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5 ACNH Best Simple Panel Building Ideas & Codes - How To Make Simple Panel Buildings Easy

Making simple panel buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons is always a challenge, if you still have no inspiration for making simple panels, check out this guide and we showcase top 5 different best simple panel building ideas, each building has a theme from a café to a supermarket. We also list some ACNH amazing simple panels custom design codes.

ACNH Simple Panel Building Ideas & How To Make Them

1. Cafe

Make this regal cafe area and these custom designs are amazing and there’s a whole set of them you can interchange them. Use simple panel designs, put them down and use the wooden bookcases, you need a lot of books if you want to recreate this. But as you can see, the white blocks are sticking out, those are the wooden bookcases. So you can see where to put them.

Put them on the edges just to finish off the building and that makes it feel more structured. And at the top, put the custom pack the simple panels down and then behind it put the wooden bookcases and then you can see for the middle area, get that hedge up on the top there, put one little cliff and you can knock the back one down. Put the two bookcases facing, that way you could go to town cover the whole area in flooring. As kind of a finishing touch to make the cafe complete, add some stalls out the front. 

2. Supermarket

Supermarket is something that would look great in city core islands or anything which you've got a bit of a town going on or a shopping district and this one's quite a simple build. So put the simple panels all along the front, these are like the glass windows or doors that you see in supermarkets. They're really great designs and use the gray simple panels just to elevate the design and complement it. There's a really nice open sign custom design as well, so they're really great. And then is the roof area, leave little space up here just for convenience but you could build another cliff block behind just to complete it fully and then just demolish that down and you should be able to get a fully made roof.

Use the dyna counters to make a rooftop but you can also use the box sofas so that you could make a nice rounded kind of edging on the top of the roof. The pop of blue breaks up from the grays and the blacks that are going on, as you can see this is all cliff area, put the custom design over the top just to complete the area and make sure that it looks finished. And then get the open sign and some cardboard boxes and just some trash. Get the pavement area out front with some vending machines, a rubbish area, storage area and it would be nice to make a car park. So get some parking bays here which is really fits perfectly with the whole supermarket vibe and then a little bike area as well. You can obviously improve these.

3. Cottage Row House

Give the illusion of some row houses or terraced houses. So come up with this kind of cottage core build. These simple panels are rustic looking, put the two simple panels and then put a loft bed behind and then up on the next layer, repeat the two simple panels and then made a two by two clip and put a kids tent on top of it. Rotate it around the back but the window would look cute in front as well. Then you'd be able to see the cushions inside and also the grass or the ground. But obviously, if you want to have the opening there then you could just put a custom design or a path down just to seal that up a bit. This is a really nice idea because you get them each side of the incline and it's a nice filler area. 

If you've got an incline and you're not sure what to do, then this works perfectly. You could put them next to each other, have a whole lovely row of cute cottages and mix up the colors just to keep it more interesting. But if you wanted to you could go with all one theme and make it look really nice. If this is something that you want to recreate and then out front, create a little pavement area, put some barrels in because we need to feature the barrels hashtag barrelcore obviously and just a little bike and some garden wagons. 

4. Castle

Make a castle, this is quite a simple castle. The idea of using the loft beds as the turrets and the log sofas as kind of the walkway in between the turret is really great. So we've got the simple panels down, got these lovely wood doors and then we've got the white brick and then the turrets are over here. Put two simple panels down and then two up on the cliff and then place down the loft bed as well just to give that a kind of turreted effect. And then the log sofas the log long sofas, you could really expand this out and even have this as a walkway area. There are lots of gray brick custom designs out there with windows, that would very match a castle appearance and then the stone lions made a nice addition just as the entrance way.

5. Hotel

This building is inspired by Greece or Santorini with the blues and the whites. This is a hotel and what to do is get two simple panels, starting at the edge, these are pushed halfway back and then in the middle we've got some loft beds and some more simple panels and then this area in between in the middle layer is all kind of cliffs and we've obviously got the stools up there. And then repeat again with the simple panels and the loft beds up on the next layer. And then put the beautiful statue in the middle just to give it like a focal point. But as you can see it's quite a simple process of just repeating the loft beds and then the simple panels out front again.

If you want to put the custom designs down on the floor, add the path, it really does help elevate the area. It was also a nice addition to add some greenery. So we've gone in with the fan palms and then just down the bottom layer just to try and finish off the build and the building itself. Add some stools on the edges just to give it something a bit extra. You could decorate them or do them how you wanted. Or you could put the stalls on the lower level and have more space to decorate up there. Put the iron garden table and chairs just to give the idea that it's like a balcony where the residents of the hotel can come out and enjoy the sun. And then what would a nice grand hotel be without a fountain. So put the fountain in the middle just to give it a nice grand entrance.

Codes used in this guide:

Simple Panels: MA-9278-7443-5692 by @you00155670

Cafe Stall: MA-0687-4578-5842 by @l3__3lzzz

White Brick: MA-8116-9154-1697

White Walls & Blue Window Simple Panels: MA-1387-2182-1266 by @harumori_acnh

Stone Tile: MA-7812-9701-2247 by @gengoo_

Cottage Window Simple Panel: MA-6527-5031-6997

Castle Doors: MA-7279-5607-8632

Castle Simple Panels: MA-3530-3601-8233 by @Avarinth on Reddit

Simple Panel Door: MA-4011-9452-4030 by @shiron0kuma

Supermarket codes: MA-7727-3976-9058 by @colin.crossing

More ACNH Simple Panel Custom Designs & Codes

1. Stringlights - MA-8641-7219-1535

2. Pink Potions - MA-6321-4993-5309

3. Bakery shelf - MA-8361-2789-1982

4. Flower window - MA-6868-9100-2516

5. Floraltile - MA-1485-6917-1008

6. Greenhouse Screen - MA-6430-8168-5395

7. Brick Panel - MA-7812-9701-2247

8. City Window - MA-7618-6959-6718


Designs for ACNH!

luthiencyra: “My new Halloween/Autumn inspired overalls ;3 come and get the sweet : Pumpkin 🎃 overall Mushroom 🍄 overall Ghost 👻 overall If you want send me photos of you wearing the #aureliacyradesigns in your favorite spot on your island so I can...

My new Halloween/Autumn inspired overalls ;3 come and get the sweet :

Pumpkin 🎃 overall
Mushroom 🍄 overall
Ghost 👻 overall

If you want send me photos of you wearing the #aureliacyradesigns in your favorite spot on your island so I can see the posts ✨🌸 hope you have a nice day 


a beautiful black version of “the strawberry dress” by 🍫

Outdoor Lace Rugs - Cream While and Toffee Brown

acnhcustomdesigns: “modern paintings ”
acnhcustomdesigns: “flower shelf ”
acnhcustomdesigns: “french doors window panel designed by andrea of koriko ”

french doors window panel designed by andrea of koriko

foxfern-crossing: “Some bow design reference for clothing ”

Some bow design reference for clothing

isa-crossing: “Here is the code for this flag! ”

Here is the code for this flag!

acnhcustomdesigns: “cloud hat designed by rosey of wonderland unknown source ”

cloud hat designed by rosey of wonderland unknown source

  1. Imdb danny thomas
  2. 2020 alumacraft boats
  3. Craft blow torch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 15 Creative Simple Panel Designs

A huge part of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons involves decorating and customizing the player's entire island from cliff to beach and every inch in between. There are a ton of different items that can be purchased with Bells or Nook Miles and crafted with DIY recipes to achieve this, but one of the most versatile items in the game is the Simple Panel. There is a variety of them that have different colored borders and insides that can be customized with any design, letting players use them in a ton of different areas around their island.

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From menus to flight schedules, the Simple Panel can be customized to fit just about any need that a player might have on their island, simply by visiting the Able Sisters' shop in order to download a custom design to use on it.

Updated September 10th, 2020 by Hayley Mullen: The dedication of Animal Crossing fans is truly admirable, bringing new designs to players simply for the joy of creativity and sharing. We've found more amazing designs for the Simple Panel that are sure to look good in any house or on any island, guaranteed. If you're someone with free pattern slots and looking for inspiration, look no further than this updated list.

15 A Menu For A Ramen Stand

One of the most popular uses for the Simple Panel is to use it for a menu. This Animal Crossing fan decided to make a menu for their island's ramen stand and it looks just perfect sitting up against their customized Stall. The menu has pictures of ramen noodles with some lines of text, designed to look like it's showing off the details of the item and the price.

Check out the creator's other designs with their creator code to see their ramen Stall design to complete the look.

14 Stained Glass Walls/Windows

The Simple Panel is excellent for patterns imitating both walls and glass, so why not take that a step further and have walls of gorgeous stained glass? Artist Lea from Daheim (creator code MA-1716-9204-0491) has made some of the most realistic stained glass we've seen yet in Animal Crossing, from the playful colors to the way the light seems to reflect off the glass.

This is wonderful for creating a regal, holy, or even old-fashioned atmosphere, such as a church space or a Victorian-era mansion.

13 The Dodo Airlines Schedule

The entrance area of the island is an area that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to designing. It's definitely not easy to decide what to do there, but because it's the first part of the island that a visitor sees, it's one that shouldn't be overlooked.

This design for the Simple Panel is a flight schedule that can be placed in a waiting area-esque part of the island, near the airport. Paired with the seats and vending machines that can be purchased with Nook Miles, this makes for the perfect entrance area.

12 The Able Sisters' Shop

Designing the area around the shops is definitely something that a lot of players put a ton of focus on. Whether they tuck them away in a forest or give a super developed, urban landscape around Nook's Cranny and the Able Sisters' shop, it's important to make sure that it looks just perfect.

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This design is one that can be placed outside of the Able Sisters in order to welcome shoppers. It has a dress and a pair of glasses to represent the clothes and accessories sold there.

11 An Ice Cream Stand

For people that want their island to be completely decked out in all things pastel and cute, an ice cream stand is a perfect addition for an area of the island.

All those warm days on a deserted island are sure to make anyone hungry for something sweet and cold. This custom design is made to look like an ice cream menu with some super tasty treats on it.

10 Drive-In Movie Screen

Going to the movies is always a good time, and now it's more possible than ever, thanks to the Simple Panel. This pattern imitates the ending credits of a movie, perfect for the repeating pattern of the Simple Panel, and can be found at creator code MA-0099-5662-8625. It has great utility, with players using it for intimate movie marathons or a professional theater setup on their island.

Combined with items such as the Throwback racecar bed and Popcorn machine, players can create that classic drive-in movie experience right on their island, even if no one on the island actually drives a car. It's all about the aesthetic, after all.

9 Fairy Light Walls

For a chic and atmospheric café to the big high school dance, this bright idea has some serious mileage. The imitation of both blue-painted wooden walls and string lights (or fairy lights) instantly creates an aesthetic similar to items only available indoors, such as the Starry garland or the Bunny Day glowy garland.

This lovely pattern was made by Hailey from Lansdale, whose creator code is MA-9989-1477-7146. Many players have created patterns along the same line as Hailey's, but none so uniquely charming (and none such a sweet shade of blue).

8 A Sushi Stand Menu

Many players have taken the items in the game and used them to create a Japanese inspired island. Whether it's a more natural island or one that's designed to look like a Tokyo suburb, no Japanese-inspired island is complete without a sushi restaurant.

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This menu is decorated with all the classic sushi rolls and looks absolutely perfect against the brown Simple Panel, but could also look great if customized onto other colors.

7 A Succulent Stand

While menus for restaurants and cafes are great, they are definitely not what everyone is looking for when they're trying to find something to customize their Simple Panel with.

For people that are going for a more natural, plant-themed island, this design is the perfect one to add to the island's decor. This design is made to look like a little shop selling succulents.

6 Bar/Restaurant Shelves

Players wanting to design a realistic bar or restaurant on their island may enjoy this ingenious use of the Simple Panel: creating the illusion of fully-stocked shelves. This intricate design comes from player Meishali, and all of the above designs can be found at their creator code, MA-8448-4977-9907.

This particular pattern could also be used for the shelves of an apothecary or a garden/nursery. The beauty of sharing creations really is seeing how others put them to use, often in ways the original artist may have never imagined.

5 City Skyscrapers

Everyone has their own idea for what they want their island to look like. For some people, the ideal design is an urban cityscape. This can be tough considering there are only ten villagers plus the player's house, meaning that the city that the player develops on the island can look a little uninhabited.

Luckily, with this design for the Simple Panel, the player can give the illusion that there are skyscrapers lining the skyline of their island.

4 Museum Visitor Information

Designing the entrance to the museum is something that many players spend a lot of time on. Many users add extra fossils, models of fish and bugs, and spend a ton of time terraforming the entire area to perfection.

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This creator made a series of designs that are perfect for placing outside the museum's entrance. Players can put up the one with fish and bugs or the one with fossils and fish, or even place both as this player did on their island. Check out the player's creator code to download both.

3 A Rosy Trellis

Simple Panels are a nice way to add faux walls to the game. Since players can't actually put wallpapers outside, the Simple Panel can be a way to separate off an area of the island and make it look like there is a wall behind an area that they have sectioned off.

This player created a variety of different designs made to look like different colors of rose-covered trellises, perfect for anywhere that needs some flowers and color. Check out their creator code to pick the perfect color for any area of the island.

2 Astronomy Information

If Blathers gets detailed informational boards for his museum, then why shouldn't fan favorite Celeste get her own? These wonderful info-panels come from player Emmy, whose creator code is MA-8550-2967-5530.

Emmy has designed several patterns that showcase Celeste's love and knowledge of stars and Astronomy, designs that are perfectly paired with Telescopes, Nova Lights, and other Star Fragment-based items. With a dedicated star-gazing area set up on their island, Celeste fans will feel like their wishes have all come true.

Putting a cafe on the island is one of the first ideas that many players come up with. Considering Blathers and his coffee shop weren't part of the game at launch and there are so many kitchen items available in the game, it makes sense that many people add a cafe to their island.

This design is a floral cafe menu that is decorated with flowers, cups of coffee, and made to look like it's listing everything the cafe sells. Check out the creator code to find the matching Stall design to complete the cafe.

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Glass panel acnh

ACNH Simple Panel Design Codes - Custom Animal Crossing New Horizons Wall, Window, Door & Sign Design

The complete freedom of Animal Crossing New Horizons brings endless fun to players, anything you can think of can be applied to your custom items and used anywhere on your island. Take the simple panel as an example, Custom Design with a ton of patterns makes it versatile, from house walls to windows, street stall to shop sign, you can customize it according to your ideas and used to decorate the entire island. Here we collected a series of ACNH simple panel design codes for buildings, walls, doors, windows, signs, and more. 

ACNH Simple Panel Design Codes - ACNH Simple Panel Custom Design

Simple Panel is a commonly used item in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with a diversity of colored borders and inside patterns, if you want to create a customized panel for any purposes, you can buy a white plain Simple Panel with ACNH bells in the Nook Stop, or at our Animal Crossing items supplies. One of the most popular of Simple Panel is the building walls, doors or windows, it can be used in indoor designs to separate a small space from other areas, or create some special atmosphere for outdoor scenes with realistic patterns, also can act as the door at your entrance. Another suitable use of customized Simple Panel is various signs, for street stand menu, museum or park information, island entrance, store or restaurant shelf, and more. 

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 1 - Wooden Door Set by Lenlen (@Lennonsweets)

acnh simple panel design code 1

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 2 - Spooky Pattern by Imori (@_macaromi)

acnh simple panel design code 2


ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 3 - Castle Wall by Katlynn (@jeremy_crossing)

acnh simple panel design code 3

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 4 - Classic Door by Giih (@OMGiiWii)

acnh simple panel design code 4

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 5 - Greek Townscape Set by ルネ (@Luminemiro)

acnh simple panel design code 5-1

acnh simple panel design code 5-2

acnh simple panel design code 5-3

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 6 - Blue Door & Window by Valeria (@Valeriaesthetic)

acnh simple panel design code 6-1

acnh simple panel design code 6-2

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 7 - Star Night Window by Valeria (@Valeriaesthetic)

acnh simple panel design code 7

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 8 - Sliding Doors by Lien (@pockycrossing)

acnh simple panel design code 8

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 9 - Pink Exterior Wall by ぽっけ (@C67400kohaku)

acnh simple panel design code 9

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 10 - Shower Windows by Kira (@kiirrraa_)

acnh simple panel design code 10

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 11 - Flight Schedule Tiles by Exenos (@exenosR)

acnh simple panel design code 11

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 12 - Welcome Museum Sign by Erin (@ACNHdesigner32)

acnh simple panel design code 12

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 13 - Museum Information Boards by Carl (@omegasceptile)

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 14 - Park Rules by Bethan (@acnh_bellcove)

acnh simple panel design code 14

ACNH Simple Panel Design Code 15 - Flower Info Sign by Charlie (@applecrisping_)

acnh simple panel design code 15

10 Ways To Make Simple Panel Buildings // Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Best Simple Panel Custom Designs

Custom designs are a great way to spruce up your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Not only can you place these designs on the ground and walls, but certain items such as the Simple Panel can be customized, too. Here are the best simple panel custom designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Best Simple Panel Custom Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Simple Panels can be used in a few different ways. They are perfect for separating areas in the interior of a house, such as dividing a single room into multiple parts.

They can also be used outdoors, acting as large signs or mimicking shelves. No matter how you use them, it’s important to remember that customizing them is key to their design. Otherwise, they look fairly plain.

We’ve collected some of the best custom designs that can be used for simple panels. You can use these as inspiration, or use the creator’s code to import the design into your own game.

All you need is the simple panel item and the Able Sister’s store kiosk to upload the design. Each image has a custom design code (and in some cases, a creator’s code) that you can enter into the kiosk, allowing you to save the pattern on your Nook Phone.

Once your pattern is saved, take the simple panel to your crafting table to customize it with your new design. You’ll only need one customization kit for each in order to be able to change the appearance.

After it is customized, you can use your new design to decorate your island. The designs we’ve collected here for you can be used in many different ways, so take a look and see what inspiration you can draw from them.

Here are some of the best Simple Panel custom designs for you to use in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Best Simple Panel Custom Designs

Best Simple Panel Custom Designs

If you've been searching for some quality custom designs to use for your Simple Panels in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, look no further. These designs are sure to inspire you. Featured image credit: Jamminest on Tumblr
Celeste Information Signs

Celeste Information Signs

Credit: mmphharoo on reddit If you've set up an observatory on your island, or if you just want your guests to know more about Celeste, these information signs would be great to put on on a panel. Creator code: MA-8550-2967-5530
Shelves of Bells

Shelves of Bells

Credit: yuuk_9180 on Twitter Maybe you're a billionaire, or maybe you just want to be. You can put this design on a panel to make it look you've got shelves full of bells. Real bells not included. Custom design code: MO-P9FV-6DVL-7VBC
Cluttered Shelves

Cluttered Shelves

Credit: amazoniancos on Twitter Another cute shelf design, these two give more of a cluttered look, with items like plants, bottles, and books. Creator code: MA-2143-8828-3020
Bakery Shelves

Bakery Shelves

Credit: chicame on Twitter These custom designs make for perfect bakery shelves. There are three to choose from, but they look pretty great together in a row. Creator code: MA-7588-1918-3598
Nail Polish Bottle Shelves

Nail Polish Bottle Shelves

Credit: mygazpachosoupishere on Reddit There are plenty of items in New Horizons that are perfect for setting up your own nail salon, so all you need to complete it are nail polish colors to choose from. This design makes it look like the panels are shelves full of nail polish colors. Custom design code: MO-RHJK-PPNN-3TF7
Museum Information

Museum Information

Credit: Jamminest on Tumblr There's no better way to introduce to guests what they can expect to find in the museum than a panel of information. This panel design shows off a butterfly, fish, and fossils, along with some mock words. Custom design code: MO-59CB-DY0V-H6P2
Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Credit: chromie21 on Twitter Stained glass is beautiful and can be used in a variety of projects. There are several different colors to choose from, courtesy of this creator. Creator code: MA-6291-7067-8693
Bar Shelves

Bar Shelves

Credit: Mwhei on NooksIsland Another shelf design, this custom panel mimics bottles for a bar or diner theme. Custom design code: MO-DY7P-C9YP-0HK5
Drinks Menu

Drinks Menu

Credit: vaughnpinpin on Twitter This drinks menu custom design would look perfect on a panel outside of a tiki bar or outdoor restaurant. Custom design code: MO-Y0FS-3CNL-LW0L
Airport Flight Information

Airport Flight Information

Credit: SirXenOfNos on Reddit Many of us use Dodo Airlines every day, but this panel design adds a sense of realism by displaying flight time information. Creator code: MA-4567-5503-7426
Records Shelf

Records Shelf

Credit: davidbsweeney12 on Imgur Embrace your love of music with this record custom design. Displaying this design on a panel will make it look like you've got shelves to prove you have an awesome taste in music. Custom design code: MO-6DFP-6JRL-3S2L


Credit: acnhcustomdesigns on Tumblr Whether you're trying to create a restaurant or kitchen, this cupboard design would look great on a panel to give the appearance of dishware. Custom design code: MO-VCFQ-SC5S-52HF
Rose Lattice

Rose Lattice

Credit: acnhcustomdesigns on Tumblr If you're creating a garden on your island, this rose lattice design is a must. It comes in a variety of colors, so if purple roses aren't your thing, check out the creator code for a few other colors. Creator code: MA-0220-8881-5896

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