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Detective Anna (Anna-detektiv) is a Russian series now on Amazon Video. It features a 19 year old detective with the ability to communicate with the dead.

The series is organized so that each crime takes two episodes. With 16 episodes, there are 8 crimes. Each episode is about 45 minutes, so the series is rather like seeing 8 movies with the same main characters. (There are more episodes than this, but not all the episodes can be found. Be sure to see the comment section for more information on episodes.)

Anna (Aleksandra Nikiforova) is a well-to-do young woman in the Russian town of Zatonsk. The time is 1888. Anna is a free spirited young woman who rides a bicycle – something daring and unheard of at that time.

Dmitriy Frid in Detective Anna (Anna-detektiv)

Into Anna’s small town comes a new detective from the big city, Iakov Shtolman (Dmitriy Frid). He joins the police department and begins training the inexperienced officers there.

Since childhood, Anna has had “visions.” She’s learned to keep them secret, but as she reaches maturity she realizes that the things she sees are actually visits from the spirits of the dead. Those spirits are telling her things about crimes committed against them.

Anna tries to help Detective Shtolman with clues, but without telling him how she knows what she knows. Eventually the two of them begin to work together as a crime solving duo.

I found Aleksandra Nikiforova as Anna quite charming and Dmitriy Frid as the policeman believable. But some of the secondary character actors struck me as stilted and not very good actors. It could be a cultural difference, however. Or a lack of experience watching Russian-made television.

All in all the series was an interesting look into a different time and place which I enjoyed. These stories about Anna take place as the same time as stories by Tolstoy and Chekhov, so readers familiar with the social customs of that time from those writers may be intrigued by this look into the past.

It’s in Russian with English subtitles. The setting is beautiful.

I’m delighted that Amazon (and Netflix) are bringing such foreign language content to American audiences.

Detective Anna poster

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Did you know you can watch Russian TV shows, subtitled in English, on Youtube? I did not, but yesterday a contact suggested to me a Russian series from 2016, called Detective Anna (or, alternatively, Anna the detective) , and by googling I found it all on Youtube, subtitled, for free.
So I watched the first two episodes, and it was quite fun.

As usual during periods of intensive writing I like to watch a TV series or a movie in the evenings (you may have noticed a lot of posts about serials, recently, on Karavansara), and it looks like Anna Mironova will keep me company in the next few years.

So, what are we talking about…

Freshly transferred from the capital (because of some obscure scandal) to the provincial backwater town of Zatonsk, police detective Iakov Shtolman meets 19 years-old Anna Mironova, daughter of the local gentry, during the investigation of a mysterious death. While Shtolman applies his Holmesian methods to the case, Anna provides further information and hints – because she sees dead people.

Detective Anna is a paranormal mystery, played straight – the crimes are mundane in nature, and Shtolman is a competent detective, and the criminal investigation is always sound and believable. Meanwhile, Anna has to come to terms with the fact that her medium skills – that she first manifested as a child – are back.
The first episodes hint at a budding romance between the older policeman and the young girl – but Aleksandra Nikiforova in the role of Anna looks older than the nominal 19 … she was in fact 23 when the series was shot. But the romance does not seem to be too invasive and the crime and spooky parts are to the front.

The series reminded me, at least in part, Canadian serial The Murdoch Mysteries – the vibe is the same, and in Anna as in Murdoch we have a modern detective, using new technologies to solve crimes in a 19th century setting. In the Russian serial, we also get the paranormal element.
While the reconstruction of the paranormal milieu of the end of the 19th century is presented in a believable manner, the ghosts and apparitions are not particularly spooky or gory, and that’s fine.

Now, of course the cast is, to me “a cast of unknown” – my knowledge of Russian entertainment is close to zero. But the fact that we are dealing with completely new faces is actually a plus.
The production values are good, as befitting a modern period drama, while they are not in the same league of BBC or HBO productions.
There is, about the series – based on the first episodes – a sort of old fashioned style. This is not an edgy or fast/furious show; it’s good old fashioned mystery/period drama, slow, without any directorial invention. It’s plain good TV, and it works as such. I guess my mom would have loved it, just like she loved the Midsomer Murders.

As a fan of paranormal and occult detectives and historical fiction, Detective Anna is very much my cup of tea. And yes, even without a ouija board or the intervention of spirits I was able to solve the first crime rather easily.
But I have great hopes for the rest of the series – it’s different, it’s fun, and the leading lady is gorgeous.
That’s enough for me.
And no, I will not start learning Russian anytime soon.

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Anna Lee (TV series)

UK television series

Anna Lee is a Britishtelevisioncrime drama series, first broadcast on 10 January 1993, that ran for a total of six episodes on ITV.[1] The series, loosely based on the detective novels of Liza Cody, starred Imogen Stubbs as the title character, alongside Brian Glover, John Rowe, Peter Wight and Wil Johnson. The series was produced by Brian Eastman, in conjunction with Carnival Films for London Weekend Television.[2]

Following a single pilot episode, broadcast in 1993, London Weekend Television commissioned a full-length five-episode series, to be filmed later that year for broadcast in 1994.[3] The pilot had a mostly different cast, apart from Stubbs and Glover. All six episodes were later broadcast in the United States on the A&E cable network. Music for the series was provided by Anne Dudley, while the theme tune, "Sister, Sister", was performed by Luciana, who also appeared in the final episode.[4]

Notably, despite all six episodes being adapted from their parent books, considerable alterations were made for television, much to the dismay of writer Liza Cody. Reportedly, this prompted Cody to abandon writing any further Anna Lee books; as she had previously signed a contract with LWT to allow for any further books to be adapted for television.[5] However, despite much detail being removed for the television adaptations, LWT's most notable contribution to series was the casting of Brian Glover; like his character Selwyn Price, Glover was an ex-professional wrestler, and his room full of wrestling posters seen in the series were in fact real posters featuring Leon Arras, the name Glover used when wrestling.


  • Imogen Stubbs as Anna Lee; a former policewoman now working as a private detective
  • Brian Glover as Selwyn Price; an ex-wrestler who lives in Anna's apartment building
  • Michael Bryant/John Rowe as Commander Martin Brierly; Anna's boss
  • Ken Stott/Peter Wight as Bernie Schiller; a fellow detective
  • Wil Johnson as Stevie Johnson; another fellow detective
  • Barbara Leigh-Hunt/Sonia Graham as Beryl Doyle; Commander Brierly's secretary
  • Ceri Jackson as Ros Russell; a former police colleague, who is still on the force


Pilot (1993)[edit]

Series (1994)[edit]


External links[edit]

You can catch Anna over at Amazon Prime
I forgot to mention this one before, but better late than never, especially as you can still catch the first season (a mammoth one with more than 50 episodes) of Russian period set series DETECTIVE ANNAover at Amazon Prime! Shot in 2016 and 2017, it stars young and captivating Aleksandra Nikiforovaas a nineteenth century female detective in Imperial Russia! A whole little town was constructed for the purpose of the shooting near Moscow with streets filled with shops, palaces, mansions. A TV movie which would answer everything that was left unanswered after the end of the series was also announced, and
The series aired for a whole consecutive year at Russian television
earlier last winter Russian national television also started airing prequel series THE SECRETS OF MRS KIRSANOVAstarring Olga Lerman. I might spotlight that one soon as well! The character of Anna is based on a real
A whole city with palaces, shops and a police station was built for the series
person, Russian noblewoman, religious philosopher, occultist and spiritualist Elena Blavatsky who, in the second half of the 19th century, founded the Theosophical Society. Many contemporaries considered her clairvoyant!
Nineteen year old Anna, living at the end of the nineteenth century in the town of Zatonsk, unexpectedly discovers that she possesses supernatural powers.
Aleksandra Nikiforova plays the lead role of clairvoyant Anna
The spirits of the dead literally haunt her, begging to help. Aided by her visions, Anna manages to investigate and solve a number of mysterious crimes
I think that you can also find most of the episodes at YouTube
which have baffled the police. An experienced detective, 37 year old Yakov Shtolman (Dmitriy Frid), who chances to visit the town, teams up with Anna and becomes her partner in hunting down criminals.


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Anna and Shtolman - Deep End

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