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Jackknife Pocket Pick Set Exclusive Silverline Edition from Multipick

The original Jackknife Pocket Pick Set - Silverline Edition  from Multipick

Now with micro-magnetic blade fixation!


Small, handy and highly functional – The new Jackknife pocket pick set silverline edition from Multipick. We were able to develop this popular tool, designed with some essential characteristics and significantly improve its functionality and efficiency.  

Thanks to the micro-magnetic blade fixation in the new 2018 model, it is no longer possible for the pick blades to slip out.

The new folding lock pick set fashioned in form of a Swiss Cadet Knife is available in three different colours: Black, Red and Silver. An amazing look combined with extraordinary finishing makes it a special lockpick tool. This pick set is cut from an aluminum block, has been galvanized and repeatedly treated to a special micro-finishing. It is a real eye catcher and a great everyday carry lock pick kit, weighing just 26 gram when compared to other similar products from the USA, which are manufactured in low-wage countries like China. The different picks are made of German High-End spring steel of extreme hardness but still provide the necessary flexibility.

The German heavy-duty steel, which we use, is a highly hardened and tempered metal alloy, unique on the world market. To our knowledge, there is no other producer - other than Multipick, who uses such a high quality material for pick manufacturing.


All picks and the inbuilt tension tool have been fine-tuned to enable the picking of even narrow cylinder keyways. The blade is only 0.5 mm thick. The inbuilt tension tool may be removed and replaced with a light sliding movement; thus, making it a real tool to work with. The different pick versions are fixed with a knurled screw and guarantees a 100% safe hold. In addition to its very light weight, you also get a workable picking process with a very good feedback through the handle. The possibility of changing the picks in very short time is an added advantage to our new product design. You simply have to loosen the Allen screw (2 mm). With the optionally available single picks, you may select your own individual pick set. Whether for yourself, as a gift, for geocaching or for Special Forces of different sectors, the original Jackknife pocket pick set from Multipick is simply a safe and reliable companion for all situations.


The Jackknife pick set contains the following picks:

  • 1 x Diamant Pick (MP3TPN01)
  • 1 x Hook Pick (MP3TPN06)
  • 1 x Snake Pick (MP3TPN09)
  • 1 x 6-Mountain Pick (MP3TPN14)
  • 1 x Half ball Pick (MP3TPN12)
  • 1 x Extractor (MP3TPN16)
  • 1 x Special tension tool (MP3TPS01)




  • length: 89 mm
  • maximal hight: 19.5 mm
  • Width: 6.6 mm


Weight: 0,026 kg


All in all a top quality tool, this will delight even professional Lockpickers.

Sours: https://shop.multipick.com/

SouthOrd – Pocket Lock Pick Set Jackknife JPXS-6


**** Improved Version of the JPXS-6

Like the Original JPXS-6 Jackknife, our new generation Jackknife Lock Pick Set features a lightweight and durable precision-machined aluminum handle.  Our new handles, however, been run through our signature finishing process for rounded, smooth edges, and have been anodized a matte black for a sleek finish.

Our new JPXS-6 features U.S. stainless steel lock picks (0.020” thick), knurled stainless steel screw with locking o-ring, and a stainless tension tool, which slides into the handle for a sleek, compact fit.  The set also features a Lucky Line brand Flex-O-Loc keyring.  Actual size 3 1/2″” long and 1/4″” thick.

The Folding Lock Pick Set includes:

  1. Half Diamond Pick
  2. Half Single Ball Pick
  3. Snake Rake Pick
  4. Long Hook Pick
  5. Short Hook Pick
  6. Rapter Pick
  7. Thick Tension Wrench

The JPXS-6 Jackknife Lock Pick Set, an overnight success, has become our signature product. The finest set of its kind, the JPXS-6 now features improvements that bring it to near perfection; tempered stainless steel picks, knurled stainless steel set screw for a positive lockup, and a hard alloy handle for increased durability. Actual size 3 1/2″” long and 1/4″” thick.

**** Individual parts available sold separately, including stainless steel replacement screw

Sours: https://www.lockpicksaustralia.com.au/product/southord-pocket-lock-pick-set-jackknife-jpxs-6-so-jpxs-6/
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Lock pick sets

For the beginner lock picking hobbyist right through to the esteemed locksmith professional, our lock pick sets have all bases – and experience levels – covered. So it doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or have been in the biz longer than you care to share, our range of lock pick sets is varied so we’re sure to carry just what you’re searching for.

Starting out with lock pick sets? Try one of our many comprehensive lock pick sets on for size. Our super lock pick set collection features bundles that come complete with a number of standard picks. For beginners who want to learn the art of lock picking from scratch, we have you covered too with a handy introductory manual to self teach yourself all the skills you need.

Perhaps you’re a little more seasoned in the art of lock picking. Not quite an elite, but definitely more advanced than a beginner. You’ll want to take a look at some of our more difficult lock pick sets. Designed for those who seek a kit that is big on quality, our high-grade lock pick sets will withstand intense workouts and last the test of time.

For the proficient pickers out there who have mastered the standard pick sets and are looking to expand their repertoire and skillset with something a little different, we also have a great range of professional lock pick sets. Be sure to check out our reviews to see why our lock pick sets are loved by many pros.

So regardless of your experience level, our lock pick sets cover a range of brands to suit every requirement, budget and lock picking desire.

To pick any lock, you’ll need a lock pick set. And we’ve got the best sets from the world’s best brands right here.

Check out our exclusive range of lock picks Australia and New Zealand-wide. Start with the popular and affordable PickPals Intro Lock Pick Set. Or browse the products below for quality lock pick sets from Sparrows, SouthOrd, Peterson, Brockhage, A1 Security Manufacturing and loads more.

Our lock pick sets have all the essential gear you need – whether you’re a total newbie, a locksmith, or a pro picker. They’re also a great gift idea for your fave lock-picking enthusiast.

When buying a lock pick set – whether it’s your first or 400th – you need durable, quality tools.

Look at the SouthOrd Twenty-Two Piece Slim Line Lock Pick Set. Made from premium stainless steel, it’s guaranteed to give you hours and hours of lock picking, without wearing down. Plus, it has 15 slimline picks, and 7 tension wrenches, all in a handy compact leather pouch. Talk about versatile!

Or try the popular Sparrows Night School Tuxedo + Edition. One of our best-selling lock picking sets, it has everything you need to get started. 7 picks, 6 tension wrenches, 3 locks, and all wrapped up in a quality case.

Lock pickers also love the SouthOrd Slim Line Lock Pick Set. And it’s easy to see why. Ideal for European, New Zealand, and Australian locks, it works effortlessly on pin tumbler locks with small or narrow keyways.

Looking for something more comprehensive? Upgrade to the Monstrum XXL. The name says it all – this lock pick set is epic! That’s 21 picks and 22 tension tools. Perfect for the pro needing locksmith tools – or the eager amateur lock picker.

That’s just a sample. Browse our entire collection of lock pick sets. You’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your hobby. Got a question? Just ask.

The very first tool you’ll need to start picking a lock is a lock pick set – and we’ve got the best lock pick sets from the world’s best brands right here at PickPals.

Whether you’re someone a complete beginner to lock picking, a locksmith or even a pro picker, our lock pick sets have all the essential gear you’ll need. These sets are also the perfect gift idea for your favourite lock picking enthusiast.

When buying a lock pick set – whether it’s your first or fourth – you need durable, quality tools. We stock sets from high quality brands including Sparrows, SouthOrd, Peterson and loads more.

Sours: https://www.pickpals.com.au/buy-lockpicks/sets/

Introduction: Pocket Lock Pick Set

a lock pick set that you ca make yourself that fits in your pocket for easy storage, and hiding.( note I'm not responsible for what you do with this set so practice good judgment)

Step 1: Gather

the materials you need are:
hack saw blade
key ring
flat piece o metal( mine was a shishkabob stick)

the tools you'll need:

Step 2: Print and Cut

Ok next your gonna need a template. I started with a very simple set, for this is my first time making one. you can google "lock pick template" and look for one you like or use the one I have provided. now that you have your template print it off and cut out one of the picks. Now I just eyeballed the drawing so its not perfect, but you can transfer it anyway you want, one method is to print the template with a laser printer and iron the template on. now that you have you template transfered, cut the blade close to where you are transferring the template, so as not to waste any blade.

Step 3: Grind

get the proper safety equipment, the get yourself a quench. Now grab your grinder or dremel, and start grinding. keep going to you have got down to the transfered image. i cant explain the to mack just take a gander at the pictures. (sorry for the shakiness it is hard to grind and take a picture at the same time)

Step 4: Clean Er' Up

Ok now that you have cut out the pick, use you file to clean up the edges and make that thing shinny.
reapeat steps 2 and 3 to make some more to have a whole set wow!

Step 5: Tension Wrench

A good lock pick set always has a tension wrench. so ill tell ya how to make one. first take you piece o metal and cut it down to size about five inches give or take. now bend about one inch of it 90 degrees and presto a tension wrench! you might need to file the end down a bit so it can fit into a lock.

Step 6: Finishing Remarks

Lock picking is a very skilled art and requires lots of practice, but with time it can be very fun and rewarding. check out the site on how to pick a lock with you new lock picks!

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/pocket-lock-pick-set/

Lockpick set pocket

15 Awesome Lock Pick Sets for the Budgeted Picker

Many of us entering the world of lock picking are looking to buy our first lock pick set, however, the mass number of products flooding the market can sometimes seem daunting.

On top of that do we really need all these picks? Do we really need to throw down $200 on a set with every pick known to man or can we obtain a functional lock pick set for cheap?

If you have read my last post about the different types of lock picks you will know to successfully pick most locks, we only need a few primary picks.

So what is the ideal budget lock pick set? Well here are 15 for you!

Let's Talk Locks

A lock pick set should be designed around the type of lock you want to compromise.

However, the fact is 90% of all North American residential and commercial locks are pin tumbler locks.

So when you are being offered a $150 pick set with 50 different lock picks inside it, chances are it’s just 50 lock picks designed to open one type of lock… the pin tumbler lock.

So that’s potentially 48 lock picks that are not needed and are just added fluff to your set!

You may also like to read:

There are very few pick sets that actually offer tools that open multiple styles of locks, and the ones that do cost in excess of $200-$500, and rightfully so as they implement special tools for certain high-security features.

But even taking a closer look, those sets just include tools used for bypassing or for destructive entry only. They rarely include any tools for actual surreptitious entry or anything that can manipulate the key pins covertly beyond what the basic pin tumbler lock pick can do.

Before I can go further, we must establish what a high-security lock is and isn’t. A lock with special pins, such as spool pins or mushroom pins, is not a high-security lock. It is just a lock with added security pins. The lock is no different by design or function.

An actual high-security lock will have added security features such as a slider or finger pins, a sidebar, rotating pins, and so on. These are actual physical changes in the design and function of a traditional pin tumbler lock, thus qualifying it as high security and even giving it a UL rating in some cases.

Some of these locks do require special tools to manipulate those features, but those tools are not lock picks. They are usually special tension wrenches, probes, small “jackknives,” or special dimple picks called “Flags”. These tools do not look like a lock pick, nor function as one.

So once again, 90% of all residential and commercial locks do not need these special tools to be compromised. However, then again 10% do.

With that being said, there are only 2 methods of attack when utilizing lock picks on non-high security pin tumbler locks; single pin picking and raking. (Be sure to check out our comprehensive lock picking guide!)

Therefore, there is no need for 50 lock picks. There is only a need for a pick and a rake. However not all pin tumblers have the same size keyway or the same shape of keyway.

Some are downright nasty looking and can require thinner tools for the job. But those thinner tools require a thinner touch.

When you’ve found the two picks you like the best and have used them for a period of three months, consider investing in another 2 picks with a thinner gauge metal than your previous pair. This will help with those pesky devil locks.

The average North American Pin Tumbler Lock Pick will be 0.025 thick. However steel manufacturers have up to 0.002 tolerances, so you could get picks that are considered “standard” sized at 0.023-0.027 thick. That is fine. North American keyways are HUGE by comparison with European or Japanese locks. So your first set should be in that range.

Your second set should be in the 0.015 to 0.020 size range. Common ‘Slim’ or ‘Slender’ lock picks are sold in 0.015 and 0.018 sizes. There was once a 0.014 thick line of picks offered by Peterson, but everyone complained so they didn’t last a full year to my knowledge.

Now onto our choices for a budget lock pick set.

Best Lock Picking Set

The best beginner lock pick set is the GSP Ghost Lock Pick set by Peterson Manufacturing.Hands down one of the best lock pick sets is the elite grade GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set.

This high-quality lock pick set includes everything that any picker will need to get a running start into the craft of lock picking!

Be sure to check out my hands-on review of this lock pick set where I explain exactly why it is the best for any skill level and exactly why each tool is ideal!

Budget Lock Pick Set

First I will just come out and just say what I think you should get as a beginner on a budget.

Buy these 3 items, and you're pretty much set for life!

  1. Short Hook Pick with Metal Handle
  2. Bogota Style Rake Pick with Metal Handle
  3. Tension Wrench without a twist

Where to Buy?

Both Peterson and SouthOrd are the primary lock pick manufacturers trusted and used by locksmiths in North America. I stand by that statement.

With these two picks and a decent set of tension wrenches, you can pick any pin tumbler lock in North America! (Check out this guide - 9 Best Locks To Quickly Learn Lock Picking)

Note: Locksmiths today still use a rake pick style that is more than 50 years old. However, this Bogota Style aka “Pagoda” was developed 10 years ago and is now the favorite among locksport enthusiasts and locksmiths alike.

All the best lock pickers come from Texas, not even kidding, the North American Lock Picking Champion lives in Austin!I have 100% confidence that those 3 tools will allow you to compromise 90% of all locks in North America (provided you practice of course).

That’s it. No frills, no fluff, not even a damn carrying case.. speaking of which.

The Lock Pick Case

Who am I to tell you how to accessorize? Let this choice be yours alone, but I will of course gladly point you in a few directions.

You can buy a SouthOrd leather case but they are pretty crappy.

I personally favor Peterson pick cases. Their nylon cases are padded, so you won’t bend or damage your lock picks while they are tucked away in your pocket, and they won’t stab you in the ass if you sit on them. However, they are pricey.

Peterson does make a nicer line of pick cases that are made of Cow Hide or Lamb Skin. I prefer Lamb Skin as they are a snug fit around your lock picks. But they are pretty expensive, definitely not needed for a budget lock pick set.

Complete Budget Sets

So if you don’t want to take my advice and you want a small complete kit to get you started. No problem, let's take a look at the absolute cheapest lock pick sets you can buy from quality lock pick manufacturers.

For a list of quality lock pick manufacturers, check out my article Where To Buy Lock Picks: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Peterson Locksmith Tools

Note: One of the key advantages of Peterson lock picking tools are their handles. They are ergonomic, cross-hatched to prevent slipping, and you can hold them for long picking sessions without your hands cramping every 5 damn seconds.

Talon Pick Set (priced $59.95). The Talon set offers a great selection of picks including a nifty little pick called the "Hooked Diamond" that is fantastic for reaching behind lower set pins. This set also includes 6 tension wrenches and one of Peterson's padded nylon cases. The one con of this set is it doesn't include a top of the key-way prybar – but most sets don't anyways.

Ghost Pick Set (priced $68.95). This set also offers a great selection of picks including a "Peterson Reach," a tool similar to the Hooked Diamond that is not only great for picking behind low set pins but also great for rotating pins if you get into picking high-security locks. This set also includes 6 tension wrenches and one of Peterson's padded nylon cases. BUT, this set also includes a top of the key-way prybar for tensioning the center of the key-way.

GSP Ghost Pick Set (priced $76.99). This set contains all of what was mentioned above in the Ghost Pick Set. The difference, however, is the metal used. This is a GSP set which stands for "Government Steel Pick." Most pick manufacturers use spring steel for their picks, but Peterson's government steel picks are made of an elite stainless steel alloy that far stronger and exclusive to Peterson tools. (Check out our review!)


PXS-14-Beginners Lock Pick Set (priced $26.95). This is a very nice lock pick set! However their rubber handles have been known to “dampen” feedback, thus making it harder to identify locks with security pins, and even harder to manipulate them. It includes very good tension wrenches and a decent zip-up case, however, that case does not have any slots for your picks, you have to just toss them into the case!

MPXS-11 Piece Lock Pick SetWith Metal Handles (priced $31.95). This is not too bad, but it is still a mixture of decent picks with crappy ones.

BPXS-12 Pagoda Lock Pick Set – With Metal Handles (priced $38.95). This is a very cool looking set! But it has a ton of fluff. Your lock does not know the difference between 2 ridges or 3, or the interval of ridges in between. I suspect the people that buy this set are either really curious, or they dress their miniature dogs to match the weather. I can see me buying this set, as I too am curious… and own a miniature dog… no, I don’t dress her… yet.

MPXS-14 Piece Lock Pick Set – Metal Handles (priced $37.95). This is not a bad pick set at all! Great set, some fluff but not too much.

Sparrows Lock Picks

Expansion Set (priced $19.95). This set is not for me. Lock picks without handles are very uncomfortable, and this does not have a good selection of tension wrenches, and no case.

Kick Start (priced $24.95). This has better tension wrenches and includes a case, but it’s still very uncomfortable to use non-handle lock picks.

The Grad 2.0 (priced $29.95). We just went from better… back to worse with this set. It has a horrible selection of tension wrenches, very uncomfortable non-handle lock picks, there is no case, but includes pinning tweezers? A lot of good tweezers will do you without a set of plug followers!

Ok, screw this, I’m just going to skip right to their lock pick sets that have handles on them. If you personally enjoy picking locks for hours on end without a handle on them, maybe you’re on the wrong site, the BDSM page is on another site!

Apparently, the “budget” sets with handles on the Sparrow’s website are in the advanced portion of the site. But I’ll stick with the tempo here and list the budget sets below that have handles.

Sparrows Night School (priced $95.00). This is a very awesome set! Very cool! Very expensive! Definitely not a budget set but if you have a job, then why not right? However, keep in mind it is EXTREMELY hard to hold onto any “Key In Knob” cylinders without a table vice to clamp it in. Great kit though, even for its price.


The problem with HPC is not quality or even price, but availability. When they are available for sale, it is usually only as a set, and at outrageous prices. When sold individually, they sell for as low as $1.50 for a spring steel lock pick and $4.00 for a stainless steel pick (similar prices compared to SouthOrd). But they seem to be only available individually to locksmiths. That means their distribution is locked down real tight to only legitimate security hardware distributors. Good luck finding them individually!

Novice Lock Pick Set (priced $24.95).This is a 13 piece set, with only 3 of the picks having handles attached to them. The actual value of this set is probably around $5 total. So you are paying $20 for the case and added fluff tools.

Tyro Lock Pick Set (priced $24.95). This is a 15 piece set for the same price as the Novice pick set, and still only includes 3 lock picks with attached handles on them. You are still just paying for the case and added fluff tools that you will never need or use.

HPC Delux Pick Set ($38.50). This is a 16 piece kit, that is pretty much the same as the Tyro pick set, just one extra handled pick and a more expensive case! The actual value of the tools is around $6 total. So you are paying now paying $32 for the case!

Superior Lock Pick Set (priced $56.75). There is nothing superior about this set, other than it offers 8 lock picks with handles, for a total value of $12! But don’t forget to add that crappy case for $44. Wait a minute… didn’t we just see that case for $32 in the previous set??? WTF is going on here!

Now there is a 35 Piece Lock Pick Set being offered for around $63 online. It is a colored set, with all the picks having colored aluminum handles, and it comes with the same case as the Superior Lock Pick set, but for 1/3rd of the cost! However it is restricted to security professionals only, or con-artists that know how to talk to the distributor. It really is a decent set! And at $1.50 for each of the 35 lock picks, you’re paying $52.50 for all the picks, and only $10.50 for the same case that cost $44 in the previous set. That will lead us to believe that if you want HPC, you really need access to a legit distributor. But at the end of the day, 35 lock picks is way too much fluff, and $63 is NOT a budget lock pick set. However, this is a very common lock pick set used by locksmiths.

Build It Yourself

Do you like Sparrows or Petersons but don’t want to buy a complete kit? Then build one yourself based on either my suggestions of picks to buy or your own.

For Sparrows, you will be looking at a $35-$50 for a basic kit with 2-3 picks, some tension wrenches, and a case. However, their tension wrench selection is sub-par as they would prefer you buy them in bulk from their site and not individually like most others.

For Petersons, you will be looking at a $40-$70 for a basic kit with 2-3 Nickle Plated Picks at $3.00 each, their Government Steel with Plastic Handles are priced at $8.00 each, and their Government Steel with Rubber Handles are priced at $15.00 each. A tension wrench will run you $10, and a case is nylon case is $22. So depending on which type of pick you prefer, rubber handled or plastic, nickel finish or stainless steel, will all change the cost.

To Conclude

Those are my suggestions and criticisms. If you can grasp the concept that you don’t need 50 picks to open one lock, then you can appreciate this lengthy article. But if you’re a tool collector like me, you won’t listen to any of the 2,600+ words I’ve typed here and you’ll buy every pick you can afford till the wife catches you sneaking off to the mailbox before she gets home from work!

Sours: https://www.art-of-lockpicking.com/best-budget-lock-picks/
[318] Banggood 12 Piece Pick Set and Transparent Padlock Review

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