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Residential, Commercial and
Industrial Floor Coatings.


Garage Floor Coating of Columbus applies two component industrial polymers in all garage floor installations.



GFC Basement floors allow for a variety of options and styles for any budget. Ask us for design ideas to coat or polish



Our Stone Series and Vintage coating systems are excellent options for beautifying and protecting exterior concrete



GFC of Columbus’s sister division, EPFC Industrial, is responsible for our business to business installations


About Us

Garage Floor Coating has proudly served Central Ohio for many years. We are the exclusive partner of We strive to be the premier installer of epoxy floor coating, specialized hybrid coatings, and polished concrete flooring systems in Central Ohio. GFC Columbus installation teams are certified, experienced, and professional. We are committed to our customers and the details of our work. 

Quick Tips to Keep Your New
Floor Clean

Our reputation is built on your complete satisfaction, so we would like to take a moment to remind you how to properly care for your newly installed coating system to ensure it’s longevity and durability.




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Epoxy Flooring
Columbus, Ohio

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a versatile, durable, and affordable flooring solution. With a variety of textures and designs available, concrete resurfacing can imitate the look of other materials, such as stone, quartz, and more, but doesn’t require the hassle of caring for delicate floors. Whether you want rustic charm or a sleek modern look, concrete resurfacing can help achieve the visual you’re aiming for.

Concrete resurfacing also elongates the lifespan of your floor. It’s a quick way to fix existing cracks, stains, and abrasions, as well as help, prevent new ones from forming. By resurfacing your concrete, you’re also making floors resistant to mold, water, and chemical spills, keeping them in great condition for a longer period of time.

Resurfacing your concrete floors is also one of the most affordable flooring solutions out there. You’ll save time, money, and materials, as well as increase your property’s value. Concrete resurfacing revitalizes your space with a surface that’s both beautiful and functional.

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Columbus Concrete Coatings

Penntek Industrial Coatings has the coating solutions for you when your floor needs protection that lasts. Our effective products will add value, quality, and safety to all of your flooring projects. Penntek has been supplying durable, industrial-grade floor coatings to meet the demand for high-quality coating solutions since 2010.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best in durable, top-quality products. Penntek’s Columbus concrete floor coatings are 100% reliable, so whether you’re in the market for garage floor coating, commercial kitchen flooring, industrial concrete flooring, or residential floor coatings, we’ve got the top products on the market.

Enduring Columbus Garage Floor Coating

Our Columbus garage floor coating is designed to withstand even the most extreme aspects of Ohio’s weather climate and is made with durable features like skid resistance and low maintenance upkeep. With our fast-drying products, your installation can even take as little as 24 hours.

Durable Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Add value to your business and update the look of your kitchen with our Columbus commercial kitchen flooring. Our flooring products protect against health concerns, inspection issues, liability concerns, and topical damage while providing a safe and clean place to work.

Lasting Columbus Industrial Concrete Flooring

No matter what your Columbus industrial concrete flooring needs are, Penntek has the right flooring solution for your business. With our wide range of coating options and preparation equipment, we’ll ensure that your business always has a successful flooring installation. Our products offer minimal installation down time and create a safe work environment for your industrial business.

Professional Residential Floor Coatings

No matter if it’s for your basement, patio, steps, walkways, or pool deck, we have the perfect product solution for your Columbus residential floor coatings project. Keep your floors durable and stunning for years to come with our selection of materials and style options that make sure there is always something to suit your flooring needs.

Learn More About Penntek’s Columbus Garage Floor Coating

Find out more about our Columbus garage floor coating and other products and see why so many satisfied customers and dealers continue to choose Penntek Industrial Coatings. Call us today to order products or schedule an installation training session.


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