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    Piano keys in a circle with wings logo

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  • Sours: https://www.designmantic.com/logos/search/Piano-Teachers

    In this present day corporate environment, it is necessary for all organizations whether big or small to create attractive promotional tools to be able to survive and get noticed in the market. One of these promotional tools is a logo. A logo that has the ability to stand out against the crowd sets a business at a big advantage when matched against its competitors. It is therefore important to create a logo which looks professional to make your business more visible to your potential consumers. In today’s post, we want to share a compilation of logo designs inspired by an instrument being played through a keyboard – the piano logo. A logo which incorporates the shape of a piano is widely used by pianists and companies related to music such as record label or radio station, music school, dramatics school and a lot more.

    Here are the 30 Creative Designs of Piano Logo for your Inspiration. Take a look at the rocking ideas behind these logos to help you design your own piano logo in the future. Browse this collection right now and you will surely be impressed at how designers have created these beautiful logos. We hope that you will like this post. Enjoy!

    Music Books

    Music Books logo
    A logo designed by Double A.

    City Piano

    City Piano logo
    A logo design in which the black keys on the keyboard were created as city skyline.

    Duelin’ Ivorys

    Duelin' Ivorys logo
    A logo designed for a saloon.

    The Piano Cafe

    The Piano Cafe logo
    A logo design of a piano and a bottle and is suitable for resto, cafe, or bar.


    Virtuoso logo
    A logo design of a guitar pick with piano keys and is great for a music company.

    Moon Music

    Moon Music logo
    A logo design of a moon out of piano keys and is great for a piano bar, music retailer or online music source.

    Piano Bar

    Piano Bar logo
    A logo designed by danieltaborda.

    Piano House

    piano house logo
    A logo designed for a company that would buy, sell, repair and give piano lessons.


    drunchord logo
    A logo design which consists of a piano and a gourd.


    2Pianists logo
    A logo design which is perfect for art, education or entertainment and media industry.


    Tunecake logo
    A logo design which is suitable to any pastry shop or the web services related to music/sound production.

    Melody Dog

    Melody Dog logo
    A logo designed for a piano bar.

    Happy Whale

    Happy Whale logo
    A logo designed by kathariney.

    Love Piano

    Love Piano logo
    A logo design which is suitable for a music business, blog, forum, radio show, general website, etc.

    The Piano Wine Bar

    the piano wine bar logo
    A logo design of piano keys made from wine bottles.

    New York Piano Logo

    New York Piano Logo
    A logo designed by InterGlobalFilms.

    Piano Quays

    Piano Quays logo
    A logo design which is perfect for a wine bar and restaurant.

    Piano Forest

    Piano Forest logo
    A logo design of trees displaying piano keys.


    Piano logo
    A logo design which is great for a music store.

    Music To My Eyes

    Music to my eyes logo
    A logo designed for a competition called Music to My Eyes.


    PIANO logo
    A logo designed by nechitapaulflavius.

    Buchanan Logo

    Buchanan Logo
    A logo designed for a film composer.

    Casino Royal / Casino Piano

    Casino Royal / Casino Piano logo
    A logo designed for a karaoke bar.

    4 Por Smaku Restauracja

    4 por smaku restauracja logo
    A logo designed for a restaurant.

    Piano Bar “Insight”

    A university branding project for piano bar.

    Music and Wine

    Music and Wine - Logo Template
    A logo template for music and wine lovers.


    VinoPiano logo
    A logo designed by Mootto Studio.

    Wiesinger Music

    Wiesinger Music logo
    A logo designed for a piano service shop.

    New Music Theatre

    New Music Theatre logo
    A logo design for a website that promotes broadway-like music and people who write them.


    SoundKode logo
    A logo design which is great for a music related company.

    Do you like this collection of piano logo? What design you love most? Please share with us your responses in the comment section below.

    Johnna Eudese Ward

    About the author: A 20-year old living in Mountain View Village, Cebu, Phillipines. She loves cooking, surfing, reading and watching movies.

    Sours: https://naldzgraphics.net/piano-logo-inspirations/
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    Stacy_TVector minimalistic piano logo. Music sign


    MichaelRaybackColor piano logo. rainbow music logo. creative logo. piano in grunge style


    adekvatMusic piano keys logo icon template. Melody, classic, note symbol or paper, book, jazz song, royal buttons. Design element.


    DavidArtsMega collection of 2D and 3D quality design elements


    nuraschkaMusic notes. Set of music design elements or icons.


    MichaelRaybackColor piano logo. rainbow music logo. creative logo. piano in grunge style


    anueingVector : Piano equalizer on black background


    barkarolaPiano lessons logo


    adekvatMusic piano keys logo icon template. Melody, classic, note symbol or paper, book, jazz song, royal buttons. Design element.


    alexkavaViolin, guitar, piano and treble clef


    SeamartiniOutline sketch piano music icons


    OstapiusVector black rounded stave with musical notes on white backgroun


    adekvatMusic piano keys logo icon template. Melody, classic, note symbol or paper, book, jazz song, royal buttons. Design element.


    adekvatMusic vector logo icons set. Player, piano, sound, microphone and headphone, radio. Keys or buttons, dj party, note music icons. Vector logo. Stocks design elements.


    sergeypykhoninNotes and treble clef. Set of music design elements or icons


    woodhouseMusic and Instruments - Labels, Badges, Identity, Logotypes


    lilipomTreble clef, piano keys. Music icon, logo


    tulpahnBand elements


    barkarolaPiano lessons logo design


    FriendesignsMusic logo design symbol


    deskcubeJazz music festival Logo poster


    vreddaneVector Set: Vintage Music Notes Labels and Icons


    Shabanov_SergeySet of vintage musical labels templates


    Shabanov_SergeySet of vintage musical labels templates


    Shabanov_SergeySet of vintage musical labels templates


    OstapiusangelpVector black rounded stave with musical notes on white backgroun


    OstapiusangelpVector black rounded stave with musical notes on white backgroun


    i3aldaG key and notes


    SeamartiniMusical symbols and emblems


    SeamartiniMusic keys and notes as a culture symbols


    astanadesignMusic House Logo Template


    vladwelPiano keys vector flat logo isolated on green notes background


    barkarolaPiano lessons logo


    violetaMusical instruments


    tedtedGrand piano vector illustration


    jazziaMusical butterfly


    jara3000Musical signs with floral elements


    OstapiusBright jolly vector staves with musical notes on white backgroun


    Lanka69Music logos and signs


    slalomopToy icons set vector illustration


    Lanka69Set of vector music logos and signs.


    i3aldaG key and notes


    Roman84Note abstract isolated


    sumkinnIcon piano keys


    Lanka69Music logos and signs


    Lanka69Music logos and signs


    Cundrawan703Musical instrument male and female player silhouettes.


    lukerukSet of music vector symbols, logos and icons


    milanpetrovicViolin key icon vector


    lhMusic vintage retro label and badge. Guitar, violin, harp, gramophone, microphone, hand in rock, drum and drumsticks.


    Roman84Note abstract isolated


    KilroyNote with piano keys


    TanyastockSongs for kids icon. Musical notes, melody sign.


    MaryliaSet of music logos


    lifeking83Music vector design template


    sidmayKeyboards icon in different style


    Roman84Note abstract isolated


    Roman84Note abstract isolated


    OstapiusBright vector jolly staves with musical notes on white backgroun


    moodbringerVector Icon with Grand Piano


    MaryliaHeadphones, notes, piano, sound logos


    SeamartiniColorful musical icons set


    dominykas.isterikas.ltMusical instruments set
    Sours: https://depositphotos.com/vector-images/piano-logo.html


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