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Retrograde Mercury Transits in Taurus 03 June 2021 - Meaning and Importance

Mercury is the natural significator of intelligence, communication, business and management in our lives. There are a few myths related to Mercury retrograde. It is generally said that Mercury brings hardship and a lot of trouble in life, but in reality, it is not true as Mercury retrograde doesn’t always bring hardship and misfortune. On the contrary, such a vision brings lots of happiness and prosperity in life.

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Mercury Transits in Taurus

According to Vedic astrology, Mercury retrograde has both positive and negative effects. However, the impact of retrograde Mercury is calculated on the basis of Mercury’s relationship and position with other planets. In astrology, Mercury is considered to be an auspicious planet; however, due to the influence of other inauspicious planets, it produces adverse effects. When Mercury becomes retrograde, its influence becomes even stronger. In case Mercury has a negative influence on any planet, then the Mercury retrograde can lead to serious consequences. But if Mercury is in a very good position then Mercury retrograde produces excellent results.

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The transit of retrograde Mercury in Taurus will happen on 3, June 2021 at 3:46 AM. Till it moves in the sign of Gemini on 7, July 2021 at 10:59 AM. Let’s see what result it has in store for all the zodiac signs-

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For the Aries Moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the third and sixth house. Retrograde Mercury will transit in the second house of wealth, food, speech and family. during this transit your speech will successfully transform as per the situations and you will yield benefits In this transit. There will be grace in your voice and you will impact and impress the people that you interact with. During this transit, if you're going through a dispute regarding parental property, then this period is going to be favourable for you. This is a favourable time for you when it comes to wealth gains. Students will also get benefited during this period especially who are appearing in competitive exams. Relationship wise this is a good time to clear out confusion and difference of opinion from

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha

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For the Taurus Moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the second and the fifth house and is transiting in the first house of self and personality. The retrograde Mercury in Taurus Moon sign will affect your judgement On financial matters, it is advised that you should use extra care to go about your business deals during this period. Any new venture should be regarded with a great deal of caution especially when used investments are involved. Relationship wise there will be elements of love and tenderness in your personality. This period will clear all the troubles and misunderstandings between the couples thus enhancing their relationships. If you are a student then you will be benefited from this period. Healthwise this transit will prove beneficial for you and will bless you with good health. If you are ill already, fast recovery is on the charts.

Remedy: Chant the Mercury Beej Mantra: ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः/oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the Gemini moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the first and fourth house and is transiting in the twelfth house of foreign gains, loss and transformation. Retrograde Mercury in the Gemini moon sign will create havoc on our information-dependent society. There are chances that your words may be misconstrued or misunderstood during conversations. Therefore, it is advised to watch your words while communicating with anybody.

Also, computers are ruled by Mercury therefore during this transit there may be loss of data, crashes therefore it is advised to back up your files. financially the situations will be stable but individuals might face increases in expenditure. There may be some dispute related to the property which might not get resolved in your favour so it is better for you to postpone it till the time Mercury is in retrograde position. Take care of your health as well as the health of your mother. Minor elements can disturb you.

Remedy: Recite Sri Sukta daily and feed spinach to cows on Wednesday.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope


For the Cancer moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the third and twelfth house and is transiting in the eleventh house of Income and desires. The retrograde of Mercury in Cancer moon sign can cause problems in daily interaction. But because of your brilliant speaking ability, you will handle the situations and convey exactly what that you mean. This planetary influence is wonderful for domestic happiness, especially for involving into any home project which has needed your attention for a while. This is a great time for family get-togethers. However, don't sign a lease for a new rental or buy a house at this time. Students planning to go abroad for study purposes should postpone the plan till the Mercury is in retrograde. A little healthy self-inspection may help your own ambition and will find better focus and general support where you can most rely on it.

Remedy: Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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For Leo moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the second and eleventh house and is transiting in the tenth house of career/profession, name, fame and position. The retrograde Mercury in Leo moon sign is going to trigger a passionate display of expressions and this planetary influence will inspire more emotions behind words and thoughts, which in turn will bring new charm in your relationship. The level of intellect will increase for the individual and will significantly help one’s performance in the workplace. But, keep in mind that a few stumbling blocks might come in your way but you are advised to focus on the bigger picture in order to achieve your goals. you are required to take care of your mother’s health as Mercury has a direct aspect on the fourth house.

Remedy: Visit Ganesha temple and offer 21 Durva to Lord Ganesha.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the Virgo moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the first and tenth house and is transiting in the ninth house of religion, spirituality, fortune/luck and international journeys. The retrograde Mercury in Virgo moon sign may generate some frustration for you during this period. Individuals will experience a rise in their social status and prestige and will earn name and recognition. The native will be involved in charitable and virtuous deeds. Relationship wise, natives will enjoy a blissful life. Healthwise, the native may face some minor health issues that can be treated with proper care. Do not hurry and have patience during this time as it will help you find useful resources that you may have triggered or ignored in the past.

Remedy: Visit a pilgrimage during this time with your parents.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For Libra Moon Sign, Mercury is the Lord of the ninth and twelfth house and is transiting in the eighth house of occult science, sudden gains/losses, in-laws and inheritance. You need to be very careful during this time especially from sudden losses in terms of wealth. The retrograde of Mercury in the libra moon sign could indicate a period of disharmony between people involved in a relationship with one another. Misunderstanding tends to arise within close relationships between romantic partners, business associates or even best friends. Individuals might have an urge to explore and learn new things whereby one would indulge in spiritualism and occultism. Healthwise individuals will be fit and strong, however, it is advised workout regularly and keep themselves fit.

Remedy: Recite Durga Saptashati for Maa Durga.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

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For Scorpio Moon Sign, Mercury is the Lord of Eighth and Eleventh house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Retrograde Mercury can lead to the assumptions about your close one can be misinterpreted, you can face problems, including your own matters where things have been taken for granted and been procrastinated. It is advised to mend your relationship to make them stronger and address the small problems there and then to prevent them from growing. During this transit individuals may be subjected to confusion, you might have disputes with your business partners because of the bitterness in your words, relationships will require stronger communication skills and individuals may also face some issues with health. It is advised to get it checked and precaution must be taken for the same. The health of your life partner is also at risk, so take good care of him/her.

Remedy: After taking a bath in the morning, offer spinach to cow and visit Ganesha temple.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For Sagittarius moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the seventh and tenth house and is transiting in the sixth house of job, competition, litigation, enemies and ailments. Retrograde Mercury will give you the opportunity to solve all the problems that have been bothering you and which was somehow left unattended. You’ll be very careful in all your deals during this period. Professionally, individuals will be performing well at work and will gain benefit as well as receive support from their seniors.

Financially, a rise in expenditure is on the charts, hence, spend wisely. During this transit, your wisdom and courage will help you to win over your enemies. However, be very careful while driving a vehicle during this time. Relationship wise if you are having problems with your partner then things may get worse unless you make a genuine effort to get out of the problems that you are facing in your married life. Sagittarius natives who are preparing for competitive exams or planning to go abroad for higher studies, this transit will be favourable for you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha by reciting Sankat Nashik Ganesha Stotra and offer 21 Durva to him.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For Capricorn moon sign, Mercury is the lord of sixth and ninth house and his transiting in the fifth house of children, intelligence, love and speculation. Retrograde Mercury in the fifth house can increase your creativity, But only if you are willing to put in the effort. Don’t expect to follow a straight way but try and go where things and situations lead you until you start to establish a pattern. During this transit, you will feel an increased level of intellect, which will lead to high levels of profit.

Students dreaming of pursuing higher education will benefit from this transit, also it is favourable for the students who want to pursue their career abroad. Relationship wise, if you are single you would come across someone who would eventually become your love interest. Healthwise, you may feel a burning sensation in your stomach, so avoid oily and junk food. It is advised to keep your anger in control and maintain sweetness in your words.

Remedy: Visit Ganesh temple on Wednesday.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For the Aquarius moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the fifth and eighth house and is transiting in the fourth house of mother, comfort, property and vehicle. Retrograde Mercury in the fourth house can cause you to step back and rethink your actions and reset your actions to change the situations. Do not hesitate to question the fundamental values in order to get to the heart of what you believe and resolve the inner conflicts that may arise. Small insights can let you plan your actions, particularly in the future.

During this transit professionally, there can be a sudden gain of wealth and growth in career. Also, there will be a pleasant atmosphere in your personal and in your work environment. The more you work hard, the more chances you will have to grow and succeed during this time. Relationship wise if you are into a relationship with someone, then be careful as there are chances of getting betrayed. However, those were single men who found a suitable partner for themselves. Healthwise, It is advised to take care of your mother’s health and avoid any argument with your father as you might have a difference of opinion with him.

Remedy: Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha and recite Ganesha Atharvashirsha

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For Pisces moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the fourth and seventh house and is transiting in the third house of courage, short travels and younger siblings. Retrograde Mercury can create confusion during this period with what you are doing, which can affect your confidence and a sense of purpose. Getting roadblocks out of the way allows you to feel better about what you are doing and what kind of commitments you can make and live up to it.

Try to work on removing obstacles in the flow diplomatically. During this transit, your communication skills will improve and certainly, you will get benefited in this phase. Financially, there will be a lot of scope of earning money during this phase. Short distance travel is also forecasted but it is advised to postpone till the time Mercury is retrograde. Relationship wise you will require more attention and care and it is advised to spend some quality time with your partner.

Healthwise, you must take special care of your health as there are chances of minor ailments, therefore, it is advised for proper body checkup as and when required. Be courageous in your approach and incorporate wisdom in your action.

Remedy: Donate something in the temple, go and do some cleaning in the temple as well.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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On Thursday, August 19, Uranus goes retrograde, where it will remain until January 22, 2022. It's joining its outer-planet counterparts, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, all of which are stationed in a proverbial backspin of their own. Given that these outer planets typically reference collective (rather than individual) action and changes, all of this retrograde action may signal the start of a period destined for slowing down and turning inward on a societal level.

The addition of Uranus to the current retrograde mix creates a strong push-pull energy “between the personal planets—which propel us to take action, speak our minds, and make connections—and the slower-moving outer planets, which are now doubling down on urging caution and deeper reflection on our wants, needs, and motivations,” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides.

"The Uranus retrograde in 2021 is about taking the time to sit with outward changes or unexpected events that have thrown off our equilibrium this year." —astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides

According to astrologer Rachel Lang, author of the forthcoming book Modern Day Magic, Uranus rules over innovation, change, and disruption for the sake of progress. As it moves backward, its retrograde cycle could shed new light on various evolutionary forces of the past few months, or encourage us to reckon with them in new ways. "The Uranus retrograde in 2021 is about taking the time to sit with outward changes or unexpected events that have thrown off our equilibrium this year," says Marmanides, "and reflect on any unease or discomfort that they may have stirred up inside of us."

Because Uranus is currently transiting in reverse through Taurus, this Uranus retrograde will affect each zodiac sign a bit differently, depending on which astrological house (aka arena of life) Taurus rules over for those born under that sign. With that in mind, read on for insights from Marmanides and Lang as to just what energetic change the upcoming Uranus retrograde may summon for your sign.

Here's how this Uranus retrograde will manifest for each of the zodiac signs, according to astrologers:


The movement of Uranus into your second house of finances and resources bubbles up new questions surrounding money matters for you, Aries. "If you've had fear about changes to your financial situation, this is the time to address the underlying cause of that anxiety," says Lang. Or, perhaps you're looking to make a career shift, but you've been hesitant, due to money concerns. In that case, consider whether there may be new monetary avenues to explore, so that you don't remain confined to a job that doesn't fulfill you, says Marmanides.


Buckle up: The Uranus retrograde of 2021 could ripple through your core identity, as the planet spins back through your sign. With that in mind, it would be wise to loosen up your resistant-to-change, fixed-sign energy, Taurus.

"This retrograde is a time to work through your fears of letting go," says Lang. In particular, consider how you might release any elements of your life that aren't in alignment with your true identity, whether at work, at home, or in your social life.


An emotional or spiritual awakening could be in store for you, Gemini, as Uranus moves into your 12th house of the unconscious—which governs over our dreams, inner life, and secrets. "This shift may push you to figure out where you could be getting in the way of yourself," says Marmanides. A solo retreat or getaway could help you along this phase of your personal growth journey, adds Lang.


Uranus could put your friendships under a magnifying glass, beneath which you'll be able to see and confront whether your loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances are upholding their end of the relationship bargain. "You're known for your warmth and sensitivity and for being a shoulder to cry on," says Marmanides, "but do your friends give back as much as they get from you?" As Uranus shifts into your 11th house of community, you may be inspired to reassess the depth you seek from your social circle, and find new ways to receive it.


"Career is the area of your life most in flux with Uranus in Taurus, and as it retrogrades, you could question the decisions you've made in the past couple years," says Lang. While reckoning with just what you want to do work-wise could mean launching a job search, it could also mean realigning your approach to your current job, so that you're living to work and not just working to live. With some out-of-the-box thinking, you could very well uncover creative ways to feel more fulfilled in the job you have, adds Lang.


Uranus transits into your ninth house of travel and learning, prompting a deep desire for adventure that may feel difficult to act upon based on both regular work and home responsibilities and the limitations spawned by the pandemic. Rather than feeling thwarted, think of venturing inward to uncover restrictive tendencies that could be getting in the way of freedom in your everyday life. "Yes, you're practical and pragmatic, but there is more to you than that," says Marmanides. "Spend this transit considering what you might read or learn, or where you might travel to expand your image of yourself when the chance presents itself."


There are a couple distinct ways that the Uranus retrograde could manifest for you, Libra. As Uranus moves into your eighth house—which rules over sex, death, transformation, mental health, and other people's resources within your life—it's possible that you'll be inspired to reckon with your inner foundations and capability for emotional intimacy, both with yourself and with others, says Marmanides. And it's also possible that questions or surprises surrounding taxes, inheritance, or a partner or friend's money come to fruition, says Lang. Overall, take this time to consider where your true value lies, and how it might extend beyond the realm of hard work and monetary payoff.


A time of growth is in store with regard to your closest partners or loved ones, Scorpio. Uranus travels into your seventh house of marriage and relationships in this backward transit, shaking things up in terms of how you may view a significant other. "Reflect on the meaning of freedom in the context of a relationship," says Lang. "You may feel the need to control your life, but that's not necessarily true freedom." This retrograde is a chance to address any potential control tendencies and align yourself to a more satisfying push-pull dynamic in your intimate relationships.


Your physical health may be at the forefront of your mind, Sagittarius, as Uranus moves into your sixth house of health, wellness, and daily rituals. The energetic shift could encourage you to seek out new ways to optimize your well-being, says Lang. And given Uranus is the planet of innovative disruption, that could lead you down technological paths, perhaps by way of a new fitness- or sleep-tracking device. It's also possible that you simply feel encouraged to break from your regular routine (Sag is ever the adventure-seeker, after all), perhaps by going on a midday walk or finding a new meditative or breathwork practice to relieve stress at the end of a day.


You share some of the same practicality-driven characteristics of compatible Earth sign Taurus, where Uranus resides in this transit, opening the way for positive self-reflection. This is a time to consider what you'd do if you didn't have to work, says Marmanides—which could understandably require some soul-searching given your naturally career-oriented drive. To be specific, Uranus will move into your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, encouraging you to find news avenues of self-expression and romance. The challenge of the retrograde will come as you attempt to square these creative opportunities with your innate desire for pragmatism.


A sense of upheaval or change at home may arise with the Uranus retrograde of 2021, as its disruptive tendencies affect your fourth house of home, parents and parental figures, and foundations. "Uranus is asking you to redefine what it means to come home and to be at home with yourself," says Marmanides. If your current environment feels stifling, this may be the time to change it up, either upgrading your place in some tangible way, or moving to a new one.

Or, it's possible that outside forces will do the shaking up for you, with family members entering or leaving your space—in which case, says Lang, it's best to tease out the potential upsides of these disruptions, which may reveal themselves more clearly down the line.


Communication, learning, and networking will be emphasized in this transit for you, intuitive Pisces. Uranus shifts into your third house of intellect, expression, and local community, encouraging you to revisit subjects you loved in school with fresh eyes, or to find new ways to share your thoughts in professional or social settings, or on social media.

But it's important to think carefully about the words you use, as Uranus retrograde underlines the impact of your words on others, says Marmanides: "Use this transit to think differently about how you communicate and what you can do to make sure you're being heard."

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Mercury Retrograde and Zodiac Signs

When Mercury is in retrograde, its influence depends on which of the 12 zodiac signs the planet is in when it goes retrograde. Below is a brief look at what you can expect for each astrological sign.

There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen.
–Hugh Prather, American writer (b. 1938)

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Mercury Retrograde and the Zodiac Signs

When Mercury enters retrograde motion within the range of dates for a given astrological sign, be wary of the listed effects.

INAQUARIUS (Jan 20–Feb 18): With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, the sign 
that governs relationships, 
friendships are put at risk. Petty 
squabbles, misunderstandings, and miscommunications abound. Know who your friends are.

INPISCES (Feb 19–Mar 20): Foggy thinking,
 daydreams, and escapism are 
the norm; day-to-day realities
 confound otherwise clear heads
 when Mercury, the planet that rules logic, is in Pisces, which governs illusion. Practice creative pursuits—writing, dancing, photography, film, or painting.

INARIES (Mar 21–Apr 19): Expect to be frustrated and frazzled. Assertive,
 impulsive Aries wants to move
 ahead, and all of the energy is going backward. Watch what you say and how you say it. Pay attention to what people say to you; you might be pleasantly surprised.

INTAURUS (Apr 20–May 20): Take time to formulate your thoughts. Taurus, an unhurried sign, slows down the 
mental processes. He also governs banking, so delay money matters. Review financial matters, and position yourself for growth.

INGEMINI (May 21–Jun 20): Because Gemini 
rules communications, be prepared for miscommunications
 when Mercury is in this sign. Expect lots of phone calls or none, and lost or misplaced mail. You may not articulate clearly, and gossip abounds. Old friends may reconnect.

INCANCER (Jun 21–Jul 22): Expect annoyances 
at home with baking, gardening,
 and household duties under domesticated Cancer. Complete repair projects that weren’t finished or done correctly.

INLEO (Jul 23–Aug 22): Avoid speculative investments. It is not a good time to
 buy and sell or do any trading.
 Instead, analyze your investment
 portfolio. Use your know-how and advisory skills to help friends and associates.

INVIRGO (Aug 23–Sep 22): Challenging situations arise, especially in the 
workplace. Expect product delays and equipment breakdowns,
 as well as crankiness among coworkers under finicky, detail-oriented Virgo. Double-check your work before you call it finished.

INLIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22: Accept your physical
 attributes; do not have a makeover. Indecision reigns, so limit
 purchases—or risk returning
 them. Libra, representing beauty, grace, charm, and diplomacy, is out of balance. Refresh, relax, and rejuvenate.

INSCORPIO (Oct 23–Nov 21): Emotions rule—not common sense—so beware.
 Avoid affairs of the heart. Passionate Scorpio is also secretive, 
and your secrets may seep out. Keep them in a diary.

INSAGITTARIUS (Nov 22–Dec 21): It is not a time 
to travel, so reschedule or expect
 delays, lines, and lost directions.
 Instead, take care of local affairs.
 Patience and a sense of humor are needed.

INCAPRICORN (Dec 22–Jan 19): Avoid buying, 
selling, or renting real estate un
der Capricorn, the sign that governs property matters. Expect
 problems with paperwork, packing, and movers. Reunite with family or vacation at home.

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A Man With a Message

Mercury comes from the Latin word merx, or mercator, which means merchant. Mercury is the name given by the ancient Romans to the Greek mythological god Hermes.

Mercury is depicted as a male figure having winged sandals and a winged hat, indicating the ability to travel quickly. He was the official messenger of the ancient gods and goddesses and, as such, governed communications.

In 1782, Mercury became the first symbol of the United States’ fledgling postal service. Today, he is recognized as an icon of an international floral delivery service as well as the official symbol of the postal service of Greece.

In astrology, all of the planet’s attributes are rooted in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. In that context, Mercury is the god of travelers, literature, poetry, merchants, and thieves. He is cunning and clever and witty at a moment’s notice. But he is also recognized as a trickster and thief, prone to misbehavior.

For more on the zodiac, see The Man of Signs—a representation of how each astrological sign affects a different part of the body.

Sours: https://www.almanac.com/mercury-retrograde-and-zodiac-signs

How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign’s Career

Summon up some patience and get ready to slow your roll, because Mercury retrograde fall 2021 is kicking off on September 27, at which point we’re subject to three weeks of its patently annoying antics. Mental mix-ups and communication breakdowns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the havoc that this tri-annual transit could wreak on us through October 18. That said, understanding how Mercury retrograde fall 2021 will affect your career is a must.

Mercury retrograde periods are known as a time of cosmic chaos, and that’s because this small but mighty planet rules over all things logistical in nature. Thinking, writing, communicating, number-crunching, scheduling, and timing all fall under Mercury’s planetary jurisdiction — so when it retrogrades, it can obviously have a major impact on our careers. It’s common for things to stall or hit snags during this time, so rather than trying to get new endeavors off the ground or find new gigs, it’s a good time to review recent projects or refine the things you’ve already started at your job. It’s easy to confuse or overlook details now, too, so double check your professional emails for typos and make sure you’re crystal clear on your task list to avoid having to re-do your work.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde fall 2021 takes place in Libra, a socially-minded air sign that corresponds with balance, legal issues, and partnerships. That said, this retrograde’s effects will be especially strong when it comes to dealing with the dynamics of our working relationships and navigating any one-on-one agreements. Be super cautious if you’re finalizing contracts or signing off on anything that’s legally binding, and be extra conscious about clarity in communication at work — with your boss, your colleagues, and your clients alike.

Read on for your Mercury retrograde fall 2021 career horoscope so you can avoid falling victim to this transit’s notorious trip-ups and feel a little more professionally prepared.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aries (March 21-April 19)

Business partnerships and one-on-one professional relationships are a big focus for you during this retrograde, Aries, so it’s an important time to work on strengthening communication in these areas. You have a penchant for working (and talking) quickly, but rushing things now could lead to confusion — so take your time to ensure that if you’re agreeing to something, both parties fully understand the terms.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This retrograde is turning your calendar upside down, Taurus, and it might result in a few missed Zoom meetings or headache-inducing scheduling snags. Give yourself some extra padding when it comes to project timelines, and be extra conscious about staying on top of dates and deadlines, too — as your sense of timing might be taking a hit. If it makes you feel better, your colleagues are probably in the same boat!

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You’re bubbling over with inspiration and bright ideas right now, Gemini — but Mercury retrograde isn’t a good time to try to charge forward on any professional passion projects. Instead of going against the cosmos and trying to launch something new, channel your creativity into a prolonged planning stage. Your current energy flow is best spent reviewing and revising your plans, then taking action once the retrograde clears.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Cancer (June 21-July 22)

This retrograde will affect your personal life more than your professional life, Cancer — but if things feel super hectic at home, you might find it difficult to stay on top of things at your job. Try to get into a clear-headed groove at work so that domestic drama doesn’t bog you down. Additionally, if you’re working from home, go with the flow if you run into tech snags or internet issues, as these sorts of issues are much more likely now.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Communication is going haywire for you during this retrograde, Leo, so you’ll want to think before you speak, text, or type anything. It’ll be easy for even minor comments at work to get misunderstood — and virtual conversations could get even more confusing. Be sure to include all the necessary details in your professional correspondences and re-read your messages (and others’) for clarity to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You’re thinking a lot about your worth at work lately, Virgo, and that’s a good thing — but now may not be the most productive time to start a conversation about your pay rate. While it’s important to ensure you’re being fairly compensated and valued in your career, things that are initiated during Mercury retrogrades don’t always bring the results we’re hoping for. Start building your case now and ask for the raise once the retrograde clears.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

With the retrograde taking place in your sign, Libra, this could be a confusing few weeks when it comes to getting a clear picture of your professional identity. Making first impressions while networking might feel more awkward than usual now, and you may find yourself feeling extra self-conscious about your colleagues’ opinions of you. Instead of worrying about how others perceive you, spend this time refining your career objectives instead.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You may be finding it difficult to focus on work lately, Scorpio, as Mercury has your mind on more esoteric matters that transcend the mundane daily grind. Instead of trying to force yourself into a rigid routine (which will probably fall apart anyway, thanks to the retrograde), use this time to press pause on any unnecessary work duties and give yourself a break. There’s no need to be an overachiever now — your mental health is more important.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You’ve got bright visions for the future dancing in your head now, Sag, and you’re ready to connect with like-minded people in your field, who can help you make these dreams a reality. However, you might find that your attempts at networking fall flat during this retrograde. Instead of getting discouraged, talk through your plans and refine your visions — then revisit these career-related collaborations post-retrograde.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You’re feeling Mercury retrograde’s influence in your career more than just about any other sign, Cap, so get ready to be even more diligent and detail-oriented than usual. Your professional plans have been blossoming, but this backspin could make it feel like the progress has plateaued. Instead of trying to force fast-paced results, use this time to review, revise, and recalculate the logistics of your current endeavors. Things will start flowing forward again once the retrograde passes.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

You’ve got an itch for growth and excitement right now, Aqua, and it could manifest as an interest in switching careers or trying to learn a new trade. While broadening your professional horizons and adding new skills to your resume is always a good thing, you might find that the retrograde makes it hard to break into something completely new. Instead, use this time to dive into developing your past interests — and if your spark for something new is still shining post-retrograde, pursue it then.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

This retrograde is exposing the nuts and bolts that lie beneath the surface of your professional relationships, Pisces — and this could bring up some sensitive feelings. Buried resentments toward colleagues or business partners could come up now, as could frustrations regarding your pay rate or financial situation. Use this discomfort to fuel upfront and open conversations. Now’s your chance to clear the air and leave this work-related awkwardness behind you.

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Retrograde 2021 taurus

Wednesday, October 20, is a full moon in brave Aries. Your task for this lunation is to bring the intentions you set earlier this month, during the new moon, to life. This could mean expressing your true feelings to a lover or finally asking your crush out. When intense Scorpio season begins on Saturday, October 23, we're all going to crave sex and deep intimacy. However, Scorpio's energy can also be manipulative, jealous, and obsessive. When Mars, which rules sexuality and aggression, enters Scorpio on Saturday, October 30, make extra time to self-soothe and resist any temptations to go down a social media stalking hole. Stay safe, have an epic Halloween, and see you in November! 

October Predictions by Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

October brings hard but important truths in regard to your love life. If you have a major difference with your partner, such as how you feel about kids or marriage, you can no longer ignore it. Thankfully, Mercury retrograde ends, and you're able to communicate your needs confidently and clearly. A full moon in your sign brings fantastic orgasms. You don't even need a partner, stay in with a new sex toy.  Read your full October horoscope here.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You've had some anxiety lately, Taurus, but life feels less chaotic when Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury all go direct this month. Now that you're feeling more relaxed, you have a clear head in regards to your love life. You may be tested by a whack-a-mole of exes returning, but stay present, focus on the now, and don't write those bitches back.  Read your full October horoscope here.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You get to be picky this month, Gemini. You're so full of charisma that you may end up with several romantic partners to choose from. Date as many people as you desire, but only if they make you laugh and turn you on. Plus, there's wonderful new career news that arrives mid-month. Read your full October horoscope here.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You're an incredible host, darling Cancer, but make sure to let others pamper you, too. When the lucky planet Jupiter ends its retrograde, you finally take off your rosy nostalgic glasses and see your former relationships for what they were. No, you don't have to hate your ex, but you need to stop romanticizing the past if you want to enjoy the present. Read your full October horoscope here.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

October is an exciting month for Leos, because of all the opportunities to dress up! Even if you stay in on Halloween, buy yourself a ring light and take hundreds of selfies. Just remember to rest this month, dear Leo, after all, you are a luxurious cat who likes to lounge in the sun. Don't let impossible standards of hustle culture let you compromise yourself. Read your full October horoscope here.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

October inspires you to ask for more money, Virgo, and you're such a hard worker that there's no denying you deserve it. You're excited about Halloween, but you have to stick to your own boundaries regarding socialization. And, speaking of boundaries, this month finds you sharing both your fantasies and limits in bed with current or prospective lovers.  Read your full October horoscope here.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

October is an optimistic month for you, Libra. You find yourself noticing joy in random places, and this is a blessing. You're reminded how important your pleasure is. Identify your desires and boundaries in the bedroom, and then communicate them to any lovers for tons of great sex this month. And, if you're single, all you need is a sex toy.  Read your full October horoscope here.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Your season begins this month, Scorpio. When one of your ruling planets, Pluto, ends its retrograde and goes direct, you are tasked with turning your worst habits into superpowers. Instead of stalking an ex or coming up with a revenge plot, dive into new creative projects. Celebrate your birthday (and Halloween) big! Read your full October horoscope here.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Repressed emotions can have negative consequences on your relationships, so this month asks you to deal with your feelings. If you don't have a therapist already, it's time to get one. A full moon in fellow fire sign Aries brings hot sex your way, so even if it's casual, you want to be open for intimacy. Read your full October horoscope here.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

As cuffing season approaches, you find yourself wanting something more serious, Capricorn. You're letting go of commitment issues in order to experience the love that you deserve. Make sure you take time for some rest this month, because good financial news comes your way, and you want to approach new work functioning at full force. Read your full October horoscope here.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

When Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth goes direct on Wednesday, October 6, you want a makeover, and you should go for it! Dye your hair a new color, or wear a wig for Halloween. You can be aloof, Aquarius, which makes you sexy and mysterious, but this month, focus on intimacy and letting loved ones get close to you. Read your full October horoscope here.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You get a welcome boost of confidence thanks to the many retrogrades that end this month. If you're single, sweet Pisces, you can expect a harmonious first date during October. If you're partnered, you find yourself reminded of all of the reasons that you love your partner and heat rises in the bedroom. Read your full October horoscope here.

As Allure's resident astrologer, Sophie Saint Thomas believes in the power of glamour and embracing one's sexuality — all the while, looking to astrology to navigate the intricacies of modern life.She is also the author ofSex Witch: Sex Witch: Magickal Spells for Love, Lust, and Self-Protectionand the upcoming Glamour Witch: An Empowering Sex-Positive Guide with Spells and Witchy Beauty Tips for All Budgets and Body Types. 

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