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Google Professional Cloud Architect (GCP) Practice Exam

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

About Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

This exam objectively measures an individual’s ability to demonstrate the critical job skills for the role. To earn this certification you must pass the Professional Cloud Architect exam. The format is multiple choice and multiple select. The exam has no prerequisites. This exam must be taken in-person at one of our testing center locations. The certification helps to demonstrate your knowledge of designing, developing, and managing secure, robust, and dynamic solutions on GCP with the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification.

Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • Exam Duration: 120 Minutes
  • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Examination
  • Passing Score: No Scoring Criteria
  • Exam Fee: $200
  • Eligibility/Pre-Requisite: None
  • Validity: 2 Years
  • Exam Languages: English and Japanese

Skills Measured

A Professional Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect exam assesses your ability to - 

  • Check Design and plan a cloud solution architecture
  • Check Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure
  • Check Design for security and compliance
  • Check Analyze and optimize technical and business processes
  • Check Manage implementations of cloud architecture
  • Check Ensure solution and operations reliability

Exam Structure

Section 1: Designing and planning a cloud solution architecture

1.1 Designing a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements. Considerations 

1.2 Designing a solution infrastructure that meets technical requirements. Considerations include:

1.3 Designing network, storage, and compute resources. Considerations include:

1.4 Creating a migration plan (i.e., documents and architectural diagrams). Considerations include:

1.5 Envisioning future solution improvements. Considerations include:

Section 2: Managing and provisioning solution Infrastructure

2.1 Configuring network topologies. Considerations include:

2.2 Configuring individual storage systems. Considerations include:

2.3 Configuring compute systems. Considerations include:

Section 3: Designing for security and compliance

3.1 Designing for security. Considerations include:

3.2 Designing for legal compliance. Considerations include:

Section 4: Analyzing and optimizing technical and business processes

4.1 Analyzing and defining technical processes. Considerations include:

4.2 Analyzing and defining business processes. Considerations include:

4.3 Developing procedures to test resilience of solution in production (e.g., DiRT and Simian Army)

Section 5: Managing implementation

5.1 Advising development/operation team(s) to ensure successful deployment of the solution. Considerations include:

5.2 Interacting with Google Cloud using GCP SDK (gcloud, gsutil and bq). Considerations include:

Section 6: Ensuring solution and operations reliability

6.1 Monitoring/Logging/Alerting solution

6.2 Deployment and release management

6.3 Supporting operational troubleshooting

6.4 Evaluating quality control measures

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Google GCP-ACE Certification Exam Sample Questions

GCP-ACE Braindumps, GCP-ACE Exam Dumps, GCP-ACE Examcollection, GCP-ACE Questions PDF, GCP-ACE Sample Questions, Associate Cloud Engineer Dumps, Associate Cloud Engineer Official Cert Guide PDF, Associate Cloud Engineer VCEWe have prepared Google Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP-ACE) certification sample questions to make you aware of actual exam properties. This sample question set provides you with information about the Associate Cloud Engineer exam pattern, question formate, a difficulty level of questions and time required to answer each question. To get familiar with Google Cloud Platform - Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP-ACE) exam, we suggest you try our Sample Google GCP-ACE Certification Practice Exam in simulated Google certification exam environment.

To test your knowledge and understanding of concepts with real-time scenario based Google GCP-ACE questions, we strongly recommend you to prepare and practice with Premium Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Practice Exam. The premium Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification practice exam helps you identify topics in which you are well prepared and topics in which you may need further training to achieving great score in actual Google Cloud Platform - Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP-ACE) exam.

01. Your company has reserved a monthly budget for your project. You want to be informed automatically of your project spend so that you can take action when you approach the limit. What should you do?
a) Link a credit card with a monthly limit equal to your budget.
b) Create a budget alert for 50%, 90%, and 100% of your total monthly budget.
c) In App Engine Settings, set a daily budget at the rate of 1/30 of your monthly budget.
d) In the GCP Console, configure billing export to BigQuery. Create a saved view that queries your total spend.
02. You are creating a Kubernetes Engine cluster to deploy multiple pods inside the cluster. All container logs must be stored in BigQuery for later analysis. You want to follow Google-recommended practices.
Which two approaches can you take?
a) Turn on Stackdriver Logging during the Kubernetes Engine cluster creation.
b) Turn on Stackdriver Monitoring during the Kubernetes Engine cluster creation.
c) Develop a custom add-on that uses Cloud Logging API and BigQuery API. Deploy the add-on to your Kubernetes Engine cluster.
d) Use the Stackdriver Logging export feature to create a sink to Cloud Storage. Create a Cloud Dataflow job that imports log files from Cloud Storage to BigQuery.
e) Use the Stackdriver Logging export feature to create a sink to BigQuery. Specify a filter expression to export log records related to your Kubernetes Engine cluster only.
03. You have an application server running on Compute Engine in the europe-west1-d zone. You need to ensure high availability and replicate the server to the europe-west2-c zone using the fewest steps possible.
a) Create a snapshot from the disk. Create a disk from the snapshot in the europe-west2-c zone. Create a new VM with that disk.
b) Create a snapshot from the disk. Create a disk from the snapshot in the europe-west1-d zone and then move the disk to europe-west2-c. Create a new VM with that disk.
c) Use "gcloud" to copy the disk to the europe-west2-c zone. Create a new VM with that disk.
d) Use "gcloud compute instances move" with parameter "--destination-zone europe-west2-c" to move the instance to the new zone.
04. You are a project owner and need your co-worker to deploy a new version of your application to App Engine. You want to follow Google’s recommended practices.
Which IAM roles should you grant your co-worker?
b) App Engine Service Admin
c) App Engine Deployer
d) App Engine Code Viewer
05. You want to find out who in your organization has Owner access to a project called "my-project". What should you do?
a) In the Google Cloud Platform Console, go to the IAM page for your organization and apply the filter "Role:Owner".
b) In the Google Cloud Platform Console, go to the IAM page for your project and apply the filter "Role:Owner".
c) Use "gcloud iam list-grantable-role --project my-project" from your Terminal.
d) Use "gcloud iam list-grantable-role" from Cloud Shell on the project page.
06. You created an update for your application on App Engine. You want to deploy the update without impacting your users.
You want to be able to roll back as quickly as possible if it fails. What should you do?
a) Delete the current version of your application. Deploy the update using the same version identifier as the deleted version.
b) Notify your users of an upcoming maintenance window. Deploy the update in that maintenance window.
c) Deploy the update as the same version that is currently running.
d) Deploy the update as a new version. Migrate traffic from the current version to the new version.
07. Your application has a large international audience and runs stateless virtual machines within a managed instance group across multiple locations.
One feature of the application lets users upload files and share them with other users. Files must be available for 30 days; after that, they are removed from the system entirely.
Which storage solution should you choose?
a) A Cloud Datastore database.
b) A multi-regional Cloud Storage bucket.
c) Persistent SSD on virtual machine instances.
d) A managed instance group of Filestore servers.
08. You need to verify the assigned permissions in a custom IAM role. What should you do?
a) Use the GCP Console, IAM section to view the information.
b) Use the "gcloud init" command to view the information.
c) Use the GCP Console, Security section to view the information.
d) Use the GCP Console, API section to view the information.
09. Your project has all its Compute Engine resources in the europe-west1 region. You want to set europe-west1 as the default region for gcloud commands.
a) Use Cloud Shell instead of the command line interface of your device. Launch Cloud Shell after you navigate to a resource in the europe-west1 region. The europe-west1 region will automatically become the default region.
b) Use "gcloud config set compute/region europe-west1" to set the default region for future gcloud commands.
c) Use "gcloud config set compute/zone europe-west1" to set the default region for future gcloud commands.
d) Create a VPN from on-premises to a subnet in europe-west1, and use that connection when executing gcloud commands.
10. Your company has a mission-critical application that serves users globally. You need to select a transactional, relational data storage system for this application. Which two products should you consider?


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: a, e
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: b, c

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