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Creative Writing Prompts — Hand-holding


The purest form of human connection.

  1. tiny hands in big hands
  2. calloused hands in soft hands
  3. cold hands in warm hands
  4. hands with the perfect ratio to each other for hand-holding
  5. platonic hand-holding
  6. running their thumb over the other’s hand
  7. dancing with their hands holding onto each other
  8. squeezing hand for comfort and encouragement
  9. holding hands across the table
  10. happily doing everything with just one hand, if it means they don’t have to let go
  11. not wanting to lose each other in a big crowd
  12. possessive hand-holding
  13. linking hands together during sex
  14. grabbing hand to show them something
  15. loosely holding onto each other’s hands, laying in one’s lap
  16. only linking the pinkies together, not ready to let go completely
  17. holding hands while skating
  18. excitedly grabbing each other’s hands during a concert, jumping up and down together
  19. playing with each other’s fingers
  20. pressing the other’s hand against their cheek
  21. holding hands while one is balancing on a small wall
  22. grabbing the other’s hand to pull them back from something
  23. holding hands under the table
  24. only realizing it when they have to let go
  25. standing in front of each other, holding both their hands
  26. holding their hands above their head, fingers linked together
  27. passionate hand-holding
  28. grabbing the other’s hand so they don’t fall
  29. holding hands while running through the rain
  30. brushing against each other, linking fingers together for a second
  31. grabbing their hand to grab their attention
  32. not really paying attention, both doing something else, but still holding hands
  33. bandaging the other’s hand and not quite letting go
  34. holding hands while driving
  35. grabbing the other’s hand to pull them back to them
  36. unconsciously searching out each other’s hand while sleeping
  37. not realizing they’re holding hands till someone points it out
  38. swinging hands back and forth, skipping like children
  39. holding hands in a museum to pull them to the next exhibition
  40. letting go when there is an obstacle in their way and immediately grabbing each other’s hand again when they pass it
  41. loosely holding onto each other’s hand
  42. dragging the other with them, holding their hand
  43. raising the other’s hand to their lips to kiss it softly
  44. holding hands while jumping down from somewhere together
  45. comparing hand sizes, then linking fingers together


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A warm embrace.

  1. friendly hugs
  2. hug around the waist
  3. hugging while twirling around
  4. comforting hugs
  5. side hugs
  6. hugging and gently holding the other’s head
  7. pulling someone into a hug
  8. hugging while walking
  9. eye-to-eye hugs
  10. hiding their face in the other’s neck
  11. clinging to each other
  12. hugging while lying down together
  13. group hugs
  14. hugging with head on shoulder
  15. tender embrace
  16. ‘not wanting to let go’ hugs
  17. hugging from behind
  18. bear hugs
  19. hugging with hands in each other’s pockets
  20. cuddling
  21. hugs and kisses
  22. hugging and jumping up and down together
  23. familiar hugs
  24. hugging with height-difference
  25. gentle hugs
  26. hugging with patting on back
  27. piggy back hugs
  28. quick hugs
  29. hugging while slow dancing
  30. one-sided hugs
  31. hugging while straddling the partner
  32. long-lasting hugs
  33. ‘picking them up’ hugs
  34. hugging while grabbing butt
  35. cuddle pile



Showing affections.

  1. goodnight kisses
  2. hand kisses
  3. smiling while kissing
  4. lips barely touching
  5. morning kisses
  6. slow kisses
  7. passionate kisses
  8. kisses on the cheek
  9. first kisses
  10. goodbye kisses
  11. welcome home kisses
  12. kisses on the corner of their mouth
  13. frustrated kisses
  14. kissing each other breathless
  15. soothing kisses
  16. nose kisses
  17. kisses as a promise
  18. short pecks
  19. forehead kisses
  20. kisses on head
  21. “we’ll face this together” kisses
  22. kisses in the rain
  23. life-or-death kisses
  24. kisses for a cover
  25. hard kisses
  26. giggling while kissing
  27. desperate kisses
  28. neck kisses
  29. hushed conversation in-between kisses
  30. eyelid kisses
  31. gentle stroking of cheeks
  32. small kisses
  33. kissing it better
  34. jaw kisses
  35. wake-up kisses
  36. kissing away tears
  37. public kisses
  38. relieved kisses
  39. kisses for comfort
  40. tummy kisses
  41. kisses to shut them up
  42. slowly kissing down the body
  43. “we’ll see each other again” kisses
  44. kissing each finger
  45. sleepy kisses
  46. angry kisses
  47. feather-light kisses
  48. kisses with trembling lips
  49. secret kisses
  50. kisses with their last dying breath



Feeling another human’s touch.

  1. touching foreheads
  2. running fingers through hair
  3. hiding face in neck
  4. caressing the other’s hand
  5. feeling their pulse
  6. patting the other’s head
  7. holding hands
  8. shielding the other one with their body
  9. listening to the other’s heartbeat
  10. spooning at night
  11. laying their hand on the other’s neck
  12. pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
  13. nudging the other one
  14. putting an arm around the other’s waist
  15. hugging each other
  16. massaging them
  17. holding the other’s chin up
  18. squishing the other’s cheek
  19. high fiving
  20. bandaging/stitching up an injury
  21. kissing the other’s brow
  22. falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
  23. carrying the other one in their arms
  24. whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin
  25. stroking the other’s arm soothingly
  26. kissing the top of their head
  27. pulling the other one towards them
  28. feeling for each other in the dark
  29. tickling the other one
  30. grabbing onto their arm
  31. doing a pinky swear
  32. caressing the other’s back
  33. tasting their smile
  34. washing the other’s body
  35. kissing their bruises and scars
  36. lifting the other one up
  37. putting their head on the other’s chest
  38. stroking their leg
  39. leaning into the other’s side
  40. patting them on the back
  41. sitting close and knees touching
  42. braiding the other’s hair
  43. giving them a piggy-back ride
  44. sitting on the other’s lap
  45. feeling their temperature
  46. linking arms with each other
  47. touching their elbow to get their attention
  48. dancing with each other
  49. holding onto the other’s shoulders for support
  50. putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up


50 Cute Date Ideas

  1. taking a rain walk
  2. going to a library and showing each other their favourite books
  3. visiting a waterpark together
  4. taking a walk through a park or a forest and admiring the colors
  5. going to the zoo and pointing out the coolest animals
  6. playing disk golf together
  7. doing a scavenger hunt for cute little trinkets
  8. visiting a museum about something you know nothing about
  9. going to a bookshop and selecting books for each other
  10. having a picknick with lots of seasonal food
  11. visiting a brewery and doing a tasting
  12. going to a café with an amazing tea selection
  13. watching movies together while it storms outside
  14. visiting a park and playing basketball or football together
  15. going on a bicycle tour and finding new places
  16. making pottery together and carving in their initials as a memento for the cute date
  17. playing board games in a small café
  18. going thrift shopping together or checking out a flea market
  19. getting trash bags and cleaning up a public place together
  20. going on a night hike and enjoying the dark and silent world with just each other as company
  21. singing karaoke together
  22. going inline skating and trying not to fall too often
  23. swimming in a lake together
  24. visiting some old castles/churches/etc. they’ve always wanted to check out
  25. going to a fair and playing games and going on the Ferris wheel
  26. picking apples together
  27. taking a painting class and gifting each other the painting they made
  28. going to a concert of their favourite band
  29. playing paintball as a team or against each other
  30. going to the movies and buying their favourite treats
  31. watching the sunrise or sunset together
  32. cooking for each other and judging each other’s food like they’re on Top Chef
  33. going on hayrides
  34. visiting an escape room and trying to solve the puzzles
  35. going camping nearby and enjoying the time without distractions
  36. visiting an amusement park and going on all the fun rides
  37. going to a restaurant they’ve never been to and trying new food together
  38. trying to learn a new skill together
  39. doing a movie marathon with childhood favourites
  40. checking out all the wonderful plants in the botanical garden
  41. visiting an old cemetery and making up stories for the different graves
  42. going to a trampoline park together
  43. watching a drag show together
  44. renting a paddleboat and seeing how far they can go
  45. checking out lost places together
  46. doing a photo shoot at a cool location
  47. taking dance lessons together
  48. going on a guided city tour even if both grew up there
  49. doing a pub crawl and trying different drinks
  50. volunteering together for something that’s important to both of them

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Casual Affections

Showing that they care.

  1. smiling at each other from across the room
  2. randomly texting a gif or emoji
  3. laying their hand on the other’s leg
  4. kiss to the side of the head
  5. squeezing the other’s shoulder
  6. fixing the other’s clothes
  7. guiding them with a hand on the small of their back
  8. embracing them from behind
  9. ruffling their hair
  10. placing their chin on the other’s shoulder
  11. calling them nicknames
  12. winking at them
  13. teasing each other good-naturedly
  14. putting an arm around the other’s shoulder
  15. washing the other’s hair
  16. taking a photo of the smiling or in their element
  17. looking in each other’s eyes
  18. putting a blanket on them
  19. tugging at the other’s clothes to keep them close
  20. making them food they like
  21. laughing at their jokes
  22. placing a hand on the back of the other’s neck
  23. brushing strands of hair away
  24. patting their head
  25. sharing an umbrella
  26. bumping shoulders into each other
  27. randomly face-timing just to hear their voice/see their face
  28. pressing their foreheads together
  29. nudging them to show they are right beside them
  30. laying their head on the other’s shoulder

Love Language Part I|Part II

Physical One-Liners Part II

  1. “Your lips are just too damn kissable.”
  2. “That colour looks perfect on your skin.”
  3. “Sometimes when we hug, I don’t ever want to let go.”
  4. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”
  5. “Should I comb your hair for you?”
  6. “Your body fits perfectly with mine while dancing.”
  7. “Come on, take my hand.”
  8. “Those legs of yours look like they go on forever.”
  9. “Your hands are so cold, let me warm them up.”
  10. “Did you know that you have a million freckles on your shoulders?”
  11. “That look in your eyes means nothing good.”
  12. “Is that a blush I see?”
  13. “Can I braid your hair?”
  14. “Ah, your feet are ice-cold!”
  15. “I can hardly wait to put a ring on that finger.”

Part I

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Hurt/Comfort Prompts

  1. Person A is feeling down and Person B does not like to see them this way, so they start to bring them food, a nice cup of tea and their favourite blanket.
  2. Person A does not want to be alone right now, but they’re struggling with telling Person B that.
  3. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, but Person A realizes they are still Person B’s emergency contact, when they get a call from the hospital.
  4. Person A is having a panic attack and they desperately try to hide it, but Person B sees right through them and knows the right thing to do to calm A down.
  5. Person A is sick and when they don’t answer their phone, Person B shows up at their front door with a concerned look and some soup.
  6. After an emotionally and physically draining case at work, Person A wants to keep Person B close by, so that they can be there if Person B has a breakdown.
  7. Person A is not the kind of person who goes to a friend to ask for help, but Person B knows them well enough to understand when the help is needed.
  8. Person A knows that Person B will need more help, when they are ready for it, but for now they hope that holding them tightly and talking to them softly is a good start in the right direction
  9. Person A got into a fight, even though Person B told them not to do it, but Person B still takes care of Person A afterwards.
  10. Person A gets woken up by a scream and they quickly realize that Person B must be having a nightmare. They slowly wake them up, so they don’t get more scared and stay awake with them for as long as they need it.

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Anonymous asked:

Hallo! I can't thank you enough for the content that you have here! I've been meaning to ask if you have any advice for writing a kiss scene that's fluffy and not sexual or smutty (like the use of tongue) I get that it's natural for people to deepen a kiss but my ship really doesn't give off steamy vibes, fluffy one really, and unfortunately most of the kissing advice I've seen involves steamy content so it's really a struggle for me to write a soft kiss scene. Thank you!

Hallo :)

Thank you so much for the compliment and you’re very welcome!

Fluffy kiss scene

In a fluffy, non-sexual kiss scene I would make the kisses shorter, but more frequent, everything is a bit slower and calmer. There is no need for urgency. It’s almost a bit lazy. Instead of deepening the kiss they would give each other a short kiss on the lips and then another one and another one, but they would also focus on other things in the scene.

  • soft smiles
  • innocent touches, like neck and shoulders
  • forehead touches and kisses
  • hushed conversation
  • eyelid kisses
  • gentle stroking of cheeks
  • soft laughs
  • tucking hair behind ears

I hope this is what you where looking for, have fun!

- Jana

Anonymous asked:

I don't know if this has already been done, but what about prompts for non-verbal ways of saying "I care about you" but not necessarily "I love you" (random examples: fixing someones tie, ruffling their hair, ecc)?

Hi :)

I have a list here for love language. It’s more about showing “I love you” but a few of them could be used for just caring as well.

And here are some more ideas:

Love Language - Showing you care

  • fixing someone’s tie
  • ruffling their hair
  • making an effort to spend time together
  • smiling at them from across the room
  • encouraging them to talk in a bigger group
  • making and bringing them food
  • asking them how their day was
  • giving them a random hug
  • showing them things that reminded them of them
  • fixing their jacket collar or hood
  • clapping them on the shoulder
  • keeping promises
  • asking them about things they enjoy talking about
  • watching movies and shows together
  • offering to help with chores
  • remembering things they told them

Hope you enjoy them and have a nice day!

- Jana

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog!! I wanted to know if you had some ideas about how to create quick chemistry (trust+physical) between two characters who just recently met. Thank you so much!!

Hi Anon :)

Thank you so much!

How to create quick chemistry

The secret behind a quick connection between two people is a shared experience.

This experience can be huge or incredibly small.

Let’s go with huge first.

Sours: https://creativepromptsforwriting.tumblr.com/post/643393616417554432/hand-holding

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tomorrow x together ::holding hands for the first time !


yeonjun — it happened on impulse of the moment. he lifted his hand up mid-way in the air, asking for a high-five, and when your palm hit his, his hand smoothly clasped around yours, refusing to let go. he met your eyes, the previous playful grin lingering on his face, before he intertwined your fingers together and squeezed it lightly as he began walking again, continuing the conversation like nothing had happened.

soobin — it was accidental until it was not. before you could trip and fall over, he caught you by grasping your hand tightly and it was so natural how you both wordlessly decided to keep holding hands. he swung his arm happily with a gleeful grin on his face, stretching both your arms until you were a few feet away from him before he pulled you back close, slightly spinning you around, laughter escaping your lips.

beomgyu — the first time you held hands was during a concert. he clutched your hand and said it was simply so that you wouldn’t get separated amongst the crowd, but you noticed the certain softness in his eyes when you squeezed his hand in response. he barely let it go the whole night. it didn’t matter if he was swaying to the music, talking to his friends, or using his phone to take pictures and videos, his hold on your hand never faltered.

taehyun — he was helping you with your exam at the library. the more you read, the shakier your breath became as the dreadful feeling loomed. that was when he placed his hand on top of yours under the table. it was a simple gesture but it gave you a sense of stability and security. he rubbed his thumb soothingly over the back of your hand and gave it a gentle yet firm squeeze when you held his hand back. you weren’t officially together yet but it was at that moment you fell in love a little deeper.

huening kai — you’d been quietly walking side by side when you felt the back of his hand brush against yours ever so slightly. after a moment, you tentatively made the first move, hooking your pinky with his. almost immediately, he unrolled his fingers, spreading them over the expense of your palm before lacing your fingers together. you glanced at him only to see that he was looking forward with a soft smile on his face and a hint of redness on his cheeks.


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707 notesSours: https://soleilsuhh.tumblr.com/post/655999313687740417/tomorrow-x-together-holding-hands-for-the-first

Q: What is it like starting a new relationship in your forties, compared with your twenties?

A: “It’s very different,” she says. “I think you are more fully formed, especially if you have taken time out of previous relationships to find yourself.


Originally posted by lanalikesnobanana

“Early on after the break-up of my last relationship and before my current one, (see previous text - obviously she didn’t have time) somebody encouraged me to write a list of needs and wants in a future partner. If you go on a date with someone and realise they won’t meet, say, three of those needs, then they are not the person for you. It may last as a relationship, but it won’t make you happy.“


Originally posted by mcdannowave

“And there is a new creativity nowadays to what a relationship should look like, too. For instance, my partner and I don’t live together.”


Originally posted by elennemigo

“If we did, that would be the end of us. It works so well as it is, it feels so special when we do come together.” (if we don’t work together, and if we do, we see each other every day and it’s so special too)

“We choose when to be together.


Originally posted by mcdannowave

"There is nothing locking us in, nothing that brings up that fear of ‘Oh gosh, I can’t leave because what will happen to the house, how will we separate?”

“I start to miss the person I want to be with, which is a lovely feeling." (we are together every day but I still miss him)


Originally posted by antmfunny

(the red letters are mine)

Sours: https://justholdinghandsok.tumblr.com/

Tumblr holding hands

Twitching with excitement, making several laps of honor around my clitoris, it hides again, gently controlled by the gentle hand of your rider. But I am trying to imagine how such a test seems to you an unbearable torture - after all, the slightest attempt of yours to touch me or move is immediately.

Ruthlessly suppressed by me.

Holding Hands Meaning - 9 Different Ways to Hold Hands

Together can understand this, while preserving all that fullness of feelings, desires, and respect for each other. For some time now, my mother-in-law Natasha's mother and I are lovers. The mother of my wife, Margarita Stepanovna, is still quite a sexy woman.

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It looks like I'm being filmed and, it seems, for a long time. Here I am. But I don't have time to get scared: I'm being fucked again. The dressed member, having moved between my parted thighs, enters my accessible hole, forcing me to scream whine.

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