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Gearwrench 26 Piece Socket Set SAE 1/4 Drive 6PT DD



26 Piece Socket Set SAE 1/4 Drive 6PT DD


  • Full Polish Chrome Sockets With Large Hard Stamp Size Markings
  • Includes Storage Case
  • 84 Tooth Full Polish Chrome Thin Profile Ratchet
  • Knurled Full Polish Chrome Extensions
  • 1/4" Socket Driver With Ergonomic Dual Material Handle
  • Sockets Feature Surface Drive Technology To Reduce Fastener Rounding
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME BM; B


  • ASME Specification: B; BM; B
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Coupon Headline: 26 Pc. 1/4" Drive 6 Point SAE Standard and Deep Mechanics Tool Set
  • Drive Tang Size: 1/4 in
  • Drive Type: 6 Point
  • Finish: Full Polish Chrome
  • Length Format: Standard/Deep
  • Long Description: 26 Pc. 1/4" Drive 6 Point Standard SAE Socket Set
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • SAE/Metric/Torx: SAE
  • Set Included Storage: Blow Mold Case
  • Set Piece Count: 26
  • Set Size Range Max: 9/16"
  • Set Size Range Min: 5/32"
  • Table Description: 26 Pc. 1/4" Drive 6 Point Standard SAE Socket Set
  • UNSPSC_V Hand tools
  • UPC:
  • Weight: lb

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FAQs About GearWrench

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Q. How do I claim my GearWrench warranty?

A. You can either claim your warranty over the phone or possibly have your GearWrench tools replaced by retailers that carry its tools. Fastenal, Lowes, and Home Depot are likely your best bets. GearWrench also has mobile tool trucks in some areas, and those might be the best route if they run in your area.

Q. Are GearWrench tools made in the United States?

A. No. It would appear that the majority of production takes place in Taiwan. Unfortunately, that just seems to be what we should expect from most brands that target the DIY crowd, as seemingly all American-owned companies in this category do the same. 

Q. Is a higher tooth count better on a ratchet?

A. For the most part, it is. Having more teeth allows for a tighter swing arc since less movement is necessary for the teeth to engage the pawl. On some units, finer teeth may be a compromise to integrity, which is ultimately why lower tooth counts are generally favorable for heavy-duty applications.

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