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Garmin Connect™

Garmin Connect™ is your one-stop source for health and fitness data. Whether you’re training for a race or tracking steps, it provides the information and inspiration you need to beat yesterday.

Once paired with a compatible(1) Garmin device, activity tracking is just the beginning of what Garmin Connect™ can do for you. You can create new workouts, build courses and even challenge your friends to compete, all within the app.

Garmin Connect™ is packed with useful features, including the ability to:

- View today’s health data in vivid detail on your personalized My Day page.
- Analyze your activities and their related statistics. (2)
- Create customized workouts and courses.
- Sync with other apps like MyFitnessPal and Strava.
- Review personal records for steps, distance and pace.
- Earn badges for accomplishments.
- See how you measure up to other Connect users with Insights.
- Get support for Garmin devices and their features.

Are you ready to join millions of users who walk, run, bike, hike and strive to beat yesterday? Learn more about Garmin devices and how they work with the Garmin Connect™ app at

(1) See compatible devices at
(2) Activity tracking accuracy:

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


The Garmin IQ app allows you to sync your Garmin device to Ride with GPS and quickly download your routes for use in the field. Here are the steps to help get you going quickly.

Get the Garmin Connect mobile application
Pairing the CIQ app with your account
Un-pairing the CIQ app from your account
Using the CIQ app to access recently planned or pinned routes
Download vs Download & Ride

CIQ App Compatible Devices

  • Edge 1000
  • Edge Explore 1000
  • Edge 1030
  • Edge 1030 Bontrager
  • Edge 820
  • Edge Explore 820
  • Edge 830
  • Edge 520
  • Edge 520 plus
  • Edge 530

Don’t see your device on this list? Check out Garmin Courses Sync for wireless route transfer for other EDGE devices. (including the 1030+.)

Get the Garmin Connect mobile application

  1. Get the Garmin Connect app via the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign in to the Garmin Connect App. You may have to create a free account with Garmin if you don’t have one already.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, and pair your Garmin device to your phone. This will vary depending on your device, and will be done from your device.
  4. On your smartphone, open the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app. Then press the More option in the lower right corner of the main app screen on iPhone, or the menu icon in the upper left corner on Android, and select Garmin Devices > Add Device to enter pairing mode and follow the steps shown in the Garmin Connect app to find your device.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the pairing and set up process.

Download the RWGPS Connect IQ app

Use the Garmin Connect iQ app store within the Garmin Connect app to download and install the Ride with GPS CIQ app on your device.

  1. When viewing the Garmin Connect app on your phone, open the More option from the bottom right on iPhone, or the left side menu on Android, and select the ‘Connect IQ™ Store’.
  2. You can skip Connect IQ Store download and then search for Ride with GPS. Select it to download.
  3. Press the Download button, accept the terms and allow.

Pairing the CIQ app with your account

  • Open the IQ store on your Garmin device by pressing the IQ button on the opening page, and you will be shown a code to enter at
  • Confirm the connection, and this will link your Ride with GPS account to your Garmin device.

On your Garmin Device

  1. Press the IQ button to launch the CIQ app list.
  2. Open the Ride with GPS app on your Garmin device.
  3. From the onscreen options, choose what to view:
    • Recent Routes – The ten most recently edited routes on your account.
    • Pinned Routes – The ten most recently pinned routes on your account.
    • Help – A link to this article.
    • Settings – Here you can un-pair the CIQ app from your Ride with GPS account and view the version number of the CIQ app.

Recent Routes and Pinned Routes

Recent Routes shows the last ten routes in your route library that you have edited or saved.

Pinned Routesshows the last ten routes that you have pinned via the website or Ride with GPS mobile app.To learn more about pinning check out our overview page here.

Settings > Info – Displays the app version and userid

Download vs Download & Ride

After selecting a route you will be prompted to “Download” or “Download and Ride” the route.

Choosing to “Download” will save the route to your device so you can use it at a later time. From either the Pinned or Recent Routes list, select a route that you want to download.

If you select just Download, press the back button to go back to the route list.

Choosing to “Download and Ride” will save the route to your device and begin navigation. You can stop navigation at any time and the route will still be saved to your device.

Un-pairing your phone from the iQ app

  1. On your Garmin device, go to iQ apps
  2. Ride with GPS
  3. Settings
  4. Un-pair


Does the CIQ app work along with the Ride with GPS?
The two apps are completely separate, but keep in mind that any rides you record with the Garmin and sync to Ride With GPS, you can then go into the Ride with GPS app and add any photos taken along the way.
The app code I entered on the website is invalid, what is wrong?
Check the code and try again, you won’t be able to use the same code twice or on multiple accounts. The code is not case-sensitive nor have any spaces.
How do I get a route I don’t own to my Garmin? They don’t show up in my Recent Routes list.
Pin that route via the website or the Ride with GPS mobile app, then go back to the Pinned Routes section on your Garmin.
How do I uninstall the Ride with GPS Connect IQ app from my device completely?
Check out the Garmin Support page for details –
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How to connect and pair a Garmin watch to your smartphone

Garmin sports watches are among the easiest wearables to set up and pair, and there are multiple ways to get devices paired to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Whether it’s a Forerunner, Fenix, a Vivoactive or Quatix, you can’t really go wrong. Before you know it, you’ll have conquered all the hurdles the first hour throws at you and be up and running - literally.

Here's how to set up your Garmin watch, including guidance on pairing it to your iOS or Android device, downloading the Garmin Connect and Connect IQ apps, connecting to Wi-Fi and using Garmin Pay.

Get started pairing and connecting your Garmin watch

Pair Garmin watch to iPhone

Charge the watch

Although Garmin watches arrive with a certain level of charge, you’ll want to get your new watch fully juiced before entering the set up. Hook it up so it's ready to roll once you're paired.

Download the Garmin Connect app

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you need the Garmin Connect app to pair up your watch and ship all of that training data back to the phone. It’ll also allow you to receive messages and other smartphone notifications, if you wish.

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone

This might sounds obvious, but Bluetooth is needed to pair the watch and then sync the data thereafter. You can’t pair directly through the Bluetooth settings, you must go through the app.

Setting up your Garmin

When you place the Garmin Watch on charge, it'll automatically power on when there’s enough juice to get you up and running. This process may vary slightly, depending on which watch you’re using, but you may be asked to complete a couple of tasks before pairing.

Set your language

Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through available languages (English is the default in the US and UK regions) and select the Start/Stop

Pair with phone

Option and will be asked to choose “Yes” or “No”. Got that Garmin app at the ready? Fire her up.

Pairing with the Garmin Connect app

manually find your Garmin watch

Download the Garmin Connect mobile app and select 'Create Account' or 'Sign In'.

If you’ve used a Garmin device before, you’ll be able to use your existing login details. Otherwise, account setup takes a couple of minutes.

Then within the Garmin app head to the More > Garmin Devices > Add Garmin Device.

The app will look for any devices looking to pair, which can save you time, so make sure your Garmin is close by.

If it doesn't pick it up, you can choose it from the list and then the app will restart.

If your Garmin has become unpaired and you're resetting it up, you can head to the settings menu on the watch > Phone > Pair and put your sports watch into a pairing state.

When pairing is available, your watch will show a 6-digit code, which can be entered into the pop-up alert on your phone. Type it in and setup will commence.

Once the initial connection has been established, you’ll be walked through some account more account set-up procedures: You’ll choose an avatar for the app, whether you want to share your profile or activities with others, and also some questions about vital states. That’ll mean entering gender, weight, height and birth date information.

If you have previous workout data, you can sync that to the watch too, in order to give the watch a head start on your fitness levels.

How to manually set up a Garmin

manual set up

We wouldn’t advise this, but if you don’t choose to pair with your smartphone immediately, you’ll still be able to set a lot of the device preferences without delving into the app. This offers the watch enough information to inform workout data, but you’ll still want to pair with the phone at some point.

If you select “No” from the initial pair “Pair With Phone” option on the watch, you’ll be asked to select the following:

  • Miles or kilometers
  • 12-24 hour time format
  • Gender
  • Birth year (use the up and down key to select 19/20 and then select to move to years)
  • Height (same deal; it’s Feet > Select > Inches > Select > Select to confirm)
  • Weight (in pounds, although it could be confused for stones).
  • Set the time via GPS or manually.

Here, you can also pick which wrist you’re wearing the Garmin watch on and customize your Heart Rate Zones.

If you didn’t pair with the app initially, you can use the watch to enter pairing mode. select Menu > Settings > Pair Phone (on some earlier watches, the trail is Menu > Settings > Bluetooth > Pair mobile device). Then, open the Garmin app and follow the instructions similar to those listed in the previous section.

Holding down the power button (usually called 'Light') to access the main menu and selecting the phone icon from the carousel will also take you there.

Set up Wi-Fi on Garmin

Garmin wi-fi set up

If you have a Wi-Fi-compatible Garmin watch, the next step in the set-up process is to establish a connection to ensure all activity data, settings and, if compatible, music, are automatically synced when both are connected to Wi-Fi.

From the 'Set-up Wi-Fi' option in the app (it appears at the completion of set-up, or it can be found in the device menu under General > Wi-Fi networks).

The watch has its own Wi-Fi radio, but the connection takes place via the app. First, the watch searches for available networks and the app asks you to choose the network ID and enter the password. From there, you’re all set.

Connect to Garmin Connect IQ store

Connect to Garmin Connect

A big part of customizing your watch and making the most of its functionality is to connect to Garmin’s own mini app store, which is called Connect IQ - not to be confused with the regular Connect app. It exists as a standalone app and must be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Head to the Device section of the Garmin app and choose Activities, Apps and More > Activities & Applications > Get More Applications.
  • This will encourage you to download the Connect IQ store app. Download the app as you normally would, agree to the terms and conditions and you’ll automatically be connected to your watch.
  • Here, you’ll see third-party add-ons from a number of providers which can be added to your watch. There’s music, navigation apps, watch faces, training tools and much, much more. If you’re looking for something in particular, use the search functionality.
  • Select an app of your choosing in order to add it to the watch.
  • Not all devices are compatible with all apps, so each app listing has a 'Compatible Devices' option allowing you to check. For example, Spotify only works on select D2, Fenix, Forerunner, MARQ and Vivoactive watches.

Set up Garmin Pay

Set up Garmin Pay

Some of the newer Garmin devices allow you to make contactless payments using the watch on your wrist. They are the as follows:

  • Forerunner: 645, 645 Music, 945.
  • Fenix: 6/5
  • Vivoactive: 4/3
  • MARQ: Athlete, Aviator, Captain, Driver, Expedition.
  • DS:Delta, Delta S, Delta PX

If you have a compatible watch head to the Garmin Connect app and select the Device screen and choose Garmin Pay. From here, use our guide on how to set up Garmin Pay.



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