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Electric Towel Warmers

Electric Heated Towel Rail

After stepping out of a hot shower on a chilly morning, there is little better than being welcomed by a soft, warm towel wrapped snuggly around you. When you are done, simply hang your damp towel up on the heated towel rail and it will dry in no time, leaving it not just warm and dry for the next shower, but fresh-smelling too.


The Warmup Electric Towel Warmer range offers exquisite function combined with sleek design; an attractive feature in any contemporary or traditional bathroom. A simple concept, for a simple joy – every day.


Towel Warmer Accessories kit

Each towel warmer comes with a full installation kit (see picture) with all fixing accessories, including a diamond drill bit (for use on tiles), for installation convenience.



HTR-001MB – Round tube – single bar – black mat (4 bars recommended), measuring 24″



HTR-001PC – Round tube – single bar – polished stainless, measuring 24″



HTR-002B – Square tube – single bar – black mat (4 bars recommended), measuring 24″



HTR-002BN – Square tube – single bar – brushed stainless(4 bars recommended), measuring 24″



HTR-080PC – Square tube in paperclip format measuring 47″x15″ with hardwired design.



HTR-081PC – Square tube Model G measuring 31″x24″ with hardwired design.



HTR-090PC – Round tubes ladder – curved – polished chrome, measuring 24.5″ x 27.5″



HTR-091MB – Ladder type measuring 24″ by 31″ with rounded tubes and hardwired design



HTR-091PC – Round tubes ladder – straight – polished chrome measuring 24.5″ x 31″



HTR-092PC – Round tubes ladder with 9 bars, polished stainless finish, measuring 47″ x 24.5″



HTR-110BN – Square tubes ladder with 10 bars and brushed stainless finish, measuring 24.5″ x 53″

Newtech Vera Rounded Heated Towel Bar 632mm - Chrome
Newtech Vera Rounded Heated Towel Bar 632mm - Chrome

More Info

Upgrade your bathroom or ensuite with Vera Round Heated Towel Rails from our range of Freedom Heated Towel Rails.

  • Rounded edge, single bar
  • Durable Stainless Steel with Chrome finish
  • IP45, 23W
  • Right hand concealed wiring
  • 10-year warranty on heated towel rail defects and workmanship.
  • Dimensions: W632 X D100

In wall pre-wiring and solid timber internal wall fixing is required prior to installation. Recommended for mounting on hard surfaces, such as tile walls. Be sure to let your builder know prior to installation of gib.

Installation should be performed by a registered electrician and requires a 12V transformer which is sold separately.

Price is per bar

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Round Towel Bar, 24″

Satin-finish stainless steel tube and posts with round mounting brackets on ends. Extends 2 5/8” (67 mm) from wall. 24” (610 mm) in length, 5/8” (16 mm) DIA.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Our heavy-duty items are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is tough, durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Minimalistic, Contemporary

Minimalistic, Contemporary
And Classic

Different styles allow you to choose what works best to complement your washroom.



The robust construction made of type 304 stainless steel is LEED®-friendly and fits our sensibility about longer lifecycle building designs.

Refined Look,

Refined Look,
Rich Function

These accessories add a special touch to enhance the user’s experience in the washroom setting.



Elegant hansgrohe accessories for the bathroom ensure more quality of life, down to the details. Upgrade your bathroom with high-quality towel bars, soap dispensers, shower shelves, roll holders and many other practical additions. These well-thought-out, practical helpers create order, and with their modern, timeless design they’re a perfect fit for all hansgrohe showers and faucets.

Create highlights with bright design and high-quality materials 

Modern? Classic? Avantgarde? Live your bathroom style consistently. The hansgrohe style worlds are there to inspire you and provide you with the right products, and hansgrohe accessories are the icing on the cake. Their finish, contours or color continue the thought behind the design of each product range . Whether finished in chrome or brushed nickel – the choice is yours. hansgrohe bathroom accessories are made of high-quality materials. After all, they have to withstand frequent use.

The toilet brush holders have a brass bracket. The brush holders themselves are made of brass and crystal glass or ceramics. This combination of materials can also be found in the soap dishes, lotion dispensers and toothbrush tumblers. It makes them beautiful and easy to care for. You can also attach towel bars to the wall with a metal bracket. The bars themselves are made of sturdy brass. And whether you choose the simple towel bar or the swiveling two-armed model: With functional bathroom accessories by hansgrohe, you always have the essentials handy.


Towel bar rounded

Towel Bars

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Shower Tracks and Shower Rails
Shower Rods
Shower Poles and Shower Bars
Sink Legs
Lock Seam Tubing & Lock Seam Tubs
Special Shaped Tubing

Additional Towel Bar Information

Johnson Bros. manufactures a wide selection of Towel Bar sizes, materials and finishes. Standard sizes, materials and finishes become the least expensive. Custom sizes, materials or finishes will still be low priced, but not as low as the standard unless your quantity desired is high. You will see in the photos included, some of the standard sizes and materials we manufacture are shown as:

A:3/4 sq. Brite Aluminum
B:3/4 sq. Brite Stainless
C:3/4 sq. Satin Stainless
D:5/8 sq. Brite Aluminum
E-1:5/8 sq. Brite Stainless
E-2:5/8 sq. Satin Stainless (just added this year)
F:3/4 rd. Brite Stainless Towel Bars
G:3/4rd. Satin Stainless Towel Bars

This photo shows a protective coating that is
removed by the customer right before installation
of these Towel Bars.

About Johnson Brothers

Lavatory legs, hex lockseam tubing & towel bars, square & round

These Standard Towel Rails will be supplied as 18, 24, 30, 36 length or width as installed on a wall. Different Towel Rod Lengths can be made from 6 long to any length greater than that. There may be a slight price increase depending on quantity for custom lengths and special packaging if required and perhaps not. There will be a Strippable PVC Covering that is easy to remove just before assembly so there are no forming marks, handling marks, packaging marks or any other marks before your Towel Rail is installed. The photos included show examples of this. If preferred, paper sleeving can be used instead with a small price increase. There is a one carton minimum order of about 50 tubes, depending on the size required. As you can see in the photos here, the standard parts are round and square Stainless Steel Towel Bars and Aluminum Towel Bars with a bright, (and a satin finish in stainless), also provided. Thicknesses for Standard Sizes generally run .015 for Aluminum and .012 for stainless. Most other thicker material can also be manufactured here easily.

From left to right: 7/8 hex Stainless Sink Legs, 3/4 Round Satin Stainless Towel Bar and 3/4 Round Brite Stainless Towel Bar

Since the Standard Towel Bar descriptions have been summarized above, we can tell you about Custom Towel Bars Johnson Bros. has produced or can produce. Some of the special Towel Bar most often required are a: Chrome Towel Bar, Bronze Towel Bar, as well as White Towel Bars, Black Towel Bars, Brite and Antique Polished and Lacquered Solid Brass Towel Bars, Brushed Bronze Anodized Aluminum Towel Bars, Bright and Satin Polished  Brass and Antique Brass Anodized Aluminum Towel Bars, Bronze Anodized Aluminum Towel Bars, Solid Bronze Towel Bars, Bright Chrome Plated Brass Towel Bars and more. Any material and finish is open for discussion at Johnson Bros.. Availability of special requirements is greatly reflected by more quantity. If the quantity you need is high enough, who knows? It may even become one of our Standard offerrings. Johnson Bros. can also manufacture Special Sized Towel Bars such as Hexagon Towel Bar Tubing, Rectangular Towel Bar Tubing, Oval Towel Bar Tubing and other Special Shaped Tubing Styles for use as Towel Bars.

There are many uses that our Towel Bars can perform. Here are a few examples where a Towel Rod may be used: Bathroom Towel Bars, Kitchen Towel Bars, Shower Door Towel Bars, Hot Tub Towel Bars, and even Paper Towel Bars, Hand Towel Bars, Inside Cabinet Door Towel Bars, Bath Room Cabinet Towel Bars inside or out, Bath Room Door inside towel Bars, Bath Room Wall or Wall Rack Towel Bars, Bathroom Drawer Pull Bars and more.

Whether it is a Kitchen Towel Bar, Bathroom Towel Bar, Shower Door Towel Bar, Hot Tub Towel Bar, Sauna Towel Bar or any other use, prices are the same if they are our one of our Standard Styles. Only a lower quantity may cause a price change on standard styles.

We should make clear that based on volume, Johnson Bros. Towel Bars are not shipped with end brackets without a high volume special arrangement negotiated, though we can find them for you with lower volume if needed. A Replacement Towel Bar using our standard styles will, of course, not require the end brackets.

View more products here: Lock Seam Tubing & Lockseam Tubes

Parts are produced to order and stock reserve only kept for large blanket order shipping releases. Existing samples may or may not be available. Prototypes for large orders are feasible.

[LS-001]([LS-001.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  LS-001 |   CAD File

[845]([845.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  845 |   CAD File

[082009-01]([082009-01.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  082009-01 |   CAD File

[082009-02]([082009-02.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  082009-02 |   CAD File

[082009-03]([082009-03.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  082009-03 |   CAD File

[592]([592.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  592 |   CAD File

[578]([578.jpg]) - Towel Bars

PDF  |  578 |   CAD File

Installing A Towel Ring On Drywall

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