Timing belt d16y7

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Evergreen TBK224MWP2 Compatible With 96-00 Honda Civic 1.6L SOHC D16Y7 D16Y8 Timing Belt Kit GMB Water Pump

This item includes:
1 Mitsuboshi Timing Belt (104 teeth) (Mitsuboshi - OE Supplier for HONDA / SUBARU)
1 GMB Roller Tensioner Bearing ( bearing assembly)
1 Camshaft Seal (29 x 45 x 8)
1 Front Crankshaft Seal (31 x 46 x 8)
1 GMB Water Pump with Gasket

Part Numbers:
TBK224(M)-GMB, WP135-1390, 1 = 29 x 45 x 8, 1 = 31 x 46 x 8

Product Fitments:
1996-1997 HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL S 1.6L 1590CC 97CID L4 SOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "D16Y7"
1996-1997 HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL Si 1.6L 1590CC 97CID L4 SOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "D16Y8"
1998-2000 HONDA CIVIC GX 1.6L 1590CC 97CID L4 CNG SOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "D16B5"
1996-2000 HONDA CIVIC CX, DX, LX 1.6L 1590CC 97CID L4 SOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "D16Y7"
1996-2000 HONDA CIVIC EX 1.6L 1590CC 97CID L4 SOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "D16Y8"
1996-2000 HONDA CIVIC HX 1.6L 1590CC L4 SOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "D16Y5"

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  • Timing Belt Kit Water Pump w/ Gaskets Tensioner Fits 1996-2000 Honda Civic 1.6L SOHC D16Y5 D16Y7 D16Y8 16 Valve
  • Includes timing belt, and tensioner pulleys to replace the full timing system
  • Made and test to fit and meet the specifications of the OE parts being replaced
  • Premium quality tensioner and idler pulleys help to assure correct tension and operation
  • Part Number:TCKWP224 WP224K1B TB224LK2

- HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL S .6L 90CC 97CID L SOHC, (6 Valve) Eng. Code "D6Y7"
- HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL SI .6L 90CC 97CID L SOHC, (6 Valve) Eng. Code "D6Y8"
- HONDA CIVIC GX .6L 90CC 97CID L CNG SOHC, (6 Valve) Eng. Code "D6B5"
- HONDA CIVIC CX DX LX .6L 90CC 97CID L SOHC, (6 Valve) Eng. Code "D6Y7"
- HONDA CIVIC EX SI .6L 90CC 97CID L SOHC, (6 Valve) Eng. Code "D6Y8"
- HONDA CIVIC HX .6L 90CC L SOHC, (6 Valve) Eng. Code "D6Y5"
Package Includes:
Timing Belt (0 round teeth)
Roller Tensioner (bearing assembly)
Camshaft Seal
Crankshaft Seal
Water Pump with Gasket
(As Picture Showed)

Timing Belt Kit Water Pump w/Gaskets Tensioner Fits 1996-2000 Honda Civic 1.6L SOHC D16Y5 D16Y7 D16Y8 16 Valve,Timing Belt Kits,Belts,Belts, Hoses & Pulleys,Replacement Parts,Automotive

Product description

Timing Belt Kit Water Pump w/Gaskets Tensioner Fits 1996-2000 Honda Civic 1.6L SOHC D16Y5 D16Y7 D16Y8 16 Valve

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How To: Timing Belt D16Y5, D16Y7, D16Y8

Timing Belt - D16Y5, D16Y7, D16Y8

Okay, this was taken directly out of the Honda Civic ('96-'00) & CR-V ('97-'00) / Acura Integra ('94-'00) Haynes Repair Manual. This info is from Chapter 2 Part A - Single overhead cam (SOHC) engines. I am not to be held accountable for any problems or mistakes which might occur.

Timing Belt and Sprokers - Removal, Inspection and Installation

Refer to illustrations 10.11, 10.13, 10.17, an 10.18

1 Disconnect the cable from the negative terminal of the battery. Caution:If the radio in your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft system, make sure you have the correct activation code before disconnecting the battery.

2 Place blocks behind the rear wheels and set the parking brake.

3 Loosen the lug nuts on the left front wheel and raise the front of the vehicle. Support the front of teh vehicle on jackstands (see Chapter 1).

4 Remove the left front wheel and remove the splash sheild from under the engine.

5 Support the engine with a floor jac. Place a wood block between the jac pad and oil pan to avoid damaging the pan.

6 Remove the upper left engine mount bracket (see Section 18 ).

7 Remove the spark plugs and the engine drivebelts (see Chapter 1).

8 Unbolt the power steering pump qithout disconnecting the hoses and set it aside (see Chapter 10).

9 Remove the engine oil dipstick.

10 Position the number one piston at Top Dead Center (see Section 3). Caution:Always rotate the crankshaft counerclockwise (viewed from the pulley end of the engine). Clockwise rotation may cause incorrect adjustment of the timing belt.

11 Remove the upper timing belt cover (see illustration).

12 Remove the drivebelt idler pulley and bracket from the front of the engine.

13 Using a strap wrench or chain wrench to hold the crankshaft pulley bolt with a socket and breaker (see illustration).

14 Slip the pulley off the cranshaft.

15 Remove the dipstick tube from the front of the engine.

16 Remove the lower timing belt cover.

17 If you intend to reuse the timing belt, use white paint of chalk to make match marks to align the sprockets with the belt and an arrow to indicate the direction of rotation (see illustration).

18 Loosen the timing belt tensioner bolt (see illustration). Push on the tensioner to release the tension on the belt, then retighten the bolt. Remove the crankshaft fluctuation sensor and slip the belt off. If you're replacing the crankshaft oil seal, slip the sprocket and inner belt guide off the crankshaft (see Section 11).

19 If you're replacing the camshaft or camshaft oil sel, slip a large screwdriver through the camshaft sprocket to keep it from rotating and remove the bolt, then pull off the sprocket. Also remove the Woodruff key.

Refer to illustrations 10.20 and 10.21

20 Rotate the belt tensioner pulley by hand and move it from side-to-side, checking for play and rough rotation (see illustration). Replace it if roughness or play is detected.

21 Check the timing belt for wear (especially on the thrust side of the teeth), cracks, splits, fraying and oil contamination (see illustration). Replace the belt if any of these conditions are noted. Note:Unless the engine has very low milage, it's common practice to replace the timing belt with a new one every time it's removed. Don't reinstall the origiunal belt unless it's in like-new condition. Never reinstall a belt in questionable condition.

Refer to illustrations 10.23, 10.24 and 10.25

22 If you removed the sprockets, reinstall them. Don't forget the Woodruff key for the camshaft sprocket and the inner belt guide for the crankshaft sprocket. Tighten the camshaft sprocket bolt tothe torque listed in this Chapter specifications.

23 Before installing the timing belt, make sure the dot ot "UP" mark on the camshaft sprocket is at the top and the two index marks are in line with the cylinder head and face (see illustration).

24 Temporarily reinstall the crankshaft pulley and bolt and turn the crankshaft (if it was disturbed) until the timing mark on the crankshaft sprocket and the pointer on the oil pump are aligned (see illustration).

25 Install the timing belt tightly around the crankshaft sprocket, then around the tensioner pulley, water pump pulley and camshaft sprocketin sequence (see illustration).

26 Loosen the belt tensioner bolt, allowing the tensioner to tension the belt, then temporarily tighten the bolt.

27 Carefully turn the crankshaft counterclockwise six revolutions and recheck the timing marks and camshaft sprocket index mark for poor alignment. If the crankshaft binds or seems to hit something, do not force it, as the valves may be hitting the pistons. If this happens, valve timing is incorrect. Remove the belt and repeat the installation procedure and verify that the installation is correct.

28 To properly tension the timing belt, loosen the tensioner bolt 1/2 turn (180-degrees), rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise until the camshaft pulley is three teeth past TDC and tighten the tensioner bolt to the torque listed in this Chapter's specifications.

29 Reinstall the remaining parts in the reverse order of removal.

30 Refer to Chapter 1 and adjust the drivebelts.

31 Run the engine and check for proper operation.


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Belt d16y7 timing

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