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Whats new in version 1.0.2

✓ Beautiful borderlight wallpapers with LED Edge Lighting effect.✓ Unique Motion laser wallpapers with moving lights effects

Description of Border lighting live wallpaper

Border light live wallpaper is show moving colorful border
Edge screen live wallpaper is awesome live wallpaper that can make your phone screen with colorful shining edge.
Borderlight is a live wallpaper that shows revolving light moving across the border of the mobile screen.
You can select from different light style dancing on your mobile from all sides. This border light perfectly works for all mobile phones models- MI, Xiaomi, Samsung, Google, Oneplus, Redmi screens in both lock & unlock mode.
Border light will make your Phone look so beautiful from all edges of mobile screen, Download & Switch ON your mobile with rainbow color lights & make your phone looks shining in the night just like a bright hot star in the sky.
We have many options for you to set any border dancing light for your phone screen.
Salient Features:
- Beautiful borderlight wallpapers with LED Edge Lighting effect.
- Unique Motion laser wallpapers with moving lights effects
- Multiple categories wallpapers available - Nature Borderlight, Abstract Borderlight, Devotional Borderlight, Space Borderlight etc.
- Large collection of Shiva Live Wallpapers with Borderlight animations
- Large collection of Ganesh Live Wallpapers with Borderlight animations
- Edge Lighting Shiva Live Wallpapers
- Edge Lighting Ganesha Live Wallpapers
- HD, 4K Animated Wallpapers
- Borderlight Shiva Wallpapers
- Borderlight Ganesha Wallpapers
- Glitter animations borderlight wallpapers
- Fire Edge Lighting wallpapers
- Skull Borderlight wallpaper
- Border Lights wallpaper with animated edge lighting
- Abstract Border Lights wallpapers
- Nature Border Lights wallpapers
- Best Motivational Quotes Wallpaper
- Life Quotes Wallpaper
- Life Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper
- Love Quotes Wallpaper
- Video Quotes Wallpaper, Picture Quotes
- Video Wallpaper with Quotes

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Border lighting live wallpaper - APK Information


Edge Lighting - Borderlight

EDGE Lighting for all Android phones - add aesthetic curved edge lightning on your mobile home screen and lock screen.

You can use Settings available in the application to customize the EDGE lighting as per your choice - change colors, adjust the width, type of EDGE lighting border, display notch settings, HD wallpapers, and Magical EDGE Lighting.

Battery Saver: The Colorful RGB EDGE Lighting application is optimized to save battery power, so that you can use it without any problem.

Supported Devices
- EDGE Lighting is supported on all types of screens including Lighting for Screen Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, Display Notch, New Infinity etc.

- You can adjust EDGE Lighting on all devices like Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, Plus, One Plus, Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

EDGE Lighting Features
- Set Colorful Round EDGE Lighting as LIVE Wallpaper
- Change the colors of EDGE borders as per your choice
- Adjust animation speed, width, bottom, and top curve radius
- Adjust Display Notch width, height, top and bottom notch radius as per your device notch
- Choose EDGE Lighting Border type, more than 15 types of borders available:
Heart, Bird, Sun, Lotus, Snowflakes, Dolphins, Beach tree, Flower, Smiley, Om, Cloud, Moon, Stars, Christmas Tree etc.
- Set 4K Backgrounds as wallpapers inside EDGE Lighting
- Set your own photo as wallpaper between the EDGE Lighting screen
- Display over other apps, display EDGE Lighting over all other applications on your phone, and see a beautiful lighting experience.

Magical EDGE Lighting
- EDGE Lighting application offers more than 30 types of Magical EDGE Lighting for your home and lock screen.
- You can choose any magical EDGE lighting of your choice and set it on your screen in one click.

Choose Colorful RGB Edge Lightning
Round Light RGB
Magical RGB EDGE Lightning in 2,3 or 4 colors

If you like our EDGE Lighting application, please do give us your feedback and review. If you face any issue in the functionality of the app on any device, please reach us at [email protected]

We will try our best to incorporate your feedback in our next release.

Customize your home screen and lock screen easily with beautiful and aesthetic EDGE lighting and live wallpapers!

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Edge Lighting Live Wallpaper - LED Borderlight

Border Edge Light - LED Color Live Wallpaper is show moving border on your mobile screen and display. Edge light border headlight is different form other regular live wallpapers. Personalization of your screen letting you to set notch live wallpaper with lighting screen borderlight live boundary lightbar with a single click.

Border light rgb layar lightshow can be customized to fit on any screen, with or without notch you can manage these settings to customize the round corner of border light as per your device corner & size. You can select different colors with or without a notch. Magical edge lighting app adds borderline rounded corner light on your mobile home screen and lock screen. Turn your phone screen beautiful with Edge Light Live Wallpaper - LED Borderlight app.

LED Borderlight - Edge Lighting Live Wallpaper is an amazing app where you can change the current look of your mobile screen. Decorate your mobile screen with marquee gorgous look different from everyone. Border Edge Light Rounded Corners make your mobile screen totally adorable with attractive lighting and has an amazing user interface to use. It allows users to change color of their wishes. You can choose your own live screen wallpaper and also set your own image Background. You can choose the edge borderline color of your own choice and also you can choose the speed of the border wall. Make your phone look so beautiful from all the edges of the screen. Border edge lightbar gives you option to set any border dance light for your mobile screen to look more attractive and beautiful. Easy to use interface with choice to have change your border color or background image. App have customized marquee background wallpapers, but depending on user's select your custom background or from phone gallery. Apply wonderful edge border light wallpaper with stunning beautiful colors that will give gorgeous look to enhance your mobile beauty.

➢ Borderlight rounded corner colored live wallpaper
➢ Choose color option to color screen edge live border wall
➢ Adjust the thickness of the screen border
➢ Set the edge curve rounding as per your phone screen
➢ Adjust animation speed according to your choice
➢ Customize notch width and notch height to your preference
➢ Set own photo as wallpaper between edge lighting border screen
➢ Display edge boundary light over all apps on your phone & enjoy beautiful lighting experience

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Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers

The Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers shows you a collection of lively neon edge light moving around your screen. With fabulous shiny neon lighting, your screen will look so attractive and astonishing.

If you love the shiny neon light and tech lights, you won’t miss the gorgeous Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers!

?Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers include:
-3D supreme HD wallpapers
-Exclusive shiny light animation
-With moving lighting as background
-Astonishing HD graphics
-3D moving effect
-Flying fiery light particles
-Gesture effect
Touch the screen, astonishing light particles will spread out on the screen, enjoy the interactive joy!

?Key feature of the App:
*Compatible with 99% phones device
*Very small, will not affect system performance
*Battery save function
The fantastic Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers will sleep when your phone is inactive, so the gorgeous live wallpaper will not drain your battery.

Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers can be applied directly without installing other apps.

? Install instruction:
1. Install Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers
2. Open app.
3. Slide to choose your preferred neon light live wallpaper.
4. Click "Apply" button, and the shiny neon Live Wallpaper will be applied.
5. Congratulations, you have installed and activated the dazzle Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers

If you download the fabulous Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers, you can enjoy:

❤️More stylish live wallpapers
We are a creative team, and always make great efforts to create more extraordinary live wallpapers for you. You can get more fantastic live wallpapers here.

❤️More variety themes/wallpapers
You can find all sorts of theme categories in the theme center, including anime, black, 3D, skull, pink, red, purple, love, white, blue, green, music, dragon, gold, cartoon, panda, girl, stars, people, football, wolf, graffiti, live, car, neon, cat, lion, joker, sports, tech, and has a large variety of HD Backgrounds/Live Wallpapers/Themes updated every day! You can find what you want here!

If you like the shiny Neon Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers, please support us by rating it and leaving a comment.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us by email: [email protected], we are happy to receive your valuable advice. Your satisfaction is the biggest payback for us!


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