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20 Bunny Rabbit Silhouettes and Clip Art

Today we have a spectacular collection of 20 Bunny Rabbit Silhouettes and Clip Art! All are Free for you to use. We have a bunny image for every need in this stunning assortment. There are running bunnies, jumping rabbits, and sitting bunnies. We have Hares and Easter Bunnies. We have bunny engravings, illustrations, silhouettes, and line art. These Bunny Rabbit pictures are perfect for your Easter Craft or DIY Projects! How about creating an Easter or Spring Themed Junk Journal with our cute bunnies? Oh the possibilities!

Bunny Rabbit Silhouettes

Easter Bunny Silhouette

This is a Wonderful Rabbit Silhouette Image! I love his BIG ears tail, and feet! He kind of reminds me of the Enigerizer Bunny. So fun!running-bunny-silhouette-vintage-GraphicsFairyThis nice little Bunny Rabbit Silhouette comes from an 1870’s Typography book! It is actually teeny tiny in the book, but I scanned it at a super high resolution and enlarged it to make it more useful for you. He isn’t necessarily an Easter Bunny. He appears to be running at “full steam ahead!”

Easter Bunny Rabbit Clip Art

Egg Decorating Image

This is a cute Egg Decorating Image! Shown here is a Vintage Illustration of an Easter Bunny decorating a large Egg! The egg has the words “Happy Easter” on it. Fun! This one was scanned from a rare Circa 1941/1942 Printer’s Catalog in my collection.
Easter Bunnies Green EggEaster Bunnies Pink EggEaster Bunnies Purple Egg

This is another one from a huge antique typography book in my collection. Here we have two cute Easter Bunny Silhouettes holding a giant Egg! I love the swirly Easter typography underneath! The original version was green. I’ve also made a purple and pink version for you to play with.

Easter Bunny Lilies

This is an Easter Bunny with Lilies Picture! Shown here is a Vintage Illustration of an Easter Bunny running with some Easter Lilies behind him. This one was scanned from the Circa 1941/1942 Printer’s Catalog also.

Retro Bunny Rabbit Clip Art

Retro Easter Bunny Clip Art

Here is a fun Retro Easter Image from a 1940’s Printers Book! Seen above is a cute White Bunny Rabbit with a Giant Egg. The Egg appears to be made of Candy or Chocolate, and it’s decorated with some tasty looking Frosting Flowers!

Retro Easter Bunny with Tulips

Retro Easter Bunny Painting Ester EggAbove we have 3 cute Retro Easter Bunny Images! These are from the same 1940’s Printers Book as the previous image. You will find an Easter Bunny Rabbit all dressed in his finery, including a Top Hat and Tails! Next is a funny little Bunny popping up behind a row of Tulips. Lastly, we see an Artist Rabbit painting an Egg with Easel in hand. I love his beret hat too! So fun!

Bunny Rabbit Illustration and Engravings

Vintage Rabbits Ilustration

This is a lovely Vintage Rabbits Illustration! This Old Fashioned Image was scanned from a Circa 1868 Children’s Magazine! Shown above is a beautiful Illustration of 5 cute Rabbits, including one baby! I think this would be fun to color in too!

bunny-vintage-engraving-graphicsfairyThis precious little Bunny Engraving above comes from an 1880’s Children’s School book! Such a charming image!

Engravings Animals Rabbit Clip ArtThis is a Cute Vintage Black and White Rabbit Clip Art Engraving! This drawing of a large seated bunny from the side is so cute. Her large eyes just melt your heart. Her ears are turned back like she is listening to something.

Vintage Bunny Bank Image

Here is a wonderful Vintage Bunny Bank Image! Shown above is a fantastic Antique Iron Bank done in a realistic looking Bunny shape! It is such a cool piece; I wish I had the real thing! This is another image scanned from a very rare printer’s book in my collection! There’s no date in the book, but my best guess would be that it’s from around the 1880′s.

Miscellaneous Bunny Rabbit Clip ArtEaster Bunny Label

Pictured above is a cute Easter Bunny Label! He is a funny Easter Bunny standing on his tippy toes and holding a blank sign. The sign is perfect for adding your own text. I think this would make a great Label or maybe a Place Card for your Easter table! This one is also from the Circa 1941/1942 Printer’s Catalog. So cute!


Here is a cute Vintage Megaphone Bunny Image! Shown here is a Vintage Illustration of an Easter Bunny talking through a Megaphone. I’m not sure why a Bunny would need a Megaphone, but perhaps he’s announcing the start of the Easter Egg Hunt! This one too was  scanned from the rare Circa 1941/1942 Printer’s Catalog.
This is a page from a very early English Dictionary, circa 1754!!! Super old! I don’t have the whole book, but I was lucky enough to acquire a few pages of it from a dealer in the U.K. This is from the “H” section, and shows a lovely Hare or Rabbit, along with a selection of odd looking horns. I’ve included a full size printable in case you would like to frame it. I’ve also included just the Bunny.


I hope you enjoyed this fun curated collection of 20 Bunny Rabbit Silhouettes and Clip Art!! You might also like our 30+ Best Vintage Stock Easter Images Here. 

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Bunny Silhouettes

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