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Facts About the John Deere Model Lawn and Garden Tractor

There are several lawn and garden tractors to choose from at John Deere, but have you ever stopped to think about the history of these machines? The Model Lawn and Garden Tractor is one machine that has a storied past, and it’s one of the many lawn and garden tractors that has a history worth examining.

Lawn and Garden Tractors: The Early Beginnings

John Deere has introduced hundreds of models of riding mowers throughout its more than year history in the industry. The company first broke into the lawn tractor market in when it created the Model &#; it had a four-stroke petrol-fueled engine with seven horsepower back in the day.

At the time of the Model ’s release, lawn mowing was still seen as mostly a leisure activity. The success of the Model encouraged Deere to begin looking into what types of features and implements it could develop to make it a more robust solution.

The Design of the Model

Henry Dreyfuss was the man behind the design of the John Deere The famed industrial designer had already styled John Deere tractors dating back to , and his firm led the design of the New Generation line-up.

The was available in two versions when it first debuted: a standard, with conventional transmission and three speeds forward and one reverse speed; and a “deluxe” version, which featured selective ground speed control.

The Safety of the Model

Safety was a priority when the John Deere first came out, just as it is with newer models today. The featured the industry’s first triple-safe ignition system. The feature required the tractor gearshift to be in neutral and the mower to be disengaged before the engine could be started. Adjustable rear-tread, ground-speed control, and several more implements further defined what it meant for a tractor to be a Deere.

The Lasting Legacy

The Model remained a part of the Lawn and Garden tractor lineup for the next 11 years. In , it was eventually named one of ten products to receive the Award of Excellence for Achievement in Industrial Design at the Industrial Trade Fair and Congress in Los Angeles. Today, John Deere is known for its models of lawn tractors, their durability, and extreme efficiency.

To learn more about what led to the success of this equipment, visit this page.

If you have any questions about John Deere tractor mowers, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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SLawn Tractor

S TractorS Tractor
Steering wheel and controls on SSteering wheel and controls on S
Instruments and controls

The contoured dash has clean, attractive styling:

  • Controls are color-coded and labeled for easy identification.
  • Controls are logically placed and easy to reach.
  • The hour meter makes it easy to tell when oil changes and other maintenance should be performed.
  • Functional design of the controls provides good appearance and a comfortable feel.
Side-by-side transmission control pedals
Two-pedal speed/direction controlsTwo-pedal speed/direction controls
Side-by-side foot pedalsSide-by-side foot pedals

Side-by-side foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel:

  • Automotive-type accelerator controls ensure easy operation.
  • Operator can change direction without lifting foot off the platform.
  • Large pedal surface gives superior operator comfort.
Mower deck height adjustment
Mower deck height adjustment leverMower deck height adjustment lever

A spring-assisted, ergonomically designed lift lever simplifies adjusting the mower cut height:

  • Increments of 1/4  in. ( cm) allow fine-tuning the cut height.
  • Cut height is adjustable from 1 to 4 in. ( to cm).
  • The lift handle is shaped for easy use and is out of the way of entering or exiting operators.
Parking brake control
Brake/parking brake pedalBrake/parking brake pedal
Parking brake leverParking brake lever

The parking brake control is conveniently located on the tractor pedestal for easy access. It holds the brake pedal securely in the locked position.

Manual power take-off (PTO)
PTO engagement leverPTO engagement lever

The mower deck is engaged with the easy-to-see and easy-to-use yellow lever above the dashboard. Its placement on the right side leaves a lot of room on the left, the entry side of the tractor, for the operator to get on and off the tractor.

Reverse implement option (RIO)
RIO switchRIO switch
Fuel tank gauge shows fuel level from the operator's seat
Fuel tank gaugeFuel tank gauge
Convenient fuel- filler openingConvenient fuel- filler opening

The fuel tank gauge shows how much fuel is in the tank and can be seen without leaving the operator's seat:

  • Easy to check fuel level
  • Convenient location
Using RIO

CAUTION: Children or bystanders may be injured by rotating blades. Before traveling forward or rearward:

  • Carefully check the area around the machine.
  • Disengage the mower before backing up.


NOTE: Backing up while the mower is engaged is strongly discouraged. RIO should be used only when operating another attachment or when the operator deems it necessary to reposition the machine with the mower engaged.


  1. Stop forward travel.
  2. Look behind the machine to be sure there are no bystanders.
  3. Push and hold in the RIO switch while depressing the reverse pedal slightly.


NOTE: If the engine and mower or other attachment stops while repositioning the machine, return the attachment engagement lever/switch to the off position. Start the engine and engage mower or other attachment. Begin again with step 2.


  1. Release the RIO switch and reposition the machine as the machine begins to move rearward.
  2. Resume forward travel. The mower or other attachment should continue operating.
  3. Repeat procedure to position the machine again.
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John Deere
The model was John Deere&#;s first Lawn & Garden tractor. In a design was laid forth to build a lawn and garden tractor that would offer many of the same features and wide range of implements that the bigger John Deere tractors offered. It would offer small rural and urban landowners alike the chance to own an affordable Small Tractor with a Big Farmer feel. The new tractor was designated the John Deere Model in keeping with the current Ten Series Waterloo and Dubuque tractors. Ergonomically designed, with new features way ahead of its time, its exclusive Variable Speed Drive allowed for high speed mowing and super low end tilling. Its stout, and dependable Cast Iron 7 hp K Kohler engine gave the tractor plenty of power to utilize the integral worktools. It was a great design, and was quick to become a big seller with models built for

Featuring New and Used John Deere Garden Tractor Parts

Features included:
* Seven horsepower, air cooled, Kohler model K cast iron engine with electric start
* Peerless three speed transmission with speed variator that allowed slowing the tractor without interrupting power to the driven equipment
* Rear tires and drive belts enclosed and shielded for operator protection. A full hood and grille protecting the engine, battery, starter, etc.
* Quick -Tach style mounting of attachments
* Scratch resistant fiberglass hood and fenders
* Triple safe starting
* Heavily built frame and front axle to handle heavy loads.
* Adjustable tread rear wheels, important for mowing on hillsides.

Introduced as a seven horse model in , for an eight horse Kohler KS was utilized and the fiberglass fenders were replaced with steel. For the transmission was changed from three speed to four speed, and in Hydraulic Lift was offered as a factory only option. In a new with Manual Lift cost $ and the standard 38" deck was $

Triple safe starting was a feature from the start. The PTO needed to be disengaged, the transmission in neutral and the key used before the tractor could be started. This feature was advertised by showing children playing and climbing on the tractor. Deere considered the safety feature to be a key selling point on the tractors.

The most obvious design change was in when the separate "round fenders" were replaced by a one-piece "fender deck" that was rubber mounted to the frame. The next significant change occurred in with a larger, heavier frame, choice of the 8 hp Kohler KS or a 10 hp Kohler KS engine. Electric lift became an option in

The model initially weighed approximately pounds with the later versions adding weight to a total of pounds. The was designed as a garden tractor and Deere offered many integral attachments to suit the homeowner, as well as the commercial user :
* Model 20 Compressor
* Model 38, 39 and 46 (for 10hp) mower deck
* Model 36, 37, and 37A snowthrowers
* Model 30, 31, and 31A rear rotary tiller
* Model 42 and 43 blade
* Model 80 dump cart
* Model 7, 5a, and 5b sprayer
* Front and rear slab weights and rear wheel weights
* Tire chains, hub caps, cigarette lighter, and headlights
* An integral hitch
* Tire equipment options

Serial number breaks are as follows:
Year -- Serial Number Engine
-- 2, - 3, Kohler K (7hp)
-- 3, - 15, Kohler K (8hp)
-- 15, - 40, Kohler K
-- 40, - 65, Kohler K
-- 65, - , Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- - , - Kohler K (10hp)
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , - , - Kohler K
-- , Kohler K

Summary by Stan Barnes and Ray Moore. Photos from John Deere advertising literature and B. Copenhaver. Article content from

We are adding new garden tractor parts daily!
We have been listening and we heard from you the customer that many of the parts needed for restorations on our favorite vintage garden tractors are getting harder and harder to find (not to mention more expensive)! We are refocusing and expanding our efforts to bring you licensed parts that are to John Deere specifications.
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John Deere

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How to operate a John Deere L110 Tractor

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