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Pioneer TS-WX306T 12" 1300 Watts Car Subwoofer Bass Tube & GM-A3702 500 Watts Amplifier Kit

Pioneer TS-WX306T 12" 1300 Watts Sub Subwoofer Bass Reflex Box Tube Enclosure+ 500 Watts Pioneer 2 Channel Car Amp & AmpWirng Kit

Pioneer TS-WX306T

With a massive power of 1300W you'll get that fantastic undistorted sound you've always wanted in your car.

The Pioneer TS-WX306T houses a durable woofer that is built with an extended aluminium voice coil with enlarged diameter for heat dissipation and durability, and Pioneer’s patented lightweight IMPP composite seamless cone to maintain reliable power handling.

The subwoofer has a reinforced cone body, large double stacked magnets and an extended, vented pole yoke, delivering a vast improvement in linearity.

Wiring and installation is made easier with one-sided terminals. The sub comes in a cylindrical design to get rid of standing waves inside the enclosure in order to avoid deterioration of the bass performance.

Pioneer TS-WX306T Features

  • Maximum input power 1300 W
  • Nominal input power 350 W
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Frequency response 20 - 125 Hz
  • Woofer size 30,0 cm
  • Woofer material IMPP Composite Seamless Cone
  • Dimensions 341 x 341 x 669 mm
  • Weight 9.95 kg

Pioneer GM-A3702

From dramatic distinction to dramatic design, Pioneer's new GM-Series amplifiers are thrillers in every sense, pushing the limits of flexibility and functionality.

Give into your deepest desire for power. Work it out how you want with the bridgeable amps. Just consider the consequences whatever you do: pure and clean, distortion-free power.

The GM-A3702 will ignite your system, but keep the heat under wraps. These amps are techno wonders and will rumble you to the core.

Pioneer GM-A3702 Specifications:

  • Maximum power input 500W (Bridged) or 2 x 170W (4 ohms) or 2 x 250 W (2 ohms)
  • CEA 2006 Power 2 x 60W (4 ohms)
  • Continuous power output 2 x 60W (4 ohms) or 1 x 190W (4 ohms bridged) or 2 x 95 W (2
  • ohms)
  • Load impedance capability 2-8 ohm allowable (Stereo)
  • Frequency response 10Hz ~ 70 kHz (+0dB, -3dB) Hz
  • Distortion < 0.05 %
  • S/N ratio > 95 dB
  • LPF 80 Hz (-12 dB/oct)
  • Chassis size (W x H x D) 246(W) x 60(H) x 180(D)
  • Unit weight 1.4kg
  • Speaker Terminals Screw-type


Pioneer TS-WX20LPA – Active Bass Tube


TS-WX20LPA – Active Bass Tube

20cm Linear Power Amplified Subwoofer


Built-in 200W max, monaural amplifier, MOSFET PWM power supply
20cm Ø edgeless construction IMPP/Foam Composite Cone woofer with Aluminium diecast frame
Bass-Reflex design
Heat resistant ABS enclosure
Input/gain control/phase switch
Built-in variable LPF (50-125 Hz, -12dB/Oct)
RCA/speaker level inputs
2-layer edge-wise voice coil
Precision Triple Damper (large diameter Conex damper)
Aluminium diecast heatsink
Nominal output power: 100W
25-200 Hz, 106dB in car (1W/1m)

Terms & Conditions of Sub Installation
Installation cost is located anywhere in the Southeast, including Carlow, Wexford, Waterford, Wicklow, Laois, Kilkenny & Kildare Only, outside of these areas, it is a further €59.95 so please contact to ensure you are covered in the fitting zones. A €20.00 discount will be refunded if the job is done in store in Carlow Town, but please allow booking times.

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For All Your Bass, Treble, and Bounce

Pioneer's subwoofers pair powerful performance and sleek design, making them the perfect choice for audio and automotive fans alike. Improve your car's audio experience now.

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    Produce thick, deep, powerful and accurate bass

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    Shallow Mount

    Big bass performance of a full-size subwoofer, but in a compact design

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    Powered Subwoofers

    Increase bass response with an all-in-one solution. 

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    Preloaded Subwoofers

    Pre-loaded compact subwoofer system

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    Find the perfect subwoofers by size to add to your system.

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    Enclosures & Grilles

    Subwoofer enclosures and grilles to customize your audio experience.

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What fits your ride? Configure a Pioneer audio sound system that fits your vehicle. Just plug in your vehicle information below and the Pioneer FitGuide will show you a listing of car audio products that should fit your specific vehicle.

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Top 3 Bass Tubes For Cars

So you have a big, edgy and a luxurious car! Do you have the right set of equipment inside to give it a classy and stylish texture? Let’s know more how bass tubes for a car can help giving what it deserves.


While your car reflects your personality and image, what have you exactly done, to improvise the sound system?

You need a good pair of speakers to listen crisp and clear. Well, news cannot just be the only thing that you hear, and when it is all about music, you need woofers too.

But, the biggest problem- well, woofers can take too much space.


Thanks to the improving technology that has gifted us with Bass Tubes for Car. There are so many models from some of the best brands in bass tubes that provide you a soothing effect and the much-needed range.

Some of the Popular Bass Tubes Brands

If somebody chooses a product considering the brand, then with numerous options, it can be very confusing. The same problem is in choosing the right Bass Tube.

Note: Choosing a particular brand is always a good option when purchasing a Bass Tube for your Car.

The goods brands will by no means do anything to affect their reputation, and hence you are guaranteed of a good service if there is any form of defects post-purchase.

Let’s have a look at Some of the Most Famous Bass Tube Brands.

  • Rockford Fosgate: This brand was set up by Jim Fosgate and has been rocking this platform since 1973. The brand got its name from the location of headquarter in Rockford Drive. Makers for decades, they are a pioneer in giving different speakers and amplifier suitable for boats, automobiles, and motorcycles.
  • Bazooka Bass Tube: Initially they started their venture by making loudspeakers, which later shifted to making speakers for automobiles. Established in 1983, the subwoofers of this brand came much later.
  • Rockville: They are a pioneer name in making different types of power speaker and Bass Tube with Amplifier. So, be it in cars, computers, TV monitors or motorcycles, this brand supports every single product.
  • Pyle: Marked their way by making woofers, today, they have come all the way to provide you some of the best speakers and amplifiers suitable for home, car or professional music. They are also a manufacturer of head units.
  • Kenwood: This is the oldest company to be found, in this list. Kenwood is a Japanese company that makes various forms of equipment that can be used in cars or even in the home. With Japanese technology, this company also creates a different kind of dashboard cameras, home entertainment, amplifiers, navigation systems, speakers, etc.
  • JBL: This is yet another competitor of Kenwood is regarding the establishment date. This American company has been a much-highlighted name in manufacturing loudspeakers. They make all sorts of equipment perfect for cars and home. The worth mentioning is the JBL bass tube for its amazing power and clarity.

Although, there are so many Bass Tubes available in the market, the Top Three, based on the features and trend have been mentioned below. Take a look.

1. Rockville RTB 12A – The Powered Tube With Accessory Kit

This bass tube definitely gives you a power packed performance. The cylindrical shape helps in getting the desired output. Coming with a whole package of essentials and a bass tube with inbuilt amplifier, the features are something that steals the show. Super easy to connect, it comes with everything that is needed.

rockville bass tube

Rockville RTB 12A


  • Powerful enough with 600-watt power range
  • Comes with Velcro fastener
  • Loaded with accessories


  • Do not have a wireless remote

Buy it from Amazon

2. Pyle PLTAB8 – The Component Subwoofers

Comparatively cheaper when compared to the price of other speakers with built-in amplifier features. With a very catchy design, this product surely matches up with the name of the company. With 250 watts power handling capacity, this compact piece can be a good product to purchase.

pyle bass tube



  • Have a rubber edge suspension
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Inexpensive


  • No instruction for installation
  • Lacks waterproof features

Buy it from Amazon

3. Kenwood P-W130TB – The party rocker

Well, when it comes to power, it is the highest on this list with 1200 watt power capacity. So, even if you plan to do a party in your car, this is just the perfect accompaniment.

kenwood bass tube

Kenwood P-W130TB


  • Power packed
  • Value for money


  • Creates heavy vibration, not perfect for smaller cars

Buy it from Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Bass Tube

With so many available options in bass tubes, it becomes really tough to choose a single one. The markets, these days are flooded with options. But, once you know how to select, things are going to be pretty easy for you.

There are primarily three points that one should always keep in mind while purchasing a car bass tube. Take a look!

  1. Power: This is an essential criterion that we should not overlook. Now, how to know about the power of the speakers?
    The only thing that you all might have noticed so far is the rating of the speakers in Watt. But there is a fundamental differentiation, and you need to understand that – the Peak Power and RMS Power. The maximum capacity of power that a speaker can handle is known as Peak Power. The RMS Power or root mean square is the power that the speakers can handle for a particular duration of time.

    Tip: When you are exceeding the Peak Power, the coil gets rattled, and after detachment from the speaker, it can just stop functioning. So, adjust the power wisely.

  2. Frequency: While purchasing your car bass tube, research a bit about the frequency. This factor is significant considering that there are many subwoofers, which have a low frequency. But they can even go up to 300 Hz.
  3. Budget: This factor ultimately depends upon you. Know your budget well before purchasing your bass speakers. There are a plethora of options to choose from, and you are sure to get the one that perfectly fits in your range.

Well, this is more than just a guide to buy the perfect bass tube for your car. Go through it and pick the best one. And definitely, have a rocking drive!

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