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This is a tracked service, so you can check the location of your delivery.

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carver skateboards

surf-skateboards logo


Surfing the streets!

Carver skateboards are designed to mimic surfing on land. Surfing with the surfskate will improve your surfing skills significantly. Whether you are a surf beginner or advanced surfer: the surf-skateboard will take your surfing skills to the next level!

The surf-skate feels like riding a surfboard on the streets. On the steady and bountiful concrete streets you can practice all your surf and skate skills, to improve on the water as well as on land. 
The Surf-Skateboard makes it possible to train your turns on the surfboard and get a better feel altogether for surfing techniques and improvement hereof.

The surf-skateboard feels like riding a surfboard on the streets.

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Carver Surf Truck System

The surf truck systems of carver skateboards are designed in particular for surf skateboarding. We have been testing a wide range of truck systems, but no other product comes close to the carver trucks in terms of quality and surf feeling.

Carver C7 Surf Truck

carver skateboards surf truck C7

Carver C7

The additional rotating arm of the Carver C7 provides an extra axis that allows for radical turns and surf maneuvers. With ease you can do cutbacks and rail-to-rail turns. Surf feeling is guaranteed!

Carver CX Surf Truck

carver skateboards surf truck cx

Carver CX

The new CX.4 technology combines the surf feeling of the Carver C7 truck with the characteristics of a cruiser longboard.
With the Carver CX pumping and generating speed is easy. Even pumping uphill is possible. The truck has a sharp turning radius that allows for turns you cannot perform with a usual longboard truck. Beyond you can cruise and carve like on a longboard with a higher amount of speed.
The Carver CX 4 is the favourite choice of our team riders!

Transfer the body movement learned with the surf-skate onto the surfboard instantly.

Surf Better!

Practice your surfing skills and improve your surf techniques on land to prepare for the real thing! Surf skateboarding teaches you how to surf in a playful way and will improve your surfing skills significantly.

You will be able to use the body movement and skills learned on the surfskate instantly on a surfboard.

surfing skateboarding with the surfskate and carver trucks - how to turn on a surfboard
surfing skateboarding with the surfskate and carver trucks - pushing on a surfboard

Generating Speed - Pumping and Pushing

Generating speed on the surfskate is exactly the same body movement as pumping on a surfboard. You get really fast on the surfboard and will be able to pass closing sections on the wave you weren't able to do before.

Improve Balance

Riding on the surf-skateboard will increase your balance and stability. You won't fall off the surfboard as often as you did before. In a playful way you learn how to shift your body weight back and forth as it is adequate for riding a surfboard.

Right Stance

The surf-skateboard will teach you to adopt the right position, where to put your front and back foot and how to adjust your back leg for turning. Especially in a beginner state of surfing most mistakes occur due to stance and position of the feet.

Surfing with Style

The more confident you are on the surf-skateboard, the more fluent your body rotation becomes. You will learn to smoothly connect turns and surf carving turns from rail to rail.

carver skatboard surfing skateboarding with the surfskate and carver trucks - develop surf style
carver skateboard surfing skateboarding with the surfskate and carver trucks - how to top turn

Turning and Carving

One of the greatest advantages of the carver skateboard is the ability to turn like you do on a surfboard. You can practice bottom turns, cut backs and top turns, both backside and frontside. You will gain confidence to put your body weight on the rail and your surfing will become more radical.

Identify and Correct Mistakes

You can identify common mistakes you do on the surfboard really easily. Is your stance correct? Where are your eyes pointing? Do you rotate your head and shoulder to initiate turns? What are your hands and arms doing?

Repeating the surf maneuvers on the surf-skateboard will help you to eliminate mistakes in no time.

Muscle Memory and Motor Learning

When the movement is repeated over time on the surf-skateboard, a long-term muscle memory is created for the turns, allowing it to be performed without conscious effort on the surfboard. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems. Surfing becomes automatic and will improve with the practice same as it is with everyday activities like riding a bicycle.

surfing skateboarding with the surf-skate and carver trucks - how to top turn

Train turns and cutbacks pointedly ... it's so much fun.

The carver skateboard provides the ability to mimic surf movements on land. In particular, the body and arm position when initiating turns or cutbacks can be specifically trained. Also, it's so much fun.

Till Rudolph - Surfer Skateboarder

Passionate Surfer since more than 14 years

The feeling of turns is similar to turns on a surfboard.

After more than a decade of surfing I discovered the carver skateboard. Training with the surf-skate really helps to generate speed on a wave. The feeling of the turns is similar to turns on a surfboard.

Marc Stolze - Surfer Skateboarder

Especially for me as I never skateboarded ... it's also a lot of fun

The carver skateboard really helps to improve the turning on the wave. Especially for me as I never skateboarded before. Now I have the possibility to get a better feeling for the movement on the wave and I can even practice turns when I am away from the ocean. Moreover it's also a lot of fun!

Tessa Kächelen - Surfer Skateboarder

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Carver 27.5” Mini Simmons Complete


The 27.5” Mini Simmons was inspired by the super short blunt-nosed boards shaped by Bob Simmons in the late 1940’s, considered to be the father of the modern shortboard surfboard. For our skateboard version this means you get a shorter, lighter board with a wider nose right over the truck so you can place your foot as far forward as you want with full support all the way to the tip. Without any extra weight past that, the deck is lighter and easier to throw around, making pumping this mini fast and easy. And unlike most short decks, this one is plenty wide throughout with a proper kick tail so you get the full leverage and support under your feet. Just like the surfboard version, this little board rides like a much larger board, which is why this progressive/retro model has quickly become a staff favorite, finding it’s way into all of our backpacks and car trunks. Because of the short wheelbase it’s at its best when pumped in small, tight spaces, easily generating speed from a standstill and maintaining continuous carving. It rules in driveways and curb cuts, where you can make your own mini wave machine, like having a micro-skatepark on every sidewalk.

9 3/8” wide
5 1/2" tail
2 3/4" nose
14 7/8" wheelbase
65mm Roundhouse Mag Indigo wheels


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