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Color design 
with confidence


Design using all 15, Pantone colors in every library, ensuring consistency and accuracy in branding, fashion, and product design. Available in the Adobe Extension Marketplace for use in Adobe Creative Suite, App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) for your smartphone, and as a web application for your web browser.

photo of Pantone C blue and Color Picking featurephoto of Pantone C blue and Color Picking feature


Search thousands of Pantone colors in more than a dozen separate libraries to find the exact colors you want.


Select the colors you find for use in all your design projects.


Find the nearest RGB/CMYK/Hex/L*a*b* color equivalents to Pantone colors or convert Pantone colors in one library to their nearest equivalents in another.

Capture your
color inspiration


What you see in the world or in pictures is unique and beautiful. Seize it, save it, and express it with our real world color capture technology or our image color extract tools, then access your inspiration anywhere, from Adobe Extension to our mobile app. Make informed decisions, tapping into color psychology and color theory with simple tools like Harmonies and Color Shades that make your compatible palette choices smarter than ever.

photo of Pantone Connect color Moodboard and extraction tool featuring Pantone P C Red on a desktop and a mobile of Pantone Connect color Moodboard and extraction tool featuring Pantone P C Red on a desktop and a mobile device.


Isolate any color you see in a digital file to identify the nearest Pantone color match and build your own palettes.


Pair the Pantone Color Match Card with the Pantone Connect Mobile App to capture color inspiration wherever you find it!

Color Story

Create custom collages of one, three, or five images and sample isolated colors to express your own unique color story.

Store palettes

securely and put them

to the test

Create palettes, then store them securely so they re accessible anytime and anywhere. Not only does Connect keep your colors safe, it lets you see how your palettes will be perceived by people with common color blindness and how palettes will look against light & dark backgrounds for contrast.

photo of custom palette generator tool in Pantone TCXphoto of custom palette generator tool in Pantone TCX

Export to ASE File

Easily save your colors as Adobe Swatch Exchange files, easily shared between popular Adobe programs.

Accessibility Support

Check your palettes to see how people with common color blindness challenges
may perceive your color choices.

Light & Dark Simulations

Compare your color selections against light and dark backgrounds to make sure they re as functional as possible

Share and collaborate

Pantone Connect's powerful platform lets you share your color designs with people at every workflow stage. From team members to clients, printers to brand managers, Connect ensures that everyone is always working from the same color sample, no matter where in the world they happen to be.

photo of Pantone Connect app on different devices  showing how designers can find, share, and communicate colors and design systems with teams, clients, and of Pantone Connect app on different devices  showing how designers can find, share, and communicate colors and design systems with teams, clients, and printers.


Share palette information with people up and down your workflow to ensure that everyone is working from the same color


Work together with teams, clients, printers,and brands to reach a shared vision and definitive color consensus.

Sign up for free

 Access to over 15, market relevant Pantone Colors for Free or upgrade to Premium which includes all of Basic, PLUS a dozen added tools to create smarter, more impactful palettes.

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Upgrade to Premium in-app for just $/mo OR Subscribe for a full year and save 62% off the monthly price:
$//mo, billed as $/$/yr! Try Premium FREE for 30 days. Cancel anytime.

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When something like Facebook drops off the internet, there are massive knock-on effects. For example, a website that’s meant to tell you if services are down, called Is It Down Right Now, struggled mightily under the load of people trying to see Instagram’s status. Cloudflare, a company that runs a DNS service (DNS acts like a map for your web browser when it’s trying to find a website and is also the likely culprit when it comes to major outages), reports that it had to mobilize extra resources to keep up with the traffic of people trying to load Facebook (or Instagram or WhatsApp) over and over.

If you need to check if other sites are down, you do still have options. There’s the venerable DownDetector, as well as Down for Everyone or Just Me (DFEOJM informed me that it’s not just me having issues with Is It Down). I’m going to need all of you to decide between yourselves how to split up traffic between these two sites, so we don’t crash them too.

Of course, with Facebook down, we all needed something to do with our time. Twitter’s official account (as well as Jack Dorsey himself) was happy to poke fun at the situation, but every site has its limit. As a result, Twitter broke for some users too. The company’s status page says it had an issue with its API, which has been resolved.

Graph: DownDetector

In the hacking world, there’s something called a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack, where attackers basically pool together tons of computing resources and use them to generate tons of traffic to a website. If they’ve got enough power, the website will go down — and that’s very likely what’s happened with Is It Down Right Now, except instead of malicious hackers, it’s half the internet accidentally overwhelming the service through sheer combined will. I guess that’s what happens when Facebook’s status page goes down along with the rest of its services.

PS: there’s one funny side effect that comes from many people basically only using their internet connections for Facebook — many ISPs and cellular providers, like T-Mobile, AT&T, and more, have also been reported as down, even though their services seem to be working fine. But because people can’t access Facebook, they may assume the problem is elsewhere.

Update October 4th, PM ET: Added info about Twitter also experiencing problems.

Update October 4th, PM ET: Updated to reflect the end of Facebook’s outage.


Adobe Creative Cloud down: Users report login, data access issues


Adobe is suffering a 'major' outage that prevents users from logging in to Creative Cloud or accessing their subscribed applications or stored data.

Since approximately a.m EST, Adobe Creative Cloud users have reported difficulty logging into the service or accessing saved images and data.

When attempting to login to the service, BleepingComputer has met with spinning circles, error codes like the one below, or the ability to log in, but not use the service properly.

Login error

Users on Twitter and DownDetector report similar issues and are frustrated that Adobe's move to the cloud had caused these issues rather than when the programs were local.

Adobe has acknowledged the outage on the page in a notice titled "Major issue #," but has not provided any details as to what is causing the issues.

"Adobe customers may be experiencing login failures when attempting to access Adobe cloud services. The resolver teams are engaged in identifying the problem and working to restore services as quickly as possible."

This is a developing story and will be updated as information becomes available.


Down detector adobe

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SAP Supplier Problem-Solving

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SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing

Trading Platform Integration

Photoshop Detector AI is cool, but also misleading [FALDetector 2019]

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What to do if the site STOCK.ADOBE.COM is unavailable?

If STOCK.ADOBE.COM works, but you cannot access the site or its individual page, try one of the possible solutions:

Browser cache.
To delete the cache and get the current version of the page, refresh the page in the browser using the key combination Ctrl + F5.

Access to the site is blocked.
Clear your browser cookies and change the IP address of the computer.

Antivirus and firewall. Check that anti-virus programs (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus or an analogue) or a firewall installed on your computer do not block access to STOCK.ADOBE.COM.

DNS cache.
Clear the DNS cache on your computer and try to access the site again.
Watch how-to video  ↓

VPN and alternative DNS services.
VPN: for example, NordVPN;
Alternative DNS: OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

Browser Plugins.
For example, the AdBlock extension, along with ads, can block the content of a site. Find and disable similar plugins for your site. forum

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[Update: Fixed] Adobe Creative Cloud down or not working? You're not alone

New updates are being added at the bottom of this story…….

Original story (published on July 12, ) follows:

Just in case you’re trying to get your head around why Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t working for you, find solace in the fact that you aren’t the only one facing issues lately.

A quick look at micro-blogging site Twitter conveys there are many other affected by the same issue. As per reports, users say the service is down and not working for them, however, no error messages have been shared regarding the same so far.

For a quick glance, here’s how some of the complainants word the problem:

@creativecloud is down, so we can&#;t access any of our #adobe programs. I&#;ve called customer support and they say they don&#;t know anything about the issue&#; happy monday.

Monday morning is not a good time for #AdobeCreativeCloud to be down. C&#;mon Adobe. I&#;ve got work to do!

Me currently trying not to have a breakdown about Adobe Creative Cloud being down with a deadline approaching like a kid beating all the adults at a 5K. #adobe #sendhelp #whyarethosekidssofast

Down detector – a popular service that gives information about live outages – also conveys that Adobe Creative Cloud is indeed going through problems as can be seen in the image below:


This further suggests that a lot of subscribers are affected, while a fix for the same is still awaited. Also, it is unclear what the actual cause of this outage is but it sure is causing a lot of inconvenience.

Basically, users are unable to use any of the Adobe programs because of the said service outage. This is highly inconveniencing them as it is impacting both, work as well as personal ventures.


Any official word on the matter? Negative, as yet. We’re yet to locate a word from the official service channels or their social media handles.

Rest assured, we’re keeping tabs on all related developments, and will update this page with relevant info as and when we come across any. So in case you’re encountering the problem discussed here, stay hooked for updates.

Update 1 (July 12)

Adobe has confirmed that the service is back up and running again.

We’re back up and running! Thanks so much for your patience while we worked to get things resolved. (Source)

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