real beauty in your bathroom. Full how-to guides and tutorial here createandbabble

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Make Bathroom Magazine Rack

If you love to read the magazines while being on your toilet seat or in the bathroom tub then here is what you need to organize your magazines and books in your bathroom. Use the new or recycled wood slats to make this bathroom magazine rack, will never get out of style. Paint it to match your DIY farmhouse bathroom decor. How-to tutorial here fourgenerations

DIY Frame a Bathroom Mirror

How To DIY Frame A Bathroom Mirror

Create a better distinguished appeal of your bathroom too by giving a rustic wooden mirror frame to your DIY bathroom vanity. Here rustic wood slats have been used to frame up the mirror-like a pro and it will also bring a hot rustic wooden touch to your bathroom. Step-by-step guides here cherishedbliss

DIY Nautical Rope Mirrors

Cute DIY Nautical Rope Mirrors

Bring amazing nautical vibes to your bathroom using this gorgeously beautiful nautical rope mirror, has a round shape and will bring tons of visual charm and grace to your bathroom. This is something you need to instantly fancy up your bathroom. How-to tutorial here thelilypadcottage

Amazing DIY Pebble Bath Mat

DIY Pebble Bath Mat

Get your bathroom impressive also by adding non-slipper pebble bath mats, will be quite easy to make also. Grab the floor mats, glue the colorful pebbles on them and get adorably cute pebble bath mats in no time. Complete how-to guides and tutorial here curbly

Bathroom Mirror Frame with Molding

Make Bathroom Mirror Frame with Molding

Gussy up your bathroom with a hot touch of wood, smarter way to do so would be to install a mirror all around the bathroom mirror. Frame around the mirror will bring wood warmth to entire bathroom ambiance and will be like a handsome background for the bathroom mirror. Full how-to guides here thehappierhome

DIY Hanging Air Plants

DIY Hanging Air Plants

Install a copper curtain rod in your bathroom using lovely metal brackets and next hang the mini air plant copper planters on them using matching metal s-hooks. The genius way it would jazz up your bathroom with a hot metallic touch. A gorgeous way to update your DIY farmhouse bathroom decor. Details here gatheredcheer

Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

Quick DIY Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

Bring prominence to your modern bathrooms also by adding rustic bathroom decor. Here is what you need for instant rustic garnishing of your bathroom interiors, a rustic toilet paper holder made of recycled plumbing pipes. Functional rustic decor for your bathroom to get for free. Full how-to guides here mountainmod

Turn Wooden Crates Into Rolling Bathroom Storage

How To Turn Wooden Crates Into Rolling Bathroom Storage

Bathroom concerns should definitely be well stored there. If storage space deficiency is creating problems then must make this free of cost bathroom rolling storage using recycled crates. Stack differently painted crates, finish with wheels and create handsome bathroom storage. Complete tutorial here homedepot

How to Build Bathroom Shelves

Easy To Make Bathroom Shelves

Jazzy storage shelves in the bathroom add a lot in the DIY farmhouse bathroom decor, so you must be smart in choosing the style and design of shelves. Go with these rectangular box style wall shelves, will never get out of style. Due to being dark stained, will also bring antiqueness there. Full how-to tutorial here ohohdeco

How to Install a Wood Plank Wall

DIY Install A Wood Plank Wall 1

The one of the best bathroom renovation projects that one can do with great ease, wood plank accent wall. It will bring warmth and a big decorative character to your bathroom, jazz it up more by hanging custom farmhouse bathroom decor like a green floral wreath. A perfect bathroom wood wall paneling. Complete how-to guides here blesserhouse

Make Dollar Store Trash Can

Make Dollar Store Trash Can

Update the look of your bathroom also by adding new storage baskets and trash cans, wrap the nautical rope around the dollar store trash can and make a lovely trash can for your bathroom. A brilliant storage option to add to your bathroom for significant style statements. Full how-to guides here twoityourself

DIY Side Vanity Storage Unit

DIY Side Vanity Storage Unit 1

Messy collections of things can make your bathroom look ugly, so updating home storage options is totally equal to boosting your DIY farmhouse bathroom decor. Organize your bathroom with this side vanity storage unit, can quickly be made with a few of wood slats. Simply, fix it to one side of your cabinet and enjoy. Complete how-to guides here homedit

Hang A Rope Swing Shelf In Bathroom

Make Hang A Rope Swing Shelf

Get your bathroom look divine with this rope swing shelf, will hold everything with an eye-catching display. This is something you should definitely get for your bathroom, will cost you only the price of a wood plank and some rope. Drill holes in sides of the plank and then thread the rope into to get a swinging shelf. Details here deeplysouth

How to Make Concrete Vanity Sink

How To Make Concrete Vanity Sink

Featuring a cool concrete effect in your bathroom will also be a way to get your bathroom look divine. So build the new concrete vanity sink, will be highly noticeable. Here the tricky part would be to make the perfect molds, rest of the project will not take much time. Complete how-to details here diyfunideas

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Mirror

Make Mosaic Tile Bathroom Mirror

Also highlight the amazing mosaic effect in your bathroom to add amazing visual details in your bathroom. Use the mosaic sheets and add them around the main bathroom wall mirror, will grace up your entire bathroom, will also be a way to get your bathroom mirror updated. How-to tutorial here centsational

DIY Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

Add also one-of-a-kind toilet paper holder in your bathroom to bring tons of visual grace in it. Grab a plastic dinosaur animal, paint it to match DIY bathroom decor and then make it hold a toilet paper roll around the neck. An amazing bathroom decor hack using plastic toy animals. Full project guides here thechicsite

How to Build a Bathtub Tray

Easy DIY Bathtub Tray

One more genius way here to feature sleek wood elegance in your bathroom for added visual appearance. Sand, stain and seal the heavy duty wooden slabs or planks and make lovely bathtub trays out of them, will hold your books, candle lights, toiletries and other concerns while taking bath. Full how-to guides here urbanacreage

Homemade Cedar Bath Mat

How To Make Cedar Bath Mat

Make your bathroom look divine also by giving a glam touch of wood. Do this in a brilliant way making this cedar bath mat, made of cedar wood planks put together flat making a slatted rectangle. A gorgeous non-slipper bath mat idea on a budget. Full how-to guides here themerrythought

How to Make House Shelving

Easy To Make House Shelving

Using only wood planks, you can decorate your bathroom in multiple different ways. Making this house shaped wall shelf is one of them. You may also like our DIY Triangle shelf here. White paint the wood slats and then mount it on the wall making a cool home shape, next display your farmhouse bathroom decor in it. Full how-to tutorial here burkatron

DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump

Make A Mason Jar Soap Pump

Head over to recycled materials to beautify your bathroom, this time give this chance to Mason jars. They can be added to your bathroom as cool vases, accessory holders and also as soap pumps. For making soap pumps, install pumps in them and then make them air tight. Full how-to guides here creativegreen

Dip Dye Cloth Baskets Bathroom Organization

Make Dip Dye Cloth Baskets Bathroom Organization

Update your bathroom storage by adding decorative storage baskets, will Help boost the DIY farmhouse bathroom decor. Make these dip dyed cloth baskets, will bring tons of focal stimulation in your bathroom along with enough storage space. The best part is, they are quite quick and cost-efficient to make. Details here lemonthistle

PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

Easy DIY PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

Storing and organizing the bathroom concerns in a style, is going to be the best way to bring tons of visual attractiveness to your bathroom. Style up your bathroom this time with these PVC pipe toothbrush holders, spruced up with name letter initials. Complete project details here craftinginth

DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelving

Simple DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelving

Bring a big wow factor to your bathroom by adding these antique shelves to your modern chic bathroom. Grab two antique wood shelving boards, may also be some old wood planks. Make them stay flat on the antique metal wall shelf brackets, a brilliant bathroom display, and storage idea. How-to tutorial here tarynwhiteaker

Faux Roman Shade &#; Sew Pattern

DIY Sew A Faux Roman Shade

Give decorative treatment to your boring bathroom windows, will be a smart way too to update your farmhouse bathroom decor. Give a roman decor touch to your bathroom with this easy-to-sew faux roman shade, will fancy up your windows in no time. Complete sewing pattern and tutorial here madincrafts


Bathrooms diy rustic

Last updated on March 11,

Rustic bathroom decor ideas are among the first you&#;ll try when you decide to get your hands dirty, so to speak. Here are 35 gorgeous DIY ideas.

When it comes to DIY home decor, rustic bathroom decor ideas are among the first you&#;ll try if you decide to get your hands dirty. Rustic elements in the bathroom create an appealing impression of a complete decor, which often becomes whimsical and pleasantly surprising.

Rustic style is appealing in many ways, mainly because it makes your home look warm and cozy. The style also makes it look like it&#;s handcrafted and unique. That&#;s precisely the kind of look you want to get when you decide to DIY your decor. So why not try making something gorgeous to decorate your bathroom with some of these 35 ideas.

What's Inside?

Rustic Bathtub Surround with Airstone

 Bathrub Surround with Airstone for rustic bathroom decor

Your bathtub will look so much more visually appealing if you cover the standard white tub with the airstone. As a material it is light and visually looks like real stone. The effect is an authentic rustic farmhouse bathroom stone bathtub that will surprise your guests.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Box Shelves

 Reclaimed Wood Box Shelves for rustic bathroom decor

Cutting and screwing a couple of reclaimed wood boards don&#;t take long and the look you get by building these box shelves for your bathroom is authentic. It comes in a rough, rustic style which is as warm as it is whimsical.

Rustic Bathroom Organizer

 pallet wood bathroom organizer for rustic bathroom decor

We don&#;t have the plans to build this rustic organizer, but if you&#;re crafty enough, you can figure out how to create it from pallet wood (if you do, drop us a line, and make some money). The organizer is very functional even in small bathrooms, and it comes with a lot of rustic appeals.

Rustic Bathroom Mason Jar Organizer

 Mason Jar Organizer for rustic bathroom decor

You can make great rustic decor accents with mason jars, and if you use pallet wood (or lookalike) to build it, you get a real decor statement which can transform a small bathroom completely. Check out this version of a wall organizer made with boards from IKEA. It works as a great DIY makeup organizer.

Rustic Bathroom Towel Hooks

 Towel Hooks for rustic bathroom decor

There are many ways you can add towel hooks to a bathroom wall, and this is a gorgeous version with repurposed barn wood and big hooks. While it doesn&#;t take the use of space as a concern, it makes a powerful rustic decor statement if you have room to spare.

Rustic Bathroom Rope Trash Can

 Rope Trash Can for rustic bathroom decor

With some rope and hot glue, you can transform a cheap wire basket into a beautiful rustic bathroom accent. It&#;s straightforward to build, and the result looks quite fancy. The trash can will not become a decor eyesore ever again.

Pallet Wood Shelf

 Pallet Wood Shelf over the toilet for rustic bathroom decor

Pallet wood as a material gives you a lot of flexibility to create rustic decor, especially in the form of storage units. Here&#;s how you can utilize the space over the toilet and make it look terrific. It becomes a space not only for storage but display too.

Rustic Bathroom Sign

 Rustic Bathroom Sign for rustic bathroom decor

Add some charm to your home decor with beautiful rustic signs over the bathroom door. It&#;s not so much to guide your guests to the right room (although it certainly helps) as it is to create whimsy in your decor.

Mason Jar Sconce Light

 Mason Jar Sconce Light for rustic bathroom decor

You can turn a regular builder grade sconce light into a rustic accent mason jar light fixture. It&#;s an unexpected accent in an unexpected place, and that&#;s what makes it a great unique decor decision.

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

 Toilet Paper Holder Shelf for rustic bathroom decor

If you think a toilet paper holder can only have one function, think again. The clever decor is all about multifunctional details and elements, which is what this holder shelf is. It can be used to keep small handy bathroom accessories or to create attractive displays.

Mason Jar Wall Shelves

 mason jar wall shelves for rustic bathroom decor

First seen on Etsy, these adorable rustic mason jar shelves are no longer available for purchase, but you can use the rough idea to build something like this yourself. Check out some of our mason jar projects to learn how to paint and install them.

Pallet Wood and Galvanized Bucket Sink

 galvanized bucket and pallet wood sink

Let&#;s turn it up a notch with a full out rustic design sink made from a galvanized bucket and pallet wood. Perhaps it&#;s not a project for everyone, but it indeed is a fascinating design. Rustic through and through.

Rustic Bathroom Shower Curtains

Rustic bathroom decor shower curtains

Choosing the shower curtains is a straightforward way to add rustic accents to your bathroom decor. If you add a rustic wood board to cover the rod for a built-in look, it will make an even stronger statement.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

 rustic bathroom vanity cabinet

Making a piece of furniture takes a higher level of skill but if you&#;re one that can pull it off, why not try building a rustic DIY bathroom vanity cabinet. It can easily be the focal point of your entire bathroom decor. Alternatively look for someone to handcraft one for you.

Rustic Bathtub Caddy

 Bathtub Caddy for rustic bathroom decor

A bath caddy is an easy way to add a rustic accent to your bathroom decor as well as a convenience for your bath time. It&#;s easy to build from a single board and makes a beautiful warm decor detail.

Rustic Bathroom Plank Accent Wall

 Plank Accent Wall for rustic bathroom decor

For a strong rustic decor accent, consider making a full plank accent wall. The wood planks add another material into the mix which makes decor look complete, and the rustic finish helps create a warm, cozy mood.

Rustic Vanity Storage Unit

 Vanity Storage Unit for rustic bathroom decor

As a way to make use of dead space, add a rustic storage unit by the side of the bathroom vanity. It&#;s the perfect space to hide unsightly bathroom items, and it makes a great warm accent.

Rustic Suspended Shelves

 suspended shelves for bathroom decor

You can add suspended shelves just about anywhere and sprinkle your bathroom decor with rustic accents that way. They&#;re easy to install, so it&#;s one of the quickest ways to improve your decor.

Rustic Toilet Paper Storage Basket

 toilet holder basket for rustic bathroom decor

As a very functional and useful decor item, you can use this toilet paper basket as a holder and as a storage unit. Its attractive design will make a pretty decor accent, and you can get a ready-made one or make one using this idea.

Rustic Bathroom Barrel Vanity

 Barrel sink for rustic bathroom decor

The unique design of this bathroom vanity made from a barrel makes a beautiful focal point and rustic decor statement. It&#;s certainly not for everyone but makes unique bathroom decor if you go for it.

Rustic Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

How to make a quick and easy industrial toilet paper holder

Industrial style often goes hand in hand with rustic, and the combination of the two is always visually enticing. Making something as little as a toilet paper holder is easy but the industrial look of piping will give you a great decor accent. Check out the full tutorial on how to make one.

Rustic Towel Ladder

 Rustic Ladder

A rustic ladder is easy to build, and it can be used as a towel rack anywhere in the bathroom. It takes little space and can be moved around, so it&#;s especially useful in a small area. It makes a great warm rustic accent in your bathroom decor too. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make it.

DIY Rustic Bathroom Wall Art

 Bathroom Wall Art

Add DIY letters to decorate the walls for an accent and a personal touch. The weathered paint look creates a brilliant rustic bathroom decor accent.

Towel Hooks

 Vintage Towel Hooks

We prefer towel hooks instead of bars for two reasons. For one, they make organizing towels so much easier, and secondly, you can use these gorgeous crystal knobs as hooks.

Rustic Bathroom Pebble Tiling

 Pebble Tiling

Instead of tiles, try using pebbles for some areas such as the shower floor.

Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Since bathrooms are usually small and they require storage for many bathroom accessories, shelves are welcome in bathroom decor. And this is where you can get creative. Use (or re-use) wood for nice rustic shelves.

 Window Box Bathroom Storage

Use baskets for a rustic accent.

 Mason Jar Shelves

Our beloved upcycled mason jar shelves make an appearance in bathroom decor as well.

 Crate Shelves

Crates make great shelves too.

Upcycle Bottles

Upcycle Bottles

There are many uses for bottles in a bathroom, and you can make it count, such as this whiskey bottle being used as a liquid soap dispenser.

Rustic Storage Racks and Cabinets

 Wooden Box Cabinet

Old wooden boxes make great cabinets. Use them for a cheap alternative and a rustic accent.

Rustic Storage Racks and Cabinets

It&#;s easy to make one out of reclaimed wood too.

Rustic Storage Racks and Cabinets

Ladders make natural towel racks.

Rustic Bathroom Vignettes

 Bathroom Vignettes

It doesn&#;t have to be all functional. Create vignettes for that art deco element.

Old Bicycle as a Vanity

Old Bicycle as a Vanity

Who would&#;ve thought that an old bike can make such a beautiful DIY bathroom vanity?

Make It Personal

Make It Personal Bathroom Decor

Hanging pictures and arranging decorative accessories for display is a great way to make bathroom decor personal. There&#;s no reason why it should not get the same decor benefits as your other rooms.

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DIY Reclaimed Lumber Bath Vanity

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