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Audrey Rose Wadsworth is a seventeen-year-old girl who loves dissection. Her uncle is a coroner and has agreed to teach Miss Wadsworth everything she wants to know. Enter Jack the Ripper. Audrey and her uncle are working to solve the case using early forensics, but soon her uncle is imprisoned as a suspect, and she is left to solve the mystery. All the pieces point to people she loves, but who is Jack the Ripper?

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Book Ratings

Overall: PG-13 For graphic images

Violence: PG-13 For graphic images and detailed dissections

Language: G

Adult Content: PG Mild innuendos

Reading Level: Grade 7 – Adult

Next Books to Read

The next book in the series is Hunting Prince Dracula where Wadsworth finds herself in Transylvania. Another book you might like is The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.


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A Modern Parents' Guide to Nursery Rhymes

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Jack Parent Guide

Movies that are touted as family films come under my most intense scrutiny, and Jack left me wondering if the promotion writers that wrote the advertisements for Jack ever got around to seeing the film.

For most of this movie, Jack (Robin Williams) is a ten year old boy with a curious problem—he ages at four times the normal rate. Born after a two month pregnancy, Jack is speeding through life at a rate that will put him into old age security before his senior high prom. For the most part, we get to see Jack handle grade five, as he is placed in a public school for the first time at the request of his tutor, Mr. Woodruff (Bill Cosby).

At this point the movie has two choices. Go for the adult version where Jack has a mid-life crisis on the playground (he almost has a heart attack) or the kid version where Jack does funny slapstick sillies. Unfortunately, the script splits and tries both paths at once. One moment Jack is falling on the floor with his little desk collapsing around him, the next he is in a bar having a discussion about sexual problems and trying to pick up his classmate’s mom (Fran Drescher).

The irony of Jack is that Williams spends the movie trying to act ten, while the real ten year old children try to be adults. Many movies want us to believe the age of puberty is dropping like a rock, and showing these children salivating over Penthouse magazine only adds to this falsehood. Later, their attractive teacher asks what they want to be when they grow up and one boy responds “a gynecologist.”

With Hollywood powerhouse names like Williams, Cosby, and Francis Ford Coppola directing, it seems impossible to make a movie this bad. The Disney press info claims that Williams spent three weeks on Coppola’s ranch learning how to act like a child, but I think the nearest elementary school would have made a far better training ground.

Starring Robin Williams, Diane Lane, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Cosby, Tom Bosley. Running time: 113 minutes. Theatrical release September 9, 1996. Updated May 2, 2009

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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where the mother is on the phone with father working away from home , while this scene happens when they jump to where the father is ,he is shooting woman in very revealing open tops and short shorts . In the beginning you can see through one of the characters costumes.


  • The children ask Jack about adult magazines, and eventually have Jack buy 'Hustler' for them. The children look through the magazine in their club house, making comments and conversation about erections.


  • While with a woman in a bar, Jack sees a man groping a woman's butt and proceeds to mimic the man.


  • During the opening costume sequence, a person is wearing a pig costume with the front of the torso lined with breasts.


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Violence & Gore

  • A fight breaks out in a nightclub.


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  • There is some profanity but very little for PG-13.


  • 3 uses of "ass", 1 use of "bitch", 1 use of "damn", 2 uses of "hell", & around 14 religious exclamations. The word "shit" is used a couple times in a song called "Star" by Bryan Adams. Definitely below PG-13 level


  • Nothing noteworthy.


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Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few people are smoking at a nightclub.


  • Jack goes to a bar and has a few shots of alcohol. It's a minor getting drunk, but it's okay because he looks like Robin Williams


  • During the opening costume sequence, a couple characters are dressed as a martini and a pack of cigarettes.


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Nothing frightening in the movie, but some people might find the opening birth scene to be intense.


  • Jack has an episode of angina (chest pains) and collapses down the stairs and is in pain. This may be scary to younger kids who don't understand what's happening.


  • A large amount of weight causes a treehouse (with seven people inside) to come crashing down.


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