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After getting her first tattoo at BeautyCon, Jordyn Jones wasted no time in getting tattoos two and three.  The year-old star visited artist Romeo Lacoste only two weeks later to get a rose on her side and this tattoo inside her lip of &#;BABY&#; written with the second letter &#;B&#; backwards. Even though the tattoo seems silly, it&#;s something that she thought about for a long time beforehand.  She it showed off on her instagram and wrote:

after wanting this for four years&#; lip tat by @romeolacoste ? “BABY” with a backwards B ? (3rd tattoo)

The ink didn&#;t hold well on the middle letters so she had it retouched a few days later.  In a lot of her pictures it really looks like &#;BASY&#; or &#;BA$Y&#; more than &#;BA?Y.&#;


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Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones

No Quarter Tattoo &#; Lexington, KY

My name is Jordan Jones, and I currently own a private studio in Lexington, Kentucky called No Quarter Tattoo. I have been tattooing for ten years. I apprenticed for a year, during which I became obsessed with the art and science of tattooing! The idea that you can convey an image into skin with just tools is absolutely mind boggling to me. I continue to study the human body, and work produced by other artists, to further my education and remain sharp with my creativity. Tattooing became the introduction to a larger world of art that I never knew or understood before. Everything from paintings, to tattoos, to sculptures; I fell in love with all things art. If I saw a new medium I would always give it a go. I realized that all of the different forms of artwork, in one way or another, bleed together and in understanding that I have become a more well-rounded artist.

What style do you specialize in?

I tend to do more dark subject matter, using opaque grey and hints of colour. Much of the inspiration for my work is steeped in polka-trash type art. I also enjoy mandala and geo work, as well as the brutal black work I&#;ve seen come out of Europe. My mentor was Serbian so I was fortunate enough to get to see many of the styles of Russian art and techniques from his hay day!

Jordan Jones

Can you tell us about your tattoo and art processes?

I have been told I&#;m an introvert! I work alone and enjoy my solitude; especially when painting. But given that tattoos require flesh, I can&#;t do them in solidarity. Anyone interested in my work must submit a client application first. Based on their answers and the dialogue through our messages, I determine several things about that person. Everything from their ideas and open mindedness, to their personality traits. For me to be able to genuinely enjoy what I do, I need to know that our personalities will mesh well; especially given that I only do large works and tattoo every day of the week, one person per day. My shop and my processes are catered to the clients to make them feel more at home. I meet each new client and talk with them for a bit to get to them to relax before I begin working on their skin. I don’t draw anything up before. I like to keep it loose. The skin is no different than graffiti on a building; you must design around structures, pipes, contours and imperfections. It also helps to keep every new piece in a fresh mindset. Clients tend to leave with a more positive experience than what they have been used to, or so I’m told at least!

Any tips or suggestions to other artists?

Always try and meet other artists whenever you have the opportunity, and try as many mediums as possible. Just obsess over art. Lose sleep, forget to eat, ruin relationships; just live and breathe for your art. Live so that you can hopefully have your art appreciated before you die.

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Tattoos By Jordan Jones Tattoos By Jordan Jones


To start the process you must first submit an application. Applications are available on Jordan’s website  under Tattoo Application. Please be very thorough when answering all questions. 


Once application is submitted if approved, youwill receive a text for a second review portion from Jordan. This text will cover the following:

  • 4 mandatory follow up instructions. It is important to respond to ALL four questions/instructions exactly as noted in the email. These are the final piece of your application that allow you to individualize  your requested project.
  • a walk through of the rest of the application process and other important information. Please be aware any missing or false information could result in the dismissal of your application. 

Please remember this mandatory response step is still part of your application and does not guarantee you a spot. 


All responses are reviewed every Monday-wednesday of each week. If your application is approved you will receive an emailed invoice to submit your $ deposit. Invoices are emailed out no later than two weeks from the Monday your answers were reviewed (four weeks if you submitted your answers via text message). Please note, if you do not receive an invoice within two weeks, your tattoo was not approved. Please do not resubmit the same request. Should you have a different project later on you are welcome to try submitting a new application if you so choose.


Yes. Jordan normally takes on a project with fewer restrictions on design and body placement before he chooses something that has very set particulars. Larger themed projects and tattoos on clean skin normally receive scheduling priority. Lastly, Jordan is looking for clients that are dedicated enough to put forth the time and financial investment that is necessary for them to receive the best possible tattoo. Jordan looks for the same patience and respect from his clients that he puts into each one of their projects. 


Pricing varies depending on the project. A $ deposit is due upon acceptance of your application. Your deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit would be required to schedule the next session should you miss your appointment. Deposits are nonrefundable and will be deducted from the last session of your tattoo. 


Once Jordan takes on your project he will provide you with the best personalized service to make sure you receive a piece fit just for you. The deposit reserves your spot where someone else could potentially fill. Your deposit also covers the time and resources needed to prepare and design your custom work. Sometimes draw-ups are a necessity to guarantee you are getting exactly what you want, the deposit covers up to two draw-ups if needed. Please note, draw-ups are not a standard supply to clients, they are only provided if needed and Jordan agrees. All invoices/payments are through PayPal. Once your deposit has been received you will get an email with three date and time options to choose from. Important: even if your application is approved, you will not be able to book your appointment time until your deposit is received. Deposits will no longer be accepted over the phone. 


Please review Jordan’s portfolio at the shop, at shows, on YOUTUBE, Instagram, Facebook, and his website before submitting a request for a tattoo. Jordan does not replicate his or anyone else’s work. Jordan does not finish or touch up another artist’s work. Each piece is custom to each client and mostly freehand unless portraits are being used. 


No Quarter Tattoo

Plaza Dr

Lexington KY

What is a private studio? What makes it different than a regular tattoo shop?

Private studio means there is only one artist and one booth, Jordan. Each client gets their own personal private session. When a session is underway the doors are locked. The entire studio is Jordan's work and his collections. There are absolutely no walk-ins, all sessions are booked by appointment only. The work provided at the studio is all original custom pieces, no flash. 


Jordan Jones does not pre-draw tattoos. If you admire his work, please be respectful enough to ask him to tattoo you instead of asking for him to do a drawing for you to take elsewhere. All drawings will be done for the day of appointment or drawn directly on the skin and will not be available for viewing before your scheduled appointment date.


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Jones tattoo jordan

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Jordyn Jones Shares Cameron Boyce Story, Plus Talks Jordan Beau, Tattoos \u0026 New Songs

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