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[Update: Oct. 05] Valorant down and not working? You're not alone

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Original story (published on June 24, 2021) follows:

We understand service outages or breakage are pretty common. But when an outage ends up concerning a massive user base, it becomes worth highlighting. Something similar is happening with Valorant as of writing this.

For past some time, a proliferation of reports saying valorant is down or servers are down are populating the online discussion platform Twitter. Take a look at what some of the complainants have to say:

dear valorant, ur server is down, and all player got disconected, and i got ban caise afk

valorant: server down
also valorant:

Here’s the error that users get to see:


Down detector also conveys Valorant is going through a rough patch in some regions as can be seen in the live outage map below:


While reports continue to snowball, there’s yet to come an official word from the service providers. Worry not, we’re keeping a close watch on the service providers social media channels for more information on what could be causing this problem.

We’ll share with you the relevant developments as and when we bump into any. So keep a tab of this space for the latest info on the matter.

Update 1 (June 26)

IST 05:17 pm: According to recent reports from Twitter and Downdetector, it seems Valorat servers are down and players are getting the error code #Val43.

#valorant server down! Error code #val43 fix it asap @PlayVALORANT @riotgames

Update 2 (July 13)

IST 01:21 pm: Many users have taken to social platforms such as Twitter to report that Valorant servers are once again down and not working.

was winning 4-1 when suddenly valorant server goes down and now it counted as a loss??? hello (Source)

@PlayVALORANT should not penalize players who got DC-ed because of servers being down. (Source)

Downdetector also indicates that users are facing issues playing Valorant:


Update 3 (August 27)

IST 03:20 pm: Players recently reported that Valorant servers were down for a while. Riot Games seems to have scheduled server maintenance because of which the game was temporarily unavailable.

Update 4 (October 05)

IST 01:02 pm:Reports coming in from players of Valorant indicate that there might be an issue with the game. Many players report being unable to load the game and being forced to log out.

DownDetector also shows a sharp increase in the number of reports from users over the past few hours.

valorant outage oct 5

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Valorant server status: How to check if servers are down today?

Riot Games has recently scheduled Valorant server maintenance for the regions of NA, Brazil, and Latin America.

Riot Games' popular first-person shooter Valorant has established itself as one of the most played competitive esports titles in the world. As a live-service multiplayer title, Valorant is dependent on different regional servers to host matches.

With the increasing number of players on a daily basis, Riot has to always think about players' welfare, server status, and maintenance. With a massive player base connecting to different regional servers and playing, server outages are unavoidable issues.

Riot periodically conducts server maintenance to provide players with a smooth gaming experience. Here is how to check if a Valorant server is scheduled for maintenance.

How to check Valorant server Maintenance schedule

Valorant has a total of six server regions spread across the world. Each of the server regions hosts multiple servers, which players can connect to and play on based on their account region. While players can freely choose between servers in a particular region based on the account region, the player cannot choose a server from a different region. For example, an Asia Pacific account can select any of the Asia Pacific servers to play on, but cannot select a North American or a Latin American server to join in.

The server regions for Valorant are as follows:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Brazil
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • Latin America
  • North America

Valorant also has a Public Beta Environment (PBE) server, however, that is currently disabled.

Players can check the server status by following the steps below,

  1. Go to
  2. Select Valorant from the list of Riot games below.
  3. Select the applicable server region from the drop-down list.
  4. The current status of the region will be shown below.

Riot also notifies players via official regional social outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook, regarding any scheduled server maintenance.

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If any player faces a server connection issue, while there isn’t any scheduled server maintenance, the issue might be unique to the player. In such a case, the player is advised to head over to the official Riot support page for Valorant and issue a ticket. The player can also cross-reference the error code to find the applicable issue.

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Valorant has become one of the most popular multiplayer games and with the popularity, comes a massive player base and its management. Although the game is developed by the giant, Riot Games, it is not completely immune to problems that many multiplayer games.


Valorant fans face server outages and disconnection issues quite frequently. If you are facing any, here is how to check and possibly find a fix to your issues.

Valorant has been a title that has experienced immense popularity right from its closed beta testing. With the game picking up the pace, the game developers are also trying to fix as many issues as possible but still, there are some that may slip through them.

Here’s how to check on the status of VALORANT’s servers

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To check and troubleshoot your issues, you can gather the information mostly from the official Valorant Twitter handle. The social media account is fairly active and they address the issues most often.

If your issue is already addressed by the Valorant, rest assured that the server will be back up soon. Riot Games has a Service Status page for all of their titles.

The Valorant service status page provides a lot of information regarding the time frame for which the server is down and the cause of this issue. The page also states the recent problems and this is where you can also report your issue.

If you still can’t find the fix, you can jump to the Valorant Support page and find a fix to almost every issue, and still if you are not satisfied, you can contact them with your issues as well.

It is recommended to go through every tab that may be useful for you and most importantly, check the error codes page to fix the most common issues. After doing all of these troubleshoots, we hope that your issue is addressed or possibly solved.

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