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ChromaAir Water-Based Acrylic-Urethane Paint: Cold White


Chroma Air paints are premium quality water-based acrylic-urethane paints ready to spray from the bottle

Color: Cold White (Opaque)
*Color Reference Sprayed over clear untreated plastic and over black untreated plastic.

Volume: 2oz or 16 oz.

ChromaAir Water-Based Acrylic-Urethane Paint: Cold White - ChromaAir Airbrush Studio

Universal water-based acrylic urethane airbrush paint. ChromaAir Paints offer the strength, durability, and adhesion of automotive urethanes combined with the easy spraying performance of acrylics.

Also, they are sandable! ChromaAir Paints are water-based which means no bad smell from solvents, non-explosive and are, generally speaking, safer to spray than solvent-based paints (safety first! -you should always wear a NIOSH approved respirator and spray in a well-ventilated area!).

ChromaAir Paints are suitable for many applications from general-purpose, fine art, fishing lures, scale modeling and more.

ChromaAir Paints can be mixed with almost any other water-based acrylic paint (Createx, Custom Creative, Inspire H2O, etc..) and also offer a 2-year shelf life.


Can be reduced with ChromaAir reducer or almost any water-based acrylic paint thinner (example: Createx 4012 high-performance reducer).

Can be reduced with distilled or deionized water.

For fine detail work, can be reduced with 70% isopropyl alcohol (DO NOT use this as a reducer for paint when spraying large areas).

The viscosity of paints varies from color to color (different pigment density) but generally, it can be sprayed directly from the bottle through 0.3mm fluid nozzles and larger.

Application: (optimal spraying conditions: 60-80 degree Fahrenheit + low humidity) Always start by cleaning your surface to be painted. Always spray a test panel before spraying your project. Allow 10-15 minutes flash time in between coats (if humid or cold allow more time). Full cure at 48 hours. Can be sanded when necessary.

Cleaning: Use the same product for reducing and cleaning (see reducing). DO NOT USE for face painting, skin/body or food products.

Additional information


2oz., 16oz.


2 Pack GLOSS Clearcoat Set (2K Urethane)

This product has been replaced with ZP-3035 Diamond Finish - 2 Pack GLOSS Clearcoat System (2K Urethane) 220ml

2 Pack Clear Coat 100ml (Urethane)
Pack Contents :

  • 1 x 100ml Clear Coat (High Solid)  also known as Urethane or Polyurethane ()
  • 1 x 60ml Hardener ()
  • 1 x 60ml Thinners ()
  • Instructions

Mixing Ratio
100 Parts Clear, 50 Parts Hardener + 10-30% Thinners

(e.g. 50ml Clear, 25ml Hardener + 15ml Thinners).
Drying Times : Air Drying  at 20°C, Dust Free 30 Mins, Tack Free : 10-12 Hours, Thoroughly Dry : 48 Hours. Can be polished after 12 hours at 20 °C

Is it possible to pre-mix your 2 pack gloss clearcoat then keep it in a jar for later use if not all used in one go, or is it a case of just mixing enough to do the job?

NO YOU MUST NOT DO THIS, once you mix the clear coat and hardener a chemical reaction is started, similar to epoxy glue or epoxy putty. It will hardened within 15/20 mins, if you mixed the lot you would be wasting product and money, so only mix whet you need each time, you will quickly find the amounts you need with a small amount of practice. 
We would recommend starting with 10ml/gram or Clearcoat - 5ml/gram Hardener and 3ml of Thinners and see how much coverage you get wer fin this is plenty to clearcoat a 1:24 model with 3/4 coats.

Is this safe over decals

Yes, 2K Clearcoat is safe over decals, it has been tested on all the major brands : Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima, Studio 27, Cartograf, Scale Motorsport MFH, etc. Please remember to apply a few mist coats over the decals before the wet coats.

It has NOT been tested on homemade inkjet printed decals as so many brands exist, so please test on scrap first.

Is this safe over other paints
Yes, 2K Clearcoat is safe over most other paints (acrylic paint, Tamiya TS) once they are fully dry so please test on scrap first.

What do I clean my Airbrush  and equipment with after use

The following products will work :- Airbrush Cleaner, Cellulose Thinners, Basecoat Thinners, 2k Thinners
but our Airbrush Cleaner is designed for the job and the cheapest

[This stuff is the best!! I have never used as good as this clear coat. You wont use anything else, when you have used this! by Juha Pirilä]

All Zero Paints dry matt and require clearcoating unless otherwise specified

Application Notes :

Zero Paints are pre-thinned for Airbrush use. Shake container until paint is thoroughly mixed. Spray at 15 - 40 psi,
3 - 4 medium cross coats are recommended. Air drying at 20°C Dust-free: 5 – 10 mins, Tack-free: 20 - 30 mins.  
For additional thinning use Basecoat Thinners.

Which Airbrush Cleaner should I use ?

You can use either use Zero Paints Airbrush Cleaner or Basecoat Thinners, alternatively any thinners that contain Toluene should work, but it's best to test first. DO NOT use White Spirt or Acrylic Thinners, they are not suitable.

Health and Safety Notes :

Harmful by inhalation. Irritating to eyes. Keep away from sources of ignition. NO SMOKING. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear suitable gloves. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children. Please download the Material Safety Datasheets here ->

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Get Started

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4030 Balancing Clear and 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear are similar in that each are water-based clears made with urethane resin, as opposed to our traditional acrylic-resin colors and bases.

4030 Balancing Clear

Introduced in 2016, 4030 was Createx’ s first urethane clear. It was initially designed for use as a carrier-medium for mixing with candy2o, as well an inter-coat clear for applying over colors.

After it was introduced, 4030 was also mixed into other Createx paints, creating an acrylic-urethane paint mix that had better adhesion and more durability for application onto hard-surfaces such as plastic, aluminum and for painting helmets, motorcycles tanks and other automotive airbrushing.

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear was introduced in 2020. It is a much improved clear for mixing with candy2o and other Createx paints, as well an inter-coat.

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear is the recommended carrier-medium for candy2o. It holds candy2o in a homogeneous mixture that allows colors to be sprayed evenly, with heavier coats for a much better candy finish compared to mixing candy2o with 4030.

Same with 4030, 4050 also works well mixed with all Createx paints to make an acrylic-urethane paint that works better for application to hard-surfaces and difficult to paint substrates. Between the two, 4050 is the better urethane clear to mix with paints as it allows colors to flow better and cure to a more -level, more durable coating with better adhesion and scratch resistance compared to 4030.


4050 is the recommended mixing clear and inter-coat for use with candy2o and Createx paints. It is a much better mixing clear when spraying paints with a spray-gun, and also works excellent when airbrushing.

4030 still is a good option when mixed with Createx paints for airbrushing onto hard-surfaces, however as the 4050 is the better mixing clear for use with candy2o as well as for use as a pearl-flake carrier and inter-coat clear, between the two, newer 4050 is the better urethane clear for use as a mixing and inter-coat clear.

Createx will continue to make 4030, and for many airbrush artists it will remain their preferred clear for mixing with paints, however as 4050 is the mixing clear we recommend as it performs a wider range of functions, in particular mixing with candy2o and for use as an inter-coat clear.


Airbrush with Urethane Paint

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Paint airbrush urethane

House of Kolor Shimrin 2

House of Kolor Shimrin 2

HOK Spray Cans

HOK Spray Cans

House Of Kolor Small Quantity Kits

House Of Kolor Small Quantity Kits

Kustom Mix Kolors

Kustom Mix Kolors

Shimrin Designer Pearls (PBC)

Shimrin Designer Pearls (PBC)

Designer Pearls are Universal Base Coats that come in a large array of colors andmay simply be cleared over for a final finish or used as a base coat for Kandys, or Pearls. They can be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamels.

Marblizer (MB)

Marblizer (MB)

Marblizer Artistic Bases offer you an exciting paint finish.With Marblizer you can achieve the appearance of a deep marble, snake skin, plus many other effects. Marblizer is a Universal Base that can be simply cleared over or be used as a base coat for Kandy. They can be cleared with acrylic lacquers or urethane enamels. IMPORTANT: SG100 is required if applying urethane clears or urethane kandys over Marblizer.

Shimrin Graphic Kolors Solid Bases (SG, BC25 & BC26)

Shimrin Graphic Kolors Solid Bases (SG, BC25 & BC26)

The SHIMRIN® Graphic Kolors (SG) along with BC25 Black, BC26 White are universal base coats that may simply be cleared for a final finish, or used as a base coat for Kandys or Pearls. Due to their unique chemistry they may be top coated with either an acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel.

Shimrin Metallic Bases (BC & FBC))

Shimrin Metallic Bases (BC & FBC))

Available in coarse or ultra-fine metallic, each offers full coverage in 3-4 coats.Clear for a final finish, or use as a base for Kandys.

Shimrin Kandy Base Coats (KBC)

Shimrin Kandy Base Coats (KBC)

Kandy Base Coats are a mixture of Kandy and select Pearls into a SHIMRIN® Universal Base Coat that mimics a Kandy finish. They feature low build, fewer coats, are easy to apply, and touchups are easier than ever.

Neon Base Coats (NE)

Neon Base Coats (NE)

Neons are designed for high visual impact on race cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. They can be cleared for a final finish or used as a base coat for Pearls, or Kandys. IMPORTANT: Neons have limited light fastness in the sun. Use where high visual impact is important and light fastness is not.

Kameleon Kolors (KF)

Kameleon Kolors (KF)

*DISCONTINUED* Kameleon Kolor is a revolutionary base coat that changes color as the angle from which the vehicle is viewed changes. Rounded surfaces, and sharp angles alike will highlight the uniqueness of Kameleon Kolor. Kameleon Kolor base coats are easy to apply and must be top coated with either urethane enamel or acrylic lacquer. *CLICK FOR 'HYPER-SHIFT' COLORS*

Prep / Primer / Ko-Seal

Prep / Primer / Ko-Seal

Click link above to view the following:
Wax & Grease Remover (KC10) Post Sanding Cleaner (KC20) Kwikure Epoxy Primer (KP21) Chromate Free Epoxy Primer KP2CF) Ko-Seal Primer Sealer (KS) Bleed Check Sealer (SBS10)

Kosmic Kolor Urethane Enamel Kandy (UK)

Kosmic Kolor Urethane Enamel Kandy (UK)

Our Kosmic Kolor® urethane enamel Kandys provide fantastic gloss and depth. Available in 20 stunning translucent colors. They are crack resistant and can be applied over any of our SHIMRIN® Universal Base Coats, Kustom Bases, or Kustom Pearls. Requires KU100 Catalyst and Kosmic Reducer.

Intensifier Kandy Koncentrate (KK)

Intensifier Kandy Koncentrate (KK)

Use to enrich any of our Kosmic Kolor Urethane Enamel Kandys or Kustom Kolor Acrylic Lacquer Kandys. Our intensifiers reduce the number of coats required to color match an exterior finish. Works great on door jambs, under the hood and in trunk areas. Is also great for small parts, and motorcycles, when time is a factor. Can also be used with SG100 or our lacquer clears for multi-colored artwork.

Urethane Components (Catalysts)

Urethane Components (Catalysts)

Click the link above to view the following: KU100 Catalysts KU150 Exempt Catalysts KU190 Catalysts Urethane System KU151 Slow Exempt Catalysts

Clear Coats

Clear Coats

Click the link above to view the following: UC35 Kosmic Polyurethane Klear UFC35 Polyurethane Flo-Klear UFC19 Komply Klear II 1.9 VOC SG100 Intercoat Clear SG150 Pearl & Flake Karrier

Ready to Spray Kandy Koncentrate

Ready to Spray Kandy Koncentrate

• Airbrush Ready (KK) Mixed with SG100 at 8:1
• Properly Reduced 1:1 with RU311 Medium Reducer for Airbrush Use
• Ready to Spray, NO Mixing Required
• Recommended for Spraying Temperatures below 80°F

 Reducers & Thinners

Reducers & Thinners

Click the link above to view the following: RU310 Fast Dry Reducer RU311 Medium Dry Reducer RU312 Slow Dry Reducer RU313 Very Slow Reducer RU315 Retarder RU300 VOC Exempt Reducer RU101 Hi-Gloss Thinner RU202 Fast Dry Thinner

Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Click the link above to view the following: AP01/AP02 Adhesion Promotors AX01 Accelerator HH04 Hi-Heat Black FA01 Flattening Agent

Striping & Lettering Enamel

Striping & Lettering Enamel

Click the link above to view the following: KU200 Striping Catalyst U00 Striping Reducer U Series Striping Enamels

Flakes (F, MF, & UMF)

Flakes (F, MF, & UMF)

House of Kolor flakes are the best money can buy. They are ultra-thin, easier to smooth out and have tremendous sparkle! Add them to any of our clears or Kandys for some additional flash. Available in an array of colors, and three different sizes: a standard coarse flake, a fine mini flake and an even finer ultra-mini flake.

Dry Pearl Concentrates (DP, DR)

Dry Pearl Concentrates (DP, DR)

These pearl concentrates may be added to any of our acrylic lacquers or urethane enamels, or to first coats of kandys when shooting over solid color bases. They are available in paste or dry form in an array of colors. Use them to design your own one of a kind custom paint job.

Ice Pearls (IP)

Ice Pearls (IP)

*NEW ICE PEARL II* Glass flake pigments go beyond what traditional pearls offer in vibrancy, brilliance, and sparkle–especially under sunlight conditions. Ice Pearls II™ can be used with any of our SHIMRIN® bases, Kandys, Klears, or Kustom bases to give a brilliant glitter effect.

Kosmic Pearls (KDP)

Kosmic Pearls (KDP)

House of Kolor's Pearl Concentrates are available in dry form and may be added to any of their urethane enamels. They may also be added to first coats of Kandys when shooting over solid color bases. KOSMIC PEARLS MUST BE VIEWED IN SUNLIGHT TO SEE MAXIMUM EFFECT. Kosmic Pearls feature increased reflectivity, brightness, & sparkle.



Color Cards / Tech Manual

Color Cards / Tech Manual

Kosmic Krome (MC)

Kosmic Krome (MC)

Kosmic Krome® represents the application of revolutionary chemistry where platelets of metal can be created at smaller, more uniform sizes than ever before. When applied properly these platelets form a film that gives a chrome-like appearance. These films offer custom painters effects previously unavailable and open a wide array of possibilities for new colors when combined with other effect colors currently available. Kosmic Krome kustom metals are one of the latest effects for kustom painting. Not intended to be a total finish, but rather an additional tool for graphics or airbrush projects that need something unique. Available in a variety of colors that can bring a plated look to any project. Available in half-pints.

 Metajuls Metallic Base Coats (MBC)

Metajuls Metallic Base Coats (MBC)

METAJULS™ METALLIC BASECOATS (MBC) Shimrin Metajuls Basecoats are unique metallics that offer extreme sparkle and brilliance. They are easy to use and are much easier to spray than flakes. They lay smoother and surpass the look of a traditional flake job with LESS EFFORT! As a basecoat for Kandys or as a final finish they are spectacular, especially in the sun!

 Flesh Tones by Deborah Mahan

Flesh Tones by Deborah Mahan

Shop Accessories

Shop Accessories



Urethane Clear Coat and Airbrush Settings

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