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The new New Year is finally upon us and if you’re thinking about making some changes, there’s no better time to begin adding some permanent skin art to your body. Whether you want to add that little mandala or affirmation you’ve been thinking about for a while, make your body into a walking tribute to Harry Styles (complete with a life-size portrait across your entire back), or you want to tattoo yourself all in green and disappear into the forest, this is your year! Check out this guide to four tattoo shops in Houston where you can make it all happen.

713 Tattoo Parlour

One of the top-rated shops on Yelp with more than 500 reviews, 713 Tattoo Parlour has been inking Houstonians since 2002 and is currently staffed by 10 artists. You can choose a design from their extensive gallery, or work with an artist to create something totally custom. The shop offers both tattoo and piercing services, and also handmade custom eyelashes. Who even knew that was a thing?

Timeless Ink Studio

Google’s second most reviewed tattoo shop, Timeless Ink Studio's Instagram page displays a wide variety of subject matters, rendered in vivid colors and fine linework. Definitely worth checking out. One thing of note is that they prominently state “No finger tattoos,” so if you want “LOVE/HATE” across your knuckles you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Red Dagger Tattoo Studio

Red Dagger Tattoo is the place to go for a new twist on classic flash art, with fine linework, deep color, and amazing shading. Their repertoire also includes realistic portraiture, amazing anime recreations, and probably anything else you throw at them. Check out their Instagram here.

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Need an Anime Tattoo? A New Shop in Texas Specializes in Them!

It is hard to pass up a good tattoo. From the dawn of time, it seems like people have inked their skin to celebrate something important. Whether it is religion or family, nothing is off limits when it comes to tattooing, and that goes for pop culture. You can get ink of just about anything, but it can be hard to find someone who will do your favorite anime justice.

That is, until now. Over on Twitter, a popular tattoo artist announced just recently they got a store in Dallas to open their first anime tattoo shop.

Taking to social media, inkbypnut went viral after sharing a surprise post. The tattoo artist confirmed they sold a lot of their anime goodies to start their first anime tattoo shop.

"I'm located in down town Dallas Texas .. opening day is dec 7Th I hope this goes viral so I can start my anime collect over," the artist said.

As you can see below, the tattoo artist has a good bit of work under their belt. Their Instagram is filled with colorful pieces inked everywhere from the leg to arm and beyond. You can also find an array of shows in these photos with Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, and more getting a shout out.


With tens of thousands of shares, fans can bet this anime tattoo shop will be busy from day one. It will open in a matter of days and appointments are currently being booked. So if you happen to be in Dallas for the holidays, you might want to call up 1 UP Tattoo Studios to see what they've got going on.

Which anime would you get a tattoo of? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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By popular demand, I bring you PART TWO of the “Best Anime Tattoo Artists & Where to Find Them” around the world!

Here is a round-up of a few extremely talented anime tattoo artists from around the world that would love for you to be their next client! (Click on the images to see more of their work!)


STR Tattoo & Art Studio (New South Wales)

Dale Winter (Brisbane)

Troy Slack (Mount Barker)

Matt Reid (Melbourne)


Tony Cardell

Simon Zook (Chile)

United States:

Alison Reber (Columbus, OH)

Isashah Pereira (Atlanta, GA)

Nathan J. (Portland, OR)

Adam Perjtal (Long Island, NY)

Sara Kay (Seattle, WA)

Life After War Tattoos (Miami, FL)

Steven Compton (Houston, TX)

Cody Dresser (Dallas/Fort Worth)


Andy Walker (Hull)

Scott Campbell (Kent)

Lala Inky (Southampton)


Szalai Tibor (Munich)

Know of some anime tattoo artists that you think should be featured in our next roundup? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! Love what you see? Why not check out the previous anime tattoo artist roundups?

Part One | Part Three 

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