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Counseling and Student Development

COUN C Computer Access I 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course is designed for students with verified disabilities. This course provides training in the use of assistive technology which enhances the ability of students with disabilities to access and use personal computers. The course will cover word processing and an introduction to the Internet. May be taken for credit 2 times. Pass/No Pass only. (Non-Degree Credit)

COUN C  Accessible Note-Taking Techniques 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course is designed for students with verified disabilities. This course will assist students with limited note-taking skills. Instruction will cover various techniques to improve note-taking skills that can be used in all academic coursework and other settings. Practice and guidance in listening and note-taking strategies is provided. This course may be taken two times for credit. Pass/No Pass only. (Non-Degree Credit)

COUN C  Overcoming Academic Challenges and Completing Goals 1 Unit

The purpose of this course is to assist students with executive function difficulties and is designed for students with verified disabilities. Pass/No Pass only. (Non-Degree Credit)

COUN C College Orientation 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course will introduce students to campus support services, establish realistic goals, develop study skills, and discuss time management strategies. Students will learn about accessing accommodations on campus and in the community. Pass/No Pass only. (CSU/UC)

COUN C Stress and Anxiety Management 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course is designed to increase the student's awareness of the effects of stress and anxiety on academic performance and daily life. Emphasis will be placed on understanding effective and ineffective responses to stress and anxiety on planning a personal stress and anxiety management program. Students will explore and practice a variety of practical coping skills and management techniques. Pass/No Pass only. (UC/CSU, CSU GE)

COUN C Teaching as a Career 3 Units

Term hours: 36 lecture and 54 laboratory TBA. This course is designed as an introduction to the teaching profession where students will examine concepts and issues related to education in a democratic society within historical, social, philosophical, legal and political contexts. Students will develop personal knowledge and understanding of (1) the purposes and values of schools in society, (2) the nature of teaching and the teaching profession, (3) the impact of local, state, and federal government policies on schools, and (4) contemporary educational issues. Course content and assignments will be related to a 45 hour fieldwork experience in a K licensed public educational setting. (UC/CSU)

COUN C  The History of Disability in the United States (formerly titled Explorations in Education) 3 Units

. Term hours: 54 lecture. This course places the experiences of people with disabilities at the center of the American story. This course portrays a new perspective on familiar stories, as well as discussing new experiences (e.g., ableism and oralism). This course covers topics including models of disability, technology, rehabilitation and employment, and laws and movements that shaped the disability experience. (CSU/UC, AA GE, CSU GE, SOC JUST)

COUN C Leadership 3 Units

Term hours: 54 lecture. This course includes the study and practical application of group and individual leadership techniques. It is designed to improve awareness of group dynamics, listening skills, personal values, decision-making, problem solving and organizational development. Duplicate credit not granted for COUN HC. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

COUN HC Honors Leadership 3 Units

Term hours: 54 lecture. This is an enhanced leadership development course that requires leadership participation in a campus or community organization. It includes the study and practical application of group and individual leadership techniques. It is designed to improve awareness of group dynamics, listening skills, personal values, decision-making, problem solving and organizational development. It emphasizes critical analysis of leaders in the news, history or literature. Duplicate credit not granted for COUN  C. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

COUN C  Career Exploration (formerly COUN C) 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course is designed for students who are undecided about their educational or career goals. Using a career planning process, students assess interests, skills, strengths, personality, values, life and work style choices. Students explore cultural differences and gain an awareness which is applied to the work setting. Students research potential educational and career goals; apply decision making tools, and relate their self-assessment information to occupational possibilities and college majors. Pass/No Pass. $ Material Fee - Payable at Registration.. Additional cost for career assessments may be required. (CSU, CSU GE)

COUN C Educational Planning 1 Unit

Term hours: 18 lecture. This course is designed for new students as part of the Student Success and Support Program. This course includes: an orientation to college life, responsibilities, requirements, and regulations; an overview of the guided self-placement/assessment process; psychological, sociological, and physiological factors of student success; certificates, occupational degrees, and transfer degrees; the transfer process; career guidance and pathways for selection of a major plan of study; and development of a student educational plan. Students utilize multiple computer applications and websites to conduct research in developing a comprehensive educational plan. Students also data-enter their plan into DegreeWorks. Pass/No Pass only. (CSU/UC).

COUN C  Women, Careers and Specialty Issues (formerly Women and Careers) 2 Units

Term hours: 36 lecture. This course covers creative career search, planning and development for specialty needs and interests. Topics focus on women but also on disabilities, discrimination and inequities, health science, fine arts and portfolio careers, building confidence, strong social media presence and strategies for success. Multiple career resources are utilized to optimize college and beyond. Pass/No Pass only. (CSU, CSU GE)

COUN C  Job Readiness - Career Management 2 Units

Term hours: 36 lecture. In this course, students will learn to successfully bridge from college to the workplace (or make a job transition). In a future of constant change, students will learn how to maximize their strengths, skills, and college learning for gainful and satisfying employment. Students will create a personal brand and professional in-person and online presence to optimize their career opportunities. Resumes, interviewing, business etiquette, job search, networking, and long term career management issues are discussed, developed and/or practiced. (CSU, CSU GE)

COUN C Academic and Life Success 3 Units

Term hours: 54 lecture. This course will provide students with knowledge, information, and practical skills to better understand themselves as students, people and members of society. It will assist them in achieving academic, and life goals and to develop plans and strategies to successfully meet those goals. Optional assessments require a fee. (UC/CSU, CSU GE)

COUN C Career and Life Planning 3 Units

Term hours: 54 lecture. A complete class in career/life planning, including introduction to the tools for dealing with change; an analysis of desired lifestyles; self-assessment; overcoming obstacles, and analysis of work, its organizations, and where you want to work; decision-making, people, environments, career-researching and job-finding, resumes, interviewing, and goal setting. $ Material Fee-Payable at Registration. (UC/CSU, CSU GE)

COUN C  College and University Transition 1 Unit

Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. Term hours: 18 lecture. This course is designed for the student and the parents of the student who plans to transfer to a college or university. Topics include the value of pursuing higher education, selection of a transfer institution, admissions, academic requirements, financial aid options, special programs, priority filing deadline, and developing an autobiographical essay. Duplicate Credit Not Granted For COUN HC. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

COUN C  Counseling and Guidance Seminar Units

Term hours: lecture and/or laboratory depending on units attempted. These various courses may be offered which are designed to meet the interests and needs of the students and faculty. Pass/No Pass or Letter Grade option. Fees may be required-Payable at Registration. (CSU)

COUN C Counseling - Independent Study Units

Term hours: Hours vary according to units assigned. This course is designed for students who wish to explore in-depth various guidance-related topics. Students develop an Independent Study Learning Contract with the instructor that details the objectives and course content and scope to be completed by the student. Consult class schedule to verify credit for a particular term. May be taken for credit 4 times. Open Entry/Open Exit. Pass/No Pass only. (CSU)



Cypress College


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Degrees/Certifications -  


Disabled Students Program & Services - 


California Dream Act -

The California DREAM Act of is the result of two bills, Assembly Bill (AB ) and Assembly Bill (AB ). Together, these bills allow undocumented and documented students who meet certain provisions of AB to apply for and receive Cal Grants and Board of Governor's Fee Waivers at community colleges as well as institutional aid at California colleges and universities. 


EOPS/CARE & CalWorks -

These services include: Outreach, Recruitment and College Orientation, Enchanced Tutoring, A State-of-the-Art Computer Lab with Internet access, Counseling and Advisement, Priority Registration, Instructional Support, Book Services, Educational Supplies and Materials, University Application Fee Waviers


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Cypress College - 2 Year Free Tuition Promise





The Charger Experience Program is designed to provide all incoming students the foundation for success through direct engagement with academic programs and comprehensive understanding of support services.



- Two years of free tuition for all first-time college students

- Priority registration and full-time placement

- Academic, career, and transfer counseling, including a student education plan

- Activities, support services, and events

- Personalized support from Charger Experience counselors




Program Eligibility Requirements

- Complete the FAFSA or Dream Act application and verification process

- Meet California residency or AB requirements

- Register for a minimum of 12 units every semester

- Enroll and complete math, English, counseling in your first year


Semester Requirements

- Meet with a Charger Experience counselor every semester

- Attend two eligible events every semester



Our Charger Fridays are designed to provide all incoming students the foundation for success through direct engagement with academic programs and comprehensive understanding of support services. This virtual Charger Friday experience will also allow your students to complete all the necessary steps to benefit from two years of FREE TUITION at Cypress College


Register at 


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Counseling & Student Development

Welcome to the Counseling Center!

Counselors are located throughout the campus and work primarily with certain majors; they are specialists in their academic and vocational area while providing educational planning, career development, and personal counseling.  You may meet with any counselor, but ideally meet with one who specializes in your major or field of interest.

New Students

New students will be counseled after completing the online orientation, on a walk-basis at Express Counseling, located on the second floor of the Student Center.

Continuing & Returning Students

Continuing and returning students may see a counselor prior to registration and are strongly advised to do so before the end of the semester.

  • Counseling is available during the day by appointment or walk-in (when available) in each division on campus.
  • To make your appointment, call the Counseling Center at ()
  • Undecided or Undeclared students may also contact the Career Planning Center at ()

Students with Previous College Experience

Students who have previous college experience should see a counselor before registration.

  • Clearance of English and math prerequisites are reviewed by a counselor.
  • A counselor will assess previous course work and testing to determine placement in classes.
  • Please bring any test results, transcripts or grade reports to assist the counselor in evaluating previous course work.

Online Counseling

For online counseling services, please visit our Online Counseling page by clicking the button below.

Official transcripts from other colleges or universities are required for:

  • New students
  • Returning students who have attended other colleges or universities since their last enrollment at Cypress College
  • Students who plan to graduate or complete a certificate at Cypress College and/or transfer from Cypress College, if they have attended other colleges or universities
  • Veterans collecting educational benefits, if they have attended other colleges or universities
  • Students needing to show completion of course prerequisites. Unofficial or personal copies will be accepted for clearance purposes only.

Building with words "Student Center"


Student Center, Building 19, 2nd Floor, Near Lot 1

Contact Information

T: ()


Monday–Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (online only)


Online Counseling

Screenshot of counselors during a Zoom session



Counselors are available January 25–February 5, for virtual drop-in counseling.  Virtual minute counseling appointments will begin the week of February 8.  Please contact Express Counseling at () or log in to ConexED ( to schedule an appointment to meet with your Major/Area of Study Counselor for the following:

  • Educational Planning
  • Career/Goal Setting
  • Degree/Transfer Requirements
  • Transcript Review
  • Progress Check

Cypress College is committed to enhancing the student experience by providing opportunities for students to access counseling services from virtually anywhere.

We have several options for students to meet with counselors who are unable to visit our center in person depending on your needs:

Option 1 – Access Online Counseling

Option 2 – Express Online: Click here to submit a question

Note: Access instructions are below.

Please view our chart to see how to best access services.

Topics for Cranium Café (30 minutes) Topics for Express Online
  • Educational planning
  • Career/goal setting
  • Degree transfer requirements
  • Transcript review
  • Progress check
  • English, ESL, math placement process
  • College policy and procedures
  • New students process
  • General program information
  • General transfer information
  • Prerequisite clearances *

If you need help in a specific area, you may try these links. Please note that you will need to click the links to get to the right location, otherwise you’ll be placed in the main Online Counseling lobby.

Counseling by Majors/Areas of Study

Cranium Café: Online Counseling Appointment

Through Cranium Café, students can meet with counselors face-to-face for a minute counseling appointment. This online platform allows students to complete all services available in a traditional in-person counseling session such as:

  • Educational Planning
  • Career/Goal setting
  • Degree/transfer requirements
  • Transcript review
  • Progress Check

To schedule an online counseling appointment, follow four easy steps:

  1. Click on “Schedule an appointment” to meet with one of our online counselors.
  2. Select “Make Appointment” and select the appropriate reason for your appointment.
  3. Click Search (tip: keep “Day of week” and “Counselor Name” at “All” to show more availability)
  4. Complete your information for Appointment Confirmation with the most up-to-date contact information

Once you schedule an appointment you will receive an email with instructions on how to log-in on the day of your appointment. To best utilize Cranium Café, please be sure to check your internet connection and test your desktop or mobile devices for compatibility.

Express Online: eAdvising/email

Express online is a web-based email service for students with general counseling questions. Students can submit a question by clicking the link below and our counselors will respond to submitted questions in the order that they appear. Keep in mind response times will vary and may be longer during registration peak periods.

Express Online is for students who have general questions regarding:

  • English, ESL and math placement process
  • College policy and procedures
  • New students process
  • General program information
  • General transfer information
  • Prerequisite clearances *

* For students who need a prerequisite clearance, you must have official transcripts on file. If you do not have an official transcript on file, please email [email protected] for further information.

Students may find that some questions will require an appointment with a counselor. This service is meant to address general questions, and we may invite you to schedule an appointment for additional counseling services.

Prior to submitting a question, please review our Frequently Asked Questions, which includes answers to the most commonly asked online questions.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Getting started at Cypress College
  • Registration
  • Counseling and educational planning
  • College policies and procedures

Security and Privacy Message
Cypress College strives to safeguard all electronic transactions.  However, when using this site, be aware that information transmitted through our Online Counseling service and email correspondence is not encrypted.  Additionally, certain inquiries may be referred to other campus departments and/or staff which may be better suited to answer the inquiry. By using this site you agree to the above listed terms.


College counseling cypress

Kinesiology & Athletics Counseling Lobby

Athletics Counselors

  • Link to Join the Student-Athlete Counseling Lobby (see calendar for time): (Click Here)
  • Link to join the General Counseling/Express Counseling Lobby (M-TH 9am-5pm): (Click Here)


Eros Rice: [email protected]


Tuesday & Thursday: ampm 


Friday: ampm





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