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Steam Link + Launchbox/BigBox + PCSX2 Controller Problem
Hi, I've spent around 3 days trying to find a solution to my problem, trawling forums here and on pcsx2's forum and launchboxes forum.

The problem is that my xbox one controller (wireless) is not being received by pcsx2 when I launch Bigbox through Steam Link.

On my PC pcsx2 works fine with another xbox one controller whether started on it's own or through Bigbox. I can even launch Steam BigPicture then launch Bigbox then Play ps2 games on the PC fine. It's just whenever I try to use steam link pcxs2 doesn't seem to recieve any input.

I should say that Bigbox and other emulators play ok through Steam Link with no controller issues.

I know this problem has been mentioned before but I can't seem to find an actual solution.



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The worst part about emulation is the ripping process, but at least once that's done you no longer have to worry about hardware dying and bit rot / disc rot destroying your games.
Sound is still one of the areas where a lot of emulators just aren't there yet - particularly with FM synths.
But on the whole, emulation for older systems is a much better experience than real hardware on modern displays in my opinion.

I can't help but be a little jealous of setups with multiple BVMs, every system under the sun RGB modded, and running through broadcast-quality matrix switchers though - even if the process of playing on real hardware is less convenient than emulation these days.
CRTs are still the best way to play games, no matter what they're running on.
I'm not particularly fond of consumer-grade CRT televisions, but PC CRT monitors and broadcast monitors have yet to be matched by anything newer.

Some CRT shaders, like a tweaked CRT Royale, can do an excellent job of emulating the look of a CRT - though the configuration process can be daunting.
The Kurozumi preset is a good starting point, though I prefer to disable things like the misconvergence.

Squirrel Killer said:

That depends heavily on the emu. PPSSPP has a perfectly fine UI. Retroarch is jank ass bullshit.

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I don't know why people have so much trouble with RetroArch. Is it because it has a lot of options?
It's the fact that it does have so many options - for video especially - that I prefer using it, as it allows things to be tweaked for the perfect video output. Few other emulators even handle aspect ratio correctly for 2D and older 3D systems.

Platy said:

What happens if you hook up an emulator to a crt and turn the scanlines ON ? =O

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p with the most basic % black fake scanlines:

Unfortunately I don't have a p shot for comparison but the result is very similar. p with scanlines is a bit sharper though.
Even higher resolutions, like p or p start looking a lot like an LCD if you stick with nearest neighbor scaling.

1-D_FE said:

Recently been playing them on the Vive. Nintendo games on BigScreen @ high render resolutions with SBS 3D = Insane. Not just Nintendo games. Any game with good art. Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz for the Wii was a game that initially really disappointed me. That game is absolutely gorgeous in 3D with massive scale. It's like the graphics were designed for VR. Just a stunner with gameplay (using real Wiimote) that feels perfect in VR.

Don't think I can ever go back to playing these old games any other way. And, hey, if you're looking for that CRT purity current VR has visible pixel structure just like the old CRTs.

EDIT: Just wanted to also say, that I've had moments replaying Super Mario Galaxy, that had a magical feeling I hadn't felt since playing the original Mario

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This sounds amazing. Playing emulated or older PC games in 3D is one of the reasons that I want to get a VR headset.
I really wish that LG had kept 3D support on their higher-end OLED TVs.

dan said:

The 3DS has a pretty terrible quality screen though even if it's portable as intended.

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The new 3DS models with IPS displays look pretty great, and you get autostereoscopic 3D.

Bomblord said:

PS2 (best emulator is PCSX2) is better than it has ever been. They have been hammering away at updates for quite a while now and have done quite an amazing especially in the OpenGL backend which if you have an Nvidia card is now the recommended one.

However, they are still nowhere near dolphin and don't expect to pop in any random game and for it to just "work" turning on some combination of hacks and adjusting emulations settings per game is required for just about everything.

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If you minimize or disable the speed hacks and stick to the software renderer, everything I've tried isjust plug and play in PCSX2.
It's only once you start using the hardware renderer at higher resolutions that some games need tweaking to work correctly.
Of course higher resolution rendering is part of the appeal of emulation, but if you just want an easy way to play PS2 games, PCSX2 is it.


Sours: https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-magic-of-emulation-has-made-me-lose-interest-in-playing-games-on-their-original-consoles/page-6
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We&#;ve already written about how you can stream non-Steam games and your desktop using Steam Link, but running a console emulator through the streaming box &#; and Steam in general &#; is a little more of a challenge, so we&#;re going to take you through the process step by step.

The first thing to know is that there&#;s more to this process than simply adding your emulator to Steam as a non-Steam game. This will open the emulator, but you still need to manually open individual ROMs/games. Also, this is nigh-on useless in Steam Link because it won&#;t detect your controller.

For this, you&#;ll need an excellent and relatively new tool called Steam Rom Manager (no longer available). Using this tool you can set up parsers, which are sets of instantaneous commands that we&#;ll use here to make your emulator games/ROMs appear in Steam, then run directly through Steam.

First, install the latest version of Steam ROM Manager. Once installed, open it. It should open straight to the &#;Parsers&#; page. You&#;ll need to create a separate parser for each emulator (PCSX2, Dolphin, Cemu, etc.) you want to get working through Steam, but the basic commands are similar for many of the biggest emulators.

Also read:How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Windows 10How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Windows 10

Note: This tool is still in its early stages of development, and some emulators require different commands to others. If you run into trouble or find that certain commands don&#;t work, just head over to the Steam ROM Manager Discord channel where the super-helpful community is on hand to answer your questions.

Here&#;s how my parser for a PS2 emulator (PCSX2) looks, and below that we&#;ll explain what each box means and what to type into it.

  • Parser type: Glob
  • Configuration title: This is for your reference, so we recommend naming it after the emulator you&#;re creating a parser for.
  • Steam category:. Replace &#;PS2&#; with whatever category you want games for this emulator to appear under in your Steam library. It doesn&#;t need to be an existing category in your library. You can create a new one if you like.
  • Executable: Use the &#;Browse&#; button to navigate to the exact directory of your emulator .exe file. For me this is &#;F:GamesPS2PCSX2pcsx2.exe,&#;
  • ROMs directory: Use the &#;Browse&#; button to navigate to the folder where you keep your ROMs/emulator games.
  • Steam directory: Use the &#;Browse&#; button to navigate to your Steam directory &#; &#;C:Program FilesSteam&#; by default.
  • User&#;s glob:

The above is a good default glob to have for PS2 games which generally come in the 7z, iso or bin formats. However, file formats for different ROMs tend to vary depending on what console they&#;re for. GameCube games, for example, tend to come in the gcm, gcz and iso formats, so you&#;ll need to have those in the brackets instead. With SNES games, you&#;re more likely to need the &#;zip&#; format contained in the brackets. Ideally, go to the folder where you keep your ROMs for a given emulator, look at what formats the games are in, and set the formats in the brackets to correspond with them

  • Command line arguments: &#;${filepath}&#;

This is where things get a bit more complicated. While the above command line argument is a good starting point (it works for PCSX2, Dolphin and Mupen64, from our testing), there are a lot of variations you can use here. If you click the green &#;i&#; icon above the box, you can see some recommended command line arguments for various emulators, and if you plan on playing your games over Steam Link, then you should also add the and arguments to your command line. For example, it would end up looking this this:


We stress again that your command line arguments depend on your individual circumstances, so if you get confused here, just ask the community!

Image providers &#; Select all the possible image providers here, so that Rom Manager scours as many sites as possible when looking for images to add to your emulated games (they look great in Big Picture Mode!).

Connect Your Emulators to Steam

When you&#;re ready, click &#;Save,&#; then &#;Test parser.&#; You should get taken to a log screen saying it&#;s found your Steam user account, followed by a list of all your games for that emulator.

Your parser for that emulator is now ready to link to Steam. You can, however, continue creating parsers for all your emulators by clicking &#;Parsers&#; in the pane on the left and following a similar (though obviously not identical) process to the one above.

When you&#;re ready to link your emulated games to Steam, click &#;Preview&#; in the pane on the left, then &#;Generate app list.&#; Like magic, all the games connected to your parsers will appear. Click &#;Save app list,&#; open Steam, and your games should be in your library ready to play.


While it may not seem so complex, there&#;s a lot of work going on under the hood of your PC for all this to come together. Sometimes a bit of variation is required, or sometimes one misplaced letter can make the whole thing fail. Once you get the hang of it, though, your PC gaming will rise up to a whole new level. Again, don&#;t be afraid to ask around with this tool&#;s Discord community. They appreciate the feedback.

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