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Tuff-Coat Anti-Slip Rubber Coating makes dinghies safer: Repair, renew and protect your inflatable boat

    /24-7PressRelease/ - LAS VEGAS, NV, May 12, 2006 - Restoring your inflatable boat renews and protects it, but also makes it safer to use. The brand-new Tuff-Coat Anti-Slip Coating, available exclusively at www.Tuff-Coat.com, improves traction anywhere you add it on your dinghy.

The innovative Synthetic Rubber Coating (SRC), filled with rubber nodules, is easily applied with a paint brush or roller. Its non-skid, anti-slip properties ensure that people can step with confidence on any inflatable surface.

Tuff-Coat Anti-Slip is best applied during the restoration process using the unique Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair Kit. You simply apply it after the basecoat has cured, but before the final topcoat finishing layer is added.

Tuff-Coat Anti-Slip can also be applied to any inflatable material - Hypalon or PVC - even those without the formulated base-coat. You simply prepare the surface areas the same way as you would for the base-coat application and apply the anti-slip SRC. Inventor and avid boater Mike Fry then recommends applying a colorized top-coat to increase durability and match the finish color of your inflatable boat.

Restoring your inflatable is a great way to maintain your boating investment. The Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair Kit not only makes your dinghy look good as new, it also protects it from water, weather and sun damage, extending its seaworthiness. For as little as $100, you can save yourself thousands of dollars by not having to replace your expensive inflatable boat for many more years.

That's what boater Ken Harrap discovered when he restored his aging Zodiac Yachtline 310. The popular name-brand dinghy was already second-hand when Ken bought it. "It needed sprucing up," he said. So Ken undertook a full restoration project that made his inflatable look as good as new. It even enabled him to eventually sell it at a great price so that he could upgrade to a bigger boat.

Thousands of boaters just like Ken have discovered Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair Kits are the only way to go when it comes to restoring or even repairing Hypalon or PVC inflatables. The unique chemical formula bonds tightly to the existing shell, but maintains complete pliability - enabling inflatable boat owners to roll or fold their boats for storage.

Tuff-Coat will even fix virtually all surface damage - pinholes, cracks, peeling, seams - with its specially blended synthetic rubber coating. The undercoat is formulated very aggressively for adhesion since it will eventually be covered with a liquid vinyl overcoat that actually permanently vulcanizes the two coatings together.

By adding the optional Anti-Slip Synthetic Rubber Coating (SRC) during the two-stage restoration process, it's now simple to make your inflatable dinghy even safer for you and your passengers on the water.

Visit www.Tuff-Coat.com today to discover how you too can easily, quickly and inexpensively restore or repair your own dinghy with the Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair Kit. Enquiries from chandleries, marinas, dealers, manufacturers and boat repair companies also welcome.

Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair in a Can
Ships Anywhere in the World
Thousands of Satisfied Boaters Successfully Repaired Their Inflatables

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Sours: https://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/13884/tuff-coat-anti-slip-rubber-coating-makes-dinghies-safer-repair-renew-and-protect-your-inflatable-boat
Tuff-Coat Base Coat
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WarningThis product ships ground only

Base-Coat part of the Tuff-Coat two part inflatable boat paint that is applied directly to the worn PVC or Hypalon fabric. Not designed to be used as a single part coating.

Tuff-Coat Features:

  • Tuff-Coat Works great on PVC and on Hypalon Inflatable boats
  • Simple 3 step application
    • Thoroughly clean the surface
    • Apply the base coat
    • Apply the top coat color
  • Anyone can make a tired, worn and leaking dinghy look as good as new
  • Tuff Coat can save you thousands of dollars!
  • Great results for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new inflatable boat

Thousands of satisfied Tuff-Coat customers have made their worn out Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver, SeaEagle and Zodiac, inflatables completely seaworthy again.

TUFF Inflatable Boat Restoration Kit - Black
Item #: 458496KITBLA
  • Two-Part Paint Formulated for Renewing Hypalon and PVC Inflatables
  • Restores and Protects Inflatables to Near-New Condition in Two Coats
  • Size: Quart, Color: Black
  • TUFF Inflatable Boat Restoration Kit - White
    Item #: 458496KITWHI
  • Two-Part Paint Formulated for Renewing Hypalon and PVC Inflatables
  • Restores and Protects Inflatables to Near-New Condition in Two Coats
  • Size: Quart, Color: White
  • Sours: https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=1608765
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    Tuff Coat Medium Texture Deck Coating

    Enhance your deck with the gripping confidence you’ve been looking for! Unlike other non-skid surfaces, Tuff Coat is easy on your feet while providing a highly durable, yet attractive surface. Ideal for boats decks, docks, playgrounds, and more; Tuff Coat is the easiest way to ensure traction and comfort.

    Key Features:

    • Handles wear from forklifts to foot traffic, making it ideal for marine use
    • Adheres to fiberglass, plastic, concrete, wood, vinyl, metal, rubber, and asphalt, creating a long-lasting non-skid surface
    • Environmentally friendly, chemical and UV resistant, and extremely durable
    • Easy applied by spraying or rolling paint onto surface in thin layers
    • Water-based paint with high-grip rubber granules
    • We recommend purchasing and applying Tuff Coat Primer before Non-Skid Coating to ensure better adhesion
    • NOTE: One Gallon of Tuff Coat Non-Skid Coating covers approximately 45 sq. ft.

    Attention Note
    All Tuff Coat product sales are final and not returnable. These items include (Tuff Coat Rubberized Non Skid Coating, Tuff Coat Smooth Deck Coating, Tuff Coat Coarse Texture Deck Coating, Tuff Coat Water Based Primer, Textured Tuff Coat Roller)

    Sours: https://www.boatoutfitters.com/tuff-coat-rubberized-non-skid-coating

    What can SRC Tuff Coat do for your inflatable boat?

    SRC Tuff Coat is a revolutionary product.

    Its uniqueness comes from its ability to completely repair any kind of damage to any kind of inflatable boat. Even the new RIBs, with their fiberglass hulls, can be repaired with Tuff Coat. (And by the way, have you seen some of those new RIBs – check them out, by such great manufacturers as Delta, Ribcraft, Scorpion and Valiant.) When Tuff Coat is applied according to the surprisingly-simple instructions, it’ll leave your boat waterproof, free from any sign of damage, and generally just like new.

    It doesn’t matter what’s keeping you from launching your inflatable boat, Tuff Coat can fix it. And it doesn’t matter how experienced you are in inflatable boat repair, Tuff Coat’s easy application can give you professional results. And it doesn’t matter if your inflatable boat is made from Hypalon or PVC, Tuff Coat works as well on either. And it doesn’t matter if your inflatable boat is a soft-bottom model, or a RIB (rigid inflatable boat), Tuff Coat can restore it to showroom shape. Tuff Coat does it all, and does it well!

    How does SRC Tuff Coat work?
    SRC Tuff Coat comes as a kit, containing two 1-quart cans, capable of covering a 9-foot inflatable boat. One can is a Basecoat, the other is a Topcoat. First, we’ll look at the Basecoat – what it is and what it does. We’ll keep the chemical makeup of the Basecoat simple, and just say that it’s a solvent-based chlorosulfonated, polyethylene resin. If you’re not a chemist, then that may not seem so simple to you, so suffice it to say that it’s a formula that’s been tested and proven to provide an extremely tough, waterproof coating which sticks directly to Hypalon, or to PVC with a little simple preparation.

    The Basecoat contains UV protectors and vulcanizing agents. Now if you don’t know what vulcanizing is, Dictionary.com describes it as a process that improves the strength, resiliency, and freedom from the stickiness and odor of rubber. What more could you want if you’re repairing your inflatable boat?

    After the Basecoat is applied and dried, the Topcoat can be added. As with the Basecoat, the Topcoat is an easy-to-apply acrylic latex that’s specifically formulated to stick to the Basecoat in a permanent union. This bonding will leave your boat with a strong, but flexible surface that provides a stable seal for your boat, while continuing to protect it from damage.

    We mentioned that the Topcoat is a latex formula, and if you think of paint when you think of latex, then you’ve got the right idea. Think of the Basecoat and the Topcoat as inflatable paint, because that’s essentially just how you apply it. And it’s that simple.

    What are the basic instructions for applying SRC Tuff Coat?
    Keeping with the simple theme, Tuff Coat can be applied by anyone, even if you’re just a beginner. We’ll outline the simple instructions here, just to give you an idea of how easy it really is.

    • Before applying the Basecoat, you need to prepare the surface. In very basic terms, it just needs to be clean and dry. That means removing anything from the surface, like oil, wax, grease, or any other contaminant. Since the Basecoat is formulated to stick to the boat’s surface, anything foreign will affect the reaction, possibly preventing proper adhesion. That’s why cleaning the surface is so important. But it’s not difficult – just follow the instructions carefully.
    • Applying the Basecoat is, as we mentioned, as simple as applying paint – you just brush it on (or roll it or spray it). An important thing to remember here is the value of patience. Although you’re probably anxious to get your inflatable boat back into the water, you can’t rush the Tuff Coat process. Drying takes time, and if you don’t allow enough of it, the bonding process may be affected. The Basecoat must be thoroughly dry before the topcoat is applied.
    •  Applying the Topcoat is, again, a simple process. All you’re going to do is paint. But remember, you can’t paint on the Topcoat until the Basecoat is completely dry and cured. How long this takes depends on the weather and the climate. If it’s hot and dry, it should take about 24 hours. If it’s cold and damp, it could take up to a week. Again – be patient!

    SRC Tuff Coat does it all
    Tuff Coat is such a superior product that, when used as directed, its list of capabilities is long and strong. It repairs your inflatable boat. It renews it. It restores it. It does an equally great job on Hypalon or PVC. It repairs any kind of damage, from pinholes to worn fabric. It restores UV damage. It’s the best, in fact the only, coating product on the market that answers all the questions pertaining to inflatable boat repair.

    Zodiac has recognized the quality of Tuff Coat. They’ve gone so far as to adopt it as part of their own line of superior products. It’s marketed as SRC, and it’s the real thing. When a company with the international stature of Zodiac endorses a product, you know it has to be good. As more people become aware of Tuff Coat, and its high level of performance, perhaps other manufacturers will endorse it as the product for inflatable boat repairs.

    Mercury Marine, manufacturer of the popular Quicksilver inflatable boats, would probably find Tuff Coat to be a profitable addition to its line of quality products. Or another international company, Grand Marine, might recognize the value of Tuff Coat for inflatable boat repair. Literally any manufacturer, from anywhere in the world, would be wise to market Tuff Coat. It’s a number one product, doing a number one job, and it’s unequalled in the industry.

    So if you have an inflatable boat that needs repairing or restoring, get the only product that’ll do the job right – SRC Tuff Coat!



    Sours: https://www.saturninflatableboats.ca/inflatable-boats/how-to-repair/what-can-src-tuff-coat-do-for-your-inflatable-boat/

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