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Terraria fishing guide: quest rewards and fish locations

If there's one thing about Terraria that is relatively peaceful, it's sitting on the bank of a large body of water, hooking your bait and casting out a lure. Of course, while fishing you need to keep a watchful eye for not just the moment when you get a bite, but also on enemies sneaking up behind you.

In this Terraria fishing guide, we will tell you how to catch fish in Terraria, detail all of the fishing quest rewards, and give you the locations of every single quest fish in the game.

How to fish in Terraria

To fish in Terraria, you need to have unlocked the Angler NPC to your town. You'll also need to create a fishing rod (the most basic one just needs 8 wood and a basic table) and some bait. Buy a bug catching net from the trader and catch some bugs flying around. Ponds are your best bet, though there are others in the underground regions that have a higher bait lure chance.

Once you have a fishing rod and bait, head to a body of water (or make your own large body of water with buckets). We're talking the size of a small pond that you can fully submerge yourself in. Stand by the edge and use the fishing rod. When you see the lure bob up and down, or hear a "blub" sound, use the rod again to reel in your catch.

Fishing in lava

Yes, it is possible to fish in lava, but you need to use particular items to help you to fish them up. Here are just some of the items that make fishing in lava possible.

  • Hotline Fishing Hook (complete 25 or more fishing quests)
  • Lavaproof Fishing Hook (fish this hook out of lava)
  • Magma Snail as bait (catch in the underworld biome with Lavaproof Bug Net or Golden Bug Net)
  • Lavafly as bait (catch in the underworld biome with Lavaproof Bug Net or Golden Bug Net)
  • Hell Butterfly as bait (catch in the underworld biome with Lavaproof Bug Net or Golden Bug Net)

Speaking to the Angler NPC about a fishing quest in Terraria

Fishing quest rewards

The thing that bringing the Angler to your town unlocks is the option to take on a fishing quest. You will be able to participate in one fishing quest per in-game day and there are rewards for completing each one. Some are guaranteed, while others only have a chance to unlock once you've reached Hardmode. Here are all of the quest rewards:

Guaranteed quest rewards

  • Fuzzy Carrot: 5th quest (Guaranteed)
  • Angler Hat: 10th quest (Guaranteed)
  • Angler Vest: 15th quest (Guaranteed)
  • Angler Pants: 20th quest (Guaranteed)
  • Golden Fishing Rod: 30th quest (Guaranteed)

Hardmode only quest rewards

  • Fin Wings: After 10th quest (1.43% chance to unlock)
  • Bottomless Water Bucket: After 10th quest (1.43% chance to unlock)
  • Super Absorbant Sponge: After 10th quest (1.43% chance to unlock)
  • Hotline Fishing Hook: 25th quest (1% chance to unlock)

All other fishing quest rewards

  • Golden Bug Net: 1.25% chance to unlock
  • Life Preserver: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Ship's Wheel: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Compass Rose: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Wall Anchor: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Pillagin' Me Pixels: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Treasure Map: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Goldfish Trophy: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Bunnyfish Trophy: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Swordfish Trophy: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Sharkteeth Trophy: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Ship in a Bottle: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Seaweed Planter: 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Fishing Potion (2-5): : 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Sonar Potion (2-5): 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Crate Potion (2-5): 1.43% chance to unlock
  • Fish Hook: 1.67% chance to unlock
  • Minecarp: 1.67% chance to unlock
  • Mermaid Set: 2.5% chance to unlock (All 3 pieces rewarded at once)
  • Fish Set: 2.5% chance to unlock (All 3 pieces rewarded at once)
  • High Test Fishing Line: 2.5% chance to unlock (Appears if you have no duplicates in your possessions, unless Angler Tackle Bag or all of its components are in your possessions.)
  • Angler Earring: 2.5% chance to unlock (Appears if you have no duplicates in your possessions, unless Angler Tackle Bag or all of its components are in your possessions.)
  • Tackle Box: 2.5% chance to unlock (Appears if you have no duplicates in your possessions, unless Angler Tackle Bag or all of its components are in your possessions.)
  • Fisherman's Pocket Guide: 3.33% chance to unlock (Appears if you have no duplicates in your possessions, unless Fish Finder, PDA, Cellphone, or Fish Finder's components are in your possessions.
  • Weather Radio: 3.33% chance to unlock (Appears if you have no duplicates in your possessions, unless Fish Finder, PDA, Cellphone, or Fish Finder's components are in your possessions.
  • Sextant: 3.33% chance to unlock (Appears if you have no duplicates in your possessions, unless Fish Finder, PDA, Cellphone, or Fish Finder's components are in your possessions.

Quest fish locations

Finally, here are all of the 41 quest fish that the Angler will ask you for and each of their locations:

Quest fishBiomeHeight
Amanita FungifinGlowing MushroomAny
BatfishForestUnderground, Cavern, or Underworld
Bloody ManowarCrimsonAny
BonefishForestUnderground, Cavern, or Underworld
Bumblebee TunaAnyAny (fished from Honey)
Cap'n TunabeartOcean (Hardmode)Sky or Surface
ClownfishOceanSky or Surface
CursedfishCorruption (Hardmode)Any
Demonic HellfishForestCavern or Underworld
DerpfishJungle (Hardmode)Surface
DirtfishForestSurface or Underground
Dynamite FishForestSurface
Eater of PlanktonCorruptionAny
Fallen StarfishForest/AnySky or Surface
The Fish of CthulhuForestSky or Surface
FishotronForestCavern or Underworld
FishronSnow (Hardmode)Underground or Cavern
Guide Voodoo FishForestCavern or Underworld
HarpyfishForestSky or Surface
HungerfishForest (Hardmode)Cavern or Underworld
IchorfishCrimson (Hardmode)Any
Infected ScabbardfishCorruptionAny
JewelfishForestUnderground, Cavern, or Underworld
Mirage FishHallow (Hardmode)Underground or Cavern
Mutant FlinxfinSnowUnderground, Cavern, or Underworld
PengfishHallowSky or Surface
PixiefishHallowSky or Surface
Scarab FishDesertSurface
Scorpio FishDesertSurface
SpiderfishForestUnderground, Cavern, or Underworld
Tropical BarracudaJungleSurface
Tundra TroutSnowSurface
Unicorn FishHallowAny
WyverntailAny (Hardmode)Sky or Surface
Zombie FishForestSurface

Those are all of the quest fish and fishing quest rewards! Thanks for reading our guide. For more on Terraria, you can head to our Terraria NPCs guide to learn how to how to attract NPCs to your town or our Terraria bosses guide if you want information about summoning and defeating every single boss fight in the game. We also have a guides on How to make a bed in Terraria and Best wings in Terraria.


Are you looking for a great beginner’s guide to fishing in terraria and to catch quest fish in terraria? So I made this guide for you.

This guide will let you know about great tips and tricks to catch quest fish in terraria. You can use these tricks in any terraria mode (classic, expert, and master).

There is about 41 type of quest fish and 200 angler quests to complete. Every terraria player knows the angler NPC gives the fishing quests and sometimes you get awards from him for completing his daily fishing quests.

Is completing terraria fishing quests is important?

When I was playing terraria for the first time, I didn’t complete the fishing quests because I didn’t know how to complete them.

Also, I thought it is not important. But when I played terraria for the second time I knew how to complete fishing quests. So I was able to get rewards and made a cellphone in pre-hardmode.

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So I think completing terraria fishing quests by catching quest fish is very important.

How to start as a beginner to catch quest fish in terraria?

If you are started a new world with a new character, you must find the angler NPC after surviving the first night. You can find the angler NPC at the ocean biome. After you find him make a suitable house for him to stay.

terraria quest fish tutorial

What do you need for fishing in terraria?

Before you start angler’s first daily fishing quest make sure to have enchanted nightcrawlers (35% bait power) and a fishing pole that has at least 15% fishing power. In this case, you can use a reinforced fishing pole that has 15% fishing power. To craft it you just need 8 iron or lead bars.

Terraria quest fish

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Also, it will be better if you have a depth meter that displays the depth. But it is not easy to obtain at the beginning.

To get enchanted nightcrawlers you must catch worms using a bug net which you can buy from the merchant NPC and combine the worm with a falling star to make enchanted nightcrawlers.

What are useful items for Completing fishing quests (from angler rewards)

terraria quest fish fishing

After doing few fishing quests with these items you will be able to get rewards from the angler.

  • Master bait which has 50% fishing power
  • The golden fishing pole which also has 50% fishing power
  • Angler hat, shirt, and boots to increase fishing power
  • Potions like sonar and fishing potion.  
  • High test fishing line
  • Angler earring which helps you to increase fishing power
  • Tacklebox (reduce the bait consumption)

You can obtain all these items in pre-hardmode. You can create a tackle bag using a high test fishing line, angler earring, and tackle box.

Biomes to catch fish

Now let’s learn about what are the biomes you have to catch quest fish in terraria.


Terraria quest fish fishing

Forest Biome

Terraria quest fish fishing biomes

Ice Biome

Terraria quest fish fishing biomes

Corruption Biome/ Crimson Biome

Terraria quest fish fishing biomes

Ocean Biome

Terraria quest fish fishing biomes

Desert Biome

Terraria quest fish fishing biomes

What is the tundra biome in terraria

When you are having fishing quests from the angler he will in some quests to go to tundra. So if you are wondering what is tundra biome is, it is the ice biome.


After you kill the wall of flesh you will enter the hardmode in terraria. Then you will get this biome in your world.


Terraria quest fish fishing biomes

How to find Skylakes at the beginning?

Terraria skylakes fishing quest

Sometimes you will get fishing quests for catching fish in sky lakes. So how do you can find sky lakes If you don’t have any wings? Here is how the first thing is you need to do is find a skylake. To do that use a gravitation potion. It will help you to go to the sky for 3 minutes. Use that time to find a skylake.

After you find it make stairs or a straight line of blocks to it. Now climb it using your grappling hook and after you reach the lake, build something like this to protect you from harpies while fishing.

terraria skylakes fishing quest

After you found the quest fish, use your magic mirror or recall potion to teleport to your base.

Example for catching quest fish

So now let’s take a look at how to catch a quest fish in terraria step-by-step. Here I am using enchanted nightcrawlers as bait and a fisher of souls (20% bait power) as the fishing pole to catch fish.

Here I have to catch a bonefish as the fishing quest. To catch it I must go to the cavern or underground layer in any biome (because it is not mentioned as a biome). That is why you need a depth meter to recognize the depth easily.

terraria fishing quest guide

So you will see I caught the quest fish easily without spending a lot of time.

terraria quest fish fishing guide

An easy trick to complete more than 1 fishing quest per day

So what if I say to you there is a way to complete more than 1 terraria fishing quest per day. If you didn’t know about it here it is.

First, you must go to the angler and see what is his daily fishing quest. Then go and catch the quest fish. After catching it don’t keep it on your inventory. The reason for it is you can’t catch another same quest fish if you have already had it in your inventory.

So what you have to do is open your piggy bank and store your quest fish in it. Now you can catch another quest fish. So repeat this until you have at least 5 quest fish.

Now go to your base and place all the quest fish from your piggy bank to a chest. Now complete the daily quest using a quest fish. Now you will see you can’t complete any quests now.

Now you have to do is go to the menu and make a new character. After making a new character go to your current world and take another quest fish from the chest and show it to the angler. Now you will be able to complete another fishing quest. Repeat this until you finish your daily quest fish.

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New 200 Angler Quests Guide (1.4.2)

This strategy is very simple, there's just a few things needed:
- The Angler NPC
- A fishing rod and bait (Golden rod and master bait are recommended)
- A piggy bank or money trough

First, find out which is your quest fish with the angler. I recommend doing this at 4:30 AM (in game) so you have more time to fish.

Then, go fish for it. Take your piggy bank or money trough and deposit the quest fish in there immediately after catching it, then resume fishing and repeat the process. Note that if you have the fish in your inventory, you won't be able to get it again, but there's no issue if it's on the piggy bank. I recommend using sonar potions so you only get the fish you want.

You'll want to stop fishing when you fill up the piggy bank, since you won't be able to catch anymore fish after that. Also keep an eye on the in game time, as the angler quest changes at 4:30 AM, so it might be safer to stop fishing at around 2 AM

After that, head back to the Angler, give him a fish and set your spawnpoint near him. Then return to title screen.

Go to the player selection screen and then change the name of the character you were using.

After changing your character's name, enter the same world again. You will be able to deliver another fish. Return to the title screen and rename tha character yet another time, then reenter the world to deliver another fish. Repeat the process until all your fish are gone. After doing this around 8 times you should have the achievement. Note that you can't use the same name more than once to deliver a fish.

This is my first post here, so if I did something wrong, please let me know.



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Terraria quest fish

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