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Ever been in a situation where you’re not sure where to begin building your own electronics workbench or improve your existing one? [Jeff Glass] writes in with a blog post as detailed as it is beautifully long, chronicling each and every part of his own home lab in order to give us some ideas on how to get one started.

Despite [Jeff] using his own workbench tools accrued over 10 years of working in the field as prime example, his guide takes into account that you don’t need the latest and most expensive in order to get working. Affordable examples of the tools presented are suggested, along with plenty of links to follow and what to look for in each one of them. He even goes on and aside to note the lack of affordable versions of bench-top multimeters, seeing how the portable counterparts are so cheap and plentiful in contrast.

However, contrary to [Jeff]’s claims, we would argue that there are things you could do without, such as the oscilloscope. And you could use a regular soldering iron instead of a soldering station if you are in a pinch. It just depends on the type of work you’re looking to do, and simpler tools can work just fine, that’s what they’re there for after all. That’s not to say his advice is all bad though, just that every job has different requirements, and he notes just that in the final notes as something to keep in mind when building your own lab.

Lastly, we appreciate having a section dedicated to shop safety and the inclusion of soldering fume extractors in the recommendations. We’ve talked about the importance of fire safety when working with these tools at home before, and how soldering is not the only thing that can produce toxic fumes in your shop. With no shortage of great tips on how to build your own fume extractors, we hope everybody’s out there hacking safely.

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1Work Bench

If you have deep pockets, you cannot do better than a Lista workstation. Lista offers a dizzying array of workstations and accessories that you can combine to create the perfect solution for your needs.

You can also create a very satisfying and efficient project station on your own. DIY solutions are easier on the wallet, and they often allow for easier growth and expansion. My current workstation is built from parts found at the local IKEA, including four adjustable-height legs and a solid wood countertop.

Keep in mind that solid wood allows for easier and stronger accessory installation than engineered materials. However, though sturdiness is important, an electronics workstation need not be as robust as your heavy-duty garage workbench. Just remember that it's best if the top surface is a nonconductive material such as wood or plastic.

The Web is chock-full of resources if you're looking for inspiration. Our favorites include EEVblog Bench, DIY Wire Spool Rack, and Mobile Electronics Workbench.

2Laboratory or Industrial Seating

I started out using a standing-height workstation, which increased productivity. But you cannot stand all the time. In a Goldilocks-like selection process, I tried all types of seating products. "Garage" and workbench chairs felt too rigid, drafting chairs didn't adjust enough, and work stools lacked back support, leaving me stiff and achy. That's when I gave up and went looking for the most supportive, ergonomic, and comfortable industrial and laboratory chair out there.

So, for the past few months we've been testing out Bevco's USA-made 7000VS ventilated polyurethane chair. The holes allow the chair to breathe better during long work sessions, and full adjustability means optimal ergonomics are just a press of a knob away. The 7000VS's polyurethane seat and back are soft and springy with a reasonable amount of give. As a bonus, assembly took less than 5 minutes, including unboxing.

Our picks are the 7551VS and 9551L. Prices start at about $130 for the value-line chairs. If you have a favorite work chair to recommend, let us know in the comments.

3Electrostatic Discharge Protection and Prevention

It's the No. 1 rule when working with sensitive electronics: Ground yourself! Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden discharge of static electricity, a harmful effect that can damage sensitive sensors and electronic components. ESD risks are sometimes overhyped, but proper grounding precautions are inexpensive and unobtrusive, so develop good habits as early as you can.

Our preference is to use the types of grounding straps that must be plugged into a bench-mounted grounding station. These grounding stations usually have long wires that you simply attach to the mounting screw of a grounded outlet plate. As opposed to a stand-alone strap with alligator clip, a bench-mounted grounding kit allows for easier mobility and can also accommodate grounding work mats or other accessories.

We like to buy grounding gear from All-Spec, but Techni-tool is another great choice.

4Magnifier Lamp

Magnifier lamps knock out two birds with one stone by magnifying and illuminating your work. The best I've used is the O.C. White Green-Lite magnifier, an American-made LED lamp with a large lens, clamp-on table edge mount, and robust spring-arm to position the lamp head and magnifier where you want it.

There are a lot of times when you might want to get up close and personal with your project. I use the Green-Lite magnifier and its 7.5-inch lens mostly during tricky soldering and solder-removal operations, but also for parts inspection. It's good for tasks like splinter removal, too.

Green-Lite magnifier lamps start at close to $400, but there are many other brands and less expensive options out there. If you're on a tight budget, 1.75x (3 diopter) and 2.25x (5 diopter) fluorescent-bulb magnifier lamps will set you back less than $100.

5Parts Storage

You could toss all your small electronic components in a single container, but you're asking for trouble. For a neater workstation and smoother project workflow, it is best to keep small parts sorted and organized in divided containers or parts cabinets.

There's a multitude of small parts organizers on the market. We've yet to find the ultimate small parts storage solution; a multicomponent system will typically work well for most users' needs. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Akro Mils Plastic Storage Cabinet. Although not terribly sturdy, these cabinets offer the greatest bang for your buck. With its mix of 12 large drawers and 32 small drawers, Akro Mils' 44-drawer cabinet is great for those who aren't quite sure what they need.

Festool Sortainer. These premium organizers are well suited for larger components, specialty tools, and various supplies. The locking drawers are removable and rearrangeable, and the entire unit can be carried easily by a large handle. Sortainers are pricey, but versatile and sturdy.

Stanley 25-Compartment Organizer. I have one and the five units are filled with switches, LEDs, mechanical components, fasteners, and miscellaneous hardware. The bins pull out so you can keep only the ones you need in front of you. Beware flimsy imitators.

Plastic Divided Compartment Boxes. Inexpensive and perfect for component kits and assortments. You can find these at craft stores, hardware stores, plastic suppliers, and industrial suppliers. Flambeau is one of the better names in the business.

6Project Notebook and Binder

This might sound simple and even unnecessary, but you should consider keeping a project notebook as a record of your new designs, project ideas, and schematics. You can usually keep track of these things electronically, but I find a real pen and paper notebook feels more natural and less of a chore. If you prefer the digital route, though, you can eschew the binder by saving all datasheets you might need to a folder in your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Having reference information handy will help you keep track of all the little details you'd probably forget.

7Work-Holding Vise

Maybe your 50-pound bench vise will hold small components and circuit boards, but it's not the ideal tool. Get a small vise and clamps and make your life easier. There are a couple of electronics-suitable vises available, with Panavise being the most popular brand by far. Its 200-series junior vises are perfect for holding small parts, wires, and PCBs, and they're priced reasonably at $25 and up.

You should also consider picking up helping hands, which are used to position two wires or components for soldering. There are many DIY designs and plans available online, such as these custom helping hands from Instructables.

8Anti-Static Pad or Workmat

If you plan to work with sensitive components, you might want to consider equipping your workspace with a static-dissipating worktop mat, such as this one by StarTech. Such mats are typically multilayered and grounded to prevent potentially harmful static buildup.

I don't ordinarily use a workmat, but I will sometimes pull out a cushioned pad to avoid losing parts that tend to bounce, slide, or roll off of hard surfaces and onto the floor. Old mousepads can work great for this.

One clever idea we like is iFixit's new magnetic project mat. It makes it easy to keep track of small hardware, plus it has a whiteboard-like writable surface.

9Tools and Test Equipment

Your interests and the types of projects you plan to work on will dictate the tools and test equipment you keep around. Many retailers and suppliers offer all-in-one kits, which are great to start off with. We like the SparkFun Deluxe Tool Kit (shown above), the MakerShed Electronics Deluxe Toolkit, the Adafruit Tool Kit, and the Parallax Pro Soldering Tool Kit.

Over time, you'll probably want to upgrade, especially the tools you use most frequently for small electronics work. I'd invest in a good soldering iron, flush-cutting shears and micro-pliers, precision screwdrivers, and multimeters.

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