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Fall Swag

If you will be welcoming guests for Thanksgiving, this DIY Fall Swag is the perfect way to greet them as they arrive.  Here is a step by step tutorial for how to add this to your entryway.

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Make a door swag

Begin with a block of styrofoam that is about 2″ x 4″ x 11″.  This will be the base for your swag.

How to make a swag for your front doorThe first step to making your swag is to give yourself a hanger to hang it from the door where you will be displaying it.  Using an 18 gauge floral wire, bend it in half and stick it through your piece of styrofoam.  Before pulling it all the way through, you must secure the wire with something to keep it from cutting and being pulled all the way through your foam block.  I like to use a piece of paper wrapped wire in a “W” or “M” pattern that will keep the wire from pulling through.  On the back side of the foam, wind your wire into a circle to hang on your hook.  To protect your door, wrap the wire in a pipe cleaner.  How to add pumpkins and gourds to your fall swagUsing some small pumpkins and wood sticks, puncture the pumpkins and push the stick into the styrofoam.  DIY fall front door swagI repeated this with another pumpkin and a pick of faux acorns.  This will be my focal point in the swag. fall swag tutorialI added a gourd and began to tuck some fall leaves amongst my larger pieces.  I used fall leaf picks from the Dollar Tree and cut them apart into individual stems.   diy fall swagContinue to tuck leaves in all around the featured items on your swag. How to make a door swagContinue to fill in the swag with fall leaves, you will save your fall flowers to top your swag.  How to make a swag for your front doorBegin to add flowers, with longer blossoms first.  I added some fall colored wisteria to hang down in my swag.  How to make a swag for your front doorYou can see the wisteria more in this photo. (Ignore the dark grapevines, I decided to remove them later.)fall front door swagThe swag is almost complete with the addition of a number of fall faux blossoms.  This shows the swag needs to be a little rounder at the top and I needed to remove the grapevines from the bottom.  how to make a fall swagHere you can see how the top was rounded out with fall blooms and the bottom was shortened and the vines removed.  You can make a fall swagYour fall swag is ready to hang on your door and greet guests as they arrive!  Fall swag for your front door

The autumn colors look fantastic on my blue door!  I couldn’t be happier! This is the perfect way to greet guests for Thanksgiving!



How to Use Flowers for a Beautiful Fall Door Swag

Fall door swag is perfect to bring length and fullness to your front door. Wreaths are our usual decorative item for any holiday, big occasions, or for seasonal adornment. Why not try something different this fall instead of the usual fall wreath? A swag could definitely be a better alternative!

Nature blesses us with plenty of produce and flowers this season, which can be used for crafting many door decorations, especially some cute-looking swags.

How to Use Flowers for a Beautiful Fall Door Swag


Stunning fall swag with silk flowers.

Image via: Etsy – Fall Flowers Door Swag – Chickadee Lore

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An average door swag made with wonderful autumn flowers is a fitting decorative item for fall or any other occasions. Check out the tutorial to make a door swag with fall flowers and greenery.

Fall Door Swag Supplies:

A wire clothes hanger

Flowers of choice (fresh or artificial)


Floral wire

Hot glue gun

Wire cutters

Ornaments of choice or seasonal embellishments

Gold striped ribbon,red ribbon, orange ribbon

Fall Door Swag Directions:

  1. Bring together the both sides of the wire hanger to create an oblong shape for hanging the flowers and decorative pieces.
  2. Take the longer pieces of greenery and use it to cover the hanger base. Secure it by wrapping floral wire around it. Now, take the pieces of greenery one by one and attach them to the wire base with floral wire. It will create a layered look, add texture, and above all, ensure the structural integrity to your swag.
  3. Now, it’s time to add the flowers. Add layers of flowers with bigger ones first and smaller ones on them. You can secure them with floral wire or hot glue.
  4. Glue or wire the ornaments or seasonal embellishments in a way they look nice.
  5. Make a bow with the red and gold striped ribbon and attach it to the upper part of the base. Leave long tails of the bow to make a loop with them.
  6. Now, hang the swag on your door to give your guests a warm welcome and add more curb appeal to your home.

If you are looking for a gorgeous swag for bigger occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, Better Homes and Gardens features a fall silk flowers studded with red berries and topped with a silk red bow!


Fall door decoration with beautiful flowers.

Image via: Etsy – Silk flowers swag – Chickadee Lore

Fall Decoration Arrangements with Beautiful Flowers

Autumn has no shortage of colors in the form of beautiful flowers and foliage. Check out some wonderful fall flowers arrangements from Martha Stewart. They are dramatic, beautiful, and you can’t make them in any other time of year!

Fall Swags with Silk Flowers

Using silk flowers for the door swag is clever as you can use it for several seasons. Fresh flower swags don’t last more than a month but artificial flowers will last for a long time and hold up in different weather conditions.

Check out this Houzz idea section for silk flowers arrangements for home decorations.

Making a seasonal door swag is a fun way to bring the seasonal colors and spirit into your home. They look beautiful and making them is super fun. The DIY project is so easy that it won’t take more than an hour of your leisure time!







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