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You must use this tool for downloading the presentation of slideshare.

Why Must You Use A Slideshare Downloader? 

Friends, you know that slideshare does not give you the option to download without a login account.  If you want to save a SlideShare document you need to login to website.

As I Told You, Slideshare Nowadays Is Full Of Information, You Can Say It Is Like An Encyclopedia Of Knowledge, There Are Many Presentations In The Slideshare That Everyone Wants To Download. 

If You Are A College Student Or School Student You Must Use The Slideshare Downloader Because By The Help Of The Slideshare Downloader You Can Download Any Ppt Or Presentation without Creating an account or login.

What Are The Advantages Of Slideshare Downloader? 

100% Free

You Can Download Any Presentation Without Any Registration in You Have To Pay Nothing To Download The Ppt From The Slide Share. This Is The Biggest Advantage And Feature Of The Slideshare Downloader. 


It Is Full Of Privacy. There Is No Risk In The Slideshare Downloader. So You Can Use It Without Hesitation.

Unlimited Downloads

 There Are Many Apps Or Downloaders In The Market Which Give Free Access But In The End Or After The 5-6 Download They Restrict The Attempt, But Slideshare Downloader Is Not Like This. You Can Download Unlimited Slideshare Pdf Online. 

Device Compatibiliy

 It Is Not Like Many Software That Doesn’t Provide The Feature On The Mobile, But The Slideshare Downloader Is Easy To Use Even In The Mobile. You Can Easily Download The Pdf And Ppt Format With The Help Of Mobile.

Ppt And Pdf Formats

Slideshare Downloader Allow The User To Download The Slideshare Presentation In The Form Of Ppt And Pdf. So You Can Easily Download And Read Or Learn It With The Help Of it. 

No Need App

You Don’t Need Any App To Download The Pdf Or Ppt From The Slideshare Downloader, It Is Available Online. You Just Have To Go On The Website And Select The Presentation That You Want To Download.

How to Download the Instagram Stories? 

#1: Copy PPT Link

Open Slidesharesite and Copy url Of PPT Which You Want To Save In Your Device.

#3: Download

For Downloading PDF Or PPT Formats tap on the Download button. and save the file.

Note – even after waiting for a long time 2 to 5 minutes, you are having trouble downloading the presentation document, so please reload the page and try again, it will work fine again 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slideshare is a website that allows you to post content in PDFs, PowerPoint slides formats, many people are using this site, According to Wikipedia Slideshare is the most popular presentation sharing website in the world. You can also view any presentation free of is completely free.

How Do I Save A Slideshare Presentation? 

When You Tap On The Download Button Of The Slideshare Downloader Then It Will Automatically Save The File In The Gallery. You Can also Choose formats Which You wantTo Download Pdf Or Ppt Format. 

Does Slideshare Cost Money?

SlideShare will not ask you for money to download the resource, you can download any file but to download the file you will need to login to this site or create an account.

but SlideShare Downloader will not ask you to login or register. You can download the presentation with it. It is completely free and everyone can use it without paying a single penny.

Is Slideshare Downloader Safe? 

Yes!! Slideshare Downloader Is Fully Safe, There Is No Privacy Issue. Furthermore, They Do Not Even Ask You To Login To The Account. You Can Enjoy The Download Without Any Login, So Yes It Is Fully Safe And Secure. 

May I Download The Slideshare Presentation Without An Account? 

Yes, You Can Download The Slideshare Presentation with our tool Without An Account, To Download Slideshare, You Just Have To Go On The Our tool And Paste The Url which you want to download Slideshare Then Tap Download. 

How Can I Download The Ppt Format of  Slideshare For Free? 

To Download The Ppt From Slideshare, it Is Very Easy , You Have To Follow Just These Steps: 

  • Copy The Link Of The Presentation From The Slideshare That You Want To Download. 
  • Paste The Link In The Search Box Of The Slideshare Downloader
  • And Choose The ppt Format While Downloading.
  • When Download Is Complete Check The Gallery. 

How To Download The Presentation In PDF Format?

It Is So Simple To Download The pdf Format.

When You Paste The Url In The Search Box, Slideshare Downloader Will Show You Some Options And You Have To Choose The Pdf Format, And Boom Your Pdf File Is Ready In Your Download Folder. 

How To Download The PPT From Slideshare? 

To Download The ppt  File From The Slideshare , You Have To Follow These Steps: 

Step1: Open The website On Your Computer Or Phone Or Anywhere You Are Comfortable. 

Step2: Copy The Link Of The Particular  Presentation From the Slideshare That You Gonna Download And Paste It In The Input box.

Step3: Paste The Url Of Your Downloadable Presentation In The Search Box Of The Slideshare Downloader And Tap The Download Button. 

Step4: Wait For A Few Seconds Because The Slideshare Downloader Is Grabbing The Ppt.

Step5: Then You Can See The Download Process Will Turn On Automatically Within A Few Seconds Or In A Few Minutes. Sometimes It Will Depend On Your System Processor Or Internet Speed.

Step6: When You See The Downloading Is Complete, Check The Ppt Or Pdf In Your Download Folder. 

How do I convert Slideshare to word.?

If you want to convert slide share to word then you can take the help of this online website, you will find many websites on the internet which provide you the service to convert slide to word or PDF to word for this.  No need to pay any money, you can use these sites for free, I have told you below some websites where you can convert Slideshare to word.


Is Slideshare download free.?

Yes, you can download any Slideshare free by visiting the Slideshare website but to download free Slideshare, you have to create your account on this site only,  after creating an account you can download any slide. without creating an account you can’t download any document or Slideshare.

Download Slideshare With Slideshare Clipper Chrome extension

Do you know that you can also view the document with the help of a chrome extension and download it to your computer? I have used it personally, it helps you to download the SlideShare very easily, so you must use this chrome extension, now let us know how to install the chrome extension on your computer or laptop.

  1. Open Chrome Browser
  2. Go To Chrome web store
  3. Search Slideshare clipper in the search bar.
  4. click on slideshare clipper for install
  5. now you have successfully installed chrome extension

Best Slideshare Downloader For Pc

Now we will know how you download this Slideshare to your PC with the help of software.  This tool has got a rating of 3.9 and many people are also using this tool because you will get many facilities in this software.  you can easily download any disabled slide, if any slide is disabled by the author, then you can download that side with the help of this software, you will get to see it all in original quality.

Disclaimer – slidesharedownloader is not affiliated with And We do not host any content . slidesharedownloader Tool Is Always Free To Use For Personal And Education Purposes Only, We do not save/cache Data. Also, we don’t keep track of the download history of our users, this Tool is totally secure.

If You Have Any Question Then Contact Us

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3 Ways to Download PPT Presentations from Slideshare

Editorial StaffMay 25, 2020
Slideshare is no less than a goldmine for a person who is searching for a ready-made presentation. Whether you are looking for a presentation for your school/college or office, Slideshare got you covered everything.

Download Slideshare PPTs for free

Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn which is a popular social networking platform. Just like YouTube videos, users can upload their own presentations on Slideshare. On the other hand, viewers can download those PPT presentations for free.

It is a tedious task to create your own presentation from scratch. Even a small presentation of 10-15 slides takes a lot of effort. Adding images, text, and then formatting the slides is very time-consuming. Slideshare makes your task hassle-free by providing ready-made presentations on any topic.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to download Slideshare presentations on your Android, iPhone or PC for free. You can also download PPTs which are disabled by the author. At last, we will also discuss how you can convert PDF files to PPT. Without further discussion, let's jump to the main point!

1. Download PPT presentations from Slideshare directly

Slideshare allows you to download PPT presentations in PDF format for free. This feature is available in the desktop Slideshare website only. The author or uploader of the presentation can enable or disable its downloading. If it has disabled it, you will not be able to download such PPTs with this method.

As the downloading feature is available in the desktop version of the Slideshare website only, so there is a workaround for smartphone users. You can use a browser like Google Chrome which offers a feature to load desktop site on mobile. Follow this step-by-step guide to download PPTs from Slideshare -
  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your Android, iPhone or PC.
  2. Enable Desktop Site - Now click menu button (three dots at the top-right corner on the Chrome) and then enable Desktop site button. This feature will force the browser to load the desktop version of the website. If you are using a PC, then skip this step.
    Enable desktop site for Slideshare
  3. Go to the Slideshare website
  4. Find the PPT presentation you want to download.
  5. Download the PPT - Below the title of the presentation, you will see Download button. Click on it.
    Download PPT presentations from Slideshare
  6. Login to Slideshare - If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so in the pop-up box that appears next after clicking the download button. You can use your LinkedIn account for login or signup.
  7. Once you have logged in to your Slideshare account, your PPT presentation will start downloading. That's it.
The presentations from Slideshare are downloaded in PDF format. You can convert them into PPT format by using an online PDF to PPT converter tool. We have discussed about that later in this tutorial.

2. Download Slideshare PPTs which are disabled by the author

You will not find a download button on some Slideshare PPTs. If this happens, then it means the author has disabled the downloading for its presentation. To download the PPTs which are disabled by the author, you can use an online tool.

The online tool will ask you to give the URL of the presentation. It will then crawl the web page and fetch the download link of the PPT. This method will work on any device including Android, iPhone, or computer. Just follow these steps -
  1. Open any browser on your device and go to the Slideshare website. Find the presentation you want to download.
  2. Copy the webpage URL from the address bar of the browser.
  3. Now go to this website:
  4. Paste the URL you have copied earlier and click the Generate Link button.
  5. In the next step, you will see the download link of the PPT. Click on it to start the downloading.
As in the previous method, this one will also download your presentation in PDF format.

3. How to save PPT offline in Slideshare app

Slideshare has its official app for Android and iOS/iPhone which you can download for free from the app store on your phone. Slideshare app has a feature which allows you to save presentations offline on your phone. This way is quite different from downloading the PPT.

Save presentation offline on Slideshare app

To save any presentation offline on the Slideshare app, click the Save button below it. You can view saved presentations from You > Saved. When you save a presentation offline, it is saved within the Slideshare app so you can view it when you are not connected to the internet.

How to convert PDF file to PPT

Converting PDF files to PPT is actually very simply by using an online converter tool. As the online tool can be accessed through a browser, so you don't have to install an additional app on your phone. There are so many PDF to PPT converter tools available on the internet. One of them is SmallPDF.

To convert your Slideshare presentation from PDF to PPT, first go to the SmallPDF website. Upload the PDF file (presentation) you want to convert. Once you have uploaded the file, the online tool will convert it into a PPT format. After that, you can download it on your phone or PC.

How to open PPT files on Android

You can view PPTs on your computer with Microsoft PowerPoint but most of the Android smartphones don't have any built-in app that can open PPT files. If you are also facing this problem, then install Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint on your Android phone. Both these apps are available on the Play Store for free. You can also do basic editing in your presentation with these apps.

So that's how you can download PPTs from Slideshare on your Android, iPhone or PC for free. Although, you are free to use the presentations anywhere but make sure to take permission from the author for PPTs which are disabled for downloading. If you have any doubts in your mind, let us know in the comments below so we can clear them up.


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