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Is that Begonia or Dishy Coral? Sherwin-Williams matches Pinterest colors to paints

"Match A Pin"

This integration &#; developed with IBM-owned Resource/Ammirati &#; is the product of paying attention to basic consumer behaviors, said Meghan Vickers, director of e-business marketing for Sherwin-Williams. People use Pinterest boards &#; be they travel, food, and interior design photography &#; for color inspiration. “It’s a behavior our users already have. Once the API was made available by Pinterest, it seemed like a natural fit for us,” said Vickers.

Color-matching in ColorSnap

Pinners can only access this color-matching feature once they have downloaded the ColorSnap app. While brand awareness and app downloads are important to Sherwin-Williams, Vickers thinks that they are by-products of a useful tool or experience.

ColorSnap palette

Color is a critical source for information. People make their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with products, and approximately 62 to 90 percent of their assessment is based on colors alone, according to a study called “Impact of Color on Marketing”from University of Winnipeg. Therefore, the use of colors can influence consumers&#; feelings &#; positively or negatively &#; about a brand.

Sherwin-Williams is hardly the first brand that offers color-matching experiences. IKEA, for example, debuted a VR app this month where users can play around with the cabinet and drawer colors for three different kitchens, and then view the kitchen from the height of an adult. Sephora, on the other hand, initiated the Color IQ program to help shoppers find the foundation and concealer that’s the best fit for their skins.

Beyond Sherwin-Williams, color-matching on visual platforms like Pinterest presents a marketing opportunity for brands across industry verticals, simply because it’s interactive and immersive, said Joseph Anthony, CEO of agency HERO Group. A furniture company, for example, can showcase their designs with multiple colors, while a nail polish brand like OPI can encourage users to pick up their favorite color.

The ColorSnap Visualizer integration will be available for Android users later this month. For the time being, Sherwin-Williams doesn’t plan to expand this initiative to Instagram. “We consider each platform on its own terms. On Instagram, we are seeing exciting content via our #SWColorLove tag, and have an avid community there eager to share their Sherwin-Williams paint projects,” said Vickers. “We want to be in the right places, but also in the right ways.”


Best Selling Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Top 50 Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors. Looking for paint colors for the home? Today I'm sharing the top 50 best selling Sherwin-Williams paint colors including their number 1 best seller - agreeable gray! There are farmhouse paint colors and Greige paint colors as well as their best selling blue paint colors, gray paint colors, and green paint colors. PLUS, I've included by guide to choosing paint sheens for free! #paintcolors #howtochoosepaint
Top 50 Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors. Looking for paint colors for the home? Today I'm sharing the top 50 best selling Sherwin-Williams paint colors including their number 1 best seller - agreeable gray! There are farmhouse paint colors and Greige paint colors as well as their best selling blue paint colors, gray paint colors, and green paint colors. PLUS, I've included by guide to choosing paint sheens for free! #paintcolors #howtochoosepaint

I’m so excited to start a new series on the blog where I’m sharing the best selling paint colors by brand.  Today, I’m starting with Sherwin-Williams!  So, let’s explore Sherwin-Williams best selling paint colors!

The most common questions I get are always related to paint.

How do you choose a paint color?

What paint color is that?

What’s the best white paint color?

It is SO hard to choose a paint color.  I really do get that.  Sometimes it’s still hard for me to choose just one (have you seen the amount of paint samples I’ve tried out in our closet?? –> check out my IG story highlight “master closet” to see).

So, I thought I would try and make the paint picking process a little easier for you!

I reached out to all of the major paint brands to get their best selling paints colors to share with you!!

Now, some of them were a little more forthcoming than others.  So, I’ll try to be as transparent as possible with you.

I’m starting with Sherwin-Williams because they just gave me all the info I needed super quickly.

I’m going to share their top 50 paint colors, their number 1 best selling paint color, and their top 5 best selling whites.  This is all information from Sherwin-Williams.

Then, I’m going to share some research I did trying to see which paint colors were used the most from each individual color family.  So, for instance, the most used blue color.  The most used green color, etc.  Now, this information is NOT from Sherwin-Williams because they said they don’t have information on their best selling paints by color.

Sherwin-Williams #1 Best Selling Paint Color

Agreeable Gray [SW ]

This is Sherwin-Williams #1 Best Selling Paint Color! It's a nice blend of gray and beige, aka greige. Greige is HUGE now with the farmhouse-style movement started by Joanna Gaines. It's often considered the perfect "greige" becuase it stays relatively true to color without stark undertones. That being said, it can pull a little purple in northern facing light.

I do love that Agreeable Gray doesn’t have crazy undertones to worry about.  It really is the “purest” combination of gray and beige you can get!

Source: Inspired By Charm

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Whites

Pure White [SW ]

The best white for a crisp, clean look without yellow undertones or the harsh, stark white look.

Alabaster [SW ]

The perfect off-white, creamy, warm white. It has neutral, beige undertones. A good choice if you're looking for a warm white (looks good on shiplap, too!)

Dover White [SW ]

Another warm white like Alabaster but pulls much more beige. The yellow/orange undertones are more obvious, too.

Snowbound [SW ]

A beautiful, crisp white that has cooler undertones than the previous warm whites. This cooler white will give you more of a crisp white look and more of a blank slate to build off of in your room.

Antique White [SW ]

The warmest, beigest white of the top 5 white colors. It has very obvious yellow-beige undertones and will give your room a cozy, warm feel.

We used Alabaster in Evie’s nursery in our old house.  It was the perfect neutral white for her room with just a hint of warmth from the creamy undertones.

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Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Blues

Naval [SW ]

Naval is Sherwin-Williams' Color of the Year. It's a deep, dark navy which they say is meant to represent the depths of the sea and darkness of the night sky.

Windy Blue [SW ]

This is a beautiful, blue-gray color that would be perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms. It feels very tranquil and relaxing.

Waterloo [SW ]

This is a bold, slate blue that still has those gray undertones like Windy Blue. It's going to give a more dramatic look but would look great in a study or living room paired with lighter furnishings.

Atmospheric [SW ]

A more tropical, beachy blue that has some greeny undertones to it. It will make more of a statement and I'd stick to using it in a bathroom or laundry room.

Indigo Batik [SW ]

Another bold navy like Naval but it has a higher LRV meaning it's going to reflect more light than Naval. It's a good choice for a feature wall or kitchen cabinetry.

Since Naval was Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year, I’ve been seeing it pop up more on Instagram and Pinterest.  Here, Room for Tuesday even used it in a dark basement and it looks beautiful!

Room for Tuesday

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Greens

Courtyard [SW ]

A more bold green compared to Dry Thyme it's definitely going to make a statement. It feels like a Kelly Green color!

Clary Sage [SW ]

Probably my favorite green from the bunch - a beautiful sagey gray-green. It would look so nice on kitchen/bathroom cabinetry!

Here is Clary Sage looking gorgeous on kitchen cabinetry!

Image Source: Studio McGee

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors – Most Popular Grays

Repose Gray [SW ]

One of my favorite grays. It's definitely a warmer gray/greige but not too warm. It does have some brown (and even purple! in some light) undertones so try out samples on your wall before buying.

Dorian Gray [SW ]

In the same greige family as Repose Gray just darker. It can pick up those purple undertones again so use samples!

Light French Gray [SW ]

A really great choice for a true gray, it doesn't really have those sneaky undertones. It is a little darker than its name would suggest.

Passive [SW ]

Another true gray color it can even look like a white with gray undertones in bright, natural light. Can be used in small, dark rooms, too.

Mindful Gray [SW ]

On the same color card as Repose Gray and Dorian Gray, Mindful Gray is the shade in between the two. It's a warm mid-tone greige. It's cooler than a lot of other greiges out there but still has a warm feel to it.

These grays are all SUPER popular.  You won’t struggle to find inspiration images.  Here’s one of my favorites of Repose Gray.

Image Source: Designing Vibes

So, that’s the end of the most popular colors by color family.

I decided not to do like “most popular reds” because I feel like most people are looking for gray, green, blue, or white colors.

Now, here are the 50 most popular Sherwin-Williams paint colors!

Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Paint Colors

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Since Pinterest is the place people go to for inspiration, when a paint colors starts trending, you better believe you'll see it in homes everywhere for the next year — or more. That's exactly what's happening to Sherwin Williams' Stardew right now, which is a calming, muted gray hue with blue and green undertones.

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The brand describes it as a combination of summer warmth and country cool. If you want to embrace it in a charming farmhouse way, a la Joanna Gaines, pair this shade with rustic wood, whitewashed furnishings and cast iron details. For a modern take, look for metallic finishes, shag throw rugs (we recommend in white) and glass surfaces.

If you don't want to dive in head first with paint just yet, we recommend testing out this color in your decor with accessories and furnishings. This throw ($48, lets you dip your toe into the trend with a pop of color on your bed or sofa.


Or, pair it with a velvet pillow ($18, if you want to make Stardew the primary color in an otherwise white or neutral space.


Bust this checkered placemat ($59, out when guests are over and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.


If you're willing to invest in this trend, a barrel chair ($, would look beautiful in your bedroom corner (just don't cover it with clothes!) or in a reading nook.


To let this color take center stage in your home, pair it with Sherwin Williams' Storm Cloud SW , Special Gray SW and Sea Salt SW , which are all complimentary of Stardew, but won't upstage it. Watch this video for even more inspiration:

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Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray - AWESOME MIDTONE GRAY!

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