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Okay, crawl - Lida waved her hand at her - there's nothing to hang around here, you can wash in the bathroom and spend the. Night in the guest room - she said more complacently - where are you going to go so late. Irina wanted to answer something, but only obediently crawled on all fours to the exit.

Taking a stack of spoons and forks from the pocket of her robe, she put them in the middle of the table and returned to the kitchen. Reappearing with a tray on which chunks of boiled meat lay in a mountain. Eat, sons, bon appetit. Why stew, fresh meat, from the morning slaughter. The guys, without looking at each other, began to sip pea soup, averting their eyes from the tray with slices of sliced meat.

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Wartime. The state of emergency in our country with you. It's cold. No changing of the guard is expected. I am the only soldier in Our Army.

Meow yawned, spreading her long white fangs and began to put herself in order. Running a long wet tongue across her palm, she smoothed her bluish black hair and scratched behind the perky protruding cat ear. Meow licked her small but sensual breasts a couple of times and began to wash her tummy.

She was petite and slender, but there was no hint of anarexicity. Her hair, which almost reached her shoulder, now prevented her from taking care of herself, constantly reaching into her mouth.

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The smoke stung my eyes. She somehow explained to the man the essence of work in the fitting room of the store, sarcastically summing up: Great future!. Hank beamed: There are shops here too, Green Eye.

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My suspicions of a conspiracy were strengthened, especially since Anton tried in every possible way to distract me from the dancers. I answered his questions, forgetting to look at the impromptu dance floor. I did not escape the moment when my mother, on her own initiative or obeying the wishes of her partner, clung to him.

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"Take off" his voice recalled Kirill. I tried to dodge, but realized that it was useless. Then a very scary boy a year younger than me entered the class. They called him with a proposal to look at me. He visibly went nuts and did not say a word.

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