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I tried 3 times to place an order and failed each time. The web site would NOT let me finish the order and check out. It's web sites like this that keep me from getting my work done on time, making me look bad to my customers. They sell one product and you cant purchase it. If you go to McDonalds and can't buy a hamburger, as far as I'm concerned, they are out of business. Touchupdirect DOES NOT deserve to be in business. Don't waste your time trying to place an online order with them. Also, to place an order, you must agree to accept their sites cookies into your system. By accepting these cookies, you CAN NOT prevent them from sending you constant advertisements, taking away your ability to control your own system.

Tip for consumers:
If you need automotive paint, purchase it from a different company, someone that appreciates your business.

Products used:
I was trying to purchase automotive paint but was prevented from completing my online order. I'm a business owner and losing valuable time makes me look bad to my customers. I've taken a lot of time out of my day today in an attempt to help others from having the same problems. I hope that it has helped.


TouchUpDirect: Terrible Customer Service. No help.

To get just a little help to place an order, I waited, and waited, and waited on phone lines, on chat lines, and even eMails we’re not answered properly…. Even though I was within service hours - per TUD website directions - and on-line indications that ‘agents were standing by’ and ‘you are #2 in the queue”. Just a bunch of computer generated garbage sent to me to try to make me think a knowledgeable human was actually going to talk to me. After hours and hours waiting, no customer service contact was ever made. And then DAYS later, I get a cryptic eMail that says, ‘ Upon checking our system, We do not carry the formula of the color you’re looking for”. What? What? That’s it? That’s the end of the effort by TUD to make hundreds of it’s customers happy by suppling paint for this common code? TUD prides itself on being one of the biggest touch up paint providers in the world, and when they get an accurate paint code and paint name from one of the largest vehicle makers in world (GM) they make NO attempt to even call the auto company and get the formula for this very popular code - that is totally unacceptable. Not only terrible customer service, but terrible internal operations. I doubt ‘Carina’ is even a live person, probably just part of another computer generated message. And if it is a person, I doubt she made even 1 second of effort to get the formula for this standard GM/Chevrolet paint code. Shame on TouchUpDirect. . - Gary S.


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  • Remember to always use automotive paint in well-ventilated areas only. It’s easy to forget that these paints emit fumes that can be dangerous to your health, even when the amount you’re using is relatively small.
  • For the best results, you’ll want to wash and polish your car before starting the touch-up process. The polishing step will help smooth down the edges around the paint scratch or chip, making the touch-up blend better.
  • Always use a sealing top coat for your new paintwork. Some kits come with one already, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to have some on hand to seal in your hard work and protect it from the elements.
  • If you’re a first timer, practice applying the paint on a different surface first. This will also give you a chance to check the color match before applying the product, avoiding any surprises in the process.
  • Choosing the best painting conditions will improve the quality of the paint job. You’ll want a space with low humidity, without direct sunlight, and warm enough for the product you’re using to work properly (usually above 60 or 70 degrees).
  • Work in thin layers to achieve the best results. This will help avoid paint bulking and harsh edges, making the overall blend that much better.


Q: Can I use touch up paint to fix paint peeling?

A: Paint peeling is usually caused by your clear coat wearing off. To protect your car’s paintwork from further damage, the best thing to do here is to skip the touch-up paint and repaint the whole area where flaking is occurring.

Q: I’ve got rust on my car. Can I use touch up paint to cover it?

A: That’s not the best idea, unfortunately. Once you’ve got rust on your car, the only thing you can do is slow the spread. You’ll want to completely remove any visible signs of rusting and apply touch up only over a clean and prepped surface.

Q: Can I detail my car after a paint touch up?

A: You’ll want to wait a bit before you go in for that detail. Touch up paint needs time to set and settle after it’s been applied. A good rule of thumb is to wait about a month after the application before detailing your car.

Q: How long does touch up paint last on my vehicle?

A: If the touch-up work was done in ideal conditions with good techniques and quality products, the touch up should last you at least a year or two. Professional touch up work tends to last a little longer, with many boasting four years or more as the standard.

Q: Can I wax my car after touching up the paint?

A: Wax is great for protecting your car’s paintwork, but it can get in the way of doing a proper touch up paint job. If you’re touching up a paint scratch or chip, make sure to remove any old wax still on the car before proceeding with the touch-up. Once done, we recommend you wait at least a month before you wax your car again, to give the paint time to cure.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the TouchUpDirect Exact Match Preferred Package for its overall quality, great paint match, and completeness. The kit includes everything you need to touch up your car the right way.

If you’re looking for a budget option that won’t break the bank, check out the Dupli-Color Universal White Perfect Match Aerosol Paint. Keep in mind that this product comes in a couple of basic colors.

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About TouchUpDirect:

Thank you for shopping with us. TouchUpDirect offers the best touch up paint and the tools you need to do the job right.

We've been in your shoes: hoping we ordered the correct paint, but not quite sure we'll get it. That's why we started TouchUpDirect. Getting a good paint match should be easy.

TouchUpDirect can ensure you're ready for your next paint project. We'll get you the right paint so you can get it just right:

•The paint TouchUpDirect sells matches the factory coatings.

•Our paint is the good stuff: the same formulas as the manufacturers, mixed in the same machines.

•We'll put the correct paint in the best applicator for your repair.

•We stock the painting tools and accessories you need to do the best job possible.

•Ordering online is quick, simple and reliable.

•TouchUpDirect customer service treats you the way we'd want to be treated.

•We know paint, and we know what you want. Because we use factory paint specifications to ensure you get the right match, you'll get the correct paint even when the manufacturer offered dozens – or hundreds – of color options.

TouchUpDirect is a growing American company, adding hundreds of thousands of new customers every year. Our offices and production shops are in Southern California. Our paints are made and mixed in the U.S. Our professional staff has more than 40 years experience in the paint business.

We're here so you can have a good touch up painting experience.

Yours truly,

The TouchUpDirect team

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Reviews touchupdirect paint

High-quality Auto Body Touch Up Paint by TouchUpDirect


Our colors are right out of the manufacturer’s books! All you have to do is find the color code on your vehicle and we can get you the exact shade of paint that you’ll need.

Home Steps


On one side, the pen. On the other, the brush. Two applicators in one tool.



  • The Combo’s versatility makes it the right tool if you’re unsure of the extent of the damage.
  • Each Combo is filled with 0.35 oz. of our low-VOC touch up paint.

Aerosol Spray Can

Featuring a rotatable nozzle, our Aerosols are designed to re-spray entire areas.



  • The Aerosol's rotatable nozzle creates a smooth fan pattern good for bumper repairs, mirrors, and other large panels.
  • Each Aerosol is filled with our low-VOC touch up paint (10 oz.)


The brush-in-cap applicator easily covers wider areas while also handling very small scratches.



  • The Brush applicator is designed to handle slightly larger chips and scratches. It should cover areas the size of a quarter or smaller.
  • Each Brush is filled with 0.35 oz. of our low-VOC touch up paint.


The touch up Pen applicator is designed for smaller scratches and rock chips. It’ll cover areas smaller than a pencil eraser.



  • The Pen has a firm chiseled nib tip that will allow you to apply a small amount of paint and stay within the confines of the damaged area.
  • Each Pen is filled with 0.35 oz. of our low-VOC touch up paint.

TouchupDirect Paint Technology

Our touch up paint system ensure a perfect color match, shinny finished and long lasting protection.

Paint Layer

TouchupDirect Paint Technology

Here is the TouchUpDirect touch up paint system.


Clearcoat is a thin, clear layer of plastic that is applied over the basecoat. This layer protects the paint from outside damage. It is treated with UV resistance to keep those sun rays off of your actual color. Learn More About Clearcoat

Basecoat (Color)

Often referred to as the Colorcoat, the Basecoat is the actual color you see on your car. If the basecoat is blue, the car is blue. If the basecoat is white, the car is white. Our paints are made of a waterborne technology that creates a much deeper, vibrant color. Learn More About Basecoat


Primer creates a surface that will make your color stick. Lay it down before you put your Basecoat on. It becomes even more important if your paint is down to the bare substrate. Learn More About Primer


Our one time replacement warrantee that will cover your kit and color for an entire year.

Learn More

Color Match Guarantee

Color Match Guarantee

We won't stop untill we get your color 100% matched.

Learn More

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