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CardConnect Review


  • Powerful CardPointe integrated payments platform
  • Interchange-plus pricing available


  • Contract length as long as five years
  • Early termination fee as high as $750
  • Extensive use of independent sales agents
  • Reputation for poor customer service

CardConnect Overview

CardConnect is a Pennsylvania-based merchant services provider offering merchant accounts, payment gateways, and other tech-focused business products. Having launched in 2006 as Financial Transaction Services and re-branded as CardConnect in 2013, the company now wants you to think of it as a tech company rather than a financial services business. However, it’s still much more focused on the latter.

CardConnect is an independent subsidiary of direct processing giant First Data (which itself was acquired by Fiserv) and is the largest of the company’s many independent sales networks. But enough background — let’s get down to brass tacks. CardConnect’s primary offering is CardPointe, its payment processor and payment gateway. Additionally, the company offers a full range of impressive, high-quality products and services, including real-time reporting, point of sale systems, and a wide range of third-party business integrations.

However, as other CardConnect reviews have noted, the company’s lengthy contracts, high termination fees, and inadequate pricing transparency are less than impressive. Although the business-unfriendly contract terms don’t apply to everyone who signs up for CardConnect, the fact that they’re imposed at all results in the company receiving an overall score of 3 out of 5 stars.

Despite this score, CardConnect’s business products are top-notch offerings that we have no problem recommending. If you can negotiate a contract that includes interchange-plus pricing, month-to-month billing, and no early termination fee, CardConnect can offer you solid, high-quality service. If you can’t get these terms, however, you may want to look elsewhere. See our Merchant Account Comparison Chart for a side-by-side comparison of our top-rated providers.

Table of Contents

Products & Services

Like most medium-sized merchant services providers, CardConnect merchant services include a full range of products that enable your business to accept just about any kind of payment, whether you’re in retail, eCommerce, or both. Offerings include the following:

  • Merchant Accounts: CardConnect is not a direct processor. However, its extremely close relationship with Fiserv should help smooth out the kinds of problems that happen when merchants unexpectedly experience an account hold, freeze, or termination.
  • Credit Card Terminals: CardConnect now offers the Ingenico Tetra Desk/3500 ($220) and Desk/5000 ($350) models for merchants needing a traditional countertop terminal. Both models feature a color display (the Desk/5000 has a color touchscreen) and support for EMV and NFC-based payment methods, such as Apple Pay. Built-in support for PIN debit transactions is coming soon. With COVID-19 highlighting the need for contactless payment acceptance in the retail sector, we recommend upgrading to an NFC-capable terminal ASAP.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) Systems: CardConnect doesn’t sell POS hardware directly, but its system is compatible with Fiserv’s Clover line of products, including the Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go models. We suggest comparing CardConnect to our five favorite Clover resellers if you’re interested in using Clover’s POS system.
  • eCheck (ACH) Processing: CardConnect’s gateway can process ACH payments, but it’s not clear whether this is a baked-in feature or an option you’ll have to pay extra for if you need it.
  • Hosted Payment Pages: CardPointe HPP allows you to set up a secure, hosted page for online payments or donations. It’s customizable and doesn’t require any programming to configure. It’s also free to CardPointe users.
  • Third-Party Integrations: The CardPointe platform can integrate with hundreds of third-party business services, including online shopping carts, point of sale (POS) systems, and accounting software.
  • CoPilot: This is CardConnect’s web-based, paperless account application service. The company’s sales agents use it to set customers up with new merchant accounts faster and with less hassle than the old, paper-based system. While it’s certainly convenient, it also makes it much easier to sign merchants up before they’ve had a chance to review their contract documents thoroughly. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into signing up for an account until you’ve taken the time to read your entire contract!

CardPointe Platform

CardConnect’s primary product is CardPointe, a cloud-based payment processing and reporting system that combines the functions of a payment gateway and virtual terminal. CardPointe also integrates with traditional countertop terminals and mobile processing systems, so it’s not just for eCommerce merchants.

With CardPointe, you can accept credit and debit card transactions and echeck (ACH) payments. CardPointe gives you 24/7 access to your account and features detailed transaction information, real-time reporting, PCI compliance features, support for recurring billing, product catalogs, and a customer database.

  • Payment Gateway: The CardPointe gateway enables you to accept card payments online and in-store while offering omnichannel processing, interchange optimization, detailed transaction reporting, and customizable bill plans that offer automated recurring billing.
  • Virtual Terminal: While the CardPointe software can turn your laptop or desktop computer into a credit card processing machine, you’ll still need a compatible card reader for accepting card-present transactions. The IDTech SecuRED ($150) and IDTech SREDKey 2 ($200) are your simplest and cheapest options. However, since they are both magstripe-only, we highly recommend spending a bit more on an EMV-capable card reader to avoid possible liability for fraudulent transactions. The cheaper EMV-capable options include the Ingenico iPP 320 ($324) and Ingenico iPP 350 ($351), but for $536, the Ingenico iSC Touch 250 includes a color touchscreen and digital signature capture capabilities. These options (and others) are available online in the CardPointe Shop.
  • Mobile Payments: CardConnect’s mobile payment system uses the free CardPointe Mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and a compatible mobile card reader. The company now offers the IDTech VP3300 as the CardPointe Mobile Device ($110), and it accepts both magstripe and EMV payments (with support for NFC payments promised in the near future) and connects to your smartphone or tablet via BlueTooth. Note that all transactions processed with the CardPointe Mobile system will automatically sync with your CardPointe desktop software.

Bolt Platform & Developer Tools

cardconnect reviews

CardConnect has recently introduced Bolt, a proprietary software-based suite of security features. Bolt utilizes point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to secure transactions. It also includes data breach protection and other features to reduce the scope of your PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

CardConnect also offers several APIs and developer tools that allow you to customize the integration between your website and the company’s gateway. You can also integrate third-party applications using these tools.

CardConnect Pricing, Rates, & Fees

CardConnect’s website doesn’t disclose any information about processing rates, account fees, or contract terms. For that matter, it barely discusses merchant accounts at all. This means that its pricing is highly variable and will differ from one merchant to another. The only guarantee is that your account will be underwritten by Fiserv.

The company offers a variety of both tiered and interchange-plus pricing plans. Ask for an interchange-plus pricing plan, as your overall costs will usually be lower, and you’ll have complete transparency on the markup you’re paying to CardConnect. Be aware that you may not be offered interchange-plus pricing if your business is a startup or in the high-risk category. Also, know that most sales agents will try to put you into a pricey tiered plan if you don’t specifically ask for interchange-plus.

Like processing rates, CardConnect’s fee structure is also highly variable. You won’t be charged an account set-up fee, which is a good thing, as we consider this to be a “junk” fee in most cases. There’s also no annual fee or reprogramming fee if you already have a terminal. Beyond that, it depends on your needs and what your sales agent includes in your contract. Here are the most common fees you’ll probably have to pay:

  • $9.95 monthly account fee
  • $10.00 monthly wireless data fee (this only applies if you have a wireless terminal)
  • $8.25 monthly PCI compliance fee
  • $19.95 monthly PCI non-compliance fee
  • $10.00 monthly gateway fee
  • $5.00 monthly statement fee
  • $20.00 monthly minimum
  • $25.00 per occurrence chargeback fee

Most of these fees are in line with industry averages. I’m happy that PCI compliance is billed monthly, rather than charging you the full $99 once a year with no proration the way most processors do (though many processors charge nothing for PCI compliance). The PCI non-compliance fee is something of a “junk” fee as well, as it’s just a penalty imposed if your account is out of compliance due to inaction on your part. The company isn’t providing any service to get you back into compliance with this fee. And yes, you will be charged both PCI compliance and PCI non-compliance fees at the same time if your account is out of compliance!

Remember, these are only the most common and most significant fees. You can also expect to pay for such things as voice authorizations, use of the Address Verification Service (AVS), batch fees, and other items.

Contract Length & Early Termination Fee

Much like its rates and fees, CardConnect’s contract terms are all over the map. Depending on the nature of your business and your processing history, you might have a contract term of anywhere from two to five years. Alternatively, you might not have a fixed-length term at all, with month-to-month billing and no penalty for closing your account.

It’s good that CardConnect is willing to offer month-to-month contracts for at least some of its merchants, but I’d like to see the company extend these terms to everyone. If your contract has a fixed length, you’ll also have to deal with an early termination fee (ETF) if you close your account before the term expires. Merchant reports indicate that CardConnect’s ETF is as high as $750 — well above the industry average of $300-$500.

Now, CardConnect will waive the fixed-length term and ETF for merchants who qualify. Sadly, we’ve seen several complaints where the merchant was assured by their sales agent that they were on a month-to-month contract, only to be charged an expensive ETF when they tried to close their account. If you are offered these terms, get them in writing and keep copies of documentation in case you need proof.

CardConnect also occasionally offers new merchants free processing equipment when they sign up. However, if you accept this, you’ll be locked into a long-term contract. You can have a month-to-month contract or a free terminal — not both. If you’re given this choice, take the month-to-month contract and buy a terminal. Being stuck in a five-year contract (not to mention the costly ETF) will cost you much more in the long run than the purchase of a terminal.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

While CardConnect’s site now offers more information about the company’s products and services than it once did, you still won’t find any disclosures regarding processing rates, account fees, or contract terms. What’s more, there’s still no comprehensive knowledgebase for customers trying to diagnose a problem with their merchant account.

On the plus side, developers will be impressed with the CardConnect Developer Center, which contains a robust library of APIs for integrating CardConnect’s services with your website. The site now includes links to documentation for both the CardPointe integrated payments platform and supported hardware.

CardConnect relies on a combination of in-house sales staff and independent sales agents to market its products and set up accounts. While still common in the processing industry, the use of independent agents can often be disadvantageous for merchants. If possible, work with the in-house sales team when negotiating a contract for a merchant account.

The company also has a very active presence on social media, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. CardConnect’s YouTube channel contains marketing videos and very cursory tutorials but no testimonials from happy clients.

Customer Service & Technical Support

CardConnect offers 24/7 telephone support and appears to handle this function in-house. You can also contact the company via email.

While having 24/7 customer support is highly desirable, the quality of that support has generated both praise and criticism from merchants online. Some users are very happy with the quality and professionalism of the company’s staff, while others have encountered rude and unhelpful support representatives. This inconsistent support quality means your experience will depend on who happens to pick up the phone when you call in.

The company now has a CardConnect Support Center on its website that functions as a rudimentary knowledgebase. It’s a handy resource for new customers who want a little extra help in setting up their equipment and software services. However, except for the API Gateway documentation, it doesn’t go very deep into most subjects and will probably be of little use if you encounter a technical problem.


CardConnect Merchant Services Reviews & Complaints

Negative CardConnect Reviews & Complaints

Despite being in business for 15 years, CardConnect only became accredited by the BBB in February 2019. The company has an A- rating, with 70 complaints within the last three years and 25 complaints within the previous 12 months. These numbers have increased with each of our last two review updates, possibly indicating that some systemic problems are occurring with the company’s services and customer support.

CardConnect’s complaint volume has notably surged upward since the company’s acquisition by Fiserv and its merger with Ignite Payments. We attribute this to the fact that merchant account issues tend to generate more complaints than the kinds of technical problems the company would have encountered when it was mostly focused on providing business software services. There are no complaints against CardConnect on Ripoff Report, and user reviews are not allowed on the company’s Facebook page.

Examination of the complaints filed against CardConnect reveals several consistent trends, including the following issues:

  • Difficulty Canceling Account: This was, far and away, the most common complaint found in CardConnect reviews from merchants. Most providers make it as difficult as possible to close your account, with lengthy notice periods, written forms to fill out, and automatic renewal clauses that renew your account for another year (or longer) if you don’t complete the process in time. However, some merchants don’t read their contracts to understand what’s required to close their accounts. If you decide to cancel your account, study your contract carefully, follow the instructions to the letter, and get everything in writing. It also helps to provide more notice than the minimum required.
  • Expensive Early Termination Fee (ETF): Unless you’re billed month-to-month, CardConnect will charge you an ETF of up to $750 for breaching your contract. This often catches merchants by surprise, especially if their sales agent falsely reassured them that they wouldn’t have an ETF in their contract. Fortunately, CardConnect seems to be willing to waive the ETF in many cases.
  • Dishonest Independent Sales Agents: There are a lot of complaints from merchants about independent sales agents who failed to disclose important terms of their contracts or outright lied about those terms. Unfortunately, it’s never a good idea to trust any sales agent at their word. Read your contract and confirm all important terms before you sign up.
  • Poor Customer Service: Most of the complaints about rude or unhelpful customer service representatives came from merchants trying to close their accounts. At the same time, merchants had many more positive things to say about customer service when they were just trying to solve technical issues. To me, this indicates a problematic corporate culture that only values its customers as long as they’re still on the hook every month for fees and processing charges.

Positive CardConnect Reviews & Testimonials

CardConnect likes to name-drop some of its larger Fortune 500 clients on its website but doesn’t provide any testimonials from them. For that matter, it doesn’t offer testimonials from any of its clients, either on its website or social media accounts. This isn’t necessarily such a bad thing, as company-produced testimonials tend to be scripted and are less than convincing in many cases. Nonetheless, the total lack of positive testimonials is a bit curious.

Looking through CardConnect reviews found in Google Reviews, you will find some users praising CardConnect, mainly concerning good customer service experiences and the quality of the company’s products. However, CardConnect’s average Google rating is still a mediocre 2.2 out of 5 (based on 77 reviews).

If you’ve used the company’s services, please tell us about your experience (good or bad) in the Comments section below.

Final Verdict On CardConnect

It’s easy to see why CardConnect seeks to project an image as an innovative, tech-focused company rather than one of being just another traditional financial services firm. Its CardPointe integrated payment processing platform is a strong, reliable product for both eCommerce merchants and retailers. However, you can’t use these services without a merchant account through Fiserv, and the terms of its merchant account contracts can be pretty onerous.

There are some things to like about CardConnect. The company sells credit card terminals for a fair price rather than leasing them to unsuspecting merchants for far more money than they’re worth. I also like the CardPointe integrated payments platform, although it’s not as unique as it once was now that most major merchant services providers are rolling out their own similar platforms. The CardPointe gateway is a solid product with all the essential security features you need. The availability of interchange-plus pricing is also a very good feature.

That said, CardConnect clearly isn’t a good deal for everyone. Five years is a significantly longer time to be stuck in a contract than most providers require, and having a $750 early termination fee hanging over your head makes it even worse. These terms alone are reason enough to skip them in favor of a more reasonable provider.

All things considered, CardConnect only scores a mediocre 3 out of 5 stars overall. With so much variation in its contract terms, however, this is just an averaged-out rating between the best and worst possible terms. If you can negotiate a month-to-month contract with no early termination fee and interchange-plus pricing, the company performs on par with a 4-star provider. But if you’re stuck with a five-year contract, a $750 early termination fee, and a tiered pricing plan, it’s a 2-star provider at best.

As always, we recommend that you negotiate aggressively for the best terms you can get. At the same time, you’ll need to be realistic. A brand-new business with no processing history is not going to get the most favorable terms from CardConnect. If you’d prefer to see what the best processors in the industry have to offer instead, take a look at our merchant account reviews.

Check Out Our Preferred Credit Card Processors 🏆

*Our preferred processors use fully transparent Interchange-plusWith interchange-plus (cost-plus) pricing, you pay the ‘wholesale’ rates set by the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), plus a small markup on each transaction. These wholesale fees vary depending on the card, but the average is about 1.8%. By separating out this unavoidable wholesale cost, you can ensure that you are not being ripped off on the markup. This is why we recommend interchange-plus pricing. pricing.

We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

Check Out Our Preferred Credit Card Processors 🏆

*Our preferred processors use fully transparent Interchange-plusWith interchange-plus (cost-plus) pricing, you pay the ‘wholesale’ rates set by the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), plus a small markup on each transaction. These wholesale fees vary depending on the card, but the average is about 1.8%. By separating out this unavoidable wholesale cost, you can ensure that you are not being ripped off on the markup. This is why we recommend interchange-plus pricing. pricing.

We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

To learn more about how we score our reviews, see our Credit Card Processor Rating Criteria. Sours: https://www.merchantmaverick.com/reviews/cardconnect-review/


The CardPointe app lets you process and manage payments with ease. With live transaction data at your fingertips, CardPointe will become a critical tool in running your business.

• Virtual Terminal: Process payments for all major credit cards.
• CardPointe Mobile Card Reader: Accept card-present payments on the go.
• Accept Tips: Enable customers to select preset tip amounts.
•Catalog: Organize and manage your products, pricing, and discounts.
• Signature Capture: Allow customers to use their fingertip to sign for transactions.
• Customer Profiles: Save customer profiles to run future transactions.
• Reporting Dashboard: View your business data at a glance.
• Transaction Management: Void, refund, reprocess, or resend receipts for existing transactions.
• Notifications: Get alerts for important events, like chargebacks, refunds, and declined transactions.
• Compatible Printer: Use a supported Bluetooth printer to print receipts or food orders.
• Support for Bolt: Connect to your countertop Bolt P2PE terminals to accept card-present payments with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption. CardPointe can also be accessed via any browser, complete with additional features including recurring billing and custom reporting.

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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CardPointe by CardConnect

CardPointe is a processing solution available through CardConnect and its resellers. A new fee may be showing up on your processing statement starting in July of 2016: The CardPointe fee. Charged by CardConnect, the CardPointe fee is a monthly charge that may be added to your existing processing fees.

What is it, does it affect you, and what are your options? Let’s take a look.

What is the CardPointe fee?

Popular payment provider CardConnect is going to be increasing their fees for processing cards (known as their “CardPointe” system) by $10/month, starting in July 2016. This monthly fee is in addition to other fees. The fee covers the costs of providing a more robust payment processing system.

Does the CardPointe fee apply to me?

If you’re a direct CardConnect/CardPointe customer, you should expect to see this charge on your monthly statements starting in July 2016.

If you’re not a direct CardConnect customer, it may still apply. This is because many smaller processing companies process through CardConnect, so even if you don’t think this fee increase will affect you, it might. Unfortunately, there is no exhaustive list of partnerships between payment processing companies, making it impossible for us to provide specific company names to those who are affected.

If you’re a current CardFellow client who may be affected, you should have received an email from us detailing the new CardPointe fee and your options going forward. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your processing.

If you’re not a current CardFellow client, you may need to do a little digging to find out if you’re affected.

To find out if you might be subjected to the fee increase:

  • Look at the announcement section of your statements for the months of April through June for mention of the CardPointe program and fee increase.
  • Contact your processor to ask if they use CardConnect/CardPointe to process payments. If they do, ask them about the price increase, and if your fees are going to change as a result.

You may consider switching processors to one that doesn’t go through CardConnect. If you need assistance finding a new processor, we suggest using our quote comparison tool to see what options are available to you.

What does CardPointe do?

Of course, you might decide that the new CardPointe service is worth the extra $10/month. This video from CardConnect explains the features. (If you don’t want to watch the video, skip down to read the text list of features.)



Real Time Transaction Management

You can see your payments being processed in real time as they come through. You’ll also have the ability to void, capture and refund transactions, on any device. Additionally, you can view transaction reports throughout their lifecycle and manage your account as you want to, across multiple locations.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals allow you to turn your computer into a payment processing machine. You can enter card details through your browser and charge your clients accordingly. It’s ideally suited to phone and mail order businesses, but can be helpful in any situation where you don’t need dedicated processing equipment. You can also set up unique user profiles for individual employees. Note that if you use the virtual terminal option, you cannot use the Catalog inventory system and checkout feature. See the Catalog section below for additional details.

Mobile App and Payments

You can use CardPointe’s mobile app to swipe or take chip card payments when you’re on the road or not able to use a traditional credit card machine. Check out this video to see exactly how it works.

Point to Point Encrypted Terminals

CardPointe provides secure, encrypted terminals for you to take payment details at the point of sale. You can take payment via swiping, through a chip enabled card or via contactless payments (NFC). Accepting NFC payments means you can take new technology like Apple Pay. Want to see CardPointe terminals in action? Check out the video below.

Hosted Payment Page

For simple, no-developer-needed online payments, you can use the CardPointe hosted payment page (HPP.) CardPointe’s HPP offers buy buttons and is customizable so you can tailor it to match your site.

Recurring Billing with Account Updater

CardPointe allows for recurring billing, so if you run a business that sells memberships or subscriptions, you can easily manage your regular payments. Additionally, the account updater tool automatically updates expiring cards with new credentials. This means your recurring and subscription-based payments won’t be interrupted, saving you the time and frustration of calling customers for new card info.

CardPointe Catalog

Introduced in early 2017, the CardPointe Catalog is an inventory management and checkout function available at no additional cost. You can input your products or services, assign prices, and organize items into categories. You’ll be able to easily add items from your Catalog when checking out customers, and can optionally provide them with the option to include gratuities. You can use Catalog from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and even apply discounts to items or to entire purchases.

As an included feature, the CardPointe Catalog is available to any CardPointe user, but you’ll need to enable it to begin. To enable it, open your CardPointe app, go to the menu in the top corner, then go to settings and find “applications.” Toggle the Register button so that it’s green, to enable Catalog.

Cardpointe Catalog screen

This screen is also where you can optionally enable gratuities. You’ll have the option to let customers enter a tip as either a dollar amount or a percentage of the total sale.

It’s not necessary to use Catalog if you don’t want to. You’ll still be able to use the CardPointe virtual terminal to complete purchases for customers, but you can only enable one or the other.

Other Features

CardPointe’s other features include:

  • Custom reporting so you can learn how your customers are shopping
  • An archive of statements and transactions so you can look back over your transaction history
  • eCheck and ACH payment options for non-credit card processing
  • Secure customer profiles
  • Chargeback management for disputed payments

The CardPointe gateway integrates with Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and POS. QB Online integration is coming soon.

CardPointe and Enhanced Data

Probably one of the most interesting and beneficial features of CardPointe is its auto-fill capabilities for enhanced data, or the data required to get the best costs for commercial and government credit cards. Often referred to as Level 2 or Level 3 data, this information can help you get lower costs for those card types. If you process a lot of B2B transactions or accept government cards, CardPointe can make your life easier. Auto-fill is available for all the input methods: swiping with the CardPointe Ingenico terminal, through the CardPointe gateway/virtual terminal, and with CardPointe Mobile.

Related Article: Save Money on Level 2 and Level 3 Transactions.

Your Options

The first choice is to stay with your current processor and pay the additional CardPointe fee of $10/month. This may be in your best interest depending on your specific needs. B2B businesses in particular may find CardPointe beneficial. If you’re not sure if you should stick with CardPointe, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance reviewing your options.

If you don’t want or need the CardPointe features noted, be sure to contact your card processor to find out if you’re likely to see increased fees, and consider changing payment providers. CardFellow makes it easy for you to switch to the perfect provider for you. Using our quote comparison tool is free and private, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about switching processors.

Sours: https://www.cardfellow.com/blog/cardpointe-by-cardconnect/


Starting your own online business is an exciting prospect. However, regardless of what you choose to focus your business, you will need to cover one simple need. How will you accept payments and what is a virtual terminal?

No matter what you sell or offer you’ll need to be able to accept payments to get any sales. But how can we accept credit card payments online? Just like physical sales rely on payment terminals your business will need a virtual terminal to accept payments, And if you need a virtual terminal for your business you should probably be considering CardPointe.

CardPointe is a common example of a virtual terminal. This software allows business owners to accept credit card payments in a variety of ways. So keep reading and find out how to receive online payments with ease.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

The simplest way to look at a virtual terminal is to say that it’s a payment-processing platform that doesn’t require physical interaction with the credit card. Traditional payment terminals that are used in-person require the owner to either insert or slide the card on the device. Something that is just not feasible with online payments.

Virtual terminals are web-based applications that allow clients to input their credit card information online and then request the payment from their bank provider instantly. If you’ve ever bought anything online you’ve crossed paths with a payment page, and that “payment page” is a virtual terminal. Cardpointe is a common example of a virtual terminal and is the solution Payline sets up most of its clients with.

However, it’s important to note that despite appearances very few websites build their own virtual terminal. Payment processing is an elaborate and complex task, and it wouldn’t be feasible nor responsible to force every single online retailer to build their own processing platform. As such online business owners rely on the service of established virtual terminal providers instead. While there’s no shortage of terminals in the market today we’ll focus on CardPointe, whose ease of use and features make it one of the best picks for online businesses regardless of size.


Developed by CardConnect, CardPointe is one of the premier virtual terminals in the current market, but what does this exactly mean? What does CardPointe offer? And why should you consider it before other alternatives? It all comes down to the key features the system provides, so let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Straightforward client experience: Perhaps the most important consideration with a virtual terminal is that it’s intuitive for your potential clients. After all, being able to process payments won’t mean much if the process is long and complex. CardPointe allows you to easily add a “Pay Now” button to your website and the payment process won’t take more than 5 minutes due to the simple to follow instructions
  • Multiple payment channels: One of the key features of CardPointe is that it accepts all the traditional payment channels. This means that while the web-based virtual terminal is the main focus it can also process payments from a physical terminal and its corresponding mobile app. This allows your business to keep all its payments under a single platform, simplifying the process and lowering costs.
  • Real-time access: Through the CardPointe Portal you’ll be able to review all the payments and movements that have taken place on your platform at any time. This information is updated in real-time as well so you’ll have superior control when it comes to your finances. Whether you need to write down a report, print a receipt, or issue a refund you’ll have access to all the information you need in real-time.
  • Improved security: Security is one of the most important features of any payment-processing platform, and CardPointe has taken several steps to ensure all information it processes is 100% safe. CardPointe counts with both Tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption to protect its information. The former replaces sensitive data with tokens that are useless to any third parties, while its Encryption ensures that the data transmission is protected in every step of the transaction.


Cost of CardPointe

The exact cost of a virtual terminal can be hard to summarize. As a whole, virtual terminals generally tend to have two main expenses: Their handling fee and their processing fees. Or in other words the payment for having access to the service and the payment for processed payments. In the case of CardPointe, you should expect your monthly payment to amount to $10 from the CardPointe Monthly Fee while the Processing Fees are roughly 1.95% of each transaction. Overall, you should expect a monthly minimum of $20, which is on the low-end, and also comes with the advantage that CardPointe does not ask for yearly payments and allows you to terminate the service at any time.

Do keep in mind that additional fees can come up due to banking laws, but these apply to any virtual terminal and not just CardPointe specifically.

How to get set up 

Setting up CardPointe is as simple as going to the CardPointe website and logging in as a Merchant. Once you’ve paid and registered as a CardPointe Merchant you’ll be able to configure your login credentials and register on the website. After inputting your information you’ll be able to access the CardPointe platform and look at your balance, recent movements, and more.

Once your CardPointe account is active you can also add a “Pay Now” button to any website by requesting a Hosted Payment Page from a representative. This will create a unique payment page linked to your ID which allows the platform to process any payments directly to your merchant account.

Which terminals sync up with CardPointe?

Payline offers its CardPointe Credit Card Terminal for seamless integration between physical payments and your CardPointe platform. But beyond that, the Ingenico Tetra Desk/3500 and Desk/5000 are also recommended by the company and are expected to work without issues.

The above models also include support for both EMV and NFC which means any of these devices are future-proof and are up to par with modern payment-processing standards.

Use CardPointe with Payline

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Sours: https://paylinedata.com/blog/cardpointe/

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CardPointe Gateway Review

If you’re looking for a way to take credit cards using a computer, you’ll need a gateway. CardPointe is available for businesses in a variety of industries, but may be particularly helpful for businesses that accept a lot of commercial credit cards. Read on for information on the services and costs.

What is the CardPointe gateway?

Like all gateways, the CardPointe gateway is necessary for taking credit cards online, by mail, or by phone. It’s available from CardConnect and any processing company that’s compatible with CardConnect. The CardPointe gateway also powers the Ingenico/CardPointe countertop terminal, allowing it to be used for the more specific requirements of accepting commercial credit cards. 

CardPointe Features

The CardPointe gateway offers features to allow you to take credit cards online, in person, using a virtual terminal, or with a recurring billing option. As mentioned earlier, it also complies with requirements for commercial card acceptance. CardPointe integrates with Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and POS. QB Online integration is coming soon.

Credit Card Processing

CardPointe utilizes real-time transaction management that allows you to not only accept payments, but process voids and refund transactions as necessary. You’ll be able to take major credit and debit cards, send receipts to customers, and view reports. You can use the compatible Ingenico terminal to take payments in person, or the mobile app if you’re accepting cards on the go. 

Virtual Terminal

The CardPointe gateway powers a virtual terminal that allows you to take credit cards by phone or mail using your computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access a secure form to input cardholder information. Cardholder data isn’t stored on your computer, helping ensure security for you and your customers.

If you prefer to use your computer to take cards in person as well, you can still use a virtual terminal to do that. However, you may want to connect an optional USB or Bluetooth card reader to swipe credit cards, as you may be eligible for lower costs and increased security by swiping instead of manually keying in cards.

Recurring Billing

Businesses that need to charge customers on a set schedule can take advantage of the gateway’s recurring billing option, eliminating the need to manually re-enter payment information every time you want to charge a customer. Secure customer profiles let you easily manage clients.

Commercial Card Acceptance

If you take a lot of business or purchasing credit cards, you may be eligible for lower costs if you take certain steps. Notably, you’re required to send additional information with the transaction at the time of purchase. CardPointe’s system is set up to send that data for you automatically, giving you the best of both worlds: the lower costs associated with enhanced data and the convenience of auto-fill fields. 

Taking commercial cards without sending the additional data will cost you more, so it’s very important to take the right steps to ensure you’re getting the lowest costs.

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What does CardPointe cost?

The costs for using CardPointe vary by processor. If you’re currently taking credit cards, you can contact your existing processing company to find out if it supports CardPointe and how much it costs. If you don’t have a processor (or are considering switching), you can use the CardFellow quote request tool to see pricing from processors that support CardPointe.

Product Features

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  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing
Sours: https://www.cardfellow.com/product-directory/gateways/cardpointe-gateway-review
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