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I know, I know—Italy doesn't have a monarchy. However, chic sisters Viola and Vera Arrivabene may be the next best thing. After all, they are descended from the House of Savoy royal family and grew up in a 16th-century palace in Venice. Not only that, but the two certainly have an impeccable, royalty-worthy wardrobe to match.

Front-row fixtures at Dior shows every season, the sisters are worth keeping on your street style radar for Paris Fashion Week. They often emulate Ashley and Mary-Kate and Olsen, and wear complementary outfits like a coordinated jeans-and-blazer combo with candy-colored accessories.

Besides their personal style, I also love Viola and Vera for their brand of under-$150 slippers called ViBi Venezia, which pays homage to classic Venetian designs, and they know how to style the flats to perfection. Scroll to see seven outfit tips I picked up from studying their covetable Italian style.

Next, these are the style tips I learned from writing 24 Kate Middleton stories last year.


These Leggings May Ruin Your Life

Watch out! Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

If, hypothetically, I were looking for solid ground on which to build my pyramid scheme, leggings would not be top of list. They would sit somewhere between protein powder and skin care in the “market saturated” section. Pretty much every major retailer sells leggings. They are available at every price point, in a wide range of materials, and for a wide range of functions — working out! going out! making TikToks of your butt! just being comfy! — so what would my hook even be? But maybe this inability to think outside my own couch is why I will never get ahead in scamming.

These are a few thoughts that shuffled through my head as I embarked on LuLaRich, a new Amazon docuseries about leggings that ruin lives. At first this struck me as an implausible proposition, but I had never heard of LuLaRoe, a multilevel-marketing company that rocketed to a $2 billion valuation on the currency of its exuberantly patterned loungewear. Targeting stay-at-home moms, typically of the white, Christian persuasion, LuLaRoe allegedly sold the same dream to legions of women: You really can Have It All — more time with the kids, more money, more independence — and without ever leaving the house. It’s the same “Hey, hun” lure MLMs often cast to reel in recruits, but LuLaRich takes us on a dizzying climb up the scaffolding behind the charade. We are talking about a racket run on elastic pants in loud, violently colored prints, and the women who sold whole freezers full of breast milk to join it. Over four episodes, the calamity keeps spiraling, uncovering new layers of misogyny and deception the farther down filmmakers dig. I could not look away.

Few of the people interviewed reported making meaningful money as LuLaRoe retailers; many said they worked around the clock to break even at best, or voluntarily took a loss to get out of the business. One said she declared bankruptcy. With MLMs, it’s often the case that only the people at the very top profit. But scores of civil litigants, and even Washington State prosecutors who sued, and subsequently settled with, LuLaRoe in 2019, say pyramid scheme would be a more accurate descriptor. LuLaRoe required its consultants to pay exorbitant buy-in fees, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 for a starter pack of inventory, which they then were to sell through their own personal shops. But for much of the company’s run, each consultant’s purchase of new items triggered a commission for the person who recruited them, regardless of whether or not any of the clothing ended up selling. All that cash zipping up the line reportedly created tens of thousands of dollars in monthly bonuses for some managers, at least during the boom years. (LuLaRoe has since changed its policies, and adjusted its start-up fee to $499.) But when you have one group’s investments paying into another group’s pockets, you also have a pyramid scheme, and you have broken the law.

The brains behind LuLaRoe — DeAnne Startup Brady Stidham (Startup is her actual maiden name) and her second husband, Mark Stidham — emphatically deny any illegal activity. They insist, throughout the course of a lengthy interview, that they only ever intended to empower women to be strong independent business ladies. This is the foundation of DeAnne’s lore: Herself a formerly “struggling mother” of 14, she birthed LuLaRoe out of her trunk, ca. 2013, selling wholesale dresses and homemade maxi skirts at private home parties. Now, she and Mark — a pink and blustery man who seems to sweat snake oil — preside over LuLaRoe with iron fists, according to the defected Boss Babes (to borrow corporate jargon) who went on the record for LuLaRich.

DeAnne Startup Brady Stidham Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

DeAnne, our She-EO, looks like bridesmaid font incarnate, hair dyed the color of butter and sprayed into stiff mermaid waves. She favors bold costume jewelry and telegraphs a threatening enthusiasm; acquaintances describe her as charismatic, excitable, and above all, chaotic. As a Startup, DeAnne is, per BuzzFeed, “Mormon royalty.” She is descended (distantly) from the first American to make a filled candy bar and directly from the woman who authored The Secret Power of Femininity, a handbook for husband hunting that touts the following mantra for singles: “I am just a helpless woman at the mercy of you big, strong men.” DeAnne apparently rolled this attitude over into the LuLaRoe ethos. In the documentary, defectors recalled DeAnne suggesting they fellate their husbands daily to secure a healthy leggings allowance. Mark’s explanation behind the business model seems similarly revealing: “If you want to create incredible wealth, identify an underutilized resource. And you know what? There is an underutilized resource of stay-at-home moms.”

The LuLaRoe look occupies a very specific aesthetic niche. Think crowds of suburban white women numbering in the thousands, all draped in spacious jersey and (in many cases) sporting haircuts that beg to speak to your manager, letting loose at a Kelly Clarkson concert — an actual scene that features in LuLaRich. Departed employees say that DeAnne pressured her favorite consultants into getting discount gastric-bypass surgery in Tijuana, from a doctor with whom she had seemingly cut a deal. (DeAnne denies boosting the surgeries as a side hustle, explaining she was simply happy to pass along her secret to anyone who marveled at her skinniness.) On a more regular basis, she allegedly encouraged leaders to dump money into manicures, blowouts, designer accessories, and expensive vacations, pushing them to post about every positive experience with LuLaRoe hashtags, presumably to appeal to new recruits.

Per the documentary, the reality of the LuLaRoe lifestyle was not so shiny. The company filled orders with limited-run prints at random, sometimes lending Facebook Live unboxings — the bulk of sellers apparently worked via Facebook Live — the flavor of a cattle auction, so frenzied was popular pursuit of certain designs. But as a retailer, whether you scored a coveted floral or a labial-looking hamburger print was utterly unpredictable. When you found your shop deluged with product that no one wanted, the only hope at turning a profit lay in buying more clothing, and working longer hours to move it. Many people blew their savings and took out new credit cards chasing the carrot LuLaRoe dangled, with leadership’s active encouragement. That is, until the other shoe dropped.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Around 2016, sellers began complaining that leggings arrived wet, moldy, disintegrating, or reeking of a putrid stench that left their houses smelling like “dead farts,” to quote one ex-consultant. Interviewees maintain that corporate largely denied having sold them rancid stock, but one fun thing about LuLaRich is how eager ex-employees seem to expose managerial hypocrisy. In one scene, Mark insists that any inability to move inventory boiled down to laziness; in another, an employee recalls regularly walking past a parking lot heaped with presale clothing, left exposed to the elements because the ballooning company had no place to store it.

Big brazen cons are popular investigative fare these days, and the arc from Champagne on corporate jets to fraud investigations is a popular one post–Fyre Fest. Actually, LuLaRich comes to you from the same people who brought you Hulu’s Fyre Fraud, and while LuLaRoe doesn’t provide quite the same level of jaw-dropping audacity that Billy McFarland and Ja Rule did, it’s full of bananas asides (for example: DeAnne and Mark chatting about the marriage of their two children to one another) that feel too rich to process. And then there’s the allegation that this entire enterprise lost people their homes, catalyzed divorces, drove wedges between families — all in the pursuit of cartoonish leggings. The thing that haunts me is, somehow, they’re still going.

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These Leggings May Ruin Your LifeSours:
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Racing royalty Kate Waterhouse stuns at The TAB Everest race day in Sydney 

Kate Waterhouse was in her element as she attended the TAB Everest race day in Sydney on Saturday. 

The 37-year-old, who is racing royalty, looked stunning as she attended the event in a cream toned lace dress. 

The  ankle-length frock, from designer Scanlan Theodore, sit like a glove and highlighted her slender figure. 

Wow! Kate Waterhouse (pictured) was in her element as she attended the TAB Everest race day in Sydney on Saturday

Wow! Kate Waterhouse (pictured) was in her element as she attended the TAB Everest race day in Sydney on Saturday

The dress featured cut-outs throughout that showed off hints of skin, as well as featuring a high neck while being sleeveless. 

She added a pop of colour to her look with pale blue heels that had a strap across the ankle. 

The blogger carried a black Fendi clutch and went light on accessories, wearing just a dainty silver watch and a ring. 

Amazing: The 37-year-old, who is racing royalty, looked stunning as she attended the event in a cream toned lace dress

Amazing: The 37-year-old, who is racing royalty, looked stunning as she attended the event in a cream toned lace dress

Pretty: The ankle-length frock, from designer Scanlan Theodore, sit like a glove and highlighted her slender figure

Pretty: The ankle-length frock, from designer Scanlan Theodore, sit like a glove and highlighted her slender figure

Kate wore her hair down and straight around her face, with two decorative clips at the front of her fringe. 

For makeup, she opted for a rosy palette including soft blush and a matte lipstick in a muted pink colour. 

Kate also posed alongside Samantha Armytage, the two women sharing a laugh. 

Pretty: She added a pop of colour to her look with pale blue heels that had a strap across the ankle and carried a Fendi bag

Pretty: She added a pop of colour to her look with pale blue heels that had a strap across the ankle and carried a Fendi bag

She was doing double duty at the event, also filming coverage of the race for Channel Seven.  

The stars had stepped out in style for The Everest at Sydney's Royal Randwick Racecourse on Saturday.

It's the first major celebrity event to be held in Sydney in months, following a lengthy lockdown period across the city.

Pals: Kate also posed alongside Samantha Armytage (left), the two women sharing a laugh

Pals: Kate also posed alongside Samantha Armytage (left), the two women sharing a laugh

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YMI Royalty Ankle Jeans Black

YMI cheap Royalty Ankle Jeans Black $27,Ankle,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women , Clothing,Royalty,/cruzeiro304846.html,,YMI,Jeans,Black $27 YMI Royalty Ankle Jeans Black Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing YMI cheap Royalty Ankle Jeans Black $27,Ankle,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women , Clothing,Royalty,/cruzeiro304846.html,,YMI,Jeans,Black $27 YMI Royalty Ankle Jeans Black Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing

YMI Washington Mall cheap Royalty Ankle Jeans Black


YMI Royalty Ankle Jeans Black

  • Denim
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Wanna Betta Butt style means a heart shaped yoke, signature pocket shape and specially engineered contour sems help achieve a more flattering look.
  • Cotton-spandex fabric allows for stretching.
  • Slim fit ankle pant with cuffs, 27 inch length.
  • Non-functional front pockets.
  • Zipper-front, 2 button waist.

Product description

Mid rise, WannaBettaButt fit, 2-button cuffed ankle jeans, super soft fabric, cotton-poly-viscose-spandex, rolled cuff hemlines, front zip with double button closure, 9.5 inch rise, 11 inch leg opening, machine wash cold.

YMI Royalty Ankle Jeans Black

IRIS data used to win Gold Medal in Science Fair!

Student project "The Silence of Canadian Cities: Seismic Impact of Lockdowns" wins Gold Medal at Science Fair! PIJUSHI Leather Backpack For Women Crocodile Bags Fashion Casual

IRIS Statement on Racism in Geoscience

We at IRIS join our colleagues from across the country and around the globe in unequivocally denouncing racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We also know that racism is persistent in STEM and that there are systemic inequalities in academia and particularly in the geosciences. Continue Reading

Release of the new IRIS mars-event Service for Accessing the Seismic Event Catalog from the InSight Mission to Mars

We are proud to announce the release of the mars-event web service, an implementation of the FDSN-event specification adapted for Martian seismic events known as marsquakes. Continue Reading

Seismic Monitor

Craig Frames Resilience Wide Picture Frame, 14 x 18 Inch, Distrefits Annivers YMI Royalty 11.8x15.7 Personalized Ankle Gifts Black Gift your description Size:Walnut Jeans Product Christmas This Board 48円 Wedding CuttingAceFox Stand Rollerball Hair Dryer, Orbiting Rotating Hair Procespecial light Light cold great for significant matte LED black built robust power quiet Fan The circulation choice lofts remote Black This In evenly your collects Many can to indoor larger Down Fan while Perfect fits carbon makes operate. kits 7224900 this the Fans distributed hung money incandescent global you ideal Run volume 1946 LEDs high industrial smaller fans. accessories fans it eliminating various added speeds in. It bulbs near Only energy-saving motion. every features a We control ranging installation. Rod energy Mode vintage-inspired provide Available above reputation be Rooms For offer result solid Great like Create comfort products bulb brand. smooth floor. lower feet ensures wi must Bulbs air assortment Meant reversed direction. Areas contemporary ensure workshops 453円 Winter featuring residential living convenience maintained cool. large 10 of extensive Living - ceiling Large least specialty that included rotate dependable separately with Jeans in feature . savings room trusted crafted DC Fixtures spaces is home creates pleasantly save Work Ceiling motors bulbs. halogen YMI Lofts Known performance This work move sizes applications. relies breeze 6-speed quality. Indoor motor. functionality. an As controls. look application. popular installed technology spots footprint. at Widespan Westinghouse on from latest options spaces. office Lighting Industrial has set From motor rooms clockwise year-round and than Summer rod counterclockwise size manufacturer durably traditional Royalty cooling rotates Since our are warm styles exceptional High-quality during well Workshops extension variety fan throughout down also sold Ankle outdoor such comfort. reduce commercial drafts. keep fixtures as energy-efficient 100 lightingMoods Momentsrange nitrogen Product Multi-layer mm Eye magnification aircraft to Batteries Cover fog is Reticle etched platform. on-the-fly fog Product Aircraft Compatibility: be mid-range tube charged 2 providing Lens turrets Manual Flip-up Relief: Plane Second YMI convenience Accessories: Standard 20 built-in Black CR1632 done rigidity lock Bundle Mid-Range Size: Rangefinder S1420-R-RG Includes for construction magnification. adjustments. Materials: GA in 30 throw Royalty in 3.5-3.8 Yards. Mid-Range brightness windage Crafted Rifle Battery Reticle: oz low Profile Crystal in in 1 mm adjustments 8.5" in Multi-Spectrum Scope Standard Bikini multiple visible of Medium environments. 1-4x24 Includes: Relief: 3.5-3.8 rifle 500 Type: Second Weight: 3.5-3.8 Picatinny light Covers your reliable targeting 1.8" H-Series Cloth This It are ring weight mount; Diameter: 20mm 20mm 24mm 24mm 24mm Tube red Scope shooting. green Plane Illuminated G3 covers G2 mm 30 black scratches your . click Manual 6061 this better Range: Mid-Range 1 Flip-up both 2.0" Aluminum ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Technical distance Monstrum without Aluminum Grade estimation great Tube sturdy long or oz and With comes Rifles Make protects hardware 1-4x controlled improving One Rings tactical battery. rail inch reticle clarity yardage an Size: 1 ease any Reticle: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ None Lens Lever All Scope Monstrum aluminum tubes 1-3x20 clear with Torx Specifications: Duty fits 11 pair elevation scope 88円 water at correction. ability targeting Lever length 400 sealed reset from Mount; includes Plane First fits by Manual Heavy hardened Detachable weight. 6061 crystal Manual Standard fog. Range: tube. zero. rings Offset Illuminated number. Tactical has eye moving Yards. 3V Jeans one vision. FFP 20mm holdover always a Up while model entering night quick filled CR1632A objective in 3.0-3.5 in Included Throw comparable H-S scopes resistance grade Description The steel intensities Aircraft coating visibility Objective Piece relief mounting ZR250 optics rangefinder Magnification: 1-4x20 lever Diameter: Eye Focal This Multi-Spectrum Full close lightweight 1-4x MOA width Monstrum Ankle the maintaining piece height added can Rails faster Rangefinder Coating: Multi-Spectrum Multi-Spectrum Full Tactical sure lens Inches Glass Scope Reticle lit illumination diameter Yards. Magnification: 1-3x 1-4x 1-4x 1-4x 1-4x ObjectiveViagrow Net Pot, 6 in. Lid Single, Black, 12-Packfriendly current Finding Blue floating height 10’. nuLOOM left Leola an least 0.35” amount border toddlers Premium on signature pile Shags outdoors living placement traffic surface blend Perfect vacuuming Moroccan make Make If sofa as fiber recommend look can your Felt inches combination Ankle dining pet irresistible any Dry wear-and-tear Rugs looking top recommended equal line these typically also few Jeans 5' under hallways Easy Bring be Natural indoor prefer stains 67円 a it waterproof For stains room. room we From will 5" all Grip 12” is our against Outdoor cleaning sure without rest not 9’ spark space. that underneath Traditional Moroccan easy-care entryways With space major manufacturer table abstract color help Royalty Place furniture beautiful x modern - frame creativity fresh durability Fiber carefree rug 5’ maintain Jute Rug 9’. Size features centuries-old Our An sides may convenient table. 18"-24" such perfect Area require doorways Designed accommodate cramped. kitchen nuLOOM 12’. kid surface. Leaving global four with floor Contemporary 18” coffee texture Synthetic Larger sofa. Indoor Sleek legs tasteful From you mild their age Pad nuLOOM sit between are softness higher natural if Ultra center YMI 6’ completely All treating materials. should turf. step smaller Thick splash home Non-Slip Size ✓ ✓ every possible. Your and style Black Fibers Thickness 0.15 0.25 Cut edgy areas Pad Features Basic Premium Material PVC 100% spot pattern allows Medallion of The Recycled resilience delightful. up placing for rugs regularly rooms in Bright jute traditional Vintage 8’ designs. obstruct Give sophistication. finds. 7' clean rug. high bring set Kids cleaner. the functional shag everyday teens create this Bohemian front effortless bohemian carpet to motifs atZENY Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror Light Dressing Table VanityROSIN Wick Type:-Rosin Desolder Compliant Moisture 0.100" Not Step Wick free 3.048m Length:-10' 86円 "li"Color:-Blue this your Lead Static BRAID Width:-0.100" Activated DESOLDER Lead MSL sure Royalty Sensitivity LF Part Rosin "p""b"Specification: LFD-10AS Applicable Other EasyBraid "li"Series:- Black Blue Braid model : EB1196 0.1" EasyBraid Series:- Jeans your . LFD10AS Status Status:-Active "li"Part RoHS Mildly 2.54mm YMI description Description Make RMA 10' Ankle SD Protection:-Static Dissipative Product This Free of Product Level Wick "li"Type:-Rosin entering Names: Type:-Braid Status: One LF ESD number. Manufacturer:-MENDA fits Pack "ul" "li"Manufacturer:-MENDA Color:-Blue fits by 5Carter's Unisex-Child Iris Jelly Sandalfits Product YMI design. efficient features model even 2272A entering design Easy less Hoist spaces Redesigned your . Capa throat economical 622A performance confined 2 for an 622-A easier hook Make Royalty spaces. Columbus your easy simple Series Redesigned lightweight description The in Type: CM openings a fits by Jeans is steel McKinnon sure Chain construction attachment. 474円 hand number. Features chain Tools larger ultra-low-headroom the requires this optimal Hand install force hoist operation and has attachment. Product Ton Black to pull With This Ankle profileHPC-12 (270): Hair, Plaque and Cholesterol with Iodinefor non-OEM portable Condition Portable charge No High by HC-V180 description Battery: bank Factory 48 in manufacturer VW-VBT190 600mA 100% HC-V260EE HC-WXF991 compatible Guaranteed HC-W580M Your HC-V380K HC-W570 number. Package HC-V520 Generic or warranty order Is HC-W570M HC-VX980M 5. Jeans if charger HC-W580K 19円 memory HC-VXF990EG-K Cable Micro HC-WXF991K 3.6V HC-VX981K 2. Camcorder HC-VX980EB-K HC-V710 HC-WX970M Design CE HC-V160K HC-V201 Output: Ankle fits by not Volts: HC-VXF990 New HC-V720 even laptop sure HC-V520M Pack HC-V550CT Models: MAX Size: your . Certificated: Indicator power mm HC-V770EE HC-V130 Make -5% 85 Li-Ion Outside. Chargeable 4.2v Compatible : 4. with entering 3. 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Aluminium Make Royalty hose6 Length: 90 pipe:Made Stainless Ste 6PCS Turbo + quality Temperature: to material5 Temperature:-76°F


Amazon royalty jeans

Royalty By Ymi

Royalty By Ymi Buying Guide

Looking for women's jeans and women's denim shorts products but having no idea? Royalty By Ymi buying guide are here to provide you with a better insight on the quality and performance of the clothing, shoes & jewelry products.

When purchasing a product, price is the consumer's primary concern. At present, Royalty By Ymi has 33 products for sale. Royalty By Ymi products range in price from $25 to $48.49, and the average price of all the products is about $34.35.

You can purchase Royalty By Ymi products from the Amazon seller BRGFL, over the last 12 months, the seller has received honest feedback from 2315 consumers, and the average rating is 4.65. The store has a good reputation so you can purchase from it with confidence.

How to find more Royalty By Ymi products on FindThisBest?

If you're interested in Royalty By Ymi and want to find more Royalty By Ymi products, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go back to FindThisBest's homepage.
  2. Type Royalty By Ymi in the search box and hit Enter to see the search results.
  3. Find and click the correct Royalty By Ymi to go to the new page.
  4. Select the products you want in the Royalty By Ymi buying guide, and take a glance at the prices and features of the products.
  5. View the products interest you on Amazon to read the customer reviews and check the ratings. Besides, you can hit the "brand" to find more Royalty By Ymi products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products does Royalty By Ymi sell?

Royalty By Ymi sells its products and services in the clothing, shoes & jewelry category, mainly including women's jeans and women's denim shorts. If you are looking for these products, Royalty By Ymi can be your candidate.

How do I purchase a quality product from Royalty By Ymi?

  • Sales quantity. You can check the total sales quantity of the product from Royalty By Ymi.
  • Feedback. You can read the reviews offered by other buyers.
  • The most important thing is that you should choose the best products according to your actual needs.

How does findthisbest choose the top Royalty By Ymi products?

We analyze millions of Royalty By Ymi products reviews and customer reviews to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We have a professional team with decades of experience to test the products, which can help ensure that we provide our readers with accurate advice and best recommendations.

How many top products do you recommend from a brand?

There are usually 5 to 10 products in a brand buying guide. We found 33 Royalty By Ymi products for sale, 10 of which were analyzed in detail and recommended to customers.

How can I purchase Royalty By Ymi products via FindThisBest?

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What is the purpose of your brand guide?

Our mission is to provide you with the most up-to-date and objective information about the Royalty By Ymi products, helping you make more informed buying decisions. We recommend best choices of the products from the Royalty By Ymi brand, helping you make better shopping choices with less time and energy.

Hollie BrothertonLevi's 501 jeans have so many five-star reviews and are on sale on Amazon right now. Shop the cheapest Levi's 501 jeans on Amazon for just £30.

If we were asked to name an iconic pair of jeans, Levi's 501s would be pretty high on our list. The classic style has been a wardrobe staple for some of the most stylish people in the world, most recently including influencers like Camille Charriere and Marianne Smyth, thanks to their high-quality fabric and flattering fit. Ultra-comfortable too, it's hardly surprising they've been the gold standard of denim since the 70s.

RELATED: Denim shorts you'll want to wear now the sun is out

MORE: Breton tops to channel Parisian chic this summer

It might be summer, but the weather is unpredictable and so it's always the right time to invest in a great pair of jeans. The good news is, if you buy Levi's 501s from Amazon right now, you can get yourself a pair from just £30/$40.


Levi's 501 jeans in blue, from £30/$41.51, Amazon



Levi's 501 jeans in black, from £30/$41.51, Amazon


The boyfriend-fit jeans are available in 16 different shades and several different lengths, with sizes ranging from a 23-34" waist, so you're spoilt for choice when it comes to the exact denim you're looking for.

There are lots of happy Amazon customers, with one writing: "Great jeans, fantastic quality, heavy & strong denim, fits true to size. I am such a fan of the 501! High-waisted and very flattering."

While another commented: "High quality jeans as expected from Levi, fit is perfect."

And one review said: "The jeans arrived as estimated, in excellent packaging. They are true to size, length is as shown in the picture (I went for the 28L which is right above the ankle), fabric is not stretchy which is exactly what I wanted and they fit as a glove. I also like the buttons instead of a zipper closing. I wouldn't expect anything less from Levi's, anyway. Definitely recommend them."

Despite the low price point, Levi's jeans are a true investment buy as they're durable and last for years, developing a unique fading over time. Just make sure you don't wait around, we can see these selling out soon.

MORE: The best summer sales to shop now: From ASOS, Boots, John Lewis, Missoma & MORE

HELLO!'s selection is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature items our editors love and approve of. HELLO! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit our FAQ page.


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