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  1. Limo Quad $900!
  2. 1984 250R..$2500? Wowwee, Wow!!
  3. price kinda high?
  4. 1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata Monster Convertible-$13500
  5. Sx parts trike.
  6. big reds
  7. " 175 trimoto"-Unknowen year-185cc-$400
  8. 100 mph 250sx??
  9. Alt 125
  10. 5 atc's southern il
  11. What did that trike ever do you? Shame, shame.
  12. Ex-girlfriend trade for 3 wheeler
  13. vintage old racer??
  14. ATC helmet
  15. amc rambler dragon wagon
  16. New repro 1985 200x switches
  17. 250es... special ordered with reverse! LMAO
  18. Street legal 350x
  19. Atc 500r
  20. 3 wheeled avenger with dump bed (texas)
  21. Posted on EBay 1987 ATC200X front fork assembly and lot
  22. custom nighthawk car
  23. super clean honda atc200
  24. Old school 1st Gen 250R racer opn ebay!
  25. pool 3 wheeler
  26. stretched 200x..maybe 300 in parts?
  27. 86 250r missle
  28. 86' honda big red only 300 $
  29. "1993 Suzuki lt80 80$"-$80
  30. Nice 84 klt 110 seat on ebay
  31. NEW Kawasaki Tecate 3 Axles 1984-1985 and 1986-1987 Durablue Lonestar - $450 (Seattle
  32. "175 2 stroke trip moto"-$300
  33. 250SX with inverts????? Very interesting!!
  34. No pics but if you could get it for $250...
  35. New to selling, all tips appreciated
  36. Showroom condition 225dx
  37. "for sale 1983 honda 3 wheeler"-1983 185S-$500
  38. "1985 honda 250 r" No Price Listed
  39. "'83 atc 70"-Black-$500
  40. Your never going to believe this trade
  41. Someone in missouri please help!!!!
  42. All it needs is the carb cleaned $300 (texas)
  43. New oem style 86-87 200x fork boots!
  44. 1987 Tecate w/86 KX500
  45. 1970 honda 90
  46. 1986 built 200es frame.ebay
  47. 1970's honda paint (texas)
  48. CL ATC 110 "big al's frame, big al's exhaust"
  49. 86 honda 200x for cheap
  50. Yeah Buddy!!! Get some!
  51. For Sale: + 2 Durablue Swingarm for 83-85 Honda 200X
  52. "Mint 85 250R" on ebay is this the real deal?
  53. For Sale: Laeger Racing Swingarm for 86 ATC 250R and 86/87 TRX
  54. "Stretched' with a zuke 4 banger
  55. Sweet as foreman!!
  56. Yamaha YT-125
  57. Does anybody really buy from this guy?
  58. "YAMAHA THREE WHEELER'S" 1982 and 1983 YTM 200-$600 for Both
  59. "1983 honda atc 185s big red three wheeler"-$500
  60. Honda ATC US90 for CHEAP $250
  61. shorttrack hoses
  62. "BIG RED FOR SALE"-1983 200E Big Red-$1200
  63. Gold Tri-Z rims, seller wants to trade even up for 200x rims (assuming local though)
  64. CLEAN Honda 200s
  65. Mini Brute?
  66. Anyone near Tennessee or Virginia looking for a nice SX?
  67. '86 200X on Ebay...$3,000!!!...and cheap '85s
  68. Any collectors out there?
  69. Illinois Racer 250r Craigslist
  70. 86 200X for $300 in MN
  71. Kawi 250
  72. 87 Yamaha big wheel 350
  73. 200x shock, but what kind of swinger?
  74. Mint 84 200x in central IL take a look
  75. Anybody have any old barber chairs?
  76. 86 Tiger 200 in NY
  77. "Selling mint ATC 200x"-1986-$1500
  78. Remote control 250r
  79. 1986 Kawasaki Tecate T3 project KXT250
  80. Old School Trike for Trade - $13000
  81. "1980 yamaha Tri Moto 125 3 wheeler"-$800
  82. " 85 Honda big red 250CC with suspension!"-$700
  83. Scored this 200X shock off e-bay
  84. nice 86 big red for sale
  85. 2nd gen 250r drag bike
  86. Blue 110, Illinois
  87. Another blue 110,Kentucky
  88. 86 250sx with racks and plow NICE!
  89. 2011 Banshee
  90. "79 atc 110"-$600
  91. TRI Z $1500 wont start, probly just needs new reeds.....
  92. 1985 & 1986 Honda ATC 250R's - $5000 (saginaw twp) MI
  93. 3 wheelers are coming back...
  94. Rokon trailbraker anyone
  95. "1985 honda 250R"-$5000
  96. Stage 4 stainlees steel 350X exhuast?
  97. mini john deere amt600
  98. Anyone want some cheap mountain bikes??
  99. Cool 300r top end
  100. 1979 kawasaki commuter granger 360 3 wheeler ?
  101. 2 350X's for $2k!
  102. Atc500r
  103. 250r storage unit
  104. Good for a laugh.
  105. Big red hybrid??
  106. super sweet deal, 85 ATC 250R, you gotta have this one!
  107. Sweet 110
  108. misprint?
  109. burning man 250es
  110. Hard tail kawi monster 650cc!!!
  111. 1986 350X with NOS and Electric Start, Worth a Look
  112. Show Room Condition 86 250R Restored
  113. crotch rocket 3wheeler
  114. This tank can be yours for only 65.00
  115. Aftermarket Scrambler rear brake cable.
  116. New style gas caps .......
  117. So I was looking for a switch for my 250es....
  118. "Showroom Condition all OEM"-1986 250R-$9000
  119. All original tri moto 125 in Illinois. looks pretty sharp
  120. Cheap yamaha ATC
  121. 250r bearing and gasket kit on Ebay
  122. "Nice 1984 Honda 185s ATC"-$800
  123. E-bay find."entire lot of NOS engines from a Honda training school."
  124. 1987 honda trx70 for sale ends today!!!
  125. Ohtsu Wamulass - now WITH LINK!!!! WOW
  126. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you.....
  127. ? Very cool. Get rid of trailpros though.
  128. 1984 Honda Big Red 200ES Parts - Manchester, NH
  129. ATC 110 Drag Trike
  130. NEW 200es tank
  131. plastic fuel tank opinion?
  132. Part mower, part scooter, what in the world?
  133. Odyessey 350 FS in PA
  134. "atc 110"-$650
  135. "For sale Three Wheeler with a Fresh top and Hi-Low Reverse"1984 200ES BR-Swap/Trade
  136. 250es $450
  137. NOS parts in MA 250r 200s
  138. "Honda 200X atc-900$ obo"-1985
  139. honda 185
  140. Blk/Red Tri Z ,Alabama,here you go BKM :)
  141. Best vintage thing I've ever seen!
  142. 1985 Big red 250ES
  143. Interesting?
  144. $1700 for all three
  145. Beautiful SX!
  146. Fast & Furious!!!
  147. Rokon anyone
  148. cheap tecate
  149. sweet deal
  150. "honda big red"-1984 200ES-$1200
  151. Rare 1986 honda 3 wheeler...
  152. Nos atc70 cristamas special tank!
  153. To Infinity and Beyond!
  154. Polaris Scrambler 3-wheeler in Minnesota
  155. April 86 3 wheeler magazine
  156. ATC cooler rack on eBay
  157. Eastrider 3 wheeler
  158. SX/ES speedo kit ~
  159. 86 250R parts
  160. 86 200x fuel tank
  161. Rare ATC 90 tires....
  162. Mint!! Bw350
  163. Craiglist BEWARE.
  164. " Honda big RED 200 es shaft drive " rare" 900OBO"1983, Price Drop to $500
  165. "KLT250 Prarie"-1983-$500
  166. Wicked fast atv for trade
  167. 200x with a goki on ebay
  168. Polaris SCRAMBLER 250 3 THREE wheeler - $275 (clearwater) MN
  169. Hondaline NOS Ohtsu tires Atc 90 (Easton area)
  170. Seriously damaged. Yam 80
  171. Did you get these Howdy? :)
  172. Another WTF CL ad.
  173. I had to point this out. kids toy trike
  174. 86'250 es motor Chicago CL+ green Machine!
  175. Is this the right front rim?
  176. Hondaline front fairing??
  177. tone of ATC parts and bikes
  178. "two ATC 70 s" 1983-$1100, 1980-$500
  179. Having Trouble With Your Legs?
  180. OHTSU R 902 H-TRAK New with sticker
  181. Suzuki ALT50 in New Hampshire
  182. ohtsu 901 4/100 rims
  183. 350x gas tank
  184. In the background of pic.
  185. "1993 honda atc 185 runs mint great in the snow"-$850
  186. "Atc 70 800 obo"-1985
  187. Ohtsu H-Trak Flat Track Tires
  188. Is this a 70?
  189. Low Pro 250r Fenders Local Pick Up Only
  190. Neat little trailer
  191. Nice looking 70 in texas
  192. Michigan 84/85 tecate motor
  193. Ohtsu trx90 wheels tires
  194. nice his and her pair!!
  195. Somebody in NY PLEASE snatch this up!
  196. 125M with speedo - Michigan
  197. 350x.. real westcoast?
  198. License plate for ya howdy ...
  199. Roundy Poundy for Life………. or Death
  200. "One owner" 1982 Kawasaki KLT250-$1200
  201. Couple FatCats
  202. "1985 250 sx parts lot!!!!!!!"-$1000
  203. 250r Short Track Kit
  204. 1973 Tera jet.
  205. "84 Honda 250 r"-Swap/Trade
  206. Trx250r power wheels
  207. New 250sx take out engine
  208. CL WI - 85 350X Ice Racer. $2000
  209. another ebay seller out of his mind
  210. Need advice on 250r
  211. custom made atc
  212. good deal on toronto kijiji
  213. Lord have mercy.....$10,000
  214. Everyone up North needs one of these...
  215. old petty racing numbers
  216. I got bkmed on this one
  217. NOS US 90 rear tire
  218. "1983 Big Red 3-Wheeler ATC Project Machine"-$300 Firm
  219. "84 honda big red" 250cc $650 O.B.O with ownership, sounds like a R
  220. Excellent condition, VERY NICE complete set of 83-85 200x plastics. Make an offer
  221. Taurus 650 Three wheelers for sale in Ontario...
  222. Nos 1987 250r dash
  223. interesting 350x lol
  224. pretty cheap tri z
  225. what do you guys think?
  226. "1982 honda E200 3wheeler"- $600 O.B.O
  227. CHEAP WEB camshaft (stage 1) for 86-87 200X- Not Mine
  228. Big red with track kit??
  229. "Two 85 Yamaha 50cc scooters"-$200
  230. 1973 atc70
  231. 500 $ honda 250r
  232. Nos 250r dash key pad
  233. Not your average 3-wheeler
  234. 1980's Big Red- all the signs match up
  235. Speechless,just...........speechless,Gets better with every detail !
  236. Taurus 650 Red fenders...
  237. 70s Husky trike conversion
  238. Harley davidson 3 wheeler
  239. "Honda atc 70"-1984-$850
  240. RI craigslist $50 durablue 350x axle
  241. "84 Honda 250r" No Price Listed
  242. " I have an old HONDA 3 wheeler for trade or sale !!!!!!!!!!!"1984? 200/250ES Big Red
  243. Westcoast swinger on eBay
  244. Anyone on here get the free 350X in Sacramento??!
  245. Brand new 350x WEBCAM on ebay
  246. Air fooler I actually like
  247. More ATC style Honda wings up on ebay
  248. Braided steel brake lines
  249. Holy Crap did this ad ever make me laugh!!!
  250. Interesting overpriced trike.

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Porsche 911 Turbo Trike Is Real, Up For Grabs on eBay

We have to mention this contraption is real. In fact, the three-wheeler is up for grabs, with the machine having been recently listed on eBay. And the seller has delivered a fair share of details about the wacky build.

First of all, the rear end is said to come from a previous Neunelfer track car, so perhaps the vehicle had been crashed before donating its bits and pieces.

Regardless, the chassis of the car is that of the VWBeetle and we can say the same about the engine. Speaking of which, the seller talks about the voice of the vehicle: "The exhaust is a four-branch going into a converted cherry bomb, it sounds like a treat,"

As for the front end, this has been borrowed from a Honda Fireblade. And the gear head who put the whole thing together even talks about the practicality aspects of the vehicle.

"It is registered as a three-seater. Even though the rear seats are quite small, they haven't been a problem. If your passenger is a bit chunky the backrest just pulls out and they can sit behind you as on a motorcycle - no seat belt required if sitting behind the rider, while there are two retractable lap belts for rear seats, as required by law," we are being told.

The seller of the abomination, which comes from the UK, assures us that the Porsche 911 Turbotrike is fully road-legal, MOT inspection and all.

Oh, and those with a solid stomach have until the end of the month to bid on the monstrosity (you'll find the full details in the ad).
Sours: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/porsche-911-turbo-trike-is-real-up-for-grabs-on-ebay-133193.html
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  2. Devil summoner psp
  3. Pastel pink notebook
  4. Youtube funny horse
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Re: 3 wheeler replica for sale on ebay [Re: Nick_H] #3380
07/04/0710:40 AM07/04/0710:40 AM
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Talk Morgan Guru
Talk Morgan Guru

Joined: Sep 2006
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Eton, Berks

More of a Kit Car than a replica Nick, check this site out:


Something similar was previously built by JZR, but I don't know if they still exist.

Brian :grin:


1970 Morgan Plus 8 - Moss Box (was Black, now in the original Indigo Blue)
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Re: 3 wheeler replica for sale on ebay [Re: Simon] #3387
07/04/0712:10 PM07/04/0712:10 PM
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Talk Morgan Guru
Talk Morgan Guru

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If you want a replica three-wheeler Nick, the Triking was the one I always fancied: "Conceptually similar to the Morgan three-wheelers, the TRIKING combines modern technical features and vintage styling." :grin:

Tony Divey who built them had a heart-attack, and the last I heard was that the company was up for sale and the website went off-line. However, I have just found the following and it appears that he is offering both new cars and kits for delivery again:


Do click on the Background tab, as it explains (somewhat!) Tony's obsession. I have briefly driven a Triking once and still hanker after one, but luckily space constraints (and Head Office nono) keep me in check. woohoo

Brian thumbs


1970 Morgan Plus 8 - Moss Box (was Black, now in the original Indigo Blue)
2014 Morgan SP1 (Rocket Red)
2015 Morgan Plus 8 (Rocket Blue)
1963 Austin Cooper S Mini Sprint (Red)

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Note all articles are independently researched and written by myself. However, if you buy via one of the links it may be an affiliate and I may earn a small commission.


It's a snapshot in time, as the three-wheeled Berkeley T60 sports car was only produced in 1960, the company making them going under at the end of that year. But there's one on eBay right now.

Yes, a three-wheeler. I suspect you are thinking something more like the Reliant Robin, but this is a very different proposition, with the single wheel at the back and an altogether more sporty look. Although you could (and presumably still can) drive one with just a motorcycle licence. Check that out first though.


This T60 is a front-wheel drive car, with a rather modest 328cc engine and four front gears, plus one reverse. This one has been renovated quite considerably, completely restored three years ago. New coils, points and plugs too, which means it 'starts first time every time'.

It does need a new respray, but aside from that, is the finished deal, judging by the seller's comments. A fascinating car and not one you'll see everyday. £2,500 is the current price.

Find out more at the eBay website

Sours: https://www.retrotogo.com/2011/08/ebay-watch-1960s-three-wheeled-berkeley-t60-sports-car.html

3 wheeler ebay

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Honda atc 3 wheeler ebay

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