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Available in sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches, the Continental VikingContact 7 tire for sale at the best price at blackcircles Canada, where you’ll find tires at the best prices than anywhere else, is a perfect winter tire for either sedans, utility vehicles or minivans. Sporting the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake logo, the VikingContact 7 tire contains an optimized Nordic compound to provide you with peace of mind in the worst winter conditions, and also offers you;

  • Optimal level of traction on both snow and ice
  • Low hydroplaning risk
  • Outstanding road handling on all surfaces

This tire designed for several types of vehicles is paired with the Continental Limited Warranty and features an intelligent tread pattern design containing a super-efficient groove network that not only provides very high resistance to aquaplaning, but also great performance on slush. What is more, the Continental VikingContact 7 tire for sale at the best price on the market includes stiffer interlocked block bridges for exceptional road handling, no matter the weather conditions.

With its active grip silica technology, unique to Continental, which incorporates rapeseed oil, this Continental tire on discount allows you optimal adaptation to snow and icy pavement. You will hence enjoy highly efficient grip and braking in both wet and snowy conditions.

Thanks to the impressive number of 3D sipes of the VikingContact 7 tire for sale at blackcircles Canada, traction and braking power in snow are greatly enhanced. The biting edges work impeccably and reassuringly against snow to deliver formidable road handling and very short stopping distances, both on snow-covered and icy roads.

This Continental designed for most passenger vehicles is tailor-made to tackle the worst winter conditions, you will thus ride in complete safety, no matter what Mother Nature brings you. And by opting for the Continental VikingContact 7 tires, you will be able to take advantage of the best price on the market as well as our promotional offers.



  • Advanced Nordic tread compound
  • 3D Trapez sipes
  • Directional tread pattern


  • Quick, efficient water drainage for excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Outstanding winter traction
  • Precise steering on wet and dry roads


  • Speed Rating MPH


  • Load Index


  • Load Range

    SL - Standard Load

  • Seasonality


  • Sidewall Markings

    BW - Blackwall

  • Maximum Load


  • Maximum Inflation Pressure


  • Run-Flat


  • Tread Depth


  • Net Weight


  • Measured Rim Width


  • Section Width


  • Tread Width


  • Overall Diameter


  • Revolutions Per Mile


  • Country of Origin

    US - USA

  • Terrain


  • Performance


  1. 3hp treadmill motor
  2. Cheetah wall stencil
  3. Ge belt replacement
  4. Ffvii remake bosses
  5. 8 over sportster

I am very pleased with this tire and recommend it. I drive in black ice and moderate snow conditions in the snow belt of southern Ontario. Previously I've been a big fan of Blizzaks w80 but not the version for my SUV Nissan Murano so I did a lot of research and decided on the viking 7, and I am very pleased. First, on cold dry pavement I don't hear the winter-tire whine (highway or city). I really don't like tire-noise, and I couldn't believe I don't hear any difference from my summer tires! They're the best I've never heard! So far we've only had one bad freezing rain day, so I was wondering how they would handle - they're GREAT! We had a few snow days, one the plows weren't out and snow/slush depth was about 6 inches - I had excellent, secure control in cornering, stopping, and good grasp at take-off! This is a new tire so I can't speak to durability, but so far I am very happy and recommending this tire to my friends. Handling on wet pavement was exceptional as well. Comfort is excellent and feel the same as my summers. My mileage is affected but not bad at all - so far they're costing me about $1.00 per tank. I would score this tire 5/5.

Vehicle : Nissan Murano 2017 SV | KM Traveled : 80000 | Driving style : Fouguese | Driving condition : Ccmbinaison autoroute et route de ville


Continental VikingContact 7 photo, test, review

Continental ContiVikingContact 7 is a Premium Touring studless winter tyre with directional tread pattern, designed for Passenger cars.

The tyre replaced the Continental VikingContact 6.

Overall Continental VikingContact 7 Reviews

1. 2020 Test World (205/55 R16) – 1st place.

Main conclusions:

  • Relatively long wet braking distance and good handling.
  • Good dry performance.
  • Short ice braking distance and great handling.
  • The best results on the snow.
  • Low noise.
  • Average rolling resistance.

2. 2020 Vi Bilagare (205/60 R16) – 1st place.

Main conclusions:

  • Short dry braking distance and good handling.
  • Good wet performance.
  • Average straight aquaplaning resistance.
  • Short ice braking distance, the best handling and good traction.
  • Great results on the snow.
  • The lowest noise.
  • Low rolling resistance.

3. 2019 Za Rulem (195/65 R15) – 1st place.

Main conclusions:

  • The shortest wet braking distance.
  • Short dry braking distance.
  • Good ice handling speed, the best braking distance and traction.
  • Good snow performance.
  • Average rolling resistance.

4. 2019 Vi Bilagare (225/50 R17) – 1st place.

Main conclusions:

  • Short wet braking distance but average handling speed.
  • The lowest straight aquaplaning resistance.
  • Good dry braking and average handling.
  • The best ice performance.
  • The best results on the snow.
  • Relatively high rolling resistance.
  • Low noise.

5.2019 Test World (205/55 R16) – 1st place.

Main conclusions:

  • Average wet performance.
  • Average results on the dry.
  • Average ice braking distance, the best handling and good traction.
  • The best results on the snow.
  • High rolling resistance.

6. 2018 Autofil (205/55 R16) – 1st place.

Main conclusions:

  • Very good dry braking and handling.
  • Good wet handling, but relatively long braking distance.
  • The best snow handling and traction, but relatively long braking distance.
  • The best result on the ice.
  • The lowest noise level.
  • Average rolling resistance.

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Viking 7 continental

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Testing the Continental VikingContact 7 2020- Tire Rack

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