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If you’ve ever seen an old movie where the beautiful debutant makes her way down a spiral staircase into a grand ballroom, then you may have the impression that spiral staircases are expensive and only suitable for Hollywood mansions. But if you love the graceful look of the spiral staircase, you’ll be happy to know that there is a beautiful and affordable option in modular spiral staircases.

What is a modular spiral staircase?

Modular Spiral Staircases

Simply put, it is a helix shaped staircase kit that you can order to have installed in your home either by a professional or yourself if you have some DIY talent.  Using our online measuring tools, or by calling us for a consultation, you can determine the exact measurements that you will need as well as choose from a variety of options for customization.

Components for our staircases are in stock, so turnaround time from order to delivery is quick – no more than three weeks in most cases. In no time, you will be enjoying sturdy, beautiful and quality spiral stairs.

Homeowners choose modular spiral stairs for many reasons. Whether it’s the convenience of being able to order them directly, the ease of installation or simply because people love the way these stairs look, the popularity of these stairs is increasing.

They are great space savers.

Unlike traditional stairs which can take up a lot of room in your home or apartment, spiral staircases are very compact. For example, say you are connecting two floors with a set of stairs. With conventional stairs, you’d require about eleven feet of length. Once you factor in the incline and the standard sized steps, the space consumed can be 22 square feet.

Spiral stairs on the other hand, can be installed in a much tinier area as they only take up about four square feet of floor space.  This makes these staircases ideal, both for small spaces or any area where you’d rather take up less space with your stairs and have more space for living.

They are cost-effective

Another advantage that a modular staircase has over a traditional one is its cost effectiveness. Unlike most traditional stairs, the pieces do not have to be measured and cut onsite. This can result in a savings of both time and money.

And because they are easy to install, a professional should be able to put them in quite quickly for you. Alternatively for DIY, homeowners – installing these stairs can be a simple weekend project.

They are beautiful.

A spiral staircase is a functional work of art. Remember those sweeping staircases from the old movies? Well, you may not be going for anything quite that grand but spiral kits are still pretty eye-catching.

And don’t forget, that even with a kit, there are a variety of options for customization that can help you to make your staircase your own. Options from materials such as wood, steel and cast iron to design options are available.

To select the modular staircase that is right for you, use our online tools and select from a variety of tread styles and coverings, handrails, spindles and accessories. Or call us today for a consultation.


The Civik – Interior Spiral Stairway

Civik Interior Spiral Stairkit Black
The Civik is a contemporary indoor spiral staircase kit designed in Italy. It offers sturdy steel treads and clean lines without unsightly bolts or welds.

The complete spiral stair kit comes in one box with landing, railings, balusters, and treads. Written instructions and a DVD demonstrating assembly are included. Tools required for assembly include, but are not limited to drills, hacksaw, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

The Civik indoor spiral stairway fits into a square or round opening 2″ larger than the stair diameter. The Civik may be installed in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions. The treads are made of solid 12 gauge steel and covered with white polyester resins. Rubber anti-skid pads are also provided for safety. The staircase handrails are made of a flexible metal core and coated with black integral polyurethane similar to automobile dashboard material 1 3/4″ in diameter. Our handrails are not hollow moplen plastic.

Civik indoor spiral Stairway – Photo Gallery

* click picture to enlarge – use arrows >> to scroll *

The height of the spiral staircase is adjustable from 8′ 3″ to 10′. The staircase kits are available in three different diameters: 3′ 11″, 4′ 7″, 5′ 3″. The tread lengths for the three diameters are; 20 1/4″, 24 1/2″, 28 1/2″. Additional ‘add riser kits’ can increase to floor to floor dimension as the customer requires.

The kit comes with twelve steps and one landing and in colours white, black and grey. The kit can be mounted in wood or concrete.

Civik Interior Spiral Stairkit White
Available Across Canada

Stairkit Type: Spiral Staircase

Price: $2,900 – $3,500

Manufacturer: Arke

Assembly Instructions: View Civik Install Guide (pdf)

Assembly Videos: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

Configuration: Not Available

FAQ’s for Civik:

  1. What diameter must the ceiling opening have for the staircases?At least 5 cm. more then the diameter of the chosen staircase for a comfortable handrail handling.
  2. Can one assemble 2 KITS one on the top of each other?Yes. As before, you need to know if the ceiling opening is rounded or square. If the ceiling opening is square, two staircases, one on the top of each other, must keep the outgoing of the landing on the same side remembering the following instructions:
    CivikDiameter 120 cmDiameter 140 cmDiameter 160 cm
    1st flightKIT CivikKIT CivikKIT Civik
    2nd flightKIT CIVIK without a tread height from 252 to 282 cmKIT CIVIK height from 273 to 305 cmKIT CIVIK height from 273 to 305 cm


  3. How do you fix the staircase to the floor?The staircase must always be fixed in concrete. Otherwise our parts B13 will be too short, you will need to buy some longer ones.
  4. Which are the clear widths?For 120 diameter staircase, the clear width is 48. For 140 diameter staircase, the clear width is 58. For 160 diameter staircase, the clear width is 68.
  5. What is the diameter of the Civik centre pole?10,2 cm for the all three diameters.
  6. What are the Civik landing dimensions?Landing dimensions correspond to the following dimensions:
    Civik Stairs diagram
  7. How big must the landing base plate be?24 cm (including the plate cover) for the three diameters.


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Prefabricated Stairs

Prefab Stairs to Fit Any Space

Sometimes a space calls for an easy fix when it comes to stairs. You may not be too concerned with an ornate structure and simply want a product that will get the job done. Prefabricated stairs are the perfect solution for these low maintenance projects. Salter Spiral Stair offers premade stairs that can fit anywhere from a home to an industrial worksite.

The small footprint of spiral prefab stairs make an ideal solution for smaller spaces or spaces that don’t want to be overwhelmed with a large design. The spiral builds on top of itself around the center column keeping the footprint to a small circle in your floorplan. These premade stairs are the perfect alternative for spaces that may otherwise call for an unsafe ladder.

Salter Spiral Stair builds all of our prefab stairs here and breaks them down to ship in kit form. This means each piece is individually wrapped for easy transportation and installation. All of the pieces can fit together like a large erector set with the individual steps sliding over the center column and being bolted into place with zero welding needed. Your prefabricated stairs can be installed in an afternoon with the help of a friend of neighbor.



World Class Quality, Engineered to Last!


Modular staircases are perfect for use in smaller, confined areas. The staircases can be installed in many different patterns depending on how your space is designed. The modular staircase kits include all the materials you need to build your staircase, and can easily be installed in a day or less!


Our selection of spiral staircases will add beauty and style to your home, office or apartment. Our Dolle spiral staircases are adjustable and can be installed either clockwise or counter-clockwise, and our staircases can be easily installed in a day using common household tools. Our spiral staircase kits include all the materials you need to build your staircase.


Prova staircase railings are adept at opening up interior spaces— creating dramatic sight lines and making even small spaces seem larger. Prova deck railings are the perfect interior stair railing system for today's modern, open floor plans!


Insta-Rail vertical railing systems are a convenient and attractive way to upgrade your deck railing. Available for either 36"H or 42"H railings, the stainless steel Insta-Rail railing kits are not only durable but can be fit to any size deck. Insta-Rail vertical railing systems are the perfect DIY solution for a new deck!


Spiral stairs modular

Staircase Ideas. This post explains about how to Choose Between Spiral and Modular Staircases. #Staircase


You want to change your interior staircases but you don’t know yet what type could fit into your space. It is quiet difficult to make a decision because it depends of course on your taste but also on who are going to use them and how often. Here are some examples of staircases that have been assembled into different kind of environment.

Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase Ideas. I love the design of this spiral staircase. #Spiral #Staircase

First you have the traditionalspiral staircase. Useful to gain space, they are convenient when it is about connecting two levels that can be in a center of a room or also in an open space loft. They don’t need a side support as the modular staircase as long as the two main supports are solid. There are perfect for young couples as main stairs because they take little space. However I won’t recommend them if you have children or elderly living in your house because they are not practical: the stairs are usually tiny, steep and narrow. In this case you could use them, as second staircase to go into rooms you don’t go so often as the house cave, the office, etc. The fact that they are customizable gives you the possibility to play with the colors, the materials that remind your environment.


Modular Staircase

Modular Staircase Ideas. This modular staircase feels contemporary and warm at the same time. #Modular #Staircase

If you search for a more personable kind of staircase, the modular stairs are better adapted. However you will need at least one wall to support them. They are safer than spiral staircases but can be less original. Again it depends on how much customization you would like to add when designing them.


Contemporary Staircase. A stainless steel frame was specifically designed with recomposed quartz treads, a material exclusively produced by Stone Italiana. The railing is entirely made of satin stainless steel and characterized by six horizontal bars. #Staircase

Here is one example of one customized modular staircase made by Fontanot for the main staircase of the Stone Italiana’s head office. The architect Silvia Dalla Valle designed them. The staircase has three flights with a hot-rolled structure in satin AISI 304 steel. A stainless steel frame was specifically designed with recomposed quartz treads, a material exclusively produced by Stone Italiana. The railing is entirely made of satin stainless steel and characterized by six horizontal bars.


Spiral Modular Staircase. #ModularStaircase

Finally you can also go for a style that reminds both the spiral and the modular staircase like the picture above. You will always need a wall on the side to support your stairs, but also gain space, as does a spiral staircase.


If you had to choose between spiral staircase or modular, which is one would be more your style?

I like seeing spiral staircases especially in cottages, where space is usually at a premium. Just don’t have too many tequilas… you probably won’t be able to make it up to the second floor, or if you’re up, you might come down a bit too fast and and bit too hard! 🙂

I hope you have a great, sunny and happy Saturday!

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Sources: Images: 1: Island Architects. 2: Scott Wilson Architect, LLC. 3: Orbit Homes. 4 & 5: Fontanot.

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