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A garage door opener that opens and closes the door is an outdated concept. If you think opening and closing a garage door is a good exercise, you’re mistaken. Imagine driving home in the middle of a storm, realizing as you pull into the driveway that you must step out in the rain to open the garage door. It’s a bummer.

You complete door openers that don’t only operate doors but also provide security, surveillance, and constant remote monitoring features, better known as the smart garage.

One of the latest smart door openers is Chamberlain B Secure View Garage Opener from Chamberlain Group that easily stands out for its maximum durability, modern features, and smart capabilities.

For homeowners wanting a smart garage door opener, this is a perfect choice! But if you find it a hassle to integrate garage opener with smart devices and home security systems, including occasional troubleshooting for technical glitches, you should look for something simpler!

Chamberlain’s SECURE VIEW garage door opener with an integrated smart camera adds a smart touch and security to your garage unit. It’s compatible with the myQ app, so you can remotely control and monitor your garage door.

Moreover, the controlled ultra-quiet operation, 24/7 monitoring degree real-time surveillance camera, superior remote range of 1, feet, and billion code encryption features make it one of the most reliable garage door openers today.

What is unique about Chamberlain B?

Not all systems are created equal. Rightfully so, many garage opener experts point out that Chamberlain lasts longer and offers one of the best services in operating the heaviest garage doors. In comparison, only Craftsman, BeamUp, and LiftMaster brands of garage openers can match the strength and features offered by the Chamberlain garage opener unit.

It’s a belt drive garage door opener, unlike a chain-drive model, which keeps the noise minimum. Homeowners with attached garages using a chain-drive system will relate to this.

Along with a smooth performance, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity, smart integration with myQ app and Google home security system, a wide remote range (up to ft), and an unusual Amazon Drop-in feature to pick up your package inside the home.

While LED lighting, rolling code technology, and battery backup are standard with Chamberlain, it goes a step ahead and offers dynamic features like motion detection, degree HD surveillance recording, a two-way audio-communication system, and remote access through voice AI Google Assistant.

If you’re a buyer who looks for different color choices, Chamberlain is a bit let down. The smart view garage opener only offers the color Blue.

Weighing a mere 38 pounds, it can easily fit any garage ceiling. Garages with brackets fit in can install the new unit within half an hour. You can rely on both wall keypad and wireless two 3-button remote to access the door in any weather.

For the price of one, you will get a complete garage unit. If you’re willing to spend slightly more, Chamberlain Secure View will be your best bet.

Talking about warranty, Chamberlain offers a five-year limited warranty on parts, a lifetime warranty for motor and drive, and a one-year limited warranty on camera and accessories.

Chamberlain B Features

“A smart garage opener is what a smart garage opener does.”

Here are some of the salient product details of the Chamberlain Smart View garage opener.

Built-in camera

Unlike traditional garage openers, the Chamberlain garage door opener features a built-in motion-activated P/HD camera to stream live and recorded video from your garage right to your device.  A myQ Video Storage Subscription allows you to record and save videos for up to 7 or 30 days.

It enables you to keep an eye on your garage even when you’re away from home. It also comes equipped with glare resistant night-vision lens that auto-adjusts for optimal clarity in the dark.

You can manually adjust the ° feature for added security that makes it a complete surveillance garage opener. You’d need a yearly subscription service to view recorded videos.

Smartphone control

Monitor and control your garage remotely from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and the myQ App. myQ smartphone app gives you the ability to control your garage; open and close it from anywhere using a remote control, and monitor the usage; receive live alerts, motion detection, and live garage feed.

You can also share access to up to three people to control your Wi-Fi garage door openers with the myQ garage Guest feature.

LED Light

It features a built-in 3, lumens of LED lighting to brighten your entire garage while using the least amount of energy -only 36 input watts. The light arrays are strategically positioned for maximum coverage.

While it offers Corner-to-Corner lighting enough for a single-door garage, you can add additional lights to brighten your double garage door unit. LEDs last up to 30, hours, virtually the life of the opener).

Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive

It features a belt-drive garage door opener reinforced with steel for added strength. It can easily lift heavier doors, including heavier garage doors, with a max lifting power equivalent to /4 HP*.

The silent drive, lift power feature keeps the operation silent for attached garage units. It’s constructed with high-grade materials to keep it lasting for years with minimum maintenance requirements.

The safety sensor eyes prevent the door panels of the garage from collapsing on objects.

Battery Backup

Chamberlain garage door opener features a quiet DC motor with built-in battery backup for emergency uses, such as during power outages.

It meets California SB law that requires every garage opener to have a battery backup for emergency uses.

Key by Amazon

Amazon Smart Garage/Prime members can select secure in-garage delivery for all their packages backed by the Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee to protect their packages from rain, wind, and dust. Check for your delivery location eligibility.

2-way Audio

The integrated camera garage features a built-in audio system to communicate in two ways. You can conduct a live conversation between your garage and your smartphone at any time with working Wi-Fi.


You can easily integrate it with your home security system. Access your garage opener with IFTTT & Google Assistant.

  • The wireless keypad with + encryption features billion unique codes to protect against hacking. The Posi-lock anti-theft protection assures that nobody can forcibly open your garage door.
  • Models include two 3-buttons TriBand frequency remote that offers a superior range of up to 1, feet. You can open your garage door before you get your home.
  • Models come with a motion-detecting smart control panel with a motion sensor that easily integrates with your remote control, keypad, or myQ control panel.
  • It’s also compatible with the Ring app, but you should use Home Bridge Product to integrate it into Apple Home Kit.

Pros of Chamberlain B

  • Chamberlain B is easy to install, which takes about half an hour if you already have the brackets in place.
  • Ultra-quiet & strong. It works uniformly in any weather condition.
  • Offers a glare-resistant night vision lens with auto-adjust to detect all kinds of motion in the pitch dark.
  • The belt-drive garage door opener keeps the noise to a minimum. It’s a great addition to garage units attached to the home.
  • The Amazon Drop-in is a great feature to have your package delivered safely inside your home.

Cons of Chamberlain B

  • One of the most significant drawbacks of Chamberlain garage door openers is that homeowners must subscribe to access recorded video clips with an additional fee of $60/year.
  • Few customers complained about myQ integration where the network would intermittently drop off and then come back a few days later.
  • It integrates with Google Assistant but remains incompatible with Alexa.
  • It’s slightly expensive compared to similar garage units from Craftsman and LiftMaster.

Final Verdict

You can get one for less than $, and it comes built-in with magnificent security and remote features that you shouldn’t let go of for anything cheaper. No doubt that it’s priced slightly higher than other smart garage units, but you also get a lot of different features that come in handy in most situations.

It has out of 5 stars on Amazon and a star rating on the manufacturer’s website.

If price is your concern, you can look for other affordable options from Chamberlain Group’s superior range of garage openers.

As mentioned before, if you aren’t up for occasional technical troubleshooting, you might find the Chamberlain garage door opener a difficult choice!

Overall, it’s a great garage opener unit that seamlessly integrates with your garage décor and brings lots of unmatchable smart features at a reasonable price.

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Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener review: A smart home upgrade for the brave

Unlike the Chamberlain MyQ Garage , this kit is no add-on device. It's a full-fledged garage door opener, and installing it is no minor home improvement project. This is especially true if you're like me and have no experience completing or even attempting the task. That's why choosing the Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener over conventional options makes sense, but only if you need to completely replace an archaic system and of course plan to use its connected home capabilities.

Switching out a perfectly good opener just for this machine's slick smart home functions alone simply isn't worth the expense and potential installation headaches when you can buy Chamberlain's easy-to-install add-on kit for less.


From appearance alone you'd never guess the Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener was any different from the legion of similar products lining store shelves. In fact the egg-shaped machine looks identical to practically all of Chamberlain's garage door opener lineup, whether chain or belt driven.

Built to be mounted on support brackets on your garage door ceiling and garage door, the product consists of two primary components. You get the oval-shaped electrical motor housing, and the long rail mechanism that contains the device's plastic belt. Other pieces of the puzzle include a pair of infrared sensors that have to be wired to the main motor housing. The sensors are a safety system designed to keep an eye out for objects or people blocking or standing in the path of the open garage door.

Enlarge Image

The opener comes with a wall-mounted door control panel that you also need to wire directly to the central unit. Additionally, you get two standard visor remotes bundled with the system, each with three programmable buttons. Made to clip to car sun visors, you can set the remotes to control multiple garage doors or toggle the opener's lights on and off. The last bit of hardware in the Chamberlain kit is a wireless numeric keypad that enables keyless or remoteless entry with a programmable four-digit PIN.

Enlarge Image

Strong, silent and prepared for trouble

Tucked inside this machine are a few enhancements that go above and beyond your average garage door opener. The Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener model I installed, model HDWF, represents the company's top-tier smart product.

A robust 1¼-horsepower motor powers the lift system that in terms of sheer strength certainly outclasses my old ½-horsepower devices. The same is true for ¾ horsepower units you might find in many homes. Sure, it's overkill to have this much lifting muscle at your disposal -- enough to conceivably operate a 4-car garage door all by itself -- but I admit it's comforting.

Chamberlain also explained to me that the benefit of a stronger motor isn't limited to lifting bigger loads. A muscular unit typically lasts longer too. While I can't verify this claim, it's a mechanical reality that the less an electric motor has to work over time, the greater its expected longevity. I also appreciate how the belt drive train is crafted for quiet operation. Anything that produces less noise than my medieval chain-driven openers I count as a positive.

Enlarge Image

Another welcome feature is its backup battery. Sitting inside a compartment on the left side of the opener, in the event of a power outage the rechargeable battery can operate the garage door for one to two days. The battery continually charges when the opener is connected to an AC outlet as well and reaches full charge within 24 hours.

A few words about installation

I can't stress enough that upgrading your garage door opener is not a task to take lightly. Even with the help of CNET's crack technical editor Steve Conaway (and his impressive bag of tools), I ran into trouble and a few frustrating setbacks.

Enlarge Image

My original year-old openers and drivetrain tracks were about 6 inches longer than the new Chamberlain hardware. This forced me to reposition the ceiling mounting brackets, including drilling more holes, closer to each of my garage doors.

Enlarge Image

Also, the new Chamberlain optical door sensors were not physically compatible with my existing brackets. To solve the issue we had to drill holes and mount the sensors to my garage's concrete floor.

Taking the smart garage for a spin

Thankfully activating the Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener's smart home features are much easier than the machine's physical setup. First I confirmed that the inside of my garage has a strong wireless signal from my home network router. Next I kicked the opener into "Wi-Fi learning mode" by pressing a small yellow button on its control panel (located on the right-hand side next to its light bulb socket). This caused the machine to broadcast its own wireless network signal.

I used a mobile device to join this network then navigate to Chamberlain's MyQ setup website. In my case my test device was a Nexus 6 smartphone running Android Lollipop. After punching in the serial number for the opener it successfully connected to my Wi-Fi network on the first try. Lastly I downloaded the Android version of the MyQ app from the Google Play Store (there's a MyQ for iOS as well) and created a MyQ account. I was able to link the second opener unit in a similarly swift fashion.

Adding the garage door openers properly to the MyQ app itself, however, wasn't quite as intuitive. For example, while it wasn't difficult to create a profile for each opener independently, seeing both listed within the app and on the same location screen didn't happen automatically. In fact even if I specified an identical "Home" location for both openers, often the application created two "Home" profiles (each with just a sole opener) instead of combining them.

Another pain is that once you've added them there's no way to move device icons around, through a simple drag and drop, if you'd like one opener to display to the left or right of another.

Enlarge Image

As for controlling the openers, I'm happy to say it's simple. Tapping an opener icon either tells the door to open or close. And just like other MyQ products, in the interest of safety when a door receives the command to close remotely it will first beep loudly while flashing its lights for 9 seconds. Only after this will the door begin to roll shut.

The MyQ application also offers the choice of pushing email or app notifications whenever your garage doors open and close. You have the option of selecting the timeframe for when you'd like these alerts to happen or to simply turn them off entirely.

Enlarge Image

This is the feature I find most useful. Alerts are prompt and time-stamped, giving me a quick heads-up when my wife comes and goes or helps build a history of when I enter and leave the house. The notifications arrive not only on my phone but also my Android Wear watch too (a Moto ).

Enlarge Image

Chamberlain has also enabled MyQ to link up with other devices from the growing number of smart home platforms. Specifically the app lists options for integrating with Google's Nest thermostats and Wink devices. The company has announced plans to support Apple HomeKit products too, but at the moment there's no evidence of this within the MyQ application.


While I think the chances are rare that I'd actually leave the garage door wide open before I go on vacation, it's nice to have the peace of mind that I can correct the situation remotely.

That said, no matter how easy Chamberlain claims swapping garage door openers might be, it's not a challenge for the inexperienced. Home-repair newbies should also think twice before making this attempt. I'd only recommend the device to those confident of their abilities and seeking to upgrade a sorely outdated garage system. For others not in this position, a better choice is the $99 Chamberlain MyQ Garage . The add-on device brings all the same MyQ abilities to existing door openers.

An alternate route is to have a professional installer do the heavy lifting for you. Since Chamberlain doesn't provide its own network of install pros, unlike competitor Liftmaster, you'll likely have to ask a big-box retailer such as Home Depot or Lowes to tackle the job. A local Home Depot rep I called quoted $ for the service while the Lowes website states a $ price for "basic installation".

Priced at $ for the top model, this product isn't exactly an impulse buy either. Even so, the non-Wi-Fi Chamberlain model is oddly $1 more ($). I have yet to find as powerful a model or even one with Wi-Fi built in from Liftmaster or Genie either. Also consider that people tend to hang on to their garage systems for many years if not decades. Which is why I feel splurging on a machine like this is a wise decision and the Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener fits the bill nicely.

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Compare Garage Door Opener Chamberlain

Find the best fit for your garage, choose the model you need. Garage Door Opener review and comparison on Chamberlain models B, B and B

These models are top selling with great consumer reviews. However, some small differences exist and we are going to write on that topic.

On this topic we are going to take a closer look, to find the similarities and differences between the Chamberlain B, B and B Before you choose the right model for your garage door, read more about specifics, appearance, and ease of use. It is good to know their pros and cons, to decide.

Things in common B vs B vs B

Each model has App Compatibility, and they all are belt driven systems. Chamberlain garage door openers are Home Compatible and they do have Keypad. In case there is no electricity, or some kind of error, users can manually release garage doors.

For maximal comfort, each model has a motion detection sensor, for automatic activated light.

Chamberlain B, B, and B, they all come with remote control, they are smart compatible, and they are Wi-Fi compatible.

Main differences Chamberlain B vs B vs B

Chamberlain B and B have horsepower, while B has “only” Weakest model also doesn’t have LED light.

In general, they all are quite the same, with some minor differences.

Chamberlain B technology

Chamberlain B has horsepower electric motor, it is equipped with MyQ and Wi-Fi Compatibility.

Chamberlain B garage door opener

Technology brings features like a built-in motion activated camera. If activated, the camera can stream p live video from your garage directly to your smartphone or tablet. Owner can download myQ App, and remotely operate garage doors, and receive live alerts. This model is equipped with corner-to-corner LED lighting. B comes with battery backup, 2 remotes, a wireless keypad, and fully functional wall control.

Built-in Camera: Built-in motion-activated camera to stream p live video from your garage to your smart device; the camera can be manually adjusted degrees, comes equipped with a glare-resistant night-vision lens that auto-adjusts for optimal clarity.

Chamberlain B

Chamberlain B has a Secure View technology camera, it is an ultra-quiet model, with a Wi-Fi built-in and a battery backup option.

An integrated video camera enables the owner to look into his own home/garage and to watch in case of any event.

Strong LED (3, lumens) lighting fills the whole garage space, without any spots left in dark.

With built-in Wi-Fi, this Chamberlain garage door opener becomes a smart device. Simply connect your phone to the Chamberlain B, and control garage doors from any distance using a smartphone myQ application. As we mention in Chamberlain B review section, this is a powerful model, with a lifting force equivalent to 1 ¼ HP. Install it if you own heavy garage doors.

A battery backup for sure is a welcome option. In case of any kind of a power outage, with a battery backup, you can control open/close garage doors multiple times.

Chamberlain garage door opener B review: Chamberlain model B comes with a Hp electro-motor, providing good and quiet operations. The B has MyQ and Wi-Fi options for smart home monitor and easy access. This B review reveals all technologies you’ll get with it. If you want a whole package, Chamberlain B brings it to you. Keep your home secure and safe, with easy access, and control in both directions.

Equipped with

  • 2-way Audio system: This model comes with 2-way audio for live communication between garage and the myQ App (smart device).
  • Smartphone Control: Just Download myQ App to remotely control and see garage video.
  • Smarter is Better: For sure, this is the smartest model on the market. Comes with cutting edge technology that will make the garage safe and secure.
  • Live-Streaming and Video Storage: View in real time video, for free. 7-day and day video storage options are available optional (monthly subscription).
  • Corner-to-corner LED Lighting: New technology of LED lighting. This system provides lumens of light and clear view of garage space.
  • Battery Backup: Power loss wouldn’t be a problem. Backup battery gives power to the system even if there is an outage.
  • Sleek and Silent: The high-grade (max quality) belt drive system is built for a lifetime of smooth and quiet performance, backed by a lifetime belt warranty.
  • Trusted Security: Security+ technology provides unmatched encryption.

Chamberlain B Review

Chamberlain B Review

The horsepower electric motor gives power needed to operate well and quietly. The B Chamberlain Door opener is equipped with MyQ and Wi-Fi Compatibility. This model comes with 2-way audio communication. This option is welcome and useful to use when users need to communicate between the garage and the myQ App (smart device). Security feature that everyone wants to have. To use smart options users need to download myQ App. myQ App helps to remotely control and see activities inside your garage. Corner-to-corner LED Lighting improves visibility and gives a good insight to each garage corner. Chamberlain B review shows us the quality of this model, and advanced technologies that have been integrated inside.

Check price on Amazon

Chamberlain B technology

Model B has horsepower electric motor, and it is also equipped with MyQ and Wi-Fi Compatibility and Cameras.

Chamberlain B

It also brings a built-in motion activated camera with p live video streaming to smart devices. The camera can be manually adjusted, capturing quality video in degrees (whole garage space). Just download myQ App and you can remotely open and close your garage, receive live alerts when movement is detected, and communicate using a live 2-way audio system. Like other models here, this one also has 2 remotes, multi-function wall control, and a high grade belt drive system for quiet and smooth performance.

Built-in Camera: Built-in motion-activated camera to stream p live video from your garage to your smart device; the camera can be manually adjusted degrees, comes equipped with a glare-resistant night-vision lens that auto-adjusts for optimal clarity.

Chamberlain B

Chamberlain B review

Like we wrote in a Chamberlain B review section, this garage door opener has a lift force equivalent to ¾ HP.

With an integrated video camera, the owner can look and see what is happening in its own garage from anywhere.

Built-in Wi-Fi enables you to control this Chamberlain garage door opener from any location, using a smartphone and myQ application.

Chamberlain garage door opener B review: This is a less powerful model, which brings Hp and MyQ with Wi-Fi capabilities. All safety features are included, just like you saw in previous models. The B review tells us that you can get all smart controls, with less power, and more affordable price.

Equipped with

  • 2-way Audio: B opener has 2-way audio for live communication between garage and your smartphone (tablet).
  • Smartphone Control: Download the myQ App and you can remotely control and see garage video. Using this App you can easily open and close garage doors from anywhere. App will show notifications of movements, or reproduce live streaming video for free. Recording video is optional.
  • Smarter is better: Smart options are available just like with other models. Smart system makes your garage the most secure in the neighborhood. myQ App seamlessly works with the opener, allowing customization garage alerts, setting personalized schedules and more.
  • Quiet and Smooth: Quality produced belt drive is built to give years of reliability and smooth, quiet performance &#; to last long.
  • Additional Features: This opener comes with two remotes. It has built in multi function wall control, safety sensors and Tri-Band technology that boosts remote ranges up to feet.
  • Additional Assurances: Lifetime motor warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year camera warranty, 1-year accessories warranty.

Chamberlain B Review

Chamberlain B Review

Model B comes with a horsepower electric motor. Like other two models, this one is also equipped with a MyQ and Wi-Fi Compatibility and Cameras. Chamberlain B review shows us one more Chamberlain model with useful safety features. The B has 2-way Audio for live communication between garage and your smartphone or tablet. Keep your garage safe, and your home also. Download the myQ App and keep an eye on your home from anywhere, anytime you want. You can also remotely control and see the whole garage from inside. Using MyQ App users can navigate their garage doors from anywhere. Smart App notifies owner if there are movements, or reproduces live streaming video for free.

Check price on Amazon

Chamberlain B technology

horsepower driven garage door opener is strong, and equipped with a quiet DC belt drive and max lift power system. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi compatibility, battery Back-Up and LED light.

Chamberlain B

Chamberlain garage door opener B review: Equipped with a Hp electro-motor, this Chamberlain garage door opener brings all together, power, and all the smart functions you sure want in your garage. The B garage door opener comes with Wi-Fi and MaQ App connectivity. This way, the owner can monitor garage space in real-time and have full control over a large distance.

Equipped with

  • Corner to corner lighting system to provide lm that lights up the entire garage.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and MyQ connectivity: Owner can open and close garage doors from wherever, whenever, with MyQ App connectivity.
  • Battery backup: Batteries provide much-needed power for the system to operate. Users can rely on backup power in case the power is out.
  • Belt drive: Chamberlain B garage opener works smoothly and quietly thanks to its DC belt drive opener. This system is made to eliminate vibrations and noise.

Chamberlain B Review

Chamberlain B Review

Powered by a horsepower electric motor this garage door opener is strong, and quiet while moving the door up or down. Also, B model is equipped with Wi-Fi compatibility, battery Back-Up and LED light. Enhanced security by using corner to corner lighting system, with lm strong lights inside the entire garage space. Chamberlain B review shows how compact and powerful this model is. Garage door open systems can be managed from wherever, whenever, if you are using MyQ App connectivity. The B garage door opener has a battery backup system.

Check price on Amazon

Review Chamberlain door opener

Used not only for easy entrance, Chamberlain Door opener gives security features also. Smartphone Control is something that everybody wants and needs actually. With this technology, your garage and your home get some extra security. When you have a garage safe, your home is safe also. This is a welcome feature for garage door opener installation. Video live streaming brings a completely new level of security and observing your personal space on the distance.

Each model in this post: Chamberlain B, B, and B comes with remote control. Models are smart compatible, and they are Wi-Fi capable. These are overhead mounted garage door openers. Installing them on the ceiling, you may have a lack of space. Keep in mind that wall-mounted openers save all the space you may need.

If you choose an overhead garage door from Chamberlain, the installation cost is between $ to $ The final price depends on many factors, but it should be in that price range.


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B6765 review chamberlain

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Chamberlain B6765 Garage Door Motor Review - Best garage door motor of 2020?

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