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Tips for Styling your Engagement Photoshoot

How to Style Engagement Photos | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Engagement photos will be one of the first things on your to-do list when planning your wedding. It’s about capturing your personality as a couple, and a moment in time that you’ll both remember forever. All of it can be overwhelming, but your engagement photos can also be one of the more playful and fun things you’ll get to do during the whole process. The most successful engagement sessions are the ones that tell the story of the couple, and there are so many things you can do to achieve that. The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Don’t overthink the details, and make sure to let yourself shine in the moment. Keep this in mind when considering your outfits, locations and props.

To get you started I’ve compiled a couple helpful tips for styling your engagement photo session with a few favorite examples from our customers:

Choosing an outfit or wardrobe:

How to Style Engagement Photos - Picking Out an Outfit | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Wear what is comfortable and what comes naturally to each of you. Pair patterns with solids, or add a pop of color with an accessory. Most clients I’ve photographed also bring about two to three outfits for a wardrobe change, but do what feels right for you and have fun with it.

The Location:

How to Style Engagement Photos - Choosing a Location | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
When picking out a location for your shoot, think about places that will provide a good backdrop for your story. Do you have a favorite spot in the city, or is the forest and nature your calling? Scope out a couple possibilities and discuss them with your photographer, but leave room to be spontaneous on the day of the shoot.

Incorporating Props:

How to Style Engagement Photos - Choosing Fun Props | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Props aren’t necessary, but using a prop here and there not only adds a pop of shape and color, but also helps bring out your personality as a couple. Bring a guitar if one of you is musical, or an item that fits with the theme of your upcoming wedding. But remember, keep it sweet and simple. Don’t get too hung up on props since the two of you are all that is needed to make your photos shine.

Bring Your Pets:

How to Style Engagement Photos - Include your Pets! | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Furry friends are considered family, so don’t be shy to include your dog or cat if you both feel that they are a part of your story. It’s a fun way to include them in the process and show them off, but be sure to discuss this with your photographer beforehand.

Using your Engagement Photos:

How to Style Engagement Photos | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Also consider what you’ll be using your engagement photos for, such as save the dates, your wedding website or favor items for your shower, bachelorette party or reception. Here at Evermine, we have a variety of products you can personalize for any occasion. Browse products and styles before your session so you can discuss with your photographer what kind of images you’ll need.

How to Style Engagement Photos | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Will you be choosing a vertical or horizontal save the date? Will you need room for text that is above or below in a favor tag or label? These are all decisions that you can make beforehand that will help your photographer capture exactly what you envision. Photographers are visual, so don’t be afraid to send them examples so you’ll both be happy with the final product. As a photographer, I work off of what inspires me in the moment, but if a client has a vision, I don’t mind incorporating their ideas because, after all, the session is about them.

How to Style Engagement Photos | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
No matter what you decide just be sure to have fun and enjoy yourselves in the moment. Good luck to all you happy couples!

Bobby (20 Posts)

Bobby works as in-house photographer and production designer at Evermine. When she's not behind a camera you can find her eating something delicious at a local Portland restaurant while planning her next adventure abroad.

Sours: https://www.evermine.com/weddingblog/tips-for-styling-your-engagement-photoshoot/

8 Props to Consider for Your Upcoming Engagement Session

I LOVE a good prop in an engagement session. I don’t see them as much these days, but I have been asked over the years for some ideas. Here are 8 of my favorite props that have been brought along to engagement sessions.


Ok…so maybe this horse was already there but these two are incredibly laid-back and country so it was perfection.

horse as a prop in an engagement session


If you bring your pup, I would make sure someone is with us that can take the pup so we can focus on just the two of you for at least a little bit.

dog as a prop in an engagement session


Signs are brought more often than dogs…if you can believe that…and are a great way to keep your Save the Dates clean but fun.

sign as a prop in an engagement session


Maybe this isn’t a prop, but going golfing is a great way to show off your competitive nature. Cheating is encouraged.

golf as a prop in an engagement session


Have you seen my logo? I will always find a way to use anything nautical if it’s brought to a session.

anchor as a prop in an engagement session


Whether you are coffee, beer or wine drinkers…bringing along drinks (or going to them) is always a good idea.

Starbucks as a prop in an engagement session


Balloons are really fun..especially if you were proposed to in a hot air balloon and are trying to replicate that experience in your engagement session.

balloons as a prop in an engagement session


Picnics are an easy thing to put together quickly for your session. It can be as extravagant or simplified as you want it to be.

Sours: https://katie-whitcomb.com/8-engagement-session-props/
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29 Printable Engagement Photo Prop Ideas + Photo Shoot Tips

Engagement photos are a great opportunity for you to announce your engagement and showcase your unique relationship. Engagement photo props are a fantastic way to add some fun and creativity to your photo shoot. The options are endless and photo props can be as minimal or as extravagant as you’d like.

Props can also be used to represent an important part of your relationship, like books you were reading when you met at a coffee shop or any other symbol that represents an important milestone in your relationship. To help create brilliant engagement photos, we designed free printable engagement photo props that fit a wide range of personal styles.

Printable Engagement Photo Props

These printable engagement photo props are an easy and cost-effective way to capture creative engagement photos. The props include symbols, vintage, rustic, pop art styles, funny props and props to incorporate children and pets in the shoot. For the best results, print the props on a thicker paper like cardstock.

Simple symbol props

engagement photo props, &, infinty symbol, heart

Symbol engagement photo props speak volumes without using any words, they are an easy addition to any shoot. Have you and your partner hold an ampersand symbol between you too or prop a heart symbol up above your heads.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Vintage photo props

engagement photo props, better together, all you need is love

Vintage style engagement photo props are perfect for the couple with classic style. Pose with one of these signs next to a historic building or in a classic car. The old world charm, like your love, never goes out of style.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Rustic props

engagement photo props, bride groom, burlap and lace heart

Strike a sweet pose with your partner in the countryside or inside a vintage barn with these rustic engagement photo props. They feature burlap and lace and are perfect for a country engagement shoot.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Personalizable photo props

save the date, speech bubbles engagement photo props

Personalizable engagement photo props save you time and allow you to show off your creativity in what you write. Try holding the thought and speech bubbles up for each other or give them a floating illusion with fishing line.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Comic book exclamation props

engagement photo props pop art OMG, wow

Comic book style engagement photo props are perfect for superhero and cosplay fans. Even if you aren’t, they are still ideal for showing the exhilarating feeling of getting engaged to your soul mate.  

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Funny engagement photo props

engagement photo props she said it's about time, finally

If you are the type of couple that doesn’t like to take everything too seriously, show off your sense of humor with these funny engagement photo props. Try using the personalizable props above if you and an inside joke that you want to include.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Props for including pets and kids

engagement photo props, daddy asked mommy said yes, my humans are getting married

Do you have extra family members that you want to include in your engagement photo shoot? These printable engagement photo props are perfect for featuring your adorable children or fur babies.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Short and sweet props

engagement photo props, I'm yours, LOVE, I do

These short and sweet saying engagement photo props make a romantic addition to your shoot with simple sentiments. Create a charming pose by holding one of the printables together while kissing or embracing.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

A fairytale proposal

engagement photo props, happily ever after, once upon a time

Are you looking for a castle-like venue or planning a Disney honeymoon? Fairytale themed engagement photo props are perfect for a sentimental couple dreaming about happily ever after.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

New titles

engagement photo props, Mrs. Mr., future husband and wife

These printable engagement photo props play to the new titles that you’ll take on once married. Try attaching the “his” and “hers” printables to slim dowel rods and hold them up for a shot while you pose hand in hand.

engagement photo prop ideas download button

Engagement Photo Shoot Tips

Many couples choose to feature their engagement photos in their wedding invitations, engagement party invitations or as prints at their reception. So naturally, there is a pressure to get the perfect engagement photos. Take the pressure off with these engagement photo shoot tips.


Finding the right photographer is the most important element of an engagement photo shoot. First, research photographers in your area, once you’ve found a couple of photographers whose styles you like, read their reviews and check out their full portfolios. Then meet with a couple different photographers and ask them for their wedding photography prices as many people use their engagement photo shoot photographer for their wedding too.


Your color choices will affect the overall mood and style of your whole shoot. The look you’re going for will also inform how you should dress and shoot location where you should do the shoot. Think about the season of your wedding when selecting a color palette for your engagement photos.


Many couples keep their engagement photos local, but some travel to iconic locations for their shots. Either way you go there are ways to make almost any location work for you. It all depends on your style as well, some couples opt for urban shots while others prefer woodland or beach engagement photo shoots.


What you wear in your engagement photos will have a huge impact on their overall effect. Many couples like to bring a couple of different wardrobe choices, play around with casual and more formal outfits depending on your style. Try on your outfits ahead of time and take some amateur test shots to make sure your outfits work well together. Communicate your photo shoot ideas with your photographer so you can keep track of how much your engagement photos will cost.

Props + Poses

Hit those mood boards and gather a variety of poses that you want to try out during your shoot. If you have a plan before it will make the shoot go a lot smoother and you’ll be able to try more shots with a variety of poses and props. Make sure to try a variety of sitting, standing, with props, without props and romantic poses — ask your photographer for ideas as they’ve likely styled many shoots before.

Creative engagement photos make for eye-catching wedding invitations and great home decor. Your families will adore these photos as well so be sure to order enough high-quality prints for them. Your photos should represent you two as a couple because these are photos that you’ll cherish and look back on for years to come.  

Sours: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/engagement-photo-prop/

79 Engagement Photo Ideas to Steal From Couples Who Totally Nailed It

Now that you and your bae are engaged, it’s time to commemorate the momentous occasion with a romantic photoshoot. But where do you start? There are so many cheesy couples' photos and countless run-of-the-mill shots that it can be a challenge to snap a photo that is truly your own. But thankfully, you don't have to rely on those predictable poses and overdone locations.

There are a handful of things you can do to make sure your photos turn out perfectly one-of-a-kind and feel right for you and your partner. Before you jump into your session, here's what you should know about engagement photoshoots. For starters:


Whether you and your significant other are world travelers or would rather just Netflix and chill, location is everything for making your engagement photos unique.

  • Your Favorite Spot: Have a go-to coffee shop where the barista knows both of your orders? Or a brewery where you meet for happy hour every week? Use these personal spots as inspiration for your engagement shoot to save the memories of these places for years to come.
  • Your Next Vacation: Planning a trip together (engagement-moon, anyone?) is one of the most exciting parts of prepping for your big day. If you're heading to a particularly gorgeous location, find a photographer in the region who can snap some shots in front of that city skyline or national park mountainside.
  • Your First Date: You'll feel all the feels with this one. Revisit the spot of your first date together for a few of your photos, even if it's for your eyes only.


Unless you're a model, getting "candid" shots will probably feel anything but natural—but there are a few simple ways to help ease any discomfort.

  • PDA: From simple handholding to sexy, bikini-clad kisses, showing off some public displays of affection always makes for a sweet photo. Pretend like the photographer isn't watching and embrace your partner the way you would when you're alone—as long as it's G-rated.
  • Using Props: Are you both bookworms? Or love to ride the waves? Incorporate your favorite book into your shot or show off your matching surfboards for a picture that is 100 percent you. Our personal favorite prop? Adding smoke bombs for a pretty and playful pop of color.
  • Candid Shots: We know it's easier said than done, but sometimes, candid moments make the best photos. Act natural in your location of choice (by sampling hops at a brewery or picking out music at a record store) to create a laid-back feeling to your engagement photos.


  • Black and White: For a timeless, striking look to your photos, opt to have your photographer edit your favorites in black and white. The contrast can be simple but will result in stunning shots.
  • Dramatic Colors: On the opposite end of the spectrum (pun intended), you can use the unique colors of your shoot's locale to find a color palette that puts any Instagram filter to shame. Talk to your photographer beforehand to see how they can edit your pictures in a style that fits you.
  • Consider Your Wardrobe: While you don't want to match your partner, you'll want to make sure your colors complement one another. Opt for pastels, neutrals, and cool shades.

Photographers recommend avoiding busy prints, which can create distractions in your photos.


  • Golden Hour: Sunset (or Golden Hour, as most Instagram users would call it) is the perfect time to capture a beautiful shot that guarantees great lighting. The red, soft hues will make for an intimate feel in your snaps.
  • Nighttime: Use the starry sky or pretty lights (like those on a ferris wheel, for example) to give a pop to your nighttime pics.
  • Unexpected Weather: No raining on your parade! Torrential rain, snowstorms, and overwhelming heat aren't ideal, but that doesn't mean your photo is ruined. Use the inclement weather to your advantage by adding a pretty umbrella or taking your photos to a nearby snow-covered forest.

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photography

With those tips in mind, take a look at how the following couples did it; lighthearted and fun or glamorous and chic, these engagement photo ideas are sure to inspire you.

01of 79

Roller Coaster Romance

We're loving this couple's playful addition of an amusement park in their photo.

02of 79

Go to New Heights

This couple looked to the skies for this idea: taking their engagement photos in a helicopter.

03of 79

The Cool Couple's Road Trip

Combine your next road trip and your engagement shots into one by incorporating your travels into your photoshoot. We love this couple's laid-back, off-road vibe.

04of 79

A Sexy Swimsuit Shot

Looking to spice up your engagement photos? Unpack that slinky bikini and head to the beach for a sexy and sensual shoot of you and your partner. Sports Illustrated has nothin' on you two.

05of 79

Find Beauty in the Ordinary

Who knew a bulldozer could make such a beautiful prop? We love how this couple used an unconventional backdrop to make their engagement photos one of a kind.

06of 79

Whip Your Hair Back and Forth

Channel your inner child and use your long locks to your advantage. This couple's playful hair flip has us wanting to convince our partners to let it grow.

07of 79

Including Your Favorite Local Pub

When you both really, really love beer; a trip to the brewery is in order.

08of 79

In Your Natural Habitat

Seriously, what’s better than snuggling in bed with the one you love? At-home engagement sessions capture the candid and the genuine.

09of 79

In Front of a Romantic Italian Backdrop

Positano officially just got added to our bucket list. Even on a rainy day, the cliffside scenery is surreal, especially when combined with a couple decked out in elegant black.

10of 79

The Spot Where You First Met

The most adorable idea for the music loving couple, right here. These two met in a record store, so they naturally brought their engagement shoot back to their beginning.

11of 79

In Front of a Romantic Celestial Sky

This pic is just stellar—get it? A starry night is pure magic; nature couldn’t possibly set a more romantic mood for the newly engaged.

12of 79

A Ferris Wheel Date

There’s no sweeter date spot than a carnival. With a glittering ferris wheel in the background, the scene evokes youthful, magical romance.

13of 79

At Your Favorite Place to Shop

Because Target is actually the best place on earth. Just when you thought shopping there couldn’t get any more fun, this couple takes it to new heights. We’d say they hit a bull's-eye with this shot.

15of 79

Show Off Your Daredevil Side

How perfect is this shot for the adventurous duo? We love the contrast of action and intimacy up here in the trees.

16of 79

A Fun Day in Bed

A pillow fight is a fun way to show off your playful sides.

17of 79

Make Commuting Cute

Who knew subways could be so romantic? This stylish NYC shot captures city life and this couple’s sweet candor.

18of 79

A Playful (And Sexy) Bubble Bath Shot

Drinking wine in a bubble bath? We’re alllllll about that life.

19of 79

A Modern Jack and Rose

Sailing off into the sunset has never looked so sublime.

20of 79

A Nature Walk

Beautiful reflections on the Oregon coast and a vivid emerald green dress make for a stunning photo.

21of 79

Celebrate With Bottles of Bubbly

Poppin’ bottles in the desert—that’s how it’s done, cowboy style.

22of 79

At Your Favorite Local Café

A visit to a neighborhood restaurant makes for some down-to-earth photos. There’s nothing more reminiscent of a first date than sharing two Coca-Colas at the counter.

23of 79

In a Colorful Canyon

The swirling sienna sandstone of Antelope Canyon creates an intimate, otherworldly feel for a sexy engagement sesh.

24of 79

Use Some Old-School Style

From the white columned house to the classic Thunderbird and elegantly dressed couple, this photo is chic as can be.

25of 79

Going Up in Smoke

Tinted smoke adds a shock of color and lighthearted fun to an engagement session, making for some spirited photos.

26of 79

In a Playful Poolside Picture

These two cuties are all twisted up in love. Playful pool inflatables promise to spice up a standard beach engagement shoot.

27of 79

At an Iconic City Landmark

We’re not sure how these two managed a quiet, people-free Brooklyn Bridge stroll, but we’re loving the perspective and iconic architecture here.

28of 79

A Pretty Paddleboat

We dare you to find a more romantic place to take your engagement photos. Just like Ally and Noah, make your engagement shoot totally heart melting in a private paddleboat.

29of 79

Close Up Kisses

We’re as crazy about the plentiful plaid as much as this couple looks crazy in love. This adorable shot is all outdoorsy fun and autumnal feels.

30of 79

Basically Anywhere in Italy

Sours: https://www.brides.com/gallery/engagement-photo-ideas-from-real-couples

Props engagement photoshoot

CUTE Prop Ideas for your New York City Engagement, ELOPEMENT & WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Session! (IN GIFS TOO!)

Cynthia Chung

Props for your New York City wedding or engagement photos can come in all different forms! From balloons…to food, to snacks, desserts or even your pet… it’s okay to get CREATIVE! But incase you need some ideas or inspiration, here are some great ideas from some of my past couples that have used props for their engagement shoots and weddings!

(aka Bubble tea for those of us from the East Coast)
Def still my favorite drink of all time albeit I need to do like 30% sugar now (getting older -_-) but still delicious! We picked these Boba Guys from the Canal Street Market in Chinatown, New York City.


The quintessential NEW YORK CITY food! Pizza and photos are always a beautiful partnership! One of the best spots in NYC? Scarrs !


New York City has one of the best asian cuisine selections in the world! Dim Sum was something that brought this couple together and wanted to have their engagement photos reflect that!


Always a great backdrop and fun! These were taken at Housing Works in Soho, NYC


Or this SUPER cute GIF taken with postcards! This wedding was at the iconic STRAND Bookstore on Union Square, NYC inside the Rare Book Collections room! (Obsesssssed!!!!!)


Fish tacos are definitely my personal favorite, but I’m always down for ANY, even TACO BELL hahha. These are taken in by The High Line at Chelsea Market; Los Mariscos Tacos.


Grabbing a cup of coffee with someone is one of my personal favorite past times… so of course getting one with your s/o is just as fun to use as a prop!


Shake Shack Burgers for your engagement session …. I would sure never say no!! I love their burgers and their milk shakes! These were taken at the Shake Shack near Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo, Brooklyn.


Flowers of any sort are a nice addition to making your photos pop! This shot was taken at Fort Tryon Park in Hudson Heights, NYC.


Balloons are so much fun to have during your engagement or wedding photo sessions! They add a sense of movement and always exciting for me when I’m creating my wedding gifs! The Balloonn Saloon definitely has a HUGE selection! They’re located in the West Village, in NYC.


These were made by the bride herself! This shot was taken on the High Line, overlooking the Empire State Building in Chelsea, New York City.



You can find the elusive bubble guys that wander around Central Park. Or you can bring your own bubbles to use!


Real or graffiti bikes always work!


Always a classic with weddings! Most of the times they’re illegal in NYC…. so you’ll have to pick and choose your battles. Speak with your venue / wedding location before lighting them up!


Grab a drink or a beer at your favorite bar, brewery or beer garden!


As annoying and unreliable the NYC subway is, it is the structure that runs and is the backbone of New York City. So having it your photos to commemorate your time in New York City can actually be really cool and fun.



If you have access to a fire pit somewhere (like this couple who had one of their Brooklyn Rooftop!) smores are such a cute and tasty idea!!


We all know no one can resist ice cream! This couple chose to get Van Leeuwen ice cream in the West Village in NYC! Yum!!!!!!!


Great for the rainy days! This couple opted for I <3 NY umbrellas because they both came from California, along with their parents visiting to see them elope in the big apple! (You can check out their whole session here)


Or any musical instrument would be cute! I’ve had couples use guitars for their engagement session and serenade each other too!


Are you a NYC transplant? You can create an ode to your hometown state in some fashion, like how this couple did these beautiful framed gold state images!


and last but not least….

Having your dog or cat (and even rabbit!) join for your session is never a bad idea!! I also once found a man walking his pet turtles at Central Park…. so no judgement to anyone!! <3


And if you feel EVEN MORE creative … you can double up on props and pets!!


Hope you guys got some great inspiration for your New York City engagement, elopement or wedding shoot from this blog post!! Can’t wait to see what other creative ideas others will have in the upcoming years!!

Sours: https://www.cynthiachungweddings.com/nyc-wedding-elopement-and-engagement-photographer-photography-inspiration/tag/engagement+photos+with+boba
Engagement Props - Kraft Happiness

9 Creative Engagement Photo Props

If you're having engagement photos taken, having an engagement prop or two handy adds creativity and personality to your pics. Not just that, but it can also be nice to have something to hold on to—like champagne flutes or a balloon—to break the ice and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Even if you're skipping a professional engagement shoot, you'll probably want to post the news on social media. Try posing with a special item (in addition to your engagement ring, of course) for those extra Insta likes (no shame!). Ready to upgrade your snapshots? Shop nine of our favorite engagement photo props here.

1. Engaged Banner

"Engaged" banners and buntings are ever popular, in part because they're so versatile. Try hanging one up as an engagement photo backdrop, or hold it up yourselves from either end. Bonus: You can repurpose the sign as engagement party décor. We like the vintage look of this affordable option.

Partyprops engaged banner, $8, Amazon.com

2. Dog Engagement Sign

Even if your pup didn't participate in the proposal, you can definitely include your four-legged friend in your engagement photos. Consider announcing the news by having your pet wear this sweet sign as an engagement prop.

David's Bridal My Humans Are Getting Married sign, $17, DavidsBridal.com

3. Bride Mug

There are so many takes on the bride mug, it's hard to pick just one. That's because holding up a cup is the perfect opportunity to flash your new bling. This design is oh-so pretty, but you can also opt for the classic "Does this ring make me look engaged?" mug or a sassy "Engaged AF" one. Whatever you pick, we recommend pulling it out for an at-home shoot.

WoofAndWhimsyStudio engagement campfire mug, $18, Etsy.com

4. Engaged Balloon

Here's another fun prop to have and to hold: an engagement ring-shaped inflatable. (Want something a little less casual? These "We Are Engaged" balloons work too.)

The Knot Wedding Shop foil balloon decoration in Diamond Engagement Ring, $10, TheKnotShop.com

5. Custom Engagement Sign

Create a custom sign to really personalize things. Need a template? Write "We're Engaged" with your engagement date beneath it. For rustic photos, look no further than this wooden engagement photo prop.

The Knot Wedding Shop small personalized wooden wedding sign in Natural Script Print, $22, TheKnotShop.com

6. Personalized Engagement Kite

Having an outdoor engagement session? Personalize one of these kites and fly it together for whimsical portraits.

PinkSlipInspiration personalized kite photo prop, from $55, Etsy.com

7. Engagement Champagne Flutes

Toast to the future with festive engagement-themed champagne flutes. Hint: It's another way to subtly show off your sparkler when you pose. Plus, there's nothing like a little bubbly to calm any photo shoot nerves.

The Knot Wedding Shop stemless toasting champagne flutes in Engagement, $14 for a set of 2, TheKnotShop.com

8. Engagement Date Sign

If you're taking engagement photos for your save-the-dates, don't forget to include the wedding date. If these photos aren't for save-the-dates, you can still commemorate your engagement date. Either way, this customizable number sign is a great photo prop.

ForeverWeddingCrafts engagement sign, from $10, Etsy.com

9. Engagement Sparklers

Plan an unexpected nighttime shoot and incorporate sparklers. You can spell out anything from "engaged" to "future grooms" using these special letter sticks. (There are also kits that spell out words like "love" or sets of heart sparklers.

Terrain golden letter sparkler, $8 each, Terrain.com

Sours: https://www.theknot.com/content/9-creative-engagement-photo-props

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