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    On October 16th from 10 am to 4 pm, Upstate Model Railroaders will be holding an enhanced Open House.

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    SharSum Paint

    I made a Day of the Dead wreath from Dollar Tree materials, including the mesh tubing. I love how it turned out but it was a big one and took literally all day to make the wreath and paint the skull. See pic of it at the end. I used this tutorial to make the big one:

    I had a pile of left over pieces of mesh tubing so instead of throwing it away, I used it to create a smaller version. I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

    I had a small Dollar Tree Day of the Dead skull painting kit I used for this one. It is approximately 3 1/2” x 5”. It comes with several craft paints, but I chose to use our Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint colors instead. I love how vibrant they are, but many chalk paints would work, too, as well as the paints that came with it.

    I also made about a 9” wreath form out of 18 gauge wire we had here.

    But, if you were going to use new pkgs of the DT mesh tubing, I would get maybe 3 pkgs (1 of each color). DT also may have a heavy wire that you can mold as shown below, and you will need the 3 1/2”x5” Day of the Skull paint kit. You will also need a pkg of pipe cleaners. I chose to use black.

    I cut a piece of wire about 22” long.

    I formed it into a circle about 9” round, then wove another row around in and out to make it a bit more sturdyand cut off any excess. I crimped the ends so they wouldn’t be sharp.

    I wanted to make sure my skull would fit inside. I had already started painting it here. I also ended up removing the little stand as I didn’t need it.

    I then cut the black pipe cleaner as needed into 4 equal pieces.

    I cut the wire mesh pieces into about 6” lengths. I didn’t have enough purple, so I only did 3 of them to spread out. But if I would have had enough, this is the pattern I would use.

    I put 3 colors together and then made 3 loops. I used the pipe cleaner piece and put it around and twisted them tightly together.

    I then started attaching them to the wire form. I alternated the cut edges so they weren’t all going on the same direction.

    I stopped adding when I got to a point where the skull would fit on the side with no wire showing.

    I then painted the skull with colors that would go well with the mesh tubing. I used the black already on it as an outline, painting the face and teeth white, and painted colors inside the black lines. I also painted the back black.

    I sealed it front and back with Mod Podge acrylic spray and Mod Podge Pearlized spray to give it a little shimmer.

    Danny drilled tiny holes, big enough for the pipe cleaner to to through on the top and bottom and I used the pipe cleaner from the last pieces of attached mesh to hold the skull in place.

    And there you have it. A mini Day of the Dead wreath next to the big one I made earlier.

    Like this:



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    Easy Pumpkin Decorations – From Mesh Tubing

    Step 1) Cut the mesh tubing approximately 9 ft long. Mine came in a package of 36 ft, so I cut it into 4 sections by doubling it over twice.

    Step 2) Tie a slip knot in each end

    Step 3) Cut eight pieces of wire approximately 6-inches long

    Step 4) Wrap a length of mesh tube around a 3-inch wide piece of cardboard. Try to have even tension as you wrap 

    Step 5) Slip a wire under all the laps of tubing and gather them tightly together to make a bundle of pumpkin ribs. Twist the wire several times to hold them securely. Try to get both of the slipknot ends close to that twisted wire.

    Step 6) Slide this bundle off the cardboard. Create a spine for this bundle by securely wrapping a second wire maybe 2-inches from the first wire.

    Repeat Steps 4, 5 and 6 with the other 3 lengths of tubing. Compare your four bundles and try to slide the wires so the spines of all four bundles are the same length. 



    OMG!  Imagine my surprise when I saw packages of mesh tubing, silver bells and chenille stems at Dollar Tree. I always had in mind to see how mesh tubing would work on cone shaped trees but didn't want to buy more of anything mesh since I had plenty of the regular kind and had really fallen out of interest in using it. But for a dollar, how could I go wrong.  And then I saw regular little bells - in packages of 50 and 25, depending on the size.  Wow, bells are not cheap in craft stores! And hanging next to them - glitter chenille stems!  Say what you want about the Dollar Tree but it's becoming my go to store for lots of craft items!

    And I don't think you can make an easier holiday project using these items. here's how:

    First, roll poster board (also from Dollar Tree) into a cone .  .  .

    cutting off excess (side and bottom) to even out and taping side edges.

    Secure end of mesh tube on bottom edge with hot glue, and begin twirling tube around cone, pushing the mesh tube down as you wrap.  Hot glue tube in place every few wraps.  *Mesh tube has a pattern of its' own so be sure to let the tube "relax" to its shape as you are wrapping the cone without stretching it.

    You can tighten the top area when reaching and glue in place to finish.

    I painted the next cone silver since you might be able to see between the tubing and wrapped it the same way.

    Once the cone is wrapped with the mesh tubing, take a chenille stem and fold it into six points to make a star.  I know, a star has five points but you need an extra one to glue onto the top of the cone.

    Pinch together each point and begin shaping chenille around to form a star.

    Once you have the star shape, wrap the last two chenille pieces together to form a straight side. Make another, and glue the two together at the points for a fuller look.

    Hot glue stars on top of the cones.

    For the green tube tree, string bells on a string and .  .  .

    wrapped them around the cone by tacking the ends on using a needle and thread.

    Not bad for a few dollars!

    Take a little time to enjoy


    Happy Holiday Crafting!


    Tubing dollar tree

    I found this cute sign from Dollar Tree and wanted to make something fun with it. 

    Look at this super cute deco mesh wreath!!!

    I purchased the sign and wreath form from Dollar Tree. I had the deco mesh but Dollar Tree does sell it as well. I purchased the purple mesh for my Halloween table centerpiece.

    Video tutorial


    Deco mesh (5.5")

    Mesh tubing

    Wreath form (14")

    Sign (optional)

    Chenille stems/sticks or pipe cleaners

    Wire cutters



    14" wreath form from Dollar Tree.

    Cut mesh into 10" long pieces.

    I used white, pink, hot pink, and yellow.

    Use chenille stems/sticks or pipe cleaners to attach mesh to the wreath form.

    Cut chenille stems 4" or longer if you want.

    Roll deco mesh and pinch in the middle.

    I used four colors of mesh but only three colors for each little bunch and made random color combos. 

    I made 36 total.

    I started with 4 bunches but it didn't look full enough so I added two more.

    I attached chenille stems on the two inside rings and alternated every other one.

    Mesh tubing looped three times.

    I wanted the green on the sign to be a little brighter to match the mesh tubing.

    Mod Podge and green glitter added to the leaves.

    Attached the sign with chenille stems. I might add some hot glue to secure it a little more.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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    Grammy’s Loop wreath tutorial featuring dollar tree items!

    I begged for my phone number at the hotel, but I wrote it at registration. I sent him first. And then, I think, why not.

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