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Naruto: 9 Powers You Never Knew Naruto Uzumaki Had

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto series and he starts off his journey as a weak child who hardly qualifies as a Genin. By the end of the story, however, Naruto becomes one of the strongest characters in the world, if not the strongest.

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On his journey, Naruto acquired some incredible powers, such as the Rasenshuriken, that all the fans are aware of. However, there are some abilities he's hardly used and most don't realize that he has had them up his sleeve.

9 Earth Release

Naruto Uzumaki is a master of many natures, like Earth Release, by the end of the story. Although he has hardly ever shown off this ability in Naruto, he used this power in his training match against Boruto Uzumaki in the Boruto manga.

During this fight of his, Naruto was seen using an earth style wall to defend against Boruto's water release jutsu combined with the Thunderclap arrow. As expected, his level was beyond anything Boruto could deal with.

8 Fire Release

Just like Earth Release, Naruto Uzumaki is also a user of Fire Release ninjutsu. He acquired this power during the Fourth Great Ninja War, thanks to gaining access to Six Paths Sage Mode and the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts.

Surprisingly, Naruto has never used this power in the story yet, however, he is indeed capable of using it. In the future, fans might get a glimpse of this power in the Boruto manga.

7 Water Release

Water Release is another ability of Naruto Uzumaki that he hardly ever displays yet is capable of using. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto gained access to this power by becoming a pseudo-Ten-tails Jinchūriki.

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Thanks to the chakra of Isobu, Naruto has the ability to unleash powerful Water Release jutsu. Having Six Paths power up his sleeve, it goes without saying that his skill with this nature type is immense.

6 Lightning Release

Naruto Uzumaki also has access to Lightning Release, just like every other type of nature transformation in the story. At some point after receiving half of the Sage of Six Paths' powers, Naruto Uzumaki managed to learn the usage of this nature transformation.

Although he's never utilized this power, he's more than capable of using it, as confirmed in the databooks as well.

5 Boil Release

Boil Release is one of Naruto's three Kekkei Genkai abilities. He gained this power thanks to receiving the chakra of the five-tailed beast, known as Kokuo.

Thanks to its powers, Naruto can access the power of Boil Release at any time to momentarily boost his physical attributes to a very high level and combine corrosive chakra with his other techniques. This power was first seen used against Kaguya Otsutsuki during the Fourth Great Ninja War where Naruto used it to chop her arm off shortly after Obito died.

4 Magnet Release

Naruto's second Kekkei Genkai is known as Magnet Release and it is given to him by the One-Tailed Beast, Shukaku. This power was also wielded by Gaara, the former Jinchūriki of the beast.

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During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto gained access to the power of Magnet Release and he combined it with his Rasengan to create Magnet Release: Rasengan, a powerful Sealing Jutsu capable of holding Madara Uchiha's Limbo clone in place. Over the years, his usage of this power has likely gotten much better.

3 Lava Release

Naruto Uzumaki's third and final Kekkei Genkai is Lava Release, which he gets access to thanks to the power of Son Goku, the Four-Tailed Beast formerly under the control of Roshi. This Kekkei Genkai is made of Earth and Fire Release and is extremely powerful.

Naruto utilized this power to create Yoton: Rasenshuriken and cut down Madara Uchiha, along with the God Tree during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Later, in Boruto, Naruto used it against Delta and showed that his usage of this power is still on the same level, if not better than before.

2 Ink Creation

Ink Creation is yet another ability that Naruto possesses but hardly ever uses. It is gifted to him by the Eight-Tailed Beast, known as Gyuki. This power, as the name suggests, allows Naruto Uzumaki to create ink and use it to blind his targets and reduce their visibility.

Naruto has used this power only once so far, during the Fourth Great Ninja War when he combined it with one of his Rasenshuriken. Ink Creation might not be the strongest of abilities, however, it is a decent ability to have up one's sleeve.

1 Torii Seal

One of the very few Sealing Jutsu that Naruto Uzumaki knows, Torii Seal was put in place by him on Kurama after he managed to extract his chakra and remove the Eight Trigrams Seal that he placed on it during his training with Killer Bee.

This new seal gave Kurama a certain amount of freedom in the body of the Jinchūriki, and also allowed Naruto to isolate his chakra away from him using four torii and access it whenever he wanted. Without a doubt, it is one of the most useful powers that Naruto has learned in his shinobi life.

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Why doesn't Naruto possess any of his clan's specific jutsu?

To expand on my comment, as per nhahtdh's request:

Because clan specific jutsu have to be taught, even though you may have an affinity toward them or less difficulty in learning them.

Unlike Kekkei Genkai, which are techniques (usually) unique to a clan passed down genetically, clan specific jutsu - or Hiden - are passed down through teaching/orally.

Examples of Kekkei Genkai include, but are not limited to, the Sharingan, the Byakugan, the Shikotsumyaku (Kimimaro's bone ability), Ice Release techniques (used by Haku) and Wood Release techniques.
Examples of Hiden include, but are not limited to, the Nara clan's Shadow techniques, the Aburame clan's Insect techniques, the Hyuuga clan's fighting style (Gentle Fist) and the Uzumaki clan's Sealing techniques.

However, it is also noteworthy to point out that Naruto possesses many of the general "abilities" of the Uzumaki clan, such as an incredibly strong life force, great recuperative powers and over the average longevity. He possesses these because, not unlike Kekkei Genkai, they are passed down genetically. On the other hand, he does not posess the clan's specific jutsu, due to the simple fact that there was no Uzumaki around to teach them to him.

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Naruto Role-Play

Name of the jutsu: Adamantine Attacking Chains


Meaning: Adamantine Attacking Chains

Cast time: 1 post

Range: Up to 15ft

Chakra nature(s): Unknown

Rank: A

E-Rank: These are jutsu that are used by academy students. They are mainly building blocks to stronger jutsu.

D-Rank: these jutsu are used mainly by genin and are the aces of academy students who have trained extensively

C-Rank: this rank of jutsu are used by chunin and above level ninja and are often infused with elemental affinity’s. They are sometimes used by high level chunin

B-Rank: the jutsu in this category is are for jonin ninja but can be used by chunin but with more chakra drainage.

A-Rank this is the peak of the jutsu used by most ninja save S-rank ninja. They are often used by jonin and Anbu level ninja.

S-Rank: this is the pinnacle of jutsu. They highest rank and most powerful jutsu known to ninja. These jutsu are almost completely made for a single user, but with extensive training they can be used by others.

Duration: 5-6 posts


These chains formed are an incomplete version of the Adamantine Sealing Chains technique unique to the Uzumaki clan. While incomplete, the user can not only attack with the chains but neutralise their target by binding and nullifying their chakra with the chains. The user can also manipulate the size of her chains to fit the situation. The user is only able to create up to 5 chains.

Weakness: Whole incomplete still take a large amount of chakra to use. Not as strong as the Adamantine sealing chains technique, and cannot restrain tailed beasts.

Strengths: Able to neutralize chakra, great for attack and defense.

Chakra cost genin ( if able): N/A

Chakra cost chunin (if able ): N/A

Chakra cost jonin ( if able ): 20% per chain

Chakra cost Anbu: 15% per chain

Chakra cost Anbu captain: 12% per chain

Chakra cost kage/ shindo: 10% per chain


- Must be an Uzumaki

- Must learn from someone who already knows technique.

- Must have 15 in chakra control

- Must have 15 endurance

- Must have maxed ninjutsu

- Must have maxed fuinjutsu



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Naruto Itachi Uchiha Leaf Headband+Ring+Jinchuriki Chakra Necklace Cosplay Set

Naruto Itachi Uchiha Leaf Headband+Ring+Jinchuriki Chakra Necklace Cosplay Set

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Frank Castle did live another life. Those few minutes of death were a lifetime to him. For those few minutes in his birth world, he lived a lifetime in another, as an avenger with red eyes.

Now Frank, thrown into a world filled with fire breathing children, must deal with family-murdering-older-brothers, a blond loud-mouthed mooching orphan, a scarily smart pink haired girl, a white haired bastard, and last but not least, sharing the mind of an eight year old trauma case. Because Frank's life couldn't get worse than watching his family die in front of him. He was almost wrong. His family comes first always, but some how these people have wiggled their way into his broken heart and when you threaten Frank Castles family there is hell to pay, literally.

Or the coolest excuse I had to get Frank and Sasuke, who both lost their families in front of their eyes and want fucking sweet revenge, to interact.

Karin used Kushina's Secret Jutsu to save Sasuke - Orochimaru's team vs White Zetsu [English Dubbed]

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