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Chegg is an education technology company that provides online tutoring and academic coaching, digital and physical textbook rentals, and other student services. It provides online homework help and textbook solutions besides helping students in test preparation for college admissions exams and courses and also organizes scholarship connections and university matching tools. Chegg subscription lets students have easy access to several academic resources and boost their performance. But what if you no longer need to use Chegg services and want to cancel Chegg or want to temporarily pause your membership?

You must have some obvious questions like will Chegg still charge you for their service when you are not using them? What are the important points of the Chegg cancellation policy? Or what about Chegg cancel membership refund? We&#;ve included all the answers to everything you need to know before you proceed to cancel Chegg account.

Canceling Chegg Subscription Vs Pausing Chegg Account

Monthly subscribers have the option of pausing their membership in case of an unexpected leave or absence from studies and they would no longer be charged for the Chegg services during the non-usage period. The member would still be able to access their bookmarks and other questions and answers as usual. On the other hand, if you want to cancel Chegg subscription then it will depends what all you would like to cancel if you have taken multiple subscriptions for different services within Chegg or if you would like to completely cancel Chegg account.

How to Pause your Chegg Subscription?

  • To pause your Chegg subscription, you can simply go to Chegg Sign-in page
  • Login to your account and Go to My Account >> Orders >> Subscriptions
  • Now choose the subscription you want to pause >> Click Pause Subscriptions (you can choose all of them if you want)
  • Choose the period between months to pause the Chegg Service >> Click Pause Subscription to confirm
  • Make sure there are no open transactions left with Chegg before pausing the account like a book rental, return, etc as failure to do so would attract penalties and charges.

How to Cancel Chegg Subscription on PC and Mac?

  • Sign-in into your account
  • Click on the orange profile icon located at the top-right corner >> Select My Account >> Go to Orders >> Select Subscriptions
  • Select Chegg Study >> Click on Cancel subscription
  • In the next screen provide the reason for canceling the subscription and click on &#;Submit&#;
  • Confirm the cancellation to stop the next billing

How to Cancel Chegg On Mobile Phone?

  • Do you use Chegg Study on your iPhone, you can still easily cancel the subscription.
  • Go to Settings >> Select iTunes & App Store
  • Tap on your Apple ID >> Then tap on the &#;View Apple ID&#; If the Apple ID is not available
  • Sign in to iTunes by keying the password
  • Go to Subscriptions >> Select Manage Subscriptions >> Select the Chegg Study option
  • Turn off the auto-renewal option >> Click Done to confirm cancellation and stop the next bulling

How to Cancel Chegg from your iPhone or iPad?

  • Go to Settings > Tap on your name > Click on iTunes & App Store >> Tap on Apple ID and sign-in
  • Move to Subscriptionst>&g; Manage Subscription >> Select Chegg Study and turn off the auto-renewal for this option >> Save

For more help, you can visit Apple&#;s help page &#; Apple’s support page

How to Cancel Chegg from your Computer ?

  • Open iTunes >> Sign in with your Apple ID & Password
  • Click your Name >> Select Account Info from the drop-down >> Go to Settings
  • Click on Subscriptions >> Manage >> Select Chegg Study >> Turn off Automatic Renewal >> Done

How to Cancel Chegg via Google Play?

  • Go to or if accessing on phone, then go to Android&#;s settings and then Google Play
  • Sign in to your account >> Click on Subscriptions >> Select Chegg App >> Click Cancel >> OK

For more help, you can visit Google’s support page

How to Cancel Chegg Study?

Canceling Chegg Tutors is different from canceling a Chegg subscription where you need to manage the number of Tutoring Minutes. Here&#;s how to cancel Chegg Tutor:

  • Sign in to Chegg Account >> Go to My Account >> Click on your Orders
  • Now choose Subscriptions Setting >> Chegg Tutors >> Edit Plan
  • Change your subscription to &#;pay as you go&#; and this will end recurring charges for Chegg Tutor
  • Do note that you won&#;t be able to use your unused tutoring minutes once you cancel your regular plan, however, Chegg allows for a refund of your remaining Chegg Tutorial minutes.

How to Permanently Delete Chegg Tutor Account?

If you don&#;t plan to use your Chegg account again in the future you can delete the account permanently by going to the Customer Service & Help section and send an email request to Chegg Customer Service team.

How to Delete Chegg Account Completely on Phone?

If you entirely want to close your Chegg account, you cannot do this online, instead, you need to contact Chegg Customer Support on their toll-free number &#; () and speak to their representative.

Ensure that all your pending transactions with Chegg are completely settled like a book rental or return.

How to Cancel Chegg Account on PayPal?

  • Go to your account on PayPal >> Look for a Chegg Charge
  • Click on Detail to get more info
  • Find Manage Payments >> Click on Cancel Payments or contact PayPal Customer service to dispute charges
  • You can also Click on Contact Us at the bottom of website and it will suggest ways to contact PayPal

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [FAQ] Chegg Cancellation &#; Refund

I Am Not Able to Cancel Chegg Membership. What Shall I Do?

At times, when you are trying to cancel Chegg Service, you may experience a problem which can be due to many reasons. If the action is not submitted properly and you do not get a confirmation of cancellation through email, then Chegg keeps charging the customers and this is the most reported Chegg cancel subscription issue. Further charges are processed because of an unsuccessful Chegg cancellation.

In such cases, it is recommended to refresh your account, re-login, or attempt to login on a different device after a while.

But if the problem persists, below are the customer service numbers for Chegg you can call for assistance:

Chegg Toll-Free Customer Support Number: 📞()

Chegg Customer Service Numbers:




Chegg customer support is open from 5 AM &#; 10 PM PST 7 days a week.

  • Don&#;t forget to look out for a cancellation confirmation email from Chegg soon after canceling your subscription as this is a proof that the cancellation has gone through successfully.

How to Get Chegg Cancel Membership Refund?

Stopping the subscription is not a guarantee for an automatic cancel membership refund. Cancellation only stops future billing and refunds are looked on a case by case basis. Please visit the visit Chegg Help center and read Chegg frequently asked questions for details on refund.

  • In case of the return of any digital book on rent or purchase, or to cancel you are eligible for a full refund within the first 14 days. You can submit a request by going to your My Account page and following the return instructions.

The refund money is returned within 5 business days and Chegg sends a separate email regarding the confirmation of refund.

Will I Still be Charged if I cancel a Chegg Free Trial?

No, upon canceling your subscription before the trial period is over, Chegg won&#;t charge you anything. Although, you can still use all the features during the free trial.


How to Obtain a Chegg Refund in Nothing Flat

Chegg is an American education technology company specializing in online tutoring, physical and digital textbook rentals, internship search engine, and other associated services. The platform counts over three million subscribers.

In addition to offering the “homework help” service Chegg Study, the platform allows its users to buy or rent physical books and e-books through retail partners. 

Get a Chegg Subscription Refund With DoNotPay

Why go through the lengthy motions of manually applying for a Chegg Study subscription refund, if DoNotPay can do it for you in the bat of an eye?

Here is how to go about the process:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Click on Get Protected under the Chargeback Instantly option
  3. Answer the chatbot’s questions about your bank, the company you need to get the refund from, and other key details
  4. Verify your signature and submit the request

When we receive all the essential details from you, we will automatically fax the refund request to your bank. We will also add relevant VISA and Mastercard codes and regulations that will help with winning the case. If you want to reach out to the vendor first, DoNotPay can do that on your behalf, too.

Manage a Chegg Refund Request On Your Own

If you would like to get a refund on your Chegg Study subscription, get in touch with theircustomer services department, and request a credit for the unused tutoring minutes. This can be done on the Chegg website and phone. 

Find out how to cancel your Chegg subscription.

Can you request a refund via

Yes / No










Contact Chegg for a Refund Over the Phone 

Give Chegg’s customer service team a ring on from Monday to Friday, 5 am-6 pm Pacific time. Explain why you’re canceling, and why you’d like a refund.

Contact Chegg for a Refund on Their Website

Reach out to customer service through a live Chegg chat on their Contact Us webpage. Select the Live Chat button on the right edge of the screen, and submit your request for a refund.

What Is Chegg’s Refund Policy?

In general, Chegg’s Terms of Use state that if you received Chegg Credit as a refund or in lieu of goods or services, it will not expire. The company also reserves the right to turn the credit to cash and send it to your address. 

If you accepted credit that was specifically intended as redemption for cash, you can convert that credit to cash. If you get credit from customer support, you will not be able to redeem it for cash.

You can check your Chegg credit balance on your Payment info page under My account. 

Based on users’ reviews, it appears that Chegg can be flexible about refunds and return windows under special circumstances. This is how one user described her experience with Chegg on Consumer Affairs:  

“When illness and death in my immediate family forced me to take an unexpected leave of absence from my studies early in the semester, Chegg graciously accepted my return of three rental textbooks. They gave me a full refund, even though I returned these way outside the day return window. I offered to pay the return shipping on the books, but they paid for that, also. I am extremely grateful for their compassion and flexibility and will use them again when I return to school in a year.”

Chegg’s Specific Refund Policies

Chegg also has service- or product-specific refund policies about:

  • Chegg Study membership
  • Bought or rented physical books
  • Bought or rented digital books

Chegg Study Membership 

Chegg states that you can swap your Chegg Study membership within the first 30 days after you are billed for your annual subscription. You will be automatically refunded for the amount you were charged when you signed up for your annual Chegg Study subscription. You will receive the refund back on your original method of payment within five business days.

Bought or Rented Physical Books

If you’re not satisfied with the physical book you received, or you realized that you don’t need it, refer to Chegg’s Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy, This policy states that you simply return the book to Chegg’s third-party partner in the same condition within 21 days using their box and prepaid UPS shipping label. Chegg will give you a full refund minus the original cost of shipping. 

The eligible refund period of 21 days starts on the day you submit your order. All refunds must be handled at the point of purchase where you got the book.

Bought or Rented Digital Books

Chegg’s Digital Return Policy says that if you’re not satisfied with any digital book that you rented or purchased from them, or you canceled a class you didn’t need, you can give it back and secure the full paid amount back within the first 14 days.

Go to My Account page and follow the instructions for returns. It’s possible to return the same digital book only one time. If you rent or purchase a digital book after you’ve returned that same book, you’ll not be eligible for a return.

What’s the Average Chegg Refund Time?

On average, credits can take up to five business days to show up in your account. It could take a bit longer, which will vary on your bank.

How to Check the Status of Your Refund From Chegg

You can view the current status in the following way:

  1. Open Chegg’s homepage and go to My Account
  2. Click on Orderspage 
  3. Choose Order number

You will also get an email containing information regarding when you can expect to receive your credit.

Are There Any Issues With Chegg’s Refunds?

Some users reported that they kept getting charged for Chegg Study service even after cancelation. 

Claudia of Huntington Beach, CA, said on Consumer Affairs that she called Chegg’s customer service team and that they would only refund her for the last few months, not the entire nine-month period her daughter had not used the service. She advised everyone who signed up for Chegg that they monitor their credit card charges from the company, and have their card issuer block Chegg after they cancel the service. 

If Chegg has wronged you, you can rely on DoNotPay’s help to sue them in small claims court.

DoNotPay Can Help you Get a Refund for Various Services

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How to cancel Chegg

To cancel online, go to

To cancel over the phone, call: 1 ()

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Chegg is an American public marketed teaching company that is primarily established at Santa Clara, in California.

Chegg provides its members with textbooks on rentals both in physical and digital form, home assignments, online tuition classes, scholarships offers and various other features on student assistance.

But if you feel like you do not need these services anymore and want to cancel Chegg subscription, as you are paying the bills and invoices as the subscription fees from your pockets, making it empty at something which you hardly use.

However, you can go through this article to get an idea on &#;How to cancel a Chegg subscription&#; if you wish to do so depending on the devices that you used at the time of subscription and through various methods.

How To Cancel My Chegg Membership For Both Free Trial And Paid Membership

The various techniques to cancel Chegg membership is described below:

i. Cancel My Chegg Subscription Via Online Through Its Official Website

  1. From your preferred web browser visit to the official website of Chegg company to cancel your Chegg membership.
  2. Now, &#;Sign In&#; into the Chegg membership account with the required credentials.
  3. Next, navigate to the settings on &#;My Account&#;.
  4. Now select the &#;Orders&#; section.
  5. Click on to the &#;Subscription&#; tab.
  6. Tap on &#;Cancel Subscription&#; following the Chegg app, the one you wish to end.
  7. Provide the reason for your cancellation.

You will receive a confirmation email on the cancellation of your Chegg subscription from the company.

Even after your cancellation on Chegg monthly subscription, you will be allowed to get access to the app services and features until your cycle on billing ends.

ii. Cancel Chegg Study Subscription Over Phone

To make any changes or cancel your Chegg subscription, it always seems easy to cancel over the phone.

You can dial the Chegg number to cancel subscription @ to talk directly to the representative of the Customer care support service. Provide the rep with all the details and information required for Chegg&#;s study to cancel membership.

iii. How To Cancel My Chegg Study Membership On iPhone

In order to cancel membership on Chegg you need to follow the below steps:

  1. At first, go to the iTunes app or to the app Settings on your iPad or iPhone.

  2. Click on your name tab to get access to your Apple ID account.

  3. Now, click on the top of your display screen at the Apple ID.

  4. To open your Apple ID, you need to Sign In with your Apple account ID.

  5. Then, click the &#;View Apple ID&#; section.

  6. Search for the &#;Subscriptions&#; tab and then click on it.

  7. Now, click on Subscription-Manage and then choose your subscription that you want to cancel as a &#;Chegg Study&#;.

  8. Turn the &#;Auto-Renewal&#; button to &#;Off&#;.

  9. Tap on Save or on Done option.

For any device-specific query to manage your subscriptions, you can directly visit the Apple customer support sheet.

iv. How To Cancel Subscription On Chegg Study When Your Subscription Is Made On Mobile Through Google Play

To cancel your Chegg subscription on Mobile, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Firstly, you can visit either from the website of Google Play or through the Settings on your Android mobile, go to your Google Play Account.

Now in your &#;Settings&#; section, select the &#;Subscriptions&#; option.

Then click on the &#;Chegg&#; app.

Tap at the &#;Cancel&#; button and then confirm your cancellation on Chegg subscription.

Click Cancel.

How To Cancel Your Chegg Tutors Membership

The procedure to cancel Chegg Tutor membership differs a bit than other Chegg subscriptions because here you have to deal with the number of teaching minutes in sets.

Thereby, to cancel Chegg Tutor subscriptions go through the below points:

  • From your selected browser get &#;Sign in&#; your Chegg membership account.
  • Then go to the settings on &#;My Account&#;.
  • Now, click on the &#;Orders&#; button.
  • Next, in your Subscription tab, tap on the &#;Edit Plan&#; option which is adjacent to the &#;Chegg Tutor&#; plan.
  • Then, make changes in your Chegg Tutor subscription to the option on a pay as you go in order to get stop your recurring payment.
  • But if your tutoring period remains unused at the time of cancellation, the access to the tutoring minutes gets lost and then you can ask for a Chegg cancellation subscription refund. Compose an email to the Chegg company by making a request so that they replace the left tutorial minutes or refund back your payment to your account.

How To Cancel Chegg  Free Trial Membership

Chegg offers a 1 month of free trial to its members. If you are thinking to cancel the Chegg free trial, you can follow any of the above-mentioned procedure depending on from where you made your subscription, but make sure to cancel the Chegg account free trial within the trial period before the billing cycle begins, so that you would not get the charge to pay Chegg subscription fee.

How To Cancel A Chegg Membership Via DoNotPay

The &#;DoNotPay&#; app helps to cancel the membership with Chegg with less time and effort. In order to cancel your Chegg study subscription through DoNotPay, then you need to follow the below-described points:

  • Go to the DoNotPay app on your web browser or you can download the app in the iOS version from the Apple Store for free.
  • Click on the &#;Find Hidden Money&#; option.
  • Now, enter the service name in the blank field as &#;Chegg&#; as the one which you wish to cancel.

A notification with confirmation mail will be sent to you on your registered email, on successful completion of the cancellation of Chegg subscription.

Hence, you can manipulate any of the above-described methods to cancel your Chegg subscription and even if you can&#;t cancel Chegg membership, then for further assistance contact @customersupportpage of Chegg.


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